Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For
Those of you who would give anything to feel safe should read the following link about police actions focused on minority individuals in American cities. During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, the guiding philosophy preached that prejudice faced by some meant the future risk of prejudice against all. In this link, learn about police militarization that brutally places minority citizens’ rights in jeopardy. To read about this police injustice, click on Maybe the visions of dystopian writers Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, nee Erik Blair are now our unperceived reality.

Republican Rollbacks Threaten Privacy
The recent decision of the Republican Congress to rollback Internet users privacy rights initiated by the Obama administration presents a real threat. This threat allows ISPs such as Comcast and Spectrum to collect user data and sell that data to third parties without the permission of the users. The action provides corporations with the tools to further monetize Internet use by individuals. Such uncontrolled merchandising by ISPs presents a grave threat to individual privacy. To read more about this Republican assault on individual constitutionally protected privacy, visit A virtual private network or VPN, allows individuals to surf the Internet anonymously. The link to PC Magazine argues that all Internet users can easily put together a VPN that provides undetected Internet use without the threat of ISP merchandising such use. Good luck to all who feel threatened.

March Was Women’s Forgotten History Month
The Library of Congress recently blogged about an online resource that casts light on the activities of African-American women who fought for civil rights during the 19th century. The online blog presents rare photographs of black female activists collected by Howard University professor Henry Richards. Richards taught at the Howard University law school from 1890 to his retirement in 1928. To learn more about female black activists, click on Modern students may think that Martin Luther King and his contemporaries were nearly the first American civil rights activists. And while some may know about the career of W.E.B. Dubois, this information provides a much needed effort to improve history knowledge in this regard. The online blog provided by the Library of Congress now documents the actions of many others who pushed for civil rights from the 1850s on.

CDC Provides Public Health Data for 500 Cities in 50 States
In this study, the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation analyze data by census-tract area to estimate the occurrence of 27 chronic disease measures. The study presents data by state and by the largest cities in each state. This epidemiological data allows public health professionals to target prevention actions as well as track health risk behaviors for effective interventions. To learn more about this effort, surf over to Viewers may access data by disease category such as health outcomes , preventions or unhealthy behaviors. To target specific cities, click on the desired city in each state shown alphabetically by state and city for individuals aged 18 to 54. Several small states such as Wyoming and Vermont include cities that do not reach the population cutoff, but are included to present data from all 50 states for a total of 500 cities. Your tax dollars fund vital research such as this. Let’s hope that the Republican leaders in Washington, adequately fund this agency rather than increasing funding for an already bloated military.

Suicide Presents Problems for Family Survivors
The website posted on March 22nd, the results of Danish researchers that posit that the suicide of a spouse may cause mental and physical problems for survivors. According to the research, surviving partners are more likely to develop PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. In addition, surviving spouses find themselves at greater risk of suicide. To learn more about the effects of suicide on surviving family members, click on Not only is suicide a selfish act on the part of the individual, such actions pose great health threats for surviving family members. And so it goes.

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Employee Burnout a Huge Problem

Employee Burnout Becoming a Huge Problem
While corporations book record profits and unemployment continues to decline, employers face a tangible problem: employee burnout. According to a recent study, employees find themselves working more hours and receiving fewer pay increases. These conditions lead to burnout which then leads to new job searches. To learn more about this problem, click on
A related study completed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that in 2016 substantially more individuals quit their jobs as opposed to employees who were fired or laid off . A generally robust economy now allows employees to find other work instead of unhappily staying put. To read about this research, surf over to
This data indicate that under the Obama administration, economic indices improved greatly so President Trump did not inherit “a mess” when he took office.
A second related document from the BLS indicates that salaries year over year, 2016 to 2017, actually declined by more than one percent. To access this information, visit No wonder employees burnout: work more, earn less. As Bill Bendix observed in the 1940s sitcom ‘The Life of Riley’, “What a revoltin’ development this is.”

DIY Projects For All
Even if you are not handy, some DIY projects are so easy that anyone can complete them. And I don’t mean putting Christmas toys together late at night on Christmas Eve. For even the modestly adventurous, provides a plethora of projects to choose from. At my visit, I found pillows with tassels, driftwood art, and a number of DIY dining room projects from which to choose. Even if doing- it- yourself does not appeal to you, looking at these projects may give you decorating ideas you can pursue at your leisure. To learn more, click on Good luck to all.

