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Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For Those of you who would give anything to feel safe should read the following link about police actions focused on minority individuals in American cities. During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the guiding philosophy preached that prejudice faced by some meant the future risk of prejudice against [...]

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Employee Burnout a Huge Problem

Employee Burnout Becoming a Huge Problem While corporations book record profits and unemployment continues to decline, employers face a tangible problem: employee burnout. According to a recent study, employees find themselves working more hours and receiving fewer pay increases. These conditions lead to burnout which then leads to new job searches. To learn more about [...]

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Election Bombast Wrong

New York Times Offers Contest For Student Editorials The New York Times’ Fourth Annual Student Editorial Writing Contest is open now. The closing submission date is April 4th. Not only does the contest encourage students to write about a subject close to their hearts, but also the contest provides instruction on how to write an [...]

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One In Four Adults Suffers From Arthritis

Women’s Wages Now 82% of Men’s Wages The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data that indicate women now earn 82% of the wages earned by men. In some occupations, women out earn men. For jobs such as sewing machine operators, women earn more, 111%, compared to men. Female teacher assistants and counselors also earn [...]

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Is Fast Food Harmful to Your Health?

Colorectal Cancer Affects Both Men and Women The Center for Disease Control recently posted a report on colorectal cancer. This cancer causes the second leading cause of death in the United States. Early detection of this disease reduces the mortality rate among sufferers. Thus, the CDC encourages colorectal for all people 50 and older. If [...]

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Wages Stagnated 2016 To 2017

February is Black History Month: Profiles of Two Young NIOSH Researchers The CDS recently posted a report concerning two NIOSH researchers NIOSH stands for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The report spotlights the efforts of two naval public health officers who are improving the health of all Americans. Read about the efforts [...]

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Do Performance Ratings Make People Greedy?

Hope For Lonely Conservatives recently reported on a real Internet dating site for conservatives wishing to meet like- minded singles to mingle. The site is called ‘’ with a tag line reading ‘Making Dating Great Again.’ Since Trump’s election win, the site has been doing land office business. Traffic on the site doubled from [...]

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College Tuition Increased 63% Since 2006

Career Promotion Tips For Women The website, recently posted advice for women looking for career promotions. The article, “Six Secrets of Women Who Always Get Promoted,” listed six activities that aid women in getting positive attention from their bosses. Ideas such as keeping a log of achievements helps when discussions arise about promotion opportunities. [...]

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Air Polution Linked to Dementia

Do You Know the Correct Phrase? Some people use common phrases incorrectly. If you say “By in large,” the phrase is inaccurate. The correct version is “by and large.” To see if you are misusing common phrases, click on This happens to all of us. I once used the word “irregardless” in a college [...]

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Breast Cancer Victims and ‘Chemo Brains’

Humans Arrived In North America Much Earlier Than Previously Believed Scientists from Montreal University and Oxford University recently published research about a reexamination of animal bones found in Blue Fish Cave in the Yukon Province in Canada near the present boarder with Alaska. Thirty years ago, archeologist Jacques Cinq-Mars, published research that claimed humans had [...]

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