Best Nutritious Vegetarian Food for Your Dog

All you need to grow vegetables successfully is a sunny spot, seed, soil, water, and some patience. You’ll soon discover that nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables you’ve picked from your own garden.  

But will your 4-legged friend wag his tail at the thought of vegetables served up in his dinner bowl? Will he show the same gusto for lentils and carrots that he does for a bowl of flavorsome meat? 

What makes your dog tick? 

Have you heard that saying, you are what you eat? Does it apply to your canine friend too? Won’t your furry friend be missing out on important trace elements, minerals, oils and fats without meat and an all-vegetable diet? Our Fit Pets is an amazing website resource for dog lovers and it talks about everything you need to know about dogs.  

It helps you understand precisely what makes your dog tick and what he needs to keep him healthy and happy. There will be posts on what to feed your dog, what foods to avoid at all costs, whether dog eating lentils are a healthy option for a dog, and whether sweet potatoes, carrots and chia seeds will be alright for his digestion.

One of the best diets for a dog is to ensure as an omnivore. He enjoys a mix of meat, brown rice and vegetables.

Lentils and beans

Veganism has risen in popularity for many humans but what do our canine friends have to woof about it? They’ll want you to know that lentils and other vegetables shouldn’t become their only source of food. 

Beans can be enjoyed by you and your pet as they are rich in fiber and protein. Your dog can eat a variety of beans, some of which are kidney beans, Pinto beans and black beans and they can be prepared for your furry friend just like you prepare them for yourself. 

Lentils have become important in pet foods as they are actually a good source of nutrients for dogs, packed with all-important fiber and protein. What is important to take note of is that the high fiber content in lentils is good for dogs battling diabetes. 


Carrots come with so many health benefits that you want to ensure that at some time or other, your furry friend gets his share. Dogs lean towards being carnivorous, but some tasty, healthy vegetables can certainly be used as a supplement to a meat-based diet. 

Nobody’s saying you have to deny your pet a meaty supper but some raw and cooked vegetables can make a wonderful, healthy addition to kibble or raw meat. 

Raw and cooked carrots make a healthy, nutritious add-in to a meal for your dog. Carrots are low in calories and high in soluble fiber and altogether a nutritious supplement for dogs. 

Sweet potatoes

You shouldn’t share your saucy, spicy French fries with your dog, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with a delicious sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are a safe, healthy treat for dogs, and they also come with some health benefits. 

Just like carrots, they’re high in fiber and beta-carotene and your dog is able to convert beta-carotene to Vitamin A, so important for the health of his big brown eyes. You don’t have to turn your dog into a full-on vegetarian. Dogs are omnivores – they eat from plant and animal sources.

If you buy the best quality commercially manufactured dog kibble and mix it up occasionally with some raw meat, brown rice and vegetables like the ones mentioned here, your dog’s health, happiness, energy and digestion are going to always be in top supply and his wagging tail, bright eyes, shiny coat and wet nose will be all the evidence you need. 

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