Dating Vocabulary Increases

Hurricane Harvey Unearths Strange Creature
Hurricane Harvey unearthed a strange sea creature that was found on a beach in Texas City, Texas. The unknown creature constitutes a nightmare of gigantic proportions. An employee of the National Audobon Society, Preeti Desai, posted this picture on Twitter asking for an identification of the animal. To view the dead animal as well as finding out what species it is, click on Whatever its name, I don’t want to meet up with it anytime soon. An additional site which offers a photo of the creature is Don’t look at this at bedtime. To identify any marine creature, visit Note: Use google to find this site. Yahoo can’t find the URL.

Equifax Hack Presents Problems For 143 Million People
The recent Equifax Credit Bureau hack has put the personal information of 143 million people at risk. Many organizations have offered people advice about how to deal with this hack. One of the better sites offering consumer help is the Public Interest Research Group, PIRG. If you are concerned about this hack, visit The site offers action tips as well as frequently asked questions, FAQs about what measures individuals can take to protect their data. I encourage a visit to this site as well as a visit to the site for unbiased advice. Be careful, people.

Visit This Site To View Horny Beings
Yesemails has done it again. Interested viewers can view 10 photos of weird animal antlers. For a good laugh, surf over to Enjoy.

Are You Ready To Cut The Cord?
24/7 Wall Street reports that more than 22 million people have ‘cut the cord’ by dropping cable company services. The site says that this trend is more pronounced among younger citizens who are presumed to have higher technical skills than the rest of us. Cable companies such as Disney and ESPN now find themselves losing viewers. To learn more about this trend, visit To counter this movement, some cable companies have resorted to lowering fees for service. A call to your cable company may help lower your monthly costs as well.

Dating Vocabulary Increases
It seems that modern dating has evolved a new vocabulary. This new jargon has not been of use to me for more than 30 years. But, in the interest of popular culture education, the following dating terminology is offered. For example, “bread-crumbing” does not refer to Hansel and Gretel but to “when… someone sends a consistent stream of really complimentary texts including sentiments such as ‘missing you’, , but does not follow up with plans for a meeting.” We used to call this ‘teasing’ or ‘leading someone on.’ A more serious term is “stealthing.” This term defines the act of males removing a condom during sex without obtaining a partner’s permission.” A Yale University law student invented this term through research and found the practice to be widespread . To learn more about modern sex vocabulary, click on And so it goes.

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Strange But True

RAND Corporation Estimates $83 Billion Savings With Later School Start Times
The RAND think tank recently estimated that the United States could add $83 billion to the economy by delaying the start time of middle schools and high schools. According to the article, later start times will improve graduation rates, reduce sleep related car crashes and reduce mental illness. If the Business Insider prints this, business must see the light, no pun intended. To learn more, click on When schools start next week, keep this article in mind.

National Breastfeeding Week Part of Sustainable Development Goals
August 1-7, 2017 was international breastfeeding week. This designation arose 15 years ago in an effort to achieve sustainable development goals. This planet-wide effort seeks to provide all people with peace and prosperity. To read more about this effort, surf over to

Strange But True
According to Ancient Origins website, archeologists found a 50,000 year-old sewing needle during an excavation of a Siberian cave. The 7 centimeter long bone needle is part of a treasure trove of ancient objects produced by non-homo sapien people scientists call Denisovans. These people lived in what is now Siberia. The Denisovans were hominids who lived in caves with other similar hominid branches for the last 282,000 years. To find out more about our distant cousins, click on

25 Lowest Paying Jobs for College Grads
The website 24/7 Wall Street recently reported on the lowest paying professions open to college grads. While the current average salary for positions that require college degrees falls at $73,785, other careers offer significantly lower salaries. For example, dietetic technicians and pre-school teachers come in at the second and third lowest job types. These positions average $26,350 and $28,790 respectively. Other low paying careers that require a college degree include: agricultural and food science technicians, proof readers and copy markers and rehab counselors. To find the complete list, visit

Slide Show of New England Lighthouses
New England Today recently posted a slide show of iconic New England lighthouses. The site is part of the Yankee Magazine publishing group and offers low cost subscription rates for Yankee Magazine. The site also offers great New England recipes, travel suggestions and feature articles that focus on New England life. To visit the lighthouses, click on Two of my favorite lighthouses are Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth Maine and Nubble Light, York, Maine. Enjoy your visit.

