Remember Why You Started!


Here we are in the last week of January and how many of us are already losing our motivation to succeed at our New Years resolutions!?! Why can’t we just stay focused on our desired goal and accomplishments? We tell our selves, by now I should feel a bit stronger, I should really want to continue on my mission, what ever it may be. Maybe it’s just keeping our car clean, perhaps making sure we drink water with lemon when we wake up, or maybe just going to bed by 9:00 pm every night. These things are not hard to achieve, I mean really, just drink that lemon water…My God what is wrong with me, you ask??? We say to ourselves how can I ever succeed at my ultimate goal if I can’t even drink a simple cup of water with lemon! At that point we go down that awful spiral of total self sabotage and throw in the towel!!! But I am here to ask you to PLEASE STOP!!!! Don’t give up!!! Go back and think of why you want to drink that lemon water. Hmmm let’s see, to help your digestive track and to reduce inflammation in the hopes of preventing disease. Oh and sleep, so you can feel energized and clear headed to be able to focus and stay disciplined in order to achieve your objectives. Maybe its to lose those extra pounds or take that course you always wanted to take or start that new career you have been longing for. You can still achieve it all. Just start over, REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED and get going again!!!!!

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Today I choose ME!!!

One of my main purposes in life is to achieve optimal health and happiness for myself, and in turn, to share that passion and knowledge with everyone I meet. I’ve learned firsthand, from my own journey and from clients, that radiant health is NOT one-dimensional. It’s NOT just about finding the perfect workout, or the best diet plan… It is so much more than how you feed and move your body. It’s also how you rest and recover… Who you surround yourself with… And your goals, dreams and desires. Its knowing that Yes, you will make mistakes but you must continue and persevere. No matter what obstacle’s you encounter and no matter how you feel. Today… I choose to be Healthy…I Choose to be Strong…I choose to succeed in everything I do no matter how small or how big the present goal is. Sometimes for some its just getting out of bed and taking a shower, and maybe for others its finishing that marathon. No matter the goal or task. Choose to Do it … Choose to finish …Choose your Health and Happiness and it will Choose YOU!!!


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Self Sabotage…

I find that I can easily excuse myself  from pursuing something new by telling myself the stupidest of things! I do this more often then I like to admit…but why? Maybe, for whatever reason, we often encounter insignificant moments in our life that drastically alter our mindset for decades.  Perhaps it was when someone said we were bad or just not good enough. So the self sabotaging thoughts sink in… I’ll never look like that, I just don’t have the knowledge, my family suffers from that illness, and chances are I will also have it! It all becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! We have to retrain our minds and let go of these self limiting beliefs that can mold our future. The challenge is that it takes effort and commitment to make the changes and overcome these mental obstacles. Start by surrounding yourself by positive healthy people. Get off the couch and start moving, go back to school or go online and do your own research. YES YOU CAN loose the weight, yes you can gain the knowledge, and yes you can overcome that illness!! Change your thoughts and watch your Life Change!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”
― Norman Vincent Peale

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Stress on our Mind and Body!

Stress, stress, stress!?! We all know it’s bad for us. Let’s go down the list, besides increasing your risk of heart disease …well we knew that! It also increases depression, anxiety, obesity and cognitive performance – Can’t seem remember anything? Stress is part of life and yes our brains are wired in that it’s often difficult to take action until we feel at least some level in the emotional state of stress, in fact, our performance peaks under the activation that comes with moderate levels of stress.  The key is to not allow the stress to be prolonged! Being able to keep our stress levels under control is of utmost important for our mind, body and overall well being. These following tips may help in alleviating stress.

  • Take the time to appreciate the Blessings in your life…if you pay attention you will notice just how many you have!
  • Avoid the “What if” …Life is too short and too long to dwell on the past…Move forward try something new!
  • Stay connected…There’s a time for work and a time for friends and family, put aside the technology and connect with your Loved ones, have Physical contact with the people in your life, look into their eyes!
  • Stay active…Get outdoors go biking, hiking or workout, staying physically fit is a MUST!
  • Rest your body…Sleep, this is so important, we must rest our Body and Mind!

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Oh that scale!

To weigh yourself or not?! I’m guilty of getting on that scale more then I should…I get it! If you just monitor those pounds you’ll feel better! Yeah rite! So on the morning that you’re PMS’ing, bloated, or your hormones are going crazy, especially if you’re over 40, the scale shows an extra 3,5 or maybe 10 pounds!! OMG what is wrong with me!? I ate well all week, I worked out!?! I am here to tell you forget that scale!! Yes the number on that scale can be a gauge for your initial weight lose plan. To guide you on how to proceed with your weight lose and wellness goals, but that is it! You should be eating healthy and training your body, for your health and happiness.  What matters is the way you feel. How much energy you have and how strong you feel!  How your clothes fit, and the inches that you’re losing! A woman could weigh a relatively low number on the scale – skinny doesn’t equate to healthy- yet be sedentary, lethargic, unhealthy, depressed and lack vitality. On the other hand, a woman could be curvier, be a weight lifting machine with glowing health, have a great self esteem, be full of confidence, and be bursting with energy and vigor for life! So which one would you rather be??

