The Coolest Ways to Have Fun with Your New Dog

Your canine companion thrives on your attention. You are the center of the universe in your pooch’s eyes, and all they want to do is have fun with you. 

Give your dog loads of opportunities to spend quality time with you by undertaking entertaining activities that strengthens the bond between you. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for having fun with your fur baby:

Get social

Create social media profiles on different platforms for your dog or make them the centerpiece of your personal pages. At OurFitPets, you can find out about any pet-related queries and also some fun suggestions, such as posh dog names and ideas for dressing up your pooch for entertaining photoshoots. 

Your dog needs a catchy, memorable name that will make other social media users remember it. Keep it elegant and fancy to add an extra dash of class to your dog’s public persona. If your posts go viral, you will gain thousands of followers and potential sponsors.

Play games

Dogs like just about any game, and it might take you a while to find your fur baby’s favorite. Many like roughhousing around on the carpet, hide and seek, playing catch, or tug of war. Most dogs will happily play the same game for hours at a time, provided they sense that you are also enjoying it.

Change things up by introducing your dog to new games to see what they like. Play them inside or outdoors, depending on which location is more appropriate. Include short videos of these games with catchy captions on your social media pages to see how many followers you gain. 


Training might sound like work, but many dogs find it fun, especially if you reward them with treats and affection when they perform well. There is no need to attend special canine training schools as there is so much you could teach your pooch alone.

Start with simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay,’ using positive reinforcement techniques to show the dog you are pleased with them. Once your dog has mastered the basics, move onto more challenging commands such as ‘roll over’ and ‘fetch.’ Teach the dog to walk on a leash without straining or running amok. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures, and most love learning.


As pack animals, dogs are social creatures, and most enjoy interacting with other canines. Create opportunities for your pooch to enjoy time with some friends. This could be at the dog park or with canines that belong to friends and family members. Socializing a dog from a young age makes them much more receptive to the company of other canines.

Introduce your dog to lots of people, so they become accustomed to human interaction. A pup needs to know that its pack extends well beyond you and that it can enjoy fun with other people. Get your dogs used to children. 

Some canines might be impatient with little hands that are not used to being gentle with animals. Expose dogs to this so that they do not become aggressive with kids.


Now that so many vacation destinations have created dog-friendly accommodation options use the opportunity to take your pooch on holiday. Dogs love experiencing new sights, sounds, and smells. More importantly, they love any activity, provided it involves you. While some might be prone to travel sickness, they generally recover quickly when they reach their destination.

Document your travels by taking loads of photos and posting about the adventures on a blog or social media. Many travel bloggers take their pups to the world’s most exotic places, and these dogs are better traveled than most humans.

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