Pliny the Elder’s Body Found After 2000 Years?
Pliny the Elder lived in Italy two millennia ago. Besides his writing, Naturalis Historia which became the model for encyclopedias, Pliny is best remembered for his actions during the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 CE. Pliny is also remembered for his aphorisms such as “take it with a grain of salt.” In an article found in La Stampa, an Italian daily newspaper, experts believe that Pliny’s body has been found. Although archeologists discovered the remains 100 years ago, it is only now that experts want to test the remains to see if it really is Pliny’s bones. To learn more about this topic, click on

Federal Work-Study Programs Provide Job Training and Money
For those who qualify, Federal Work Study provides individuals with the opportunity to earn money while attending school. The program is part of the Federal Student Aid program. The program is open to undergraduates and graduate students as well. To obtain a list of program requirements, visit Another example of your federal taxes at work. And so it goes.

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Dorothy Parker Remembered

Dorothy Parker Remembered
Dorothy Parker is best known for her short quips such as “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” And another famous quip, “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” On the 50th anniversary of her death, the Forward published a short piece that links half-Jewish Parker with civil rights icon Martin Luther King. Parker’s Baltimore headstone reads, “Here lie the ashes of Dorothy Parker (1893 – 1967), humorist, writer, critic, defender of human and civil rights.”
During her life, Parker encouraged overworked and underpaid hotel waiters to strike. She also demonstrated a willingness to be arrested for protesting the unjust murder convictions of anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. In her will Parker asked that writing royalties she earned be donated to Martin Luther King and upon his death to the NAACP. To learn more about Dorothy Parker the social activist, visit When asked if she talked to herself, Parker replied, “Of course, I talk to myself. I like a good speaker, and I appreciate an intelligent audience.” Enjoy.

New Study Suggests Frailty Causes Fire Deaths In Elderly
A new study published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, demonstrates scientifically that an individual’s ability to respond quickly to a residential fire determines who dies and who becomes injured. Home fire deaths, NIST researchers say, are more likely among those they define as “frail populations” and who are 65 years old or older. To read more about this research, click on You never know.

LOC Releases Bickerdyke Letters On Line
During the Civil War, Union soldiers in the Western Theater called nurse Mary Ann Bickerdyke “mother” for her gentle and comforting nursing care of the injured. Bickerdyke’s papers include lists of provisions supplied to soldiers during her tenure nursing the troops as well as grateful letters to Bickerdyke from soldiers she nursed. In order to become a battlefield nurse, Bickerdyke had to leave her own family in the care of others. Letters from Bickerdyke to her family document the tension the separation generated between mother and children. To learn more about the dedication of this unheralded woman, surf over to By putting these documents digitally on line, the Library of Congress enables students, teachers and scholars to access documents that shed light on the contributions of average Americans to the Civil War effort.

Sierra Club Lists 20 Coolest Schools
The Sierra Club recently posted a list of the 20 top schools that work the hardest to protect the planet. Some of the schools on the list provide surprises by their inclusion. Colgate University at number 20 and Harvard at number 19 are no surprise. But Lewis and Clark College in Oregon, Oberlin College in Ohio and Colby College in Maine prove a bit surprising. To view the whole list of 20 visit, And except for the intellectual cognoscenti who know all, the surprise number 1 is College of the Atlantic in Maine. This school beat number 2 on the list by nearly 50 points. In addition to this list, the Sierra Club also published a ranking of more than 200 colleges that provide planet-friendly environmental actions. This list may be accessed at

Back To School Tips For Parents
Across New York State, students will trudge back to school very shortly. To help students’ ease back- to- school fears the feds have provided tips for parents. According to the website, following these parental tips will help insure that students ‘plant roots for the rest of the academic year.’ Some tips are no surprise: have students eat breakfast.. Some tips can be problematic such as: when I went to school… To find this good advice, click on And so it goes.

