16 Must Read Science Websites

US Has Many Of World’s Billionaires
The upper two percent of our wealthy ruling class would have us believe that the US is too poor to afford medical care for all. Not only that, the wealthy believe poverty is the inevitable result of people’s laziness and poor decision making rather than a result of systemic causes. Thus, for the rich, poor people do not deserve help. The website, visualcapitalist. com, proves otherwise. According to the website, there are 36 million millionaires worldwide, and 2,000 billionaires as well. Of that total number of billionaires, 565 or one quarter of the total, reside in the US. China sports the second largest number of billionaires with 319. To find out which countries complete the list of top 25 billionaires, visit http://www.visualcapitalist.com/25-countries-billionaires/. With that much money in the US, why can’t the country afford healthcare for all?

Science Talent Search Winners
The Regeneron Science Talent Search recently listed this year’s 40 national winners in its iconic high school science contest. Regeneron is the third iteration of the original Westinghouse Talent Search which began in 1942. After 57 consecutive years of sponsorship, Westinghouse turned over the contest to Intel Corp. Regeneron replaced Intel several years ago as the contest sponsor.
The grand prize winner of a $250,000 prize is Benjamin Firester whose research may save farmers millions of dollars by combating a fungal potato blight. Benjamin developed a computer model which predicts the spread of fungus spores that attack potatoes and tomatoes. This fungus caused the Irish Potato Famine in the 19th Century. The computer program relies on realtime weather data to determine the course of fungal spread.
Natalia Orlovsky, 18, received the second place award with a study of the effects of vaping on lung cells. Natalia found that tobacco companies target teens for vaping products. She found that while vaping causes less lung damage than smoking, vaping is not safe. Natalia won $175,000 for her research. To find out more about the contest winners, click on https://www.zmescience.com/science/news-science/potto-math-student-432432/. The work of these teens makes me proud to be an American.

New App Allows Car Owners To See If 3000 Mile Oil Changes Are Necessary
A new app developed by the state of California allows car owners to find out if their cars must have an oil change after 3,000 miles of driving. Historically, car owners have been told that an oil change every 3,000 miles is necessary to protect the engine from wear. To find out whether the car(s) you drive require this action, surf over to www.calrecycle.ca.gov/usedoil/oilchange/findinterval/. To use the app, type in the year of manufacture, manufacturer and model of your car [ ie. 2006, Honda, Pilot]. In contrast to the earlier dictum, many modern cars only require an oil change after 7,500 miles of driving under ideal conditions. This app may say you money on unnecessary oil changes.

New Demographics Face The US
According to the Census Bureau, in 2035 older people will outnumber children. Individuals 65 and over are projected to total 78.0 million people. Children under 18 will total 76.4 million according to the projection. This trend is new for the US, but not in other countries. Japan, for instance, features the world’s oldest population as one in four Japanese citizens are 65 or older. This situation will affect how the US copes with an aging population. To learn more about this topic, click on https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2018/03/graying-america.html.

16 Must Read Science Websites
The website www.livescience.com recently listed 16 must follow science websites. Websites such as BBC Science, Ars Technica, Gizmodo and National Geographic provide accurate, current science articles. For those who love science, surf over to the list and bookmark the page: https://www.livescience.com/61995-best-science-websites.htm.. And so it goes.

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