College Tuition Increased 63% Since 2006

Career Promotion Tips For Women
The website, recently posted advice for women looking for career promotions. The article, “Six Secrets of Women Who Always Get Promoted,” listed six activities that aid women in getting positive attention from their bosses. Ideas such as keeping a log of achievements helps when discussions arise about promotion opportunities. Networking in the company and out also helps. To read the full post visit Good Luck.

1 In 4 Men Have Genital HPV Infections Linked to Cancers
According to the website, nearly half of all men have some type of human papillomavirus infection. Infection rates indicate that one in four men have a type of HPV virus linked to cancer. In the US, HPV constitutes the most sexually transmitted infections with 79 million estimated cases. The cancers may include vaginal, penile, anal, throat and mouth cancers. Health professionals recommend HPV vaccinations for all males ages 9 to 26. To learn more about HPV in men, click on

Trump Support By Evangelical Christians Explained
Paul Prather reports on research that validates an earlier study of what motivates religious people to support candidates like Donald Trump. According to this post, a Ph.D candidate at Umas, Amherst, sampled 1800 registered voters across the political spectrum to understand Trump’s popularity. Mathew MacWilliams found that instead of the usual criteria such as education, gender, income, age, ideology or religiosity, the only common connections included: authoritarianism and fear of terrorism with authoritarianism the dominant characteristic. This research validates an earlier study conducted by researchers at Vanderbilt and Georgia State Universities, previously reported here, that came to the same conclusion.

According to MacWilliams, authoritarians obey. They follow strong leaders. They respond aggressively to outsiders. And statistically, 49 percent of Republican voters ranked high on the authoritarian scale. In religious terms, Trump supporters follow “the law of the Bible.” These supporters operate from fear: fear of God’s wrath. In short, they behave like church cops. Trump critics tend to be individuals of “grace, “ who tend to exhibit hope and feelings of empathy and joy. To read more about this study, visit

College Tuition Increased 63 Percent Since January 2006
The Bureau of Labor Statistics,, recently reported that college tuition costs rose 63 percent over the decade 2006 to 2016. The cost of textbooks rose 82 percent during the same period. College housing rose by 49.8 percent. No wonder students graduate with loan debt averaging over $30,000. To see this data, surf over to

Teacher Absence Rate Affects Student Performance
Education Week recently reported that nationally, 27% of teachers K- 12 had absence rates of 10 or more days a year. Since school districts report a servere shortage of certified substitutes, teacher absences adversely affect student learning. Schools with high percentages of poor students experienced much higher teacher absence rates. Prior research reveals that students whose teachers miss more than 10 days a year have lower math achievement. State teacher absence rates vary dramatically, from a 16 percent absence rate in Utah to a 75 percent rate in Hawaii and a 49 percent rate in Nevada. To learn how New York ranks, visit Paying substitute teachers a professional wage might help recruitment. The average teacher salary in the US is more than $49,000. When the yearly salary is divided by 200 days of annual work , a per diem rate of $250 results. A per diem rate of $250 might improve recruitment and retention of subs. I don’t know of any district that pays close to that. And so it goes. -30-

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