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Historical Yuck!

Some Ogden Nash Humor To Lighten The Atmosphere
As a high school student, I was not really excited by or impressed by poetry. One exception to my general poetry ennui was the poetry of Ogden Nash. The simple rhyme schemes and pedestrian images and laugh-out-loud humor appealed to my unsophisticated literary appreciation. Since the news today is so dispiriting, click here for a sample of vintage Nash poetry to brighten your day. More examples of Nash poems may be found at This poem to husbands is accessed above: “To keep your marriage brimming/ With love in the loving cup,/
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;/ Whenever you’re right, shut up.” Truer words were never written. Happy reading.

Where The Young Folks Are Going
The website,24/7 Wall Street recently posted a list of 33 cities that are attracting young people aged 18 to 34. Most of the areas on the list are small and have lower housing costs and improved labor markets. The list ranks the areas by the percentage of young newcomers to the area as well as a percentage this age group comprises of the area population. Areas range from number 33, Malone, NY to number 2, Lassen County California. To access the demographics, click on who moved represent only 11.2% of the population. Low migration levels of millennials has skewed the movement of people. A decade ago, roughly 25% of Americans moved each year.

Historical Yuck!
The website Ancient Origins recently posted a report about early Britons that is definitely a downer. It seems that early Britons ate their dead relatives before inscribing markings on their bones. According to the post, Cheddar Gorge was famous for cannibalism as well as for cheese making. After supper, the early Britons etched symbols on the bones. Some experts suggest the bone markings were a type of “narrative” of the deceased lives or possibly a memorial to how the dead lost their lives. To learn more about this gruesome behavior, visit Don’t read this alone on a dark, stormy night; the goolies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night might get you.

Some Genetic Ancestry Tests Have Surprising Results
White Nationalists revel in their “whiteness.” Many of these ‘gun-slinging’ bigots have sent examples of their DNA for analysis to prove just how white they are. In a recent article in Scientific American Magazine, a macho white supremacist named Craig Cobb found that his DNA contained 86% European genes and 14% Sub-Saharan African genes. These results came during his appearance on a daytime talk show and caused much mirth among the audience. Ironically, Cobb was charged with terrorizing people in 2013 as he tried to set up an all-white enclave in North Dakota. The question now is, ‘just how white is he?’ One hundred-and-fifty- years ago, Cobb would have been considered Black because of his 14% African genes. To read the rest of the article, click on I wonder what Richard Spencer’s DNA reveals.

New York State Provides Teachers With Free Support For Common Core Math and ELA
They New York State Education Department website engageny provides classroom teachers with curricular modules in P-12 English Language Arts and Math. Schools and districts can adapt and adopt the modules for local purposes to align curricula to the common core. To find specific modules to adopt or modify, visit On the homepage, the site lists modules for each grade for English and Math. Another example of your taxes at work. School is about to start so get ready.

Good News From NIH
The National Institute of Health recently published the results of a long-standing research project. The study followed a South African boy infected with HIV at birth. At age one month, doctors diagnosed the child and began treating him with anti-HIV drugs during his infancy. At age 9 the child’s body has suppressed the virus for 8 ½ years without further treatment. This case is the third reported case of sustained HIV remission in a child after early limited anti- HIV treatment. To learn more about this, visit I wonder how the proposed federal budget cuts for 2018 will affect this type of research. And so it goes.

