Five Protein-Rich Foods for Your Dog

As the building blocks of amino acids that perform many vital functions in any mammal’s body, protein is an essential component of a healthy diet. Therefore, you should ensure that your dog eats a balanced diet that contains sufficient protein sources. 

Since your dog’s principal source of nutrition is their dog food, check your brand’s ingredients list to see how much protein it offers per serving. Here are five protein-rich foods that should feature in your canine’s food:

Real meat

Meat is one of the richest sources of protein and should be present in dog food. Real meat should be one of the most dominant ingredients in any dog food you buy. It should be listed by name so that you can recognize it easily. The most popular meat sources you are likely to find on a dog food label are beef and chicken. Other poultry meats that might be used are turkey and duck.

Pork will not be prominent in dog food as it is not the healthiest of meats. It tends to contain a lot of fat and offers little protein compared to other meats. Nevertheless, a dog eating bacon occasionally should not be a source of concern, provided it is only in small amounts. OurFitPets is an advice site that answers many questions that dog owners have about their canine companions.

Meat meal

Meat meal is real meat that is ground into a powder and added to dog food. It is not the same as a meat by-product, which is what is left over from an animal carcass after the main meat has been stripped from it. 

Meat meal is a rich source of protein that is easily digestible for dogs. Meat by-products do not offer real nutritional value to canines and can cause digestive problems. Meat meal is nutritious and a great source of protein for dogs. A dog food label will not precisely specify what meat sources were used to create meat meal, but its presence in the ingredients list indicates high protein levels.


Fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Dog owners would be forgiven for being surprised to find out that many dog food brands include fish and fish meal, as this is meat associated with cats. Salmon is common fish ingredient in dog food.

Fish is an ideal source of protein that you can incorporate into your dog’s food. Ensure that you only serve cooked fish. Add shredded fish to your dog’s meal occasionally. 


Eggs are protein-rich and worth adding to your dog’s diet. This is not an ingredient you should expect to see on every dog food label. Eggs contain more protein than meat, making them a preferred protein source. 

If your dog food does not contain eggs, stir some scrambled eggs into your dog’s food weekly. The protein in eggs is easily digestible for dogs, making it possible for a canine to render more protein from a cooked egg. Many dog owners swear by raw eggs, but there is the added risk of salmonella to consider.

Dairy products

Cheese is the most nutritious dairy product for dogs as it is rich in protein. Few dog food brands contain cheese, although it is a viable source of protein for canines. Feed your dog the occasional piece of cheese. Most dog owners will agree that it is one of the easiest ways of getting a furry friend to take their medicine. Remember that cheeses contain differing levels of fat. If your dog is of round size, cottage cheese would be the best option.

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