Teacher-in-Residence Positions Available for Geography and History Teachers.
The Library of Congress recently advertized for applications from world history and world geography teachers for a residency at the Library of Congress for the 2017-2018 school year in Washington, D.C. By clicking on the link, readers will find a description of the position and by clicking on a page link, bring up an online application. The application deadline is April 17, 2017. If interested, click on

Staying Safe Using Plastic Money
“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.” For those of you who use plastic frequently, the new credit cards with embeded security chips don’t seem to lower credit card fraud. It seems that most merchants have not invested in new credit card readers. Customers must swipe their cards the old way and leave themselves vulnerable to identity theft. To learn more about this issue, surf over to You don’t have to be 55 to get help from the AARP. For those readers 55 and over who qualify for membership, AARP offers a monthly money newsletter that carries news items of financial interest. And when you visit the site, AARP will show you where you can receive tax help for free in your area. A big bonus.

Trump Budget Cuts Hurt NOAA Earth Monitoring Satellite Program
President Trump’s proposed budget cuts 22 percent from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration budget for the next fiscal year. At risk is a new satellite, JPSS-1 satellite, designed to complete 14 polar orbits daily. The satellite will provide NOAA scientists with an unprecedented amount of infrared and atmospheric data that will improve weather forecasting and agricultural outlooks. This technology does not come cheap: $800 million for this year alone as well as a nine-digit price tag through the mid 2020s. NOAA administrators indicate that such a cut will imperil the agency’s ability to protect Americans from weather emergencies. To learn more, click on And so it goes.

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Election Bombast Wrong

New York Times Offers Contest For Student Editorials
The New York Times’ Fourth Annual Student Editorial Writing Contest is open now. The closing submission date is April 4th. Not only does the contest encourage students to write about a subject close to their hearts, but also the contest provides instruction on how to write an effective editorial. The link below provides writing instruction as well as the submission format. The Times encourages students to write collaboratively as part of the submission since editorials frequently are written by more than one writer. At least one New York Times news story must be referenced in editorial contest submission. Total length for the editorial is 450 words. The link provides video editorial instruction given by Editorial Page editor Andrew Rosenthal. This contest provides a real world audience for student writing. The link also provides teachers with two sample lesson plans. To learn more, visit Good luck to all who enter.

Election Bombast Wrong
During last fall’s election campaign, Donald Trump promised to make America great again. But the employment numbers Trump cited were wrong. According to data just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the year January 2016 to January 2017 employment rose significantly in 28 states. Employment increases ranged from 3.4% in Florida to 2.2% in Michigan to 1.8% in Massachusetts. During the same period employment increased in New York by 1.5%. In 22 other states, employment stayed the same or decreased. In Wyoming employment decreased by 3.2% as did employment in North Dakota by 0.7%. To learn more about this Republican election obfuscation, click on These data counter Trump’s argument that he inherited a mess. I wonder if Trump will cut the funds for the Bureau of Labor Statistics since the Bureau numbers don’t agree with his arguments.

According To The Experts, Some Starch Is Good
A new report found on says that resistant starch found in such foods as potatoes and bananas helps suppress appetites and by doing so assists weight reducing diets. The experts say that resistant starches are not digested in the small intestines. Instead these starches are digested in the large intestine and produce short fatty acid chains that become a source of fiber. To learn more about healthy diet foods, surf over to

Nursing Home Costs Vary Greatly By State
According to Genworth, the cost of medical services as surveyed in 2016 varies greatly between states. For example, median monthly costs nationwide for a home health aide totals $3,861 while nursing home care for patients in a semi-private room total $6,844. By state the cost difference is dramatic. In Mississippi, the monthly cost of a home health aide is $3,241. In Iowa, the same aide costs $4,385. A Mississippi semi-private nursing home room per month costs $6,357 while in Iowa the same room costs $5,536. But these numbers hardly compare to nursing home semi-private monthly room rates of $24,333 in Alaska. To find the New York averages, click on To find yearly costs, check the site or multiply these rates by 12 to find the annual totals. Yikes! It certainly doesn’t pay to get old.