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IKEA Defines “Domestic Bliss”

States With The Highest Number of Alzheimer Increases
The website Wall Street 24/7 reports that Alzheimer cases are increasing in every state. For example, from 2011 to 2015 the largest increases occurred in Arizona, Nevada, Vermont, Utah and the state with the largest increase of 54.9% , Alaska. These five states will experience a 40% or more increase in Alzheimer patients. All states will experience at least a 14% increase in Alzheimer patients. To find out more about this medical problem, visit Getting old isn’t for wimps.

America Entered World War l One Hundred Years Ago
As America celebrates the Centennial of the US entry into World War l, the Centennial Commission is offering individuals, who wish to, the opportunity to write a blog about any aspect of the war and how it has affected families, cities, countries. Blog writers should try to “uncover” forgotten elements in the World War that include soldiers’ memories, roles played by women in the war effort and soldiers’ writings that have been put away and forgotten. For example, Benjamin Busch posted about discovering a WW1 cemetery in Iraq which highlighted the often neglected story of the Middle East veteran. There was more to the war in the Middle East than Lawrence of Arabia. To learn more about this, click on Not only will this blog present ideas to be researched, but also inform writers about how to master the mechanics of posting a story on the website. This might be a very good project for an AP history student as well as for K-12 teachers who want to find history that corresponds to the war drums we hear today.

What’s In The Water You Drink?
The Environmental Working Group recently post news about a data base easily accessed which provides information about what chemicals if any are in the municipal water you drink. The drinking water task force analyzed 30 million state water quality records. When I typed in my zip code, I found that my municipal water included 7 cancer causing chemicals. The data base presents average numbers for state and national levels and provides the numbers for the local municipal waster system. The national level for Chloroform is ll.2 ppb [parts per billion]. The chloroform level for New York comes in at 16.4 ppb. In my system, the numbers hit 29.9 ppb, a figure nearly 3 times the national level. To find out where your water system ranks, surf over to

How IKEA Defines “Domestic Bliss” In Different Cultures
Two websites recently posted stories about how IKEA, the merchandising behemoth, tailors its catalogues to sell in vastly different markets. It seems that company ethnographers conduct field research to insure that the iconic catalog doesn’t offend potential buyers by presenting photos that don’t picture typical homes in a particular areay. For example, the photos in the Australian edition showed large kitchens while in China, the kitchen photos shrank images to feature compact kitchens favored by the Chinese. All in all, IKEA divides its world into 72 region-specific cultural areas. To learn more about the tricks advertisers use to encourage us to buy, click on For a more comprehensive treatment of this topic, visit All in all, this subject is fascinating and should be of interest to everyone not just women. Enjoy.

After Chefs, Dishwashers Are The Most Important Contributors To Restaurant Success
The Washington Post recently ran a story about the importance of human dishwashers to restaurant success. Restaurant chefs and restaurant owners are slowly beginning to give dishwashers their due. Customers demand clean dishes and cutlery. The lowly dishwasher, overworked and under paid, provides this service. In fact, food writer Anthony Bourdain says his time washing restaurant dishes taught him “every important lesson of my life.” Emeril Lagasse concurs and says that you can’t have successful restaurant without a great dishwasher. Lagasse goes on to observe that a bad dishwasher will bring down a successful operation. To read this thought provoking article, click on Ironically, dishwashers are the lowest paid restaurant employees. Let’s hope this change in thinking improves salaries for this group.

Weather Maps Display Rainfall Data
A consortium of federal agencies produce weather maps each week that illustrate climate conditions across the country. The week of July 30 to August 5 indicates that much of Florida received 2 inches of rain while western states such as Oregon, Washington, much of California and Nevada received only 0.1 inches of rain. For weather nerds who like data, these maps are illuminating. To learn more about US weather, click on Scrolling down the page reveals numerous maps that disaggregate weather data in various formats. And so it goes.

