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Hate Language Use Down in Schools

Small Business Agency Offers Help Writing Business Plans The Small Business Administration recently posted a tutorial on business plan writing. This free online course is aimed at assisting small business owners with securing financing as they start or expand their businesses. The tutorial only takes 30minutes and may be accessed at To take the [...]

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High Performance Batteries From Junk

Healthcare Jobs You May Get Without a Four Year Degree The Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, recently posted a report on the number of healthcare jobs available to non four-year-college graduates. For individuals focused on careers in the helping fields such as medicine, many job titles come without degree requirements. The Bureau projects a 6.5 [...]

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Christmas Scammers May Ruin Your Holiday

Life Returned To Earth Right After The Asteroid Eliminated The Dinosaurs The Washington Post recently published a finding of the American Geophysical Union that confirms that life returned to the earth very quickly after the asteroid disaster 66 million years ago. Scientists drilled into the crater created by the asteroid and from the drilling determined [...]

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Super Bugs Cause Concern For Hog Farm Workers

Cnet Offers 10 Useful Cell Phone Apps recently published a story on 10 apps users will find helpful. Holiday cooks will find a multi timer stopwatch essential for turning out holiday meals where all the dishes wind up cooked at the same time. Cooks with iPhones will find this app helpful. Android users will [...]

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Hell Freezes Over

Cyber Threats As Severe As Terrorism Threats? According to government security advisor, Ron Ross, cyber threats are as dangerous as terrorist threats. Untrustworthy and insecure technology concerns Ross the most since many legacy computer systems control US utilities, dams, traffic cameras and refrigerators et al. The increase of criminal hackers prompted the NIST, The National [...]

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Infected Cell Phones

Infected Cell Phones Kim Komando recently reported that some Chinese produced cell phones contain malware that automatically transmits personal data to China every 72 hours. Chinese manufacturers intended that this code monitor cell phone use in China, but some phones containing this software were exported to the US. Some of the following phones may be [...]

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How to Organize a Small Kitchen

Learn About Clean Air and Where to Find It With last Tuesday’s election results, the future of the EPA may be in jeopardy. But unless Trump and friends abolish the agency completely, a visit to a new website may prove enlightening., EPA recently released its annual Air Trends Report 2016. The report tracks air quality [...]

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Which Political Party Grew the Most Jobs?

Are These People the Original Arabs? In an isolated mountain area on the Arab peninsula live a reclusive people called the Shihuh, the “hill” people. These people have no language or cultural connection with the Arab peoples who now populate the Arab peninsula. Some researchers speculate that this tribe are direct descendants of the original [...]

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Want To Find a Job With DEC?

Take a Virtual Walk in the Woods The Sierra Club has created live web cams that allow visitors to view Orcas in the ocean, honey bees in the hive, deer in the woods and other wildlife in their natural habitat. All these views can be seen live in real time on the Internet. To view [...]

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Engineering Jobs To Rise Through 2024

Five States Account for 50 Percent of R & D Expenditures The National Science Foundation recently released 2013 data of private industry expenditures on research and development using corporate funds. Five states accounted for half of the total U.S. R & D spending: California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas and Washington. The total 2013 R & D [...]

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