Breast Cancer Victims and ‘Chemo Brains’

Humans Arrived In North America Much Earlier Than Previously Believed
Scientists from Montreal University and Oxford University recently published research about a reexamination of animal bones found in Blue Fish Cave in the Yukon Province in Canada near the present boarder with Alaska. Thirty years ago, archeologist Jacques Cinq-Mars, published research that claimed humans had settled the Western Hemisphere 30,000 years ago or more. His radiocarbon dating of animal bones from that period found in the cave which exhibited long diagonal marks that indicated human interaction with the animals had occurred at least 10,000 earlier than earlier believed. Cinq-Mars’ research was roundly ignored at the time since no other sites contained evidence of that age. Recently, however, Lauriane Bourgeon, a Ph.D student working with her professor, Ariane Burke and Oxford University’s Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit researcher, Thomas Hingham, reexamined 30,000 bones from the Blue Fish Cave. The reexamination proved Cinq-Mars’ assertion correct. To read more about this discovery, click on Let’s hope that Cinq-Mars receives the credit for this discovery.

Eight Billionaires Richer Than the World’s Poorest Half
The BBC recently reported that 8 billionaires, six of whom are American, amassed more wealth than more than half of the world’s poor. The data collected by Oxfam, coincides with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. People such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim highlight the huge gap between the haves and have nots. To read more about this, surf over to At least for the Americans, this is not inherited money. The billionaires all made it by themselves. And as you might expect, most of the money came from technology industries.

An Ancient Three-Fingered Hand Found in Peruvian Cave
A recent post on Ancient-Origins.Net featured pictures of a mummified three-fingered hand and a tiny infant-sized, mummified scull. Neither artifact appears to be human in origin. If this find proves not to be a hoax, then many questions concerning the artifacts’ origin arise. The hand features six bones in each finger compared to three finger bones in human hands. The remains are now being carbon tested to find out how old they are. To learn more, surf over to Maybe the Earth was visited by aliens.

11 Features For Whatsapp You May Not Know About
Whatsapp is a multi-platform messaging service for mobile phone users that allows users to connect with other whatsapp users through the internet. New whatsapp users may be unaware of some of the following useful features. These features include: formatting text on demand, starring a message and muting a conversation to name just three. To find out more about the power of whatsapp, click on

Northeast Warming Faster Than the Rest of the World
The New York Post recently ran a story about global warming that first appeared in the journal Plos One which published research conducted by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The study indicates that the northeastern United States will see temperatures rise faster than temperature rises found in the rest of the planet. “I tell my students that they’re going to be able to tell their children, ‘I remember when it used to snow in Boston,” said Raymond Bradley, a co-author of the study. The study indicates that the Northeast will reach the Paris Agreement’s global warming threshold 20 years earlier than anywhere else in the world. To read more about this study, click on You may access the study at The Post article is easier to understand.

Breast Cancer Victims Know All About ‘Chemo Brain’
According to the website, the condition known as ‘chemo brain’, a condition of mental fog commonly associated with breast cancer treatment, may last as long as six month. The condition causes memory lapses, attention issues and difficulty processing information. The finding came from a large study of thinking problems suffered by women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Dr. Patricia Ganz indicated that this is a real problem for patients that the medical community must address. The study found that more than one third of chemo patients suffered a decline in thinking compared to fifteen percent of healthy women who suffered the same problems. To learn more about this, click on And so it goes. -30-

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