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Rising and Shrinking Incomes

Home Canning Tips From the Food Safety Blog
A government blog recently published a number of tips for people interested in home canning this summer’s produce. The blog lists vegetables with a low acid pHs that are not acidic enough to prevent the growth of botulinum bacteria. Some vegetables in this category include: asperagus, green beans and potatoes. The site also provides a list of medical conditions that individuals suffering from foodbourne botulism exhibit. To learn more about home canning safety, click on I wonder if President Trump’s budget provides funds for these types of blogs. Just saying.

Military Research Homes In On Vision and Hearing Loss
According to the website Armed with Science, a Defense Department science information site, DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, recently awarded five research grants to develop a high-resolution neural interface as well as to develop systems supporting sensory restoration. Sounds like Star Trek medicine to me. Brown and Columbia Universities as well as the University of California, Berkeley and two additional research facilities will focus on hearing and vision by linking these body functions with the brain to treat sensory loss. To learn more about this fascinating research project, surf over to The Pentagon supports this research as part of the Pentagon defense budget appropriation. Your federal taxes at work.

New Research Finds Rising and Shrinking Income Cities
The website Wall St 24/7 recently published a list of 10 cities where personal incomes are shrinking the fastest. While some areas of the country are booming, cities such as Peoria, Illinois and New Bern, North Carolina are now experiencing dropping personal incomes. The article mentions a number of causes for the decline. Drops in construction as well as government payroll cutbacks caused an average income drop of $1000 in New Bern, NC. The report also lists 10 cities where rising incomes are the norm. Merced, CA, for example, experienced an income growth of 14.3 percent from 2008 to 2013. To learn more about income levels in these 20 cities, click on

Old Ironsides Restoration Nearly Complete
Every school kid knows that the USS Constitution, a Revolutionary War vessel, is the oldest ship still commissioned in the US Navy. The ship has now returned to its birth in Boston after a two-year restoration that included replacement of 100 hull planks with the required caulking as well as repair of the ship’s rigging. To access a picture of the ship as well as the resulting account of the renovation, visit Some military hardware become icons for the nation. Any visit to Boston should include a visit to the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Cancer Patients With Inexpensive Health Plans May Be Denied Access To Top-Tier Cancer Centers
Consumers who choose less expensive health insurance plans may forego access to top-tier physicians caused by a “narrow network” health plan limitation. These “narrow network” plans may systemically exclude treatments by NCI-affiliated physicians. This possible exclusion may adversely impact treatment of rare or difficult-to-treat cancers. To learn more about this health issue, click on Just so you know.

A New Book Tells The Story of The Library Card Catalog
A Library of Congress employee recently published a book on the history of the card catalog. According to author Peter Devereaux, the card catalog proved to be one of the most versatile and durable technologies in history. Devereaux relates the story of S. N. Cramer, a Sumerian historian who found a piece of a cuniform tablet about 2 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches that served as a clay library index card. Cramer found the tablet near the ruins of Nippur and dated the tablet to 2000 BCE. For those contemporary students used to looking up references on a library computer, this book provides a picture of how earlier societies organized information. To read the interview, click on And so it goes.

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Poor Neighborhoods Vulnerable To More Mosquitos Than Suburbs

DEC Lists Best Places To Swim
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recently posted a list of safe places to swim. The list features several links that include DEC owned campgrounds, Office of Parks and Recreation and the New York State Department of Health. Click on the campground link on DEC owned campgrounds and up pops a list of campgrounds in the Catskill Park and the Adirondack Park. Each listing includes a link to individual campgrounds as well as the county location of the campground and lists the hours when lifeguard availability exists. To find out more about Catskill and Adirondack swimming areas, click on This is a service paid for by your New York State taxes. Enjoy.

4,500 Year-Old Man Receives A Reconstructed Face
The Buxton Museum in Derbyshire, UK recently released a photo of a 4500 year-old man whose remains had been found in the 1930s. An anthropological analysis of the skeleton in the 1980s revealed that the man was about 5′ 7″ and between 25 and 30 years old when he died. The team scanned the head with a 3-D scanner and used the results to estimate the way his face looked. To view a picture of the reconstructed face, surf over to This work proves that Earth dwellers of past eons looked very much like us.

