So what really is TRX and how can this tool improve your health and fitness level. TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) it was invented by a Navy Seal. This highly portable performance training tool leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete 100s of exercises that develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  I consider balance to be a fundamental aspect of any training program for overall health and fitness. Every move we make affects the body”s balance. TRX is great functional fitness tool that can help us with the demands of everyday life … climbing stairs, carrying groceries, bending to pick up things. The Core is considered to be the body’s center, the entire torso area from the pelvis through the shoulders. Every movement the body makes originates from the core. If the core is not properly conditioned, your physical abilities are more limited. When training on a TRX strap your core is activated with every move, training your core is different than just training your abdominal’s. Although the abdominal s are an important part of your core musculature, true core training is a more integrated approach; it combines strength, balance, agility, and flexibility of the muscles that control the entire trunk and spine. Regular conditioning of the core muscles is essential to prevent injuries, maintaining your balance, correct posture and in making the body more efficient in all that it does. So if you want to achieve this type of overall functional fitness, one of the best ways is by training with a TRX strap. You can purchase one online or take classes at your local fitness center.


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Habits, Rituals?


Habits and rituals what matter these? Our habits and rituals are often simple rewarding things that can either be good for us or very damaging. Perhaps if we could turn these habits/rituals into healthy rewarding things we could improve our lives quite well. Too often we find ourselves stuck in habits that don’t serve us. They intensify our feelings of stagnation as we allow our thoughts of being fit and healthy too become overwhelming.  This can cause us to become paralyzed. So what could we do? How should we establish new nourishing, supportive routines that can help us frame our lives. Exploring daily rituals connect us to our own sacredness, our core desires and our relationships with our Divine source. Learning to practice new habits will help us gain effective ways to overcome challenges in health and wellness. Simple and beautiful rituals that feed us might be burning incense in the morning while enjoying your tea or coffee, or maybe going for a peaceful morning walk, listening to a beautiful piece of classical music to brighten our day. Health habits that can get you on track to a fitter you may be, doing a one minute plank every morning or making sure you stop eating 3 hours before bedtime. Exploring new healthy habits and embracing for-filling rituals can be a wonderful way to start your day!

 We are what we repeatedly do.” ~Aristotle

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Excuses Excuses!


Excuses we all have them! I’m so tired I just can’t workout today or I just can’t find the time or I can’t afford to go to a gym, I hate working out alone! And the list can go on and on; so many excuses!  However, I find it interesting how when something really matters to us, we get it done or find a way. I have to color my hair, I must get a car wash, I can’t go one more day with my nails like this. We make other things priority over our health.  Maybe, before you go to that car wash or salon, stop into the fitness center and get your workout done, or do a 30 min burst session at home as soon as you wake up! There are 24 hours in a day.  Time is precious so we have to make a plan. We know that to see a change we have to make a change. So yes, wake up 1 hr earlier. Train at home, there a lot of training tips online. Signup at a fitness center that fits your personality, if you research you will find your fit, and you will meet like minded people and make new friends. Don’t allow excuses to rob you of your health and fitness goals. No More EXCUSES!!

“You can have results

Or Excuses

Not both”


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Be Strong FIRST!

Why be strong? I often see middle aged people lose their zest and vigor for life. Unfortunately we have been told that this is just part of the aging process. I beg to differ…For I have seen 55 year olds have the strength level of a 35 year old! When you lose muscle, you start to lose your youthfulness. One of the reasons for this is due to the lack of activity, in particular, the loss of muscular strength. Many difficulties of declining health, especially if you’re over 40, are linked to a sedentary lifestyle accompanied by poor nutrition. Staying physical strong can help prevent this from occurring. It will increase mobility, endurance and reduce the potential for injury as well as slow down the aging process.  With proper resistance training and quality whole foods, achieving strength is not as complicated as you may think. Once you receive clearance from your doctor, you can start by doing body weight exercises that work all of the different muscle groups: legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms. Beginning with simple air squats, planks and push-ups are some great exercises that are compound moves and work all major muscle groups. Slowly as you increase your strength level you can progress to weights, kettle bells or TRX. Go online to watch how to train properly and with good form, or seek out the advice of a personal trainer.  Quality nutrition is crucial to avoid inflammation in your body that can rob you of health, weight loss and longevity. Stay away from all processed foods, all trans- fats and refined sugars. This will lead to less inflammation and help slow down aging and help ward of illness. Remember the body needs INTENSE movement to keep its youthfulness and sexy strong muscle.

