Adding Insult To Injury

Many Websites Now Urge Consumers To Avoid Romaine Lettuce Purchases
The Centers for Disease Control is investigating 17 cases of E.coli outbreaks in 13 states. Canada’s public health agency is also investigating a lettuce caused outbreak. At least 12 websites urge consumers avoid buying Romaine lettuce until health investigations have been completed. To read a concise report, visit Remember, you are responsible for your own well being.

Propublica Tracks Frequency Of Medicare Visits By Speciality
Federal governmental physician reimbursements are based on a 1-5 scale with one being the lowest amount and five the highest amount. In addition to tracking the type of billing physicians submit, the study also indicates how much each state paid for medicare claims. The national amount comes in at $93.2 billion and states are ranked by amounts spent. For example, in 2016 California spent $9.55 billion while Wyoming only spent $119 million. So, if you want to see how much Medicare costs and the typical bill submitted by speciality practitioners, surf over to This is very interesting reading. You may also track the billing practices of your doctor by scrolling down the page.

Some Good Environmental News
Newsweek recently reported that the Ozone hole over the Antarctic is getting smaller. Scientists believe that the 20% reduction comes from the fact that countries banned the use of chlorofluorocarbons. Chlorine levels have lowered by 0.8 % each year from 2005 to 2016. Ozone protects the Earth from UV rays from our sun. Scientists had previously warned that depleted Ozone would cause an increase in cancers and increases in other harmful effects. To learn more about this good news, click on See, not everything related to the environment is bad news.

So, You Want To Donate Your Collection To A Library Or Museum
The Library of Congress recently posted an article aimed at individuals who have collections they may wish to donate to an institution. Your collection of bottle caps may just be a valuable addition to a museum or library archive. But before you make a donation offer, consider the following: is this a good collection for the archives; what is the expected cost to the institution for maintaining the collection; under what terms are you willing to donate? To learn more about collection donations, visit

Adding Insult To Injury
The New York Times reported that Puerto Ricans trying to rebuild from Hurricane Maria now face the threat of bank foreclosures on their property. About one third of the island’s homeowners are now behind on their mortgage payments to banks and Wall Street firms that bought up distressed mortgages. Porto Rico’s foreclosure and delinquency rate is now 35 percent. This rate more than doubles the 14.4 % national rate of foreclosure during the housing implosion of 2010. To find out more about Porto Rican distress, surf over to

Update On Internet Ageism
Several weeks ago this column reported on age discrimination in hiring committed by Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other websites. Now ProPublica reports that AARP and a number of Senators are calling on Facebook and others to end discrimination by preventing targeted ads from ignoring older workers. The AARP and Congress are reacting to a Propublica/ New York Times story on Internet discrimination that appeared on December 20, 2017. To learn more about this reaction, visit -recruiting-on-facebook/ The Internet is a powerful tool when used wisely and legally. And so it goes.

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