The Best Dogs for a Busy Family

Family life can be challenging, with parents’ and kids’ schedules that are jam-packed with school, work, after-school activities, and family commitments. Some families need to plan to ensure that they spend quality time together each week.

With so much going on, would it be wise to add a dog into the mix? Of course it would, as pet ownership is rewarding and teaches children responsibility from a young age. Here are some dog breeds a busy family could easily integrate into their hectic lives:

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

With its long body and short legs, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi pup is a distinctive looking canine with a larger-than-life personality. According to experts on OurFitPets, These dogs are well-known for their affectionate nature and love nothing more than quality time with their human pack members. They are playful, energetic, and loyal, meaning that a Corgi is always happy to see its owner and will never turn down the chance to go for a walk or engage in a game.

Despite this, Corgis are independent and do not rely on constant human company for entertainment. However, it is recommended that they undergo some training and have their own toys on-hand as they might take to chewing other family members’ possessions when they are bored! Fortunately, Corgis are highly intelligent four-legged friends that are easy to train. 

Golden Retrievers

When we think of the stereotypical family dog, a Golden Retriever is one of the first breeds that springs to mind. There is a reason for this. Golden Retrievers are clever dogs and eager to please their owners. They adapt to just about any living circumstances provided they know that they are loved and important.

Their intelligence makes Golden Retrievers easy to train, and they are often used as service or companion dogs. Golden Retrievers are sociable canines who love interacting with people and other animals. They love to play and are always willing to dish out a cuddle for any family member who has had a tough day.


You might think that a greyhound is a high-maintenance dog because of an association between the breed and dog racing. While they might be exceptionally speedy runners, Greyhounds do not need that much exercise. Indeed, they love being in a relaxed environment where they can snooze on the couch to their heart’s content.

While sometimes jumpy, Greyhounds are affectionate once they feel comfortable, and they enjoy the company of other dogs. This breed is patient with everyone and slow to get irritated, making it the ideal dog for a family with small children who are still learning to be gentle with pets. Greyhounds have easy-to-maintain coats and require minimal bathing and brushing.


Pugs love being around people, although they are also comfortable in their own company. While they are energetic and playful, Pugs also love some uninterrupted snooze time, which will keep them occupied while no one is home. 

Pugs are adaptable to various living situations, making them happy in rural, suburban, or urban areas. Provided they have a human who loves them, Pugs are happy and make excellent companions.

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs were bred as companion animals, and they love nothing more than a human lap to cuddle up on for a long nap. They are affectionate and have pleasant dispositions, making French Bulldogs fun to be around.

While they are energetic and playful, French Bulldogs do not need that much exercise because of their small size. Nevertheless, they love strutting their stuff with their human owners on walks. French Bulldogs tend to sniffle and sneeze a lot because of their compact muzzles, and owners should expect some drooling when their Frenchie is begging for food.

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