Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For
Those of you who would give anything to feel safe should read the following link about police actions focused on minority individuals in American cities. During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the guiding philosophy preached that prejudice faced by some meant the future risk of prejudice against all. In this link, learn about police militarization that brutally places minority citizens’ rights in jeopardy. To read about this police injustice, click on Maybe the visions of dystopian writers Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, nee Erik Blair are now our unperceived reality.

Republican Rollbacks Threaten Privacy
The recent decision of the Republican Congress to rollback Internet users privacy rights initiated by the Obama administration presents a real threat. This threat allows ISPs such as Comcast and Spectrum to collect user data and sell that data to third parties without the permission of the users. The action provides corporations with the tools to further monetize Internet use by individuals. Such uncontrolled merchandising by ISPs presents a grave threat to individual privacy. To read more about this Republican assault on individual constitutionally protected privacy, visit A virtual private network or VPN, allows individuals to surf the Internet anonymously. The link to PC Magazine argues that all Internet users can easily put together a VPN that provides undetected Internet use without the threat of ISP merchandising such use. Good luck to all who feel threatened.

March Was Women’s Forgotten History Month
The Library of Congress recently blogged about an online resource that casts light on the activities of African-American women who fought for civil rights during the 19th century. The online blog presents rare photographs of black female activists collected by Howard University professor Henry Richards. Richards taught at the Howard University law school from 1890 to his retirement in 1928. To learn more about female black activists, click on Modern students may think that Martin Luther King and his contemporaries were nearly the first American civil rights activists. And while some may know about the career of W.E.B. Dubois, this information provides a much needed effort to improve history knowledge in this regard. The online blog provided by the Library of Congress now documents the actions of many others who pushed for civil rights from the 1850s on.

CDC Provides Public Health Data for 500 Cities in 50 States
In this study, the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation analyze data by census-tract area to estimate the occurrence of 27 chronic disease measures. The study presents data by state and by the largest cities in each state. This epidemiological data allows public health professionals to target prevention actions as well as track health risk behaviors for effective interventions. To learn more about this effort, surf over to Viewers may access data by disease category such as health outcomes , preventions or unhealthy behaviors. To target specific cities, click on the desired city in each state shown alphabetically by state and city for individuals aged 18 to 54. Several small states such as Wyoming and Vermont include cities that do not reach the population cutoff, but are included to present data from all 50 states for a total of 500 cities. Your tax dollars fund vital research such as this. Let’s hope that the Republican leaders in Washington, adequately fund this agency rather than increasing funding for an already bloated military.

Suicide Presents Problems for Family Survivors
The website posted on March 22nd, the results of Danish researchers that posit that the suicide of a spouse may cause mental and physical problems for survivors. According to the research, surviving partners are more likely to develop PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. In addition, surviving spouses find themselves at greater risk of suicide. To learn more about the effects of suicide on surviving family members, click on Not only is suicide a selfish act on the part of the individual, such actions pose great health threats for surviving family members. And so it goes.

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