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Making it to the finish line…WHY?

What a great feeling to make it to the finish line! So how can we do this? Should we even attempt it? Does it really matter? So many situations in life require us to make it through that finish line, but somehow we turn it into something complicated for fear of defeat. We cheat ourselves of a great sense of accomplishment by complicating the simplest of things that can teach and enable us to strive for more. Reaching that finish line can be as easy as getting up and doing 10 jumping jacks or 10 squats, perhaps spring cleaning before spring or maybe walking at a faster pace and finishing 2 minutes sooner. No it does not have to be a 10 mile race! Allow yourself that sense of accomplishment in increments. Once you experience that emotion, you will want to achieve more. You will realize that yes, you can make it through! Maybe next time it will be 15 squats or 15 jumping jacks. Let’s get going and cross that finish line today, Yes you can! Can you hear the people cheering…Listen… go for it!

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That Looping Pattern of Stressful Thoughts

Ruminating in our stresses of life…Yes I do it often, Do you? When I find myself in this state, I do my best to pull myself out of those thoughts! How? I find my inner rhythm, my intuition, that gut feeling that says ENOUGH! I/we cannot allow these looping patterns of toxic thoughts to remain in our minds, they can get us sick. Remember we create our mental garden; we can create the context and the structure of the thoughts that can become roots in our minds. We should learn to only allow the thoughts that blossom and nourish our minds, spirit and body.  So one way of changing our state is by getting up and to start moving! Put on music and start dancing, who cares if you don’t know how to dance. Get over your seriousness and let your hair down!  Have fun with it. Make yourself laugh. Call a good friend and reminisce. Join a Happy support group. Take a soothing bath while listening to beautiful music. Most of all get that body moving. Exercise is key to attaining and preserving a healthy mindset. So Dance, Breath, Stretch, Jump, Skip and LAUGH!!!

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To Love our workout to Love Ourselves!

Loving our workout?! This can be challenging! So many of us have the best intentions to get fit, to lose those extra pounds! We dive in with our hearts, but somehow, after a few short weeks we become disillusioned, we make excuses for not sticking with our workout routine. Perhaps it’s just that, it becomes a boring routine, and the results just don’t seem to be coming fast enough! Boy oh boy what to do!? First I say, dig deep into yourself and realize that your body needs you to allow it to be the strongest it can be. Your body wants you to care enough to make or keep it healthy. Feel the muscles in your legs, your arms, and your entire body. Can they be stronger? Sure they can! So nurture your beautiful body and go start a new fitness class, or join a power walking group. Think out of the box; maybe take an indoor rock climbing class. Keep it FUN!  Surround yourself with people that are on the same path to health. Tell them your wellness goals, and hold each other accountable for working out. Remember you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with! Get out, make new friends and start or continue with your fitness goals!

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A Cut above yourself?!

Being a cut above yourself, what a great thought, goal! As I ask myself this question, should I/we strive for this? Let’s see, perhaps this will enable me/you to think with more creativity and allow our minds to be more open to ideas and possibilities. If we allow ourselves to strive to be a cut above our present state of being, then maybe we will more than likely commit to that fitness goal. Begin to feed our body’s the proper nutrition it needs and treat ourselves with more love and respect. So as I see it, starting with just a simple step each day we can have a huge impact on our health and fitness.
Follow these two simple steps: 1) Start your day with a plank, your goal is to hold for one minute. 2) Don’t sit for more then 30-40 minutes at a time, get up and get water or march in place. Keep moving!

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