AARP Provides A Glossary of Internet Scam Terms
Do you know the difference between Internet Phishing and Smishing? Or the difference between Ransomware and Cramming? These terms constitute a world of hurt for the Internet unwary. The AARP posted the definitions to these terms as well as many more egregious internet acts to alert senior citizens to various dangers to be faced on the Internet. To read more about these threats, readers of any age should click on, You can never be too safe on the Internet. And so it goes.

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One In Four Adults Suffers From Arthritis

Women’s Wages Now 82% of Men’s Wages
The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data that indicate women now earn 82% of the wages earned by men. In some occupations, women out earn men. For jobs such as sewing machine operators, women earn more, 111%, compared to men. Female teacher assistants and counselors also earn more than male counterparts. But, in fields such as medicine, women earn only 63% of the salaries earned by men. And in the category of ‘Other teachers and instructors, women earn just 69% of the wages earned by men. Read college and university faculty. To find out more about pay comparisons, click on So, in low wage jobs, women sometimes earn more than men working in the same position. In high wage positions, women earn much less than men. The fight for parity continues.

Did You Know… Daylight Saving Time Started During WW l?
First implemented during World War l in 1918 as a fuel saving measure, daylight saving time was quickly repealed in 1919 at the war’s end. During World War ll, Congress again implemented Daylight Saving Time as a wartime measure to save energy and make better use of daylight. To learn when our current law came into being, surf over to And now you know. Additional information on daylight saving may be obtained at Here you can find out about Benjamin Franklin’s satirical article on daylight saving time written in 1784. Enjoy.

Bicycling the Next Eco-Tourism Activity in New York?
The Glens Falls Post Star recently opined in an editorial that New York municipalities should take advantage of current rail trails and canal trails to start another revenue stream: bicycle tourism. The newspaper focuses on ways Warren County can cash in on bike touring, but municipalities in other parts of the state should consider similar initiatives. To find out more about this interesting proposal, visit, In this era of state and federal aid cutbacks, every source of income to supplement local tax dollars should be studied.

How to Stop Smart TVs From Spying On You
In the aftermath of the current Wikileaks file dump, how do people stop their smartphones and smart TVs from capturing data and sending the data to unknown receivers? Well, has an answer, at least for TVs. To stop TV data collection, press the menu button on the remote; then select settings; highlight Smart interactivity; press the right arrow to change the setting to off. To read the complete report, click on

One in Four Adults Suffer From Arthritis
According to the Center for Disease Control, one in four adults suffers from arthritis. Over 54 million adults report receiving an arthritis diagnosis. 24 million adults limit their activities because of the disease. Arthritis medical costs total at least $81 billion per year the agency reported. Even though physical activity such as walking, biking and swimming reduce arthritis symptoms, 1/3 of adults report engaging in little if any physical activity. To learn more about how to cope with arthritis, surf over to

NASA Releases Software For Free Public Use
NASA recently posted its 2017-2018 software catalogue for public access that anyone may use free of charge. According to the agency, these codes have the potential to generate tangible benefits that create American jobs, earn revenue and save lives. To learn more about this federal government largesse, click on And so it goes. -30-

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Is Fast Food Harmful to Your Health?

Colorectal Cancer Affects Both Men and Women
The Center for Disease Control recently posted a report on colorectal cancer. This cancer causes the second leading cause of death in the United States. Early detection of this disease reduces the mortality rate among sufferers. Thus, the CDC encourages colorectal for all people 50 and older. If you are under 50, being physically fit, maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking will lesson the chances of contracting colorectal cancer. To learn more, click on Additional data may be obtained at A related article indicates that the rate of colorectal cancer has dropped from 21% to 11.8%. This information is contained in a larger report that may be accessed at recently reported that colorectal cancer rates have increased for millennials and Gen Xers. According to the website, the colorectal cancer rate increase may be attributed to an increase in obesity. It seems that individuals born in 1990 now have double the risk of colon cancer and four times the risk of rectal cancer of individuals born in 1950. To read more about cancer risks, surf over to And now you know.

