Strange But True

RAND Corporation Estimates $83 Billion Savings With Later School Start Times
The RAND think tank recently estimated that the United States could add $83 billion to the economy by delaying the start time of middle schools and high schools. According to the article, later start times will improve graduation rates, reduce sleep related car crashes and reduce mental illness. If the Business Insider prints this, business must see the light, no pun intended. To learn more, click on When schools start next week, keep this article in mind.

National Breastfeeding Week Part of Sustainable Development Goals
August 1-7, 2017 was international breastfeeding week. This designation arose 15 years ago in an effort to achieve sustainable development goals. This planet-wide effort seeks to provide all people with peace and prosperity. To read more about this effort, surf over to

Strange But True
According to Ancient Origins website, archeologists found a 50,000 year-old sewing needle during an excavation of a Siberian cave. The 7 centimeter long bone needle is part of a treasure trove of ancient objects produced by non-homo sapien people scientists call Denisovans. These people lived in what is now Siberia. The Denisovans were hominids who lived in caves with other similar hominid branches for the last 282,000 years. To find out more about our distant cousins, click on

25 Lowest Paying Jobs for College Grads
The website 24/7 Wall Street recently reported on the lowest paying professions open to college grads. While the current average salary for positions that require college degrees falls at $73,785, other careers offer significantly lower salaries. For example, dietetic technicians and pre-school teachers come in at the second and third lowest job types. These positions average $26,350 and $28,790 respectively. Other low paying careers that require a college degree include: agricultural and food science technicians, proof readers and copy markers and rehab counselors. To find the complete list, visit

Slide Show of New England Lighthouses
New England Today recently posted a slide show of iconic New England lighthouses. The site is part of the Yankee Magazine publishing group and offers low cost subscription rates for Yankee Magazine. The site also offers great New England recipes, travel suggestions and feature articles that focus on New England life. To visit the lighthouses, click on Two of my favorite lighthouses are Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth Maine and Nubble Light, York, Maine. Enjoy your visit.

Pliny the Elder’s Body Found After 2000 Years?
Pliny the Elder lived in Italy two millennia ago. Besides his writing, Naturalis Historia which became the model for encyclopedias, Pliny is best remembered for his actions during the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 CE. Pliny is also remembered for his aphorisms such as “take it with a grain of salt.” In an article found in La Stampa, an Italian daily newspaper, experts believe that Pliny’s body has been found. Although archeologists discovered the remains 100 years ago, it is only now that experts want to test the remains to see if it really is Pliny’s bones. To learn more about this topic, click on

Federal Work-Study Programs Provide Job Training and Money
For those who qualify, Federal Work Study provides individuals with the opportunity to earn money while attending school. The program is part of the Federal Student Aid program. The program is open to undergraduates and graduate students as well. To obtain a list of program requirements, visit Another example of your federal taxes at work. And so it goes.

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