List of 20 Companies With Highest Profits Per Employee

Good News For 2017
The New York Post reported that the crime rate in New York City is the lowest it has been since the 1950s. Crimes in the seven major categories fell by 2.8 percent. To find out the specific statistics by category, visit So, those of you who postponed a trip to The City because of crime fears should now plan to see the Big Apple in safety. Enjoy.

New Data Show How Americans Spent Money In 2017
The website 24/7 Wall St recently reported a list of categories on which Americans spent money in 2017. The list begins with the lowest category, bicycles and accessories at $53.28 billion and ends with the highest, number 50, occupied housing payments at $19.39 trillion. Prescription drugs rank at 45 on the list with $3.74 trillion. To read the entire list, visit

Feds Report That High Drug Costs Prevent Some Cancer Patients’ Treatment Options
The NIH recently reported that high out-of-pocket expenses prevent some cancer patients from life-saving or life-prolonging cancer treatments. Today’s cancer drugs are so expensive that even with drug prescription insurance, many patients cannot afford treatment. Although some drug companies have programs to help low income patients, individuals who cannot meet the low income cutoff, find themselves priced out of treatment. In some cases, co-payments for specific drugs may be as high as $2,000 per treatment, well beyond the ability of most patients to pay. To learn more about this, click on Some browsers have difficulty finding some of the medlineplus articles. But keep looking and you will find the information.

List of 20 Companies With Highest Profits Per Employee
The website recently reported on the 20 largest international corporations with the highest profits per employee. It comes as no surprise tech companies fall on this list. In fact, Facebook reports a total of $599,307 profit per employee. Qualcomm and Alphabet, Google parent company, posted profits per employee as $170,000. In fact, twelve of the top twenty companies are headquartered in the U.S. These are the companies that will benefit most from the new Republican tax cuts. To read more, surf over to The rich seem to only get richer. Note: Fannie May, a Fed mortgage agency, posts an astounding $1,759.000 profit per employee. Holy Moly! To see the ranked list, scroll down from the graphic at the top of the web page. How much profit is too much?

Wounded Veterans Not A New Problem
The Library of Congress recently posted an article about injured World War 1 vets. During the Great War, 200,000 soldiers returned home with physical and mental injuries. One vet wrote, “[A] man could not go through that conflict and come back and take his place as a normal human being.” Two modern organizations, The American Legion and The Disabled American Veterans formed as a result of WW 1 to help disabled veterans . To learn more about the problems faced by returning World War 1 vets, visit The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Corporations Use Internet To Discriminate Against Older Workers
Companies such as Verizon, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Target use Internet recruitment ads to find younger workers while experienced older workers are left out in the cold. The study jointly undertaken by ProPublica and the New York Times indicates that some Facebook ads targeted the 25 year-old to 36 year-old demographic. This of course violates the 1967 federal law against age discrimination. Facebook even defended the practice saying “that [age targeted ads] is an accepted industry practice.” But of course, the Department of Justice will never hold these corporations accountable for discrimination violations. It’s good business to discriminate. To learn more about this, click on So, use the Internet to find jobs only if you are under 40. And so it goes. Happy New Year!

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