Unemployment By Education Level
A common idea about education posits that the more education you get, the more money you make. Today, however, people are seriously questioning this assumption give the high student debt load and the fact that many college grads are under employed or working at jobs that do not require a college degree. Parents and students now conduct individual cost-benefit analyses to see if college should be a post high school experience. The following statistics on unemployment levels by education may help people decide if higher education is necessary. In this regard, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data concerning post high school unemployment levels.

For example, individuals with less than a high school diploma earn average weekly salaries of $493 [ and have an 8% unemployment rate. Bachelor’s degree holders earn an average of $1,137 a week and face a 2.8% unemployment rate. Doctoral degree holders average $1,623 a week with a 1.7 % unemployment rate. To learn more, visit . The same report also indicates that the percentage of teen workers aged 16 to 19 in the workforce has dropped significantly during the period 1948 to 2016. Part of this drop may be attributed to the fact that more students stay in school longer.

Are PFOAs and PFASs in Your Big Mac?
There is nothing as satisfying as a Big Mac. But besides the sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, special sauce and hamburger patties, the Big Mac packaging may contain toxic contaminants that can leach into the food. The grease-proof wrapping around the burger may contain highly flourinated chemicals. A recent study analyzed 400 food samples from 27 fast food chains. Researchers looked at paper food wrappers, paperboard and drink containers. The highly flourinated chemicals in the wrapping have been linked to health problems. To find out more about this issue, click on Do you still have the urge to snack at fast food joint? And so it goes. -30-

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Wages Stagnated 2016 To 2017

February is Black History Month: Profiles of Two Young NIOSH Researchers
The CDS recently posted a report concerning two NIOSH researchers NIOSH stands for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The report spotlights the efforts of two naval public health officers who are improving the health of all Americans. Read about the efforts of Lieutenant Commander Deborah V.L. Hirst, Ph.D, PE who works as a civil and environmental health engineer at the Division of Applied Research and Technology (DART). Then learn about the activities of Lieutenant Melissa Seaton, MS who works in the Education and Information Division. To find out more about these two women, click on This story indicates the success of minority women in STEM fields.

According to BLS, U.S. Wages Stagnated from January 2016 to 2017.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data that highlight wage stagnation for U.S. workers from January 2016 to January 2017. According to the BLS, wages for all employees remained flat but included a 0.6 percent drop in workweek reduction which led to a 0.6 percent wage reduction for the report period. Wages for production and non-supervisory employees fell 0.1 percent which when added to the 0.3 decrease in the workweek led to nearly a one-half percent decrease in wages for the period. To access the report to view the corroborating charts, visit You may have to go to the site and find report USDL -17-0217. This may prove troublesome, but the data are well worth the effort.

Federal Regulation Cuts Hurt Benefits As Well As Reducing Costs
During the first round of Executive Orders that mandate government agencies reduce regulations, President Trump undid 30 years of bipartisan regulatory policy. By requiring agencies to scrap two current policies for each new policy put in place as a way of combating regulatory costs, Trump fails to see that some regulations provide benefits to the public such as clean air and clean water. To learn more about this issue, click on Does this mean that Flint, Michigan residents will now have to drink polluted water again? According to Trump’s philosophy, large social benefits derived from regulations are irrelevant. Only costs to business count.

Website Wallethub Ranks Worst State Capitals To Live In
The website provided a link to which ranked state capitals for Livability. Quality of life, Quality of Education and Health and Affordability. These are some of the criteria used to rank state capitals. As expected, Jackson, Mississippi ranks last. Hartford, Connecticut and Trenton, New Jersey make up the bottom three. Albany, New York ranked 30th. To read the entire list, surf over to I’ll bet you can’t name the top three.

Report Argues That Parent Drug Use By Kids Cause Many ODs. A report that appears on the Medline Plus website says that kids who overdose on opiods , do so more than twice as often when medicine cabinet drugs are left in the open at home. Fatal overdoses occur at a more than double rate when parents bring home painkilling drugs such as morphine, oxycodone or codeine. To find out more about how you can prevent kids from overdosing, click on The report focused on kids aged 10 and under since teenagers might have deliberately used a parent’s prescription drug to get high.

