Processor Wars Continue

Holocaust Not The First German Genocide
The African website, Quartz, posted a report on the recent apology made by the German government to the government of Namibia for the systematic destruction of the Herero tribe more than one hundred years ago, 1904 to 1907. According to the report, the parallels between the Holocaust and this genocide are strikingly clear. One hundred plus years ago in the Southwest African country, the German Army commanded by General Lothar von Trotha, brutally killed, starved and imprisoned Herero tribe members in an effort to end local resistance to German expansion in the area. The general ordered his troops to shoot to kill men, women and children if the tribe did not move from tribal lands. The conflict pitted guns and artillery against spears and bows. German troops killed 85% of tribe members. In addition to killing most of the Herero, the German troops forced survivors to unbury their dead and skin and boil the heads of their ancestors. This, so that German scientists could attempt to prove scientifically the genetic superiority of German peoples. To read more about this horrific episode in human history, visit ,Frightening foreshadowing of what was to come later.

New Technology Makes Wood Stronger Than Steel
Two University of Maryland researchers have discovered a process that makes wood products stronger and lighter than steel. Researchers report that the new wood product is 12 times stronger than steel and six times lighter. This new material offers potential improvements in building construction as well as cheaper, lighter airplanes and stronger vehicle armor. Two websites provide more information about this new wood process. To learn more, surf over to Additional information may be accessed at Does this mean a mach five wood fighter jet? Maybe.

Processor Wars Continue With AMD Now Leading Intel
During the last 4 decades, the processor war between AMD and Intel have seesawed back and forth. Now the edge seems to favor AMD. Gizmodo reports that the newest AMD chips have onboard graphics capabilities that eliminate the need for additional graphics cards. Two new AMD processors rival Intel processors, have a much lower price and eliminate the need for a graphics card except for extreme game players and graphic designers. To find out more about this new AMD chip advance, visit In my view, AMD processors have always provided more bang for the buck than Intel chips. It’s too bad that AMD has most frequently been relegated to base model computers not the high end ones. Maybe this will now change.

DEC Announces Summer Internships Available
The New York Department of Environmental Conservation recently posted information about summer internships and 10 month school- year internships. Prospective applicants must be 18 years old or older. Be a citizen or foreign national eligible to work in the US; be currently attending a New York State college, university or graduate program; or be a New York State resident attending a college, university or graduate program outside New York. Summer internships do not require New York residency. Additional requirements may be found at In addition to the DEC, New York State provides a host of other internship opportunities. To find out more about New York internships, use your search engine to find other New York State agency internship opportunities.

Civilian Afghan War Casualties Dominate UN Report
In the 17 years since the war in Afghanistan began, Americans have understandably focused on American military losses. As the war continues, however, civilians increasingly bear the brunt of the fighting. In 2017 according to the UN, nearly 3,500 Afghanis were killed with more than 7,000 more wounded. Suicide bombers and IEDs constitute the majority of the deaths and wounds. It is another illustration of the price innocents pay for ideological wars. To learn more about the conflict, click on And so it goes.

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