PureWow Website Posts 10 Most Photogenic Places to Visit
For armchair travelers who plan to write a bucket list of places to see, provides a photo list of popular places to visit. Included on the list is London with a picture of Big Ben and a London Bridge. Also high on the list is the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. To see the entire list, visit the website. The Parthenon located on the Acropolis is even more awe inspiring in person than the photo suggests. Enjoy. If you click the tab beneath the pictures, the link hooks you up with a travel agent. The travel site lists hotels in Athens and includes the one I stayed in nearly 5 decades ago. Athens is worth seeing, and the hotel has maintained its eminence.

New Zealand Doctors Work To Find Vaccine for STD
Researchers in New Zealand recently published encouraging results in the effort to find a vaccine for gonorrhea. The STD has so far resisted efforts to find a vaccine that provides protection for individuals engaging in casual sex. Doctors have worked for more than 100 ;years to find a vaccine for the STD. Treatment today consists of antibiotics which now are less effective due to the development of drug resistant strains of the disease. To learn more, visit Untreated gonorrhea presents patients with many long-term medical problems such as infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease. Just so you know. At the website, click on the link that talks about vaccine research.

New Survey Questions Trump’s “America is Great Again” Gains
A recent New York City survey reveals a forty percent increase in homeless people living on NYC streets. The tally indicates the increase of more than 1000 people who live on the streets in the five boroughs. According to NY1 this increase is the first homeless person increase since 2014. To learn more about the people Trump’s administration leaves behind, click on–survey-finds.html.

Poor Neighborhoods Vulnerable to More Mosquitos Than Suburbs
A study recently published by the Cary Institute located in Millbrook, NY found that residents of poor neighborhoods in Baltimore suffer from exposure to more mosquitos than people living in wealthier neighborhoods. Poor neighborhoods have more abandoned buildings than wealthier ones. Vacant buildings appear to serve as mosquito breeding grounds. Researchers extrapolate that poor neighborhoods in northeastern cities are more likely to harbor mosquitos and other urban pests than earlier thought when conditions in poor neighborhoods are compared to wealthier neighborhoods. Thus, residents of poor neighborhoods who also suffer from high levels of air pollution as well as heightened noise levels also experience lower life expectancies. To learn more about this issue, click on And so it goes.

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Online Quiz Can Guess Your Education Level

Online Quiz Says It Can Guess Your Education Level
A humor website has a quiz that says it can guess your level of education by the number of right answers to a range of questions. Depending on your correct answers to questions such as “In which Shakespeare play does Ophelia appear,” you then pick from a choice of 4 plays. I did not score 100%, but I scored enough right answers to rise to the Ph.D level. If you wish to try your luck and knowledge, visit,1499713672,9h2j1slr. The test is too long to be really interesting.

Canadian Researchers Recreate An Extinct Pox Virus
In the why did they do this category, Canadian scientists recreated an extinct smallpox- like virus. The work took about half a year and cost about $100,000. The article didn’t specify whether the dollars were U.S. or Canadian. The very scary part is that the team used commercially available DNA purchased on the Internet. The stated goal is to learn more about the disease so that a cancer treatment may be developed. To learn more about this, click on Since eradicating smallpox took years and billions of dollars, let’s hope that none of the new virus spores get out of the lab. Let’s also hope that terrorists don’t get a hold of this. Additional information may be accessed at For those who dismiss the warning, just remember that killer African bees escaped from a lab in South America and are now found in the southern US as well as all the countries in between. Just so you know.