Astronomers Find 7 Exo Planets Orbiting Near Star
NASA just released a report that indicates astronomers have found 7 exo planets orbiting a planet 40 light years away from Earth. Scientists believe that 3 of the new planets contain conditions that could support life. To learn more, click on And so it goes.

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Do Performance Ratings Make People Greedy?

Hope For Lonely Conservatives recently reported on a real Internet dating site for conservatives wishing to meet like- minded singles to mingle. The site is called ‘’ with a tag line reading ‘Making Dating Great Again.’ Since Trump’s election win, the site has been doing land office business. Traffic on the site doubled from 9,000 yearning people on election night to 26,000 yearners on Inauguration Day. According to Cnet, the Trump site came online just after the Republican Party nominated him as candidate for the presidency. To read more about lonely Republican singles wanting to mingle, click on Good luck to all.

Concussion Injuries Have Far Reaching Effects
The National Library of Medicine recently posted a story concerning long lasting effects of concussion injuries. It seems that research has found that even after all concussion symptoms have stopped, patients may still experience difficulty with driving vehicles. The small study focused on college-age participants. The symptoms experienced were similar to driving while drinking. To learn more about this topic, surf over to An additional site that discusses recovery from sports injuries may be accessed at

Technology Run Amok or Corporate Greed?
The Federal trade commission recently posted a report that TV manufacturer, Vizio, recently settled a dispute with the FTC and the State of New Jersey for illegally collecting viewing data from smart TVs without first obtaining permission from TV set owners. Apparently, smart TVs are able to log second-by-second video capture of data from cable, broadband, set-top box, DVDs, over-the-air broadcasts and streaming devices. Vizio then marketed this data to advertisers who then focused directly to the 11 million owners of Vizio smart TVs. This illegal invasion of privacy cost the company $2.2 million in fines to the FTC and the State of New Jersey. To read more about this, visit This is another example of your federal tax dollars at work protecting you from greedy corporations.

Library of Congress Announces Summer Teacher Institutes
Every year, the Library of Congress provides week long summer institutes in Washington, D.C. for teacher professional development. Institute topics range from World War l and various STEM programs that participants can relay to classroom instruction. Applications may be obtained by visiting Teachers of all subject areas and grade levels may apply. Application deadline is March 17, 2017. To learn more about the teacher institutes, visit Participation group size is limited, so apply early. Good Luck.

Star Trek Technology Being Tested Now
Viewers of Star Trek: The Next Generation will remember the blind character Georgi LaForge who operated as a sighted person by wearing goggles that allowed him to see. According to, a real individual with limited sight, Yvonne Felix, is testing a device that allows her to see. The goggles contain a camera that works with hi-resolution displays in the wearable headset. To read more about this advance, click on For someone who remembers fondly listening to network radio, I am astounded.

Do Performance Ratings Make People Greedy?
According to the Government Exec website, the answer is yes. Loran Nordgren, an associate professor at the Kellogg School of Business, employees working at commission jobs express more desire for money than salaried employees with similar incomes. In fact, the research indicates that these differences affect financial decision-making. To learn more, click on And so it goes. -30-

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College Tuition Increased 63% Since 2006

Career Promotion Tips For Women
The website, recently posted advice for women looking for career promotions. The article, “Six Secrets of Women Who Always Get Promoted,” listed six activities that aid women in getting positive attention from their bosses. Ideas such as keeping a log of achievements helps when discussions arise about promotion opportunities. Networking in the company and out also helps. To read the full post visit Good Luck.

1 In 4 Men Have Genital HPV Infections Linked to Cancers
According to the website, nearly half of all men have some type of human papillomavirus infection. Infection rates indicate that one in four men have a type of HPV virus linked to cancer. In the US, HPV constitutes the most sexually transmitted infections with 79 million estimated cases. The cancers may include vaginal, penile, anal, throat and mouth cancers. Health professionals recommend HPV vaccinations for all males ages 9 to 26. To learn more about HPV in men, click on

Trump Support By Evangelical Christians Explained
Paul Prather reports on research that validates an earlier study of what motivates religious people to support candidates like Donald Trump. According to this post, a Ph.D candidate at Umas, Amherst, sampled 1800 registered voters across the political spectrum to understand Trump’s popularity. Mathew MacWilliams found that instead of the usual criteria such as education, gender, income, age, ideology or religiosity, the only common connections included: authoritarianism and fear of terrorism with authoritarianism the dominant characteristic. This research validates an earlier study conducted by researchers at Vanderbilt and Georgia State Universities, previously reported here, that came to the same conclusion.

