Objections filed for all three NY-22 GOP candidates

Objections have been filed for all three candidates vying for the GOP line in the 22nd Congressional District.

Incumbent Rep. Richard Hanna and challengers Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney and Michael Kicinski have all had objections filed against their petitions, according to the state Board of Elections.

Hanna, a described moderate Republican from Barneveld, is facing off against current Assemblywoman Tenney of New Hartford and Kicinski, who is an unemployed electronic engineer from Earlville.

Democrats have failed to put up a candidate to run in the district.

Donald Jeror filed the complaints against Hanna’s Independence and Republican petitions as well as Kicinski’s petitions, according to BOE records while a Brian Noonan filed against Kicinski and Tenney.

Jeror had until April 16 to file a specific grievance against the petitions while Noonan has until the 21st.

Tenney’s 101st Assembly district nicks the borders of Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties and meanders northward through Delaware, Otsego, Herkimer and Oneida counties. She’s serving her second term in Albany and the seat is up for reelection this year.

The 22nd Congressional district is comprised of Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Oswego and Tioga counties.

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No sign of Tenney’s Q1 financial filings

As of Thursday there’s still no sign that Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, who’s running for the Congressional 22nd District, has filed her required April quarterly by the April 15 deadline.

Tenney, from New Hartford,  represents the 101st Assembly district and  is looking to take on incumbent Rep. Richard Hanna for the Republican line.

But as of April 17, there was still no sign on the Federal Elections Committee website that she’s filed the required financial disclosures for her campaign.

I called up the FEC, who said there’s a chance that if her campaign filed the paperwork physically via mail, it may not have been processed online yet, though they generally try to get it up online within 48 hours.

Also, if she’s raised or spent below $5,000, she wouldn’t have needed to file, the FEC spokeswoman said.

I sent an email to Tenney asking about the filing. I got back this response, that looks like it was sent to me by mistake:

When is my FEC filing due?
Was it supposed to be 4/15?
Sent from my iPhone

I’ve followed up with another email asking about that email and about the filing.  I’ll update if I hear back.

As for Hanna, from Barneveld, he reported raising $123,814 between Jan. 1 and March 31, the first quarter filing of the year. He reported spending $63,829 and having $584,423 on hand in the same period.

I’ve also reached out to Hanna for comment.

Michael J. Kicinski, Sr., who’s also vying for the Republican line, reported raising $570, spending $607 and having $36 on hand in the same period.

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Gibson announces official campaign kickoff

Republican Congressman Chris Gibson will host his official campaign kickoff in his hometown campaign headquarters in Kinderhook next Tuesday.

Gibson’s family, campaign volunteers and locals will all be attending, the campaign said. The event will be open to the local community and at 7 p.m. Gibson will make remarks.

The event goes from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Gibson is facing off against Democratic challenger Sean Eldridge from Shokan.


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Eldridge, Gibson announce fundraising, trade jabs

Democratic congressional challenger Sean Eldridge raised $70,000 more than incumbent Republican Chris Gibson in the first quarter of 2014.

Eldridge raised about $520,000 from January to March — $250,000 of it his own money — and closed with almost $1.6 million in cash on hand; Gibson raised $459,000 and closed with $1.23 million.

Gibson, a Republican from Kinderhook, is running for a third term representing a district that now includes Ulster and Sullivan counties. The race in the 18th Congressional District is expected to be close; the Rothenberg Political Report has it as a tossup but leaning Republican.

Both candidates have tried to make an issue of where their opponent gets their money. Gibson has accused Eldridge, with his personal wealth and self-funding ability — he has put $965,000 of his own money into the race so far — of trying to “buy” the seat; his campaign’s press release Tuesday highlighted that 85 percent of Gibson’s first-quarter contributions came from individuals and two-thirds live in the district.

Gibson spokeswoman Stephanie Valle said that she expects they’ll be outspent.

“While we know our opponent will continue to use his billion dollar fortune to try and buy this election, our strong local support cannot be matched,” she said. “Our campaign gathered 5,000 more signatures than our opponent to appear on the ballot and has raised more local money.”

(Note: Eldridge, while certainly wealthy, is not a billionaire, his campaign has said.)