Cool Web Shopping Site
For those of you who just have to have the latest and greatest, a website called Grommet is just the site for you. At my most recent visit, the site featured a cool butter dish, a cup holder for the beach, a Notabag (backpack) and a corn-on-the-cob butterer. To view these new, cool products, click on

Some Coffees Have More Caffeine Than Others
In the is this research really necessary category, Huffpost recently released a study of caffeine amounts in major coffee brands. The Center for Science in the Public Interest found that caffeine amounts in milligrams ranged from 9.1mg in McDonald’s coffee to an awe inspiring 54.2mg in an 11 oz cup of Deathwish Coffee. To learn more about caffeine highs, surf over to I don’t think that reading this study will keep you up at night, although the Deathwish Coffee might.

Collin Woodward Discovers Why America Is Divided
The Business Insider Australia recently posted a book review of Collin Woodward’s new book “American Nations: A History of the Eleven Regional Cultures in North America.” Woodward’s thesis argues that North America, including Canada and Mexico, developed separate cultures depending upon the nationality of those who settled the area. For example, Woodward defines Yankeedom as all of the Northeast north of New York City as well as parts of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Shared values of this group include: education, intellectual achievement, communal empowerment and citizen participation in government as a shield against tyranny.
Another area defined by Woodward is The Midlands. This includes parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. Values of this group include: a welcoming middle class society and moderate political opinion with restrained governmental regulation. Of course, this section was profiled before the Trump election. To find out more about this interesting work, visit

Where The STEM Jobs Are
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 10 areas of the country with the highest percentage of STEM job range from 22.2% of jobs in the California-Lexington Park, CA area to a tie for 9th place between Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA and Washington – Arlington-Alexandria, DC-MD, VA. WV at 11.6%. The US as a whole includes a 6.3% STEM job percentage. To find out more about the location of STEM jobs, click on And so it goes.

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Employers Engage in Wage Theft That Totals $15 Billion

Best and Worst States to Raise Children
CNN recently reported on an Annie E. Casey Foundation study that ranks states on ethnographic data that gages the well-being of children. For the second year in a row, Minnesota ranks first as the most kid-friendly state. Predictably, Mississippi ranked last in the survey. The lowest ranking states fell in the South and the West. Except for Minnesota and Iowa, the other three top ranked states all fell in New England. To find out the other rankings, visit Other fun facts include: Puerto Rico has the highest number of kids living in poverty, 58%; and one third of Mississippi students do not graduate on time. The President’s 2018 proposed Federal budget cuts education funding. Are you happy? Additional information may be accessed at

Minnesota Also Ranked Highest As The Healthiest State For Seniors
Maybe, it’s the water. A health website recently ranked Minnesota as the healthiest state for seniors. Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Iowa complete the top five. Again, Mississippi ranked last along with Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia and Arkansas. To find out where New York falls, click on Maybe New Yorkers should move to Minnesota. Or, if moving South to avoid snow, New Yorkers should avoid Mississippi like the plague. The site provides a nice, easy to understand graphic.

One in 20 Pregnant Women Infected with Zika Have Children With Birth Defects
In a recently released report, the Center for Disease Control says that one in 20 pregnant women infected with the Zika virus have children with birth defects. The study also reported that infected women who showed no symptoms also had children with birth defects. The percentage of children affected depends on which trimester the mother contracted the Zika virus. Women who contracted the disease in the first trimester produced the largest number of children with birth defects, 8 percent. Women who contracted the virus in the third trimester had the fewest number of children with birth defects, 4 percent. To read more about Zika produced birth defects, visit

Employers Engage In Wage Theft That Totals $15 Billion
According to the Economic Policy Institute, American employers in the 10 largest states cheat workers out of more than $8 billion in wages. In fact, the lowest paid workers suffer the highest amount of wage theft. EPI findings indicate that year-round workers lose an average of $3,300 per worker. Minimum wage workers on average lose $64 a week which totals approximately one quarter of their annual pay. The number of workers who suffer wage theft total about 17% of all workers. The 10 states with the highest amount of wage theft include: Florida, 7.3%, Ohio, 5.5%, and New York, 5.0%. If wage theft abuse is projected for all workers in the nation, employers steal more than $15 billion in wages each year. Workers in the 10 most populous states who are paid less than the minimum wage total more than 21 percent. Young workers, women, people of color and immigrants are the most likely workers to suffer wage theft. To find out more about this disgusting employer practice, surf over to One must question the morality of people who think this type of American capitalism is great.