According to MacWilliams, authoritarians obey. They follow strong leaders. They respond aggressively to outsiders. And statistically, 49 percent of Republican voters ranked high on the authoritarian scale. In religious terms, Trump supporters follow “the law of the Bible.” These supporters operate from fear: fear of God’s wrath. In short, they behave like church cops. Trump critics tend to be individuals of “grace, “ who tend to exhibit hope and feelings of empathy and joy. To read more about this study, visit

College Tuition Increased 63 Percent Since January 2006
The Bureau of Labor Statistics,, recently reported that college tuition costs rose 63 percent over the decade 2006 to 2016. The cost of textbooks rose 82 percent during the same period. College housing rose by 49.8 percent. No wonder students graduate with loan debt averaging over $30,000. To see this data, surf over to

Teacher Absence Rate Affects Student Performance
Education Week recently reported that nationally, 27% of teachers K- 12 had absence rates of 10 or more days a year. Since school districts report a servere shortage of certified substitutes, teacher absences adversely affect student learning. Schools with high percentages of poor students experienced much higher teacher absence rates. Prior research reveals that students whose teachers miss more than 10 days a year have lower math achievement. State teacher absence rates vary dramatically, from a 16 percent absence rate in Utah to a 75 percent rate in Hawaii and a 49 percent rate in Nevada. To learn how New York ranks, visit Paying substitute teachers a professional wage might help recruitment. The average teacher salary in the US is more than $49,000. When the yearly salary is divided by 200 days of annual work , a per diem rate of $250 results. A per diem rate of $250 might improve recruitment and retention of subs. I don’t know of any district that pays close to that. And so it goes. -30-

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Air Polution Linked to Dementia

Do You Know the Correct Phrase?
Some people use common phrases incorrectly. If you say “By in large,” the phrase is inaccurate. The correct version is “by and large.” To see if you are misusing common phrases, click on This happens to all of us. I once used the word “irregardless” in a college paper. The professor corrected me by saying this incorrect usage constituted an “ unforgivable barbarism.” God Bless You, Morgan Jones. I have never misused this word since. Which is correct: “spitting image” or “spit and image?” Go to the web page and find out.

Summer Internships Available for Occupational Health Students
The Center for Disease Control recently advertized for students interested in occupational safety and health internships. Training will take place this summer for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in public health and safety programs. To learn more about internship opportunities, click on For an application, click on, Application deadline is Friday, February 17, 2017. Good luck to applicants.

New Research Confirms National Writing Project Helps Students, Teachers
Research published by SRI confirms what language arts teachers intuitively know; National Writing Project’s College-Ready Writing Program had a positive significant statistical effect on four attributes of student argument writing: content, structure, stance and writing conventions. The program focuses on students in grades 7 through 10 by introducing teachers to new instructional practices. The study focused on 12 writing sites in 10 states comprising 22 schools districts. Site affiliates provided professional development for teachers that increased students’ knowledge of and practice in argumentative writing. Large measurable differences between experimental groups and control groups occurred. For example, experimental groups connected evidence to support a claim 99% of the time while control groups connected evidence to support a claim 82% of the time. Of course, one should note that college ready writing only occurs in college classrooms, not in real life. To learn more about this study, visit Note: SUNY New Paltz provides professional development in writing instruction for teachers K-12 who work in the Hudson Valley.

Air Pollution Linked to Dementia
A recent study of older women living in air- polluted Southern California indicates that in addition to lung disease caused by tobacco, exposure to vehicle polluted air also causes dementia. USC researchers found that older women breathing in pollution particles at rates higher than federal safety standards, face an 81% higher risk for cognitive decline. In addition these women face a 92 percent greater likelihood of developing dementia. To learn more about this study, click on Now that the Trump administration plans to work on reducing air pollution regulations, will all of us suffer from this new threat?