Eldridge said Tuesday that more than 75 percent of his first-quarter contributions were in amounts of $50 or less. (Much of it came through ActBlue, a PAC that Democratic candidates nationwide use to raise money online.) He said his campaign, unlike Gibson’s, refuses to take contributions from corporate political action committees, and discloses every contribution regardless of size.

“The support we’re getting from across the district shows that New Yorkers want new leadership, and I’m proud that we’re running a different kind of campaign,” Eldridge said. “Unlike Congressman Chris Gibson, we publicly disclose every contribution we receive and we refuse to accept money from corporate PACs that have too much power in Washington already.”

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Maloney outrasies Hayworth in 1st quarter; Barnett files petitions too late

UPDATE: Maloney raised $470,000 and closed with almost $1.6 million in cash on hand. Both of their reports are now available on the FEC’s website.


Nan Hayworth and Sean Patrick Maloney might face each other in a primary for the Independence line, but it looks like Hayworth’s got the Republican line sewn up now.

Andre Barnett, a businessman and former soldier from Poughkeepsie, also filed for the GOP congressional line in New York’s 18th Congressional District — but his petitions got there on April 14, and they had to be there by April 11.

The Board of Elections will make the final determination at their meeting at the end of the month, but this certainly appears to be a prima facie defect that would disqualify his petitions.

Maloney, the incumbent Democrat, beat Hayworth for the seat in the 2012 elections. Hayworth is seeking to take the seat back.

Maloney and Hayworth also both made their first-quarter campaign finance filings Tuesday. Hayworth raised $281,822 and ended March with $662,582 in cash on hand, according to the Federal Elections Commission report. Maloney seems to have had a better quarter — he put out a press release saying he raised $470,000 during the same time. (As of this writing, Maloney’s report isn’t on the FEC website yet; the numbers are for Hayworth, but not the itemized contributions, so I can’t analyze them further at the moment.)

Also on Tuesday, political prognosticator Stu Rothenberg changed his assessment of the 18th from “Democrat Favored” to “Currently Safe for Democrats.”

“By the numbers, New York’s 18th District isn’t solid-blue Democratic territory,” he wrote. “But at this stage of the cycle, GOP optimism about defeating Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is very low. And that lack of enthusiasm could indicate that former Rep. Nan Hayworth, a Republican, won’t get much financial support from outside groups for the stretch run this fall.”

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Tenney, Hanna and one more file for GOP line in 22nd Congressional

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney will be challenging Rep. Richard Hanna and a third opponent for the Republican line in the 22nd Congressional District, according to state Board of Election filings.

Tenney, who currently represents the 101st Assembly district and is from New Hartford, filed 248 pages of signatures Friday to vie for the Republican line against Hanna, who’s from Barneveld.

Michael Kicinski, Sr., an unemployed electronics engineer from Earlville, also filed 155 pages of signatures to try to gain the Republican ballot line.

Hanna was first elected in 2010 into the 24th Congressional District, defeating Democrat Mike Arcuri. By 2012, redistricting turned it into the 22nd. He’s also filed to run in the Independence line.

Tenney’s 101st Assembly district nicks the borders of Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties and meanders northward through Delaware, Otsego, Herkimer and Oneida counties. She’s serving her second term in Albany and the seat is up for reelection this year.

Since state primaries will fall later than the Congressional dates, Tenney would still have enough time take a run for her seat in the 101st Assembly district if she lost against Hanna.

Tenney is a former owner and publisher of the Mid-York Weekly/Pennysaver, is the co-owner Mid-York Press Inc. and is an attorney. Before redistricting Tenney represented the 115th district that covered Oneida and Oswego couties.

Hanna went to Reed College in Portland, Oregon for Economics and Political Science then started Hanna Construction company.

Both Tenney and Kicinski have Tea Party ties.

The 22nd Congressional district is comprised of Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Oswego and Tioga counties.


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Maloney, Hayworth vie for Independence line

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and Republican challenger Nan Hayworth each filed petitions Thursday to seek the Independence Party ballot line, which means the two candidates will square off in a June 24 primary for that coveted voting column if Independence Party leaders allow both to run.

Maloney,  a Cold Spring Democrat who unseated Hayworth in 2012 in New York’s 18th congressional district, also submitted his Democratic and Working Families Party petitions by Thursday’s deadline; Hayworth gave the state Board of Elections her Republican and Conservative Party paperwork. No immediate objections have been filed.

