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Self Sabotage…

I find that I can easily excuse myself  from pursuing something new by telling myself the stupidest of things! I do this more often then I like to admit…but why? Maybe, for whatever reason, we often encounter insignificant moments in our life that drastically alter our mindset for decades.  Perhaps it was when someone said we [...]

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Oh that scale!

To weigh yourself or not?! I’m guilty of getting on that scale more then I should…I get it! If you just monitor those pounds you’ll feel better! Yeah rite! So on the morning that you’re PMS’ing, bloated, or your hormones are going crazy, especially if you’re over 40, the scale shows an extra 3,5 or [...]

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She lost 100 lbs, he was a diabetic, she overcame depression!? What is the one thing they all had in common? They all began their journey afraid, discouraged and feeling helpless but yet they overcome these life threatening issues! How? PERSISTENCE!!! Those who succeed at anything in life are the people who keep everlastingly at [...]

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My Healthy Brain!

Our Brain, perhaps the most important organ in our body! However, most of us would agree, that we focus more on our physique and on how we look. We never consider that in the end, if our brains start to fail us, will the way we look matter? Our brain health is vital to being [...]

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