Citizen Science Explorers to Focus on Satellite Images To Identify New Archeology Sites
According to Internet site, new software developed by GlobalXplorer lets Internet users identify archeology sites by scanning global satellite images. Dr. Sarah Parcak conceived this software which won a TED $1.000.000 prize last year. Her idea is simple, instead of wasting time on Twitter, people can sign up to view satellite photos to identify new archeology sites by finding evidence of looting by finding pits which indicate early human sites. Parcak’s idea extends the idea embodied in the MH370 campaign to enlist average citizens in the search for the missing aircraft in 2014. In this case, “citizen scientists” provide the mass to analyze global results too large for professional archeologists to deal with. To see more about this program, surf over to According to GlobalXplorer, more than 14.000 citizen scientists have signed up during the first week of site operation. To download software materials, click on And so it goes. -30-

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Breast Cancer Victims and ‘Chemo Brains’

Humans Arrived In North America Much Earlier Than Previously Believed
Scientists from Montreal University and Oxford University recently published research about a reexamination of animal bones found in Blue Fish Cave in the Yukon Province in Canada near the present boarder with Alaska. Thirty years ago, archeologist Jacques Cinq-Mars, published research that claimed humans had settled the Western Hemisphere 30,000 years ago or more. His radiocarbon dating of animal bones from that period found in the cave which exhibited long diagonal marks that indicated human interaction with the animals had occurred at least 10,000 earlier than earlier believed. Cinq-Mars’ research was roundly ignored at the time since no other sites contained evidence of that age. Recently, however, Lauriane Bourgeon, a Ph.D student working with her professor, Ariane Burke and Oxford University’s Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit researcher, Thomas Hingham, reexamined 30,000 bones from the Blue Fish Cave. The reexamination proved Cinq-Mars’ assertion correct. To read more about this discovery, click on Let’s hope that Cinq-Mars receives the credit for this discovery.

Eight Billionaires Richer Than the World’s Poorest Half
The BBC recently reported that 8 billionaires, six of whom are American, amassed more wealth than more than half of the world’s poor. The data collected by Oxfam, coincides with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. People such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim highlight the huge gap between the haves and have nots. To read more about this, surf over to At least for the Americans, this is not inherited money. The billionaires all made it by themselves. And as you might expect, most of the money came from technology industries.

An Ancient Three-Fingered Hand Found in Peruvian Cave
A recent post on Ancient-Origins.Net featured pictures of a mummified three-fingered hand and a tiny infant-sized, mummified scull. Neither artifact appears to be human in origin. If this find proves not to be a hoax, then many questions concerning the artifacts’ origin arise. The hand features six bones in each finger compared to three finger bones in human hands. The remains are now being carbon tested to find out how old they are. To learn more, surf over to Maybe the Earth was visited by aliens.

11 Features For Whatsapp You May Not Know About
Whatsapp is a multi-platform messaging service for mobile phone users that allows users to connect with other whatsapp users through the internet. New whatsapp users may be unaware of some of the following useful features. These features include: formatting text on demand, starring a message and muting a conversation to name just three. To find out more about the power of whatsapp, click on

Northeast Warming Faster Than the Rest of the World
The New York Post recently ran a story about global warming that first appeared in the journal Plos One which published research conducted by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The study indicates that the northeastern United States will see temperatures rise faster than temperature rises found in the rest of the planet. “I tell my students that they’re going to be able to tell their children, ‘I remember when it used to snow in Boston,” said Raymond Bradley, a co-author of the study. The study indicates that the Northeast will reach the Paris Agreement’s global warming threshold 20 years earlier than anywhere else in the world. To read more about this study, click on You may access the study at The Post article is easier to understand.

Breast Cancer Victims Know All About ‘Chemo Brain’
According to the website, the condition known as ‘chemo brain’, a condition of mental fog commonly associated with breast cancer treatment, may last as long as six month. The condition causes memory lapses, attention issues and difficulty processing information. The finding came from a large study of thinking problems suffered by women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Dr. Patricia Ganz indicated that this is a real problem for patients that the medical community must address. The study found that more than one third of chemo patients suffered a decline in thinking compared to fifteen percent of healthy women who suffered the same problems. To learn more about this, click on And so it goes. -30-

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