Maloney’s campaign successfully challenged signatures on Hayworth’s Independence Party petition in court in 2012, costing her that ballot line. Neither candidate ran on it in the general election.

Hayworth had faced the possibility of a Republican primary in June with Andre Barnett, a Poughkeepsie Republican who filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission earlier this year to run for the 18th District seat. But he found no support about Republican committee members in the district and wound up not filing a petition by Thursday.

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Gibson campaign: We’ve filed 11,000 petitions

Rep. Chris Gibson has filed slightly more than 11,000 petition signatures to the State Board of Elections to qualify for the Republican, Conservative and Independence party ballot lines, his campaign announced Wednesday.

Gibson, R-Kinderhook, is looking to get reelected in the 19th Congressional District.

Gibson’s campaign says it’s submitted about 8,081 signatures of the Republican line, 1,009 for the Conservative line and 1,940 for the Independence line.

“Today’s strong showing demonstrates the breadth of support for our reelection efforts and my ability to unite voters across the political spectrum in our district and in Congress,” said Gibson in a release accompanying the announcement.

Gibson is facing off against Democrat Sean Eldridge, from Shokan, who’s campaign said earlier this week said it filed nearly 6,000 signatures for the Democratic ballot line.

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County readies documents for nursing home transfer

Ahead of today’s Orange County Legislature vote on transferring control of the county nursing home to an independent board, county officials have distributed to legislators a slew of documents connected to the transfer and the local development corporation that would be in charge of selling the facility.

The first is the resolution lawmakers are voting on this afternoon to cede control of the Valley View Center for Nursing Care and Rehabilitation. Officials also have given lawmakers an environmental assessment form declaring the transfer will have no adverse impact; and a certificate of incorporation and by-laws for the future LDC, assuming a majority agrees today to proceed.

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UPDATE: GOP delighted over Politco reporter failing to interview Eldridge

The state GOP is attacking Sean Eldridge over what they call a “scathing video” from Washington D.C. news outlet Politico where a reporter failed to score an interview with the Democratic hopeful.

The video, entitled “Chasing Sean Eldridge” is a conversation between reporter Alex Isenstadt and Politico Executive Editor Rick Burke. It basically lays out Isenstadt’s failed attempts to interview Eldridge. Isenstadt says he came up to the region looking to do a story on the closely watched race but wasn’t able to enter Eldridge’s campaign headquarters or his Kingston-based Hudson River Ventures office because the doors were locked.
Eldridge also declined to be interviewed, Isenstadt says, because “they didn’t like the direction of the story.”

The state GOP didn’t waste time on latching on to Politico video and spinning it into an attack ad.

“Politico’s exposé further demonstrates that Sean Eldridge is unfit to represent the people of the 19th Congressional District,” said NYGOP spokesman David Laska.

Eldridge, a 27-year-old investor, is looking to take on Republican Rep. Chris Gibson, R-Kinderhook, in the 19th Congressional District. He moved into Shokan in January 2013 with his husband and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, a point that Gibson’s campaign and GOP operatives have used to characterize Eldridge as a “carpetbagger.”

The race is one being eyed as competitive by political analysts who say Gibson has become more vulnerable since he was redistricted into the bluer areas of Ulster and Sullivan counties, though analysts say the district may still lean Republican.

UPDATE: After I wrote this, I emailed Eldridge’s spokesman to ask if we could meet for a reposnse. A few hours later I received a call from Eldridge, who invited me over to the campaign office on Fair Street here in Kingston.

In response to Politico’s video, Eldridge said “we’re not really concerned with a D.C.-based blog” and that he’s been “concerned with petitioning” over the last few weeks.

“We haven’t been focused on Politico,” Eldridge said.

Eldridge said that he’s given interviews to local media in the past and named WAMC, Jimmy Buff of Radio Woodstock, the Poughkeespie Journal and the Daily Freeman.

Also, in response to Isenstadt’s comment on being locked out, Eldridge said the doors are always locked to the campaign office.

Along with talking to people through petitioning, Eldirdge says he’s been doing “meet and greets” every week at the homes of people in the district and has shown up at some town board meetings, like in Hunter, to talk to people.

When asked about opening himself up to larger public forums, Eldridge mentioned a forum in January he did in Kingston that had about “150 people.”

Below, you’ll see the photographic evidence of out meetup.


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