Air Polution Linked to Dementia

Do You Know the Correct Phrase?
Some people use common phrases incorrectly. If you say “By in large,” the phrase is inaccurate. The correct version is “by and large.” To see if you are misusing common phrases, click on This happens to all of us. I once used the word “irregardless” in a college paper. The professor corrected me by saying this incorrect usage constituted an “ unforgivable barbarism.” God Bless You, Morgan Jones. I have never misused this word since. Which is correct: “spitting image” or “spit and image?” Go to the web page and find out.

Summer Internships Available for Occupational Health Students
The Center for Disease Control recently advertized for students interested in occupational safety and health internships. Training will take place this summer for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in public health and safety programs. To learn more about internship opportunities, click on For an application, click on, Application deadline is Friday, February 17, 2017. Good luck to applicants.

New Research Confirms National Writing Project Helps Students, Teachers
Research published by SRI confirms what language arts teachers intuitively know; National Writing Project’s College-Ready Writing Program had a positive significant statistical effect on four attributes of student argument writing: content, structure, stance and writing conventions. The program focuses on students in grades 7 through 10 by introducing teachers to new instructional practices. The study focused on 12 writing sites in 10 states comprising 22 schools districts. Site affiliates provided professional development for teachers that increased students’ knowledge of and practice in argumentative writing. Large measurable differences between experimental groups and control groups occurred. For example, experimental groups connected evidence to support a claim 99% of the time while control groups connected evidence to support a claim 82% of the time. Of course, one should note that college ready writing only occurs in college classrooms, not in real life. To learn more about this study, visit Note: SUNY New Paltz provides professional development in writing instruction for teachers K-12 who work in the Hudson Valley.

Air Pollution Linked to Dementia
A recent study of older women living in air- polluted Southern California indicates that in addition to lung disease caused by tobacco, exposure to vehicle polluted air also causes dementia. USC researchers found that older women breathing in pollution particles at rates higher than federal safety standards, face an 81% higher risk for cognitive decline. In addition these women face a 92 percent greater likelihood of developing dementia. To learn more about this study, click on Now that the Trump administration plans to work on reducing air pollution regulations, will all of us suffer from this new threat?

Citizen Science Explorers to Focus on Satellite Images To Identify New Archeology Sites
According to Internet site, new software developed by GlobalXplorer lets Internet users identify archeology sites by scanning global satellite images. Dr. Sarah Parcak conceived this software which won a TED $1.000.000 prize last year. Her idea is simple, instead of wasting time on Twitter, people can sign up to view satellite photos to identify new archeology sites by finding evidence of looting by finding pits which indicate early human sites. Parcak’s idea extends the idea embodied in the MH370 campaign to enlist average citizens in the search for the missing aircraft in 2014. In this case, “citizen scientists” provide the mass to analyze global results too large for professional archeologists to deal with. To see more about this program, surf over to According to GlobalXplorer, more than 14.000 citizen scientists have signed up during the first week of site operation. To download software materials, click on And so it goes. -30-

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