Unusual Ancestries Listed By State

Brookings’ Study Reveals Access To Health Care Reduces Crime
The Brookings Institution recently released a study that argues access to healthcare lowers crime rates. The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC The institution regularly conducts studies that may offer new insights and solutions to current problems faced by government. Data from this study show that three out of five state prisoners and sentenced jail inmates suffer from substance abuse problems. In addition, one half of federal and state prisoners and two thirds of jail inmates find themselves in serious psychological distress or have a history of mental illness. Prisoners cost state and federal agencies more than $50,000 per year each to house. Medical treatment is much cheaper. To find out more about sick prisoners and how governments treat them, visit https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2018/01/03/new-evidence-that-access-to-health-care-reduces-crime/. To all stern justice adherents, ignoring this problem is a bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Dictionary Definition Writer Presents 8 Words Writers Should Use More Frequently
Writer Kory Stamper whose day job focuses on writing word definitions for dictionaries says that a number of old fashioned words and phrases still produce a zing in modern texts. For example, when did you last read or hear anyone say, “Don’t get yourself in a swivet?” This word encapsulates the emotions of students facing an important exam. Tizzy and frenzy are synonyms we more commonly use today. But swivet adds an unusual zip to a modern sentence. To learn more about this and seven other useful words, surf over to http://www.signature-reads.com/2017/03/delightful-definitions-8-words-and-phrases-we-should-use-again/. Readers wishing to find out more about Kory Stamper should visit Kory’s blog at https://korystamper.wordpress.com/. Enjoy and learn.

Doxing: An Increasing Cyber Threat To Contend With
For the Internet unlearned, Doxing consists of researching and posting private identifying information online to threaten, harass or embarrass someone. Most recently, a California doxer called 911 and told local police someone in Kansas had a gun and was holding relatives hostage. California police contacted Kansas officers who accidentally shot to death an innocent man. This act will undoubtedly generate a legal swivet about who the offenders are: the police in Kansas or the California doxer. To learn more about doxing and how to prevent it, click on https://incyberdefense.com/susan-hoffman/doxing-increasing-cyber-threat/. While the specific incident arose from a 911 call to California police, the same type of actions occur on the Internet such as posting “revenge porn.” Sometimes, doxing is useful as some individuals identified rioters in Charlottesville, VA from Internet postings of the violence. So, some good, some bad.

Unusual Ancestries Listed By State
Did you know… that the most unusual individual ancestry in New York state is someone who hails from St. Vincent and Grenadine Islands? True. New York residents with this background comprise 0.06% of state and 0.01% of US residents. And 69.94% of all these folks live in New York. The website 24/7 Wall St recently posted a listing of the most unusual country ancestries in each state. To find out which state has the most Congolese residents, visit http://247wallst.com/special-report/2017/12/20/most-unusual-ancestry-by-state/. Fascinating.

What Did 19th Century Tradespeople Look Like?
History buffs will enjoy this post by the Library of Congress. The post provides portraits of 19th Century tradespeople . The list of early photos starts with a portrait of three firemen. Pictures of coopers, shoemakers, watchmakers and taxidermists show the tools of their trades. To step back to the 19th Century, visit https://blogs.loc.gov/teachers/2017/12/profiling-portraits-occupational-portraits-of-the-19th-century/. Enjoy. And so it goes.

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