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She lost 100 lbs, he was a diabetic, she overcame depression!? What is the one thing they all had in common? They all began their journey afraid, discouraged and feeling helpless but yet they overcome these life threatening issues! How? PERSISTENCE!!! Those who succeed at anything in life are the people who keep everlastingly at it, who know that if they are ever to accomplish anything they must do it by determined persistence. We must stay in the fight and seek out the proper trainers, physicians and teachers. There is plenty of help out there for everyone. Talk to friends and family, go online or go to your library. It just takes that right Trainer, Lifestyle coach, Nutritionist or Doctor to guide you on your road to health and wellness.



LONG ENOUGH. ~ Helen Keller

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My Healthy Brain!

Our Brain, perhaps the most important organ in our body! However, most of us would agree, that we focus more on our physique and on how we look. We never consider that in the end, if our brains start to fail us, will the way we look matter? Our brain health is vital to being able to function in life with cognitive functionality, mental health and happiness. So how can we protect our brain? Besides proper nutrition and daily exercise, one way we can care for our brain is by meditating. This powerful tool of meditation has an amazing effect on our brain. More and more research shows that meditation has an effect on the gray matter of our brain; this is the tissue which houses neurons, the cells of the brain. So preserving this is of utmost importance! So many people say I can’t meditate, every time I try my mind gets full of thoughts and I just can’t sit still! Exactly, your mind will have lots of chatter going on at first, but you just have to allow these thoughts to roll by and not control them. After about five minutes you will start to relax. The thing is to hang in there for those first five minutes. Soon, you will be able to meditate much more easily to the point where you will yearn to meditate. So YES… Protect your Brain, Love your Brain and Body and Live an Amazing Life!

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What’s right for you may not be right for me!

Often we get trapped into starting a fitness program that someone recommended to us. Slowly we realize this is just not for you! But of course, we hang in there because if it worked for them, it should work for me. In the mean time we are miserable while dragging our body’s to do this workout that is just not working for you. We continue until we give up and get discouraged from trying anything else! I am here to tell you that there are so many options to select from that can and will work for you.  Start by doing your own research. Continue searching until you find the right fit. A good program or trainer will have variety and be informative when it comes to your body. It should explain exactly what parts of your body are being worked and your workout routine should change every 21 days. A workout should leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Yes I targeted my glutes, hamstrings and quads today; I feel the strength in my legs already! If for example you’re taking a spin class, make sure the trainer goes over proper saddle height and body positioning with you in order to prevent injury and discomfort which will lead to you not going back! Remember getting fit does NOT happen overnight, everyone is different! Find the program that you will look forward to doing, and stick with it…Never Ever GIVE UP!!!

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Beach Body…Really?

Believe it or not summer is around the corner, for most of us not soon enough! So as the days get warmer and we have no need to wear all the layers, we start to feel a bit anxious. Oh no, I’ve put on some weight or here I go again another summer with this extra weight. So frantically we start to seek the beach body workouts to lose “20lbs in 30 days”, we get all the magazines and say OK yes this is the workout I need and or that’s rite I’ll just eat salads all week and buy low-calorie foods that lack nutrition and taste awful. Just like the New Year’s resolutions that came and went, we somehow continue to pursue fad diets and unattainable deadlines! If you keep repeating the same pattern you’re going to get the same results. So how can we approach this in a way that we will actually see the results that we’ve been looking for?!? Start by realizing that your fitness routine needs to be just that a routine that’s enjoyable and effective and will reap true results. Not a “30 days to that beach body!” Your fitness training must become a part of your everyday life if you truly want to see a change. Learn how to eat clean healthy delicious whole foods that are satisfying and can provide you with the nutrition you need to feel energized and satisfied. In the end, fitness and quality nutrition has to become a way of life to feel rejuvenated and achieve a fantastic quality of Life!


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The BUTS of Life!

But I’m so tired… But I have no time…But I can’t afford it…But I am afraid I’ll get hurt! We all feel this way BUT…We can find a way to unblock these defeatist thoughts and constricting patterns. We can unlock our limiting BUTS and begin to move towards a process of restoring our health and rejuvenating our body and mindset. Every time you find yourself in a But state of mind, replace it with I can find a way! I can push through my workout and feel a great sense of accomplishment. When I’m done I will celebrate because I didn’t give into the But again! I will wake up 30 minutes earlier and do that burst training that will only take 20 minutes, and I will feel energized for my day! I can download a free video and do my workout at home! My fear of getting hurt will only cause me to get hurt, so I will focus on the strength I will gain once I start training and remind myself that I am stronger then I think! Remember all it takes is a change in your mindset to begin your journey to health and wellness.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps


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