While Trump Touts Coal, China Builds Floating Solar Power Plant
Except in Washington, D.C. renewable energy is the path to the future for the rest of the world. While the EPA and President Trump push coal as fuel for electrical generation, China and Europe are now relying on renewable energy to meet energy needs. For example, China just connected the world’s largest floating photovoltaic facility to the national grid. This facility produces zero hydrocarbons as it generates electricity from sunlight. The Chinese built this facility on land formally used to produce coal. The plant generates 40 megawatts of electricity which is enough electricity to power about 40,000 homes. To learn more about this topic, click on And so it goes.

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Burger King Hijacks Google Home

Nearly One in Eight Workers Exposed To Toxic Substances
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14.9 percent of all workers face exposure to toxic substances. Industry levels of contaminants vary. More than half of workers in construction face exposure to hazardous contaminants. Building, grounds and maintenance workers also face high contaminant levels. In contrast, legal services workers face a negligible risk of exposure. To learn where your industry falls, click on When Republicans cut federal agency budgets, will these types of reports get cut as well?

New Drug Cuts Cancer Risk for Some Breast Cancer Patients
A drug named Xeloda may extent the lives of breast cancer patients whose cancer has not been wiped out by standard treatment. According to Medline Plus, “Oncologists said the results are ‘practice-changing.”’ Xeloda is a pill that is much less toxic than standard chemotherapy noted Dr. Stephan Malamud who was not involved in the study. Women whose cancer did not respond to Herceptin related drugs lived 30 percent longer than patients treated with other therapies. To find out more about this treatment breakthrough, visit Under the Trump budget, the CDC which funds much of the current cancer research will experience big budget cuts. Are the Republicans willing to sacrifice the lives of cancer victims to gain a big tax cut for millionaires and billionaires?

Password Manager OneLogin Hacked
Zdnet recently reported that password manager and single sign-on provider OneLogin confirmed that the company “had detected unauthorized access to OneLogin data in our US data region.” Hackers have the ability to decrypt encrypted data. To read more about this hack to see if your data has been compromised, surf over to “It’s always something,” opined Roseann Roseannadana on Saturday Night Live.

Baby Teeth Link Autism To Heavy Metals
Baby teeth from children suffering from autism contain more toxic lead and less of the essential nutrients zinc and manganese compared to teeth from children without autism according to a study funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The institute is part of the National Institute of Health, a federal agency. According to researchers, the differences were most notable in the months after the children were born. The researchers noted, however, that larger studies must replicate these findings to confirm the connection between metals and autism. To learn more about this topic, click on This type of research is also at risk because of the proposed Trump budget. Just so you know.

Burger King Hijacks Google Home
Burger King hijacked an ad for Google Home by having an actor say in the Burger King ad that 15 seconds was not enough time extol the virtues of the Whopper. The actor then said, “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?” Google Home then proceeded to respond the Wikipedia article in answer to the question. As you may expect, Google wasted little time correcting this flaw. For a good laugh and more about this, surf over to Additional information about similar hacks is available at,2817,2459496,00.asp.. This article details an issue where an ad for the Xbox One activated the consoles of everyone watching the commercial at home according to the BBC . Ah, technology. The good also brings the bad.

American Ingenuity at Its Finest?
PC Magazine recently reported that unsupervised prisoners incarcerated in an Ohio prison pieced together computers from computer parts from computers that were to be disassembled to recycle computer parts. Inmates hid these contraband computers in the ceilings. The inmates then used the computers to commit identity theft and tax fraud as well as change their security levels at the prison. To read more about inmate ingenuity, surf over to And so it goes.

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