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College Tuition Increased 63% Since 2006

Career Promotion Tips For Women The website, recently posted advice for women looking for career promotions. The article, “Six Secrets of Women Who Always Get Promoted,” listed six activities that aid women in getting positive attention from their bosses. Ideas such as keeping a log of achievements helps when discussions arise about promotion opportunities. [...]

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Air Polution Linked to Dementia

Do You Know the Correct Phrase? Some people use common phrases incorrectly. If you say “By in large,” the phrase is inaccurate. The correct version is “by and large.” To see if you are misusing common phrases, click on This happens to all of us. I once used the word “irregardless” in a college [...]

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Breast Cancer Victims and ‘Chemo Brains’

Humans Arrived In North America Much Earlier Than Previously Believed Scientists from Montreal University and Oxford University recently published research about a reexamination of animal bones found in Blue Fish Cave in the Yukon Province in Canada near the present boarder with Alaska. Thirty years ago, archeologist Jacques Cinq-Mars, published research that claimed humans had [...]

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German Greens Support Sex Help For Seriously Ill and Disabled

Zillow Says Paint Color Affects House Prices According to real estate website, Zillow, kitchen paint color may reduce selling price by as much as $1,400. According to Zillow Digs, houses featuring white kitchens sell for $1.400 less than houses featuring yellow kitchens. The website also offers a downloadable app that allows homeowners to experiment with [...]

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NIH Presents New Peanut Allergy Guidelines

NIH Presents New Peanut Allergy Guidelines The National Institute of Health recently published new guidelines for introducing infants to peanut-containing foods. Peanut allergy is a growing health problem for which there is no non-emergency treatment or cure. Some individuals develop allergic reactions so severe that unless given emergency treatment, the result may be fatal. New [...]

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Hate Language Use Down in Schools

Small Business Agency Offers Help Writing Business Plans The Small Business Administration recently posted a tutorial on business plan writing. This free online course is aimed at assisting small business owners with securing financing as they start or expand their businesses. The tutorial only takes 30minutes and may be accessed at To take the [...]

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High Performance Batteries From Junk

Healthcare Jobs You May Get Without a Four Year Degree The Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, recently posted a report on the number of healthcare jobs available to non four-year-college graduates. For individuals focused on careers in the helping fields such as medicine, many job titles come without degree requirements. The Bureau projects a 6.5 [...]

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Christmas Scammers May Ruin Your Holiday

Life Returned To Earth Right After The Asteroid Eliminated The Dinosaurs The Washington Post recently published a finding of the American Geophysical Union that confirms that life returned to the earth very quickly after the asteroid disaster 66 million years ago. Scientists drilled into the crater created by the asteroid and from the drilling determined [...]

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Super Bugs Cause Concern For Hog Farm Workers

Cnet Offers 10 Useful Cell Phone Apps recently published a story on 10 apps users will find helpful. Holiday cooks will find a multi timer stopwatch essential for turning out holiday meals where all the dishes wind up cooked at the same time. Cooks with iPhones will find this app helpful. Android users will [...]

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Hell Freezes Over

Cyber Threats As Severe As Terrorism Threats? According to government security advisor, Ron Ross, cyber threats are as dangerous as terrorist threats. Untrustworthy and insecure technology concerns Ross the most since many legacy computer systems control US utilities, dams, traffic cameras and refrigerators et al. The increase of criminal hackers prompted the NIST, The National [...]

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