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lime yogurt cake with blackberry buttercream frosting

Generally, I’m not one too get too fussy about cakes. When I bake them myself, I usually make what I like: plain ol’ yellow cake with chocolate frosting. In a pinch, I’ll use the chocolate Pillsbury frosting from the little blue tub. Then an inner nostalgic (or sugar fiend) takes hold and suddenly I’m spooning [...]

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paella with chicken, shrimp and veggies

I remember the first time I had an authentic paella – the Valencian rice dish that’s flavored with saffron and made with chicken or rabbit or seafood or a mixture of them all. It happened when I was working as an English teacher at a summer camp in the Valencian countryside of Spain. It took [...]

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Callicoon Farmers’ Market + broiled carrots

Happy Wednesday y’all! With the summer season (and all of its lovely produce) winding down, you’ve really got to start planning: which farmers’ market am I going to hit, what should I buy and how am I going to cook it?! Let’s start by choosing a market to visit this weekend. In the Hudson Valley, [...]

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sparkling sangria with huckleberries

I feel like I blinked and then it was August. August already??? Not to worry: there’s ample time to make good use of our local, seasonal bounty. Today’s recipe is an easy summer cocktail that’s light enough for your afternoon barbecue and delicious enough that your guests will want to sip it all night. And we’re [...]

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lobster boil

Hi folks! Writing to you from the Jersey Shore, where the weather and food have been superb all week. These are my favorite meals of the year: those nights when my whole family is together and we order takeout lobster dinners, replete with: a few bright red, boiled lobsters (with lemon and a tub or [...]

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berry good ideas

Summer, for me, is all about the berries. From the huckleberries I’ve picked in the woods around my house ever since I was tall enough to reach them to my mom’s fresh baked, slightly tart strawberry rhubarb pie to the smashed blueberry mojitos that my sister makes for nighttime barbecues (and we sip them on [...]

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DV8 Magazine: An Inspiring New Upstate Voice

Morgon Puett

When I hear about a new arrival to the upstate scene: a restaurant, a brewery, a distillery, a hotel – I get this excited feeling that the rest of the world is finally discovering the charm of upstate New York – the small towns, the slower pace of life, the abundance of nature. There’s something special [...]

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Catskill Distilling Company

There are so many reasons to visit Catskill Distilling Company. A ride through the green fields of Bethel, New York (the site of the original Woodstock) is just the first. Interested in learning about the distilling process, from grain to spirit? No problem, just have a stroll through the distillery where one of their expert [...]

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Crab rolls

There are certain foods I associate with summer. Corn on the cob. Soft serve ice cream. Tomato and basil salads. My mom’s homemade huckleberry pie (with huckleberries picked in the woods around our house in Forestburgh – expect to see this guy on the Local Feast later this summer). And without a doubt, lobster rolls. [...]

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Roscoe Beer Company

Glorious. This Memorial Day weekend was absolutely glorious. The weather was with us, barbecues were blazing and there’s no place I would have rather been than in the the Catskills. the Bashakill   We’re on the cusp of summer – before the seasonal folks arrive and while we can have our local gems – lakes, diners, [...]

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