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Faso calls for “incremental” health care reforms

Rep. John Faso repeated his call for “incremental, bipartisan reforms” to the health care system on Friday, following the latest and what appears to be final failure of congressional Republicans to achieve their seven-year quest to repeal and replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act. Faso, a Republican freshman whose district includes Ulster and Sullivan counties, [...]

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Maloney touts bill to combat tick-borne illnesses

Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and an upstate Republican colleague on Friday announced bipartisan legislation to help tackle Lyme disease and a growing array of other tick-borne illnesses by offering grants for programs that would help people identify the ticks that bit them and their risk of getting ill. Maloney and Rep. John Katko of [...]

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Faso: Kremlin meddled in election to “destabilize and divide” U.S.

Rep. John Faso issued an unequivocal condemnation of Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election on Tuesday, after joining colleagues from both parties in a nearly unanimous vote to tighten sanctions against Russia, as well as Iran and North Korea. “Vladimir Putin’s Russia is no ally of ours,” Faso, a Columbia County Republican whose district [...]

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Trade unions keep cash flowing to Neuhaus campaign

A Times Herald-Record story on Wednesday explored ways that some companies that do business with Orange County manage to send big sums to County Executive Steve Neuhaus’ campaign, in spite of a 2013 county law that is supposed to limit county contractors to $4,000 in contributions over a four-year period. But a class of donors [...]

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Faso doubts “Republican-only” health bill can pass (updated)

Rep. John Faso was quoted this week as saying he doubted Senate Republicans’ revived quest to repeal and replace Obamacare would succeed, quashing at least for now the New York-centered Medicaid provision he pushed that caused enormous friction with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other New York Democrats. ‘I don’t think a Republican-only approach can pass, [...]

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Petraeus set to speak at Republican fundraiser (updated x 2)

David Petraeus, the celebrated Army general who led coalition forces in Iraq and later served as CIA director under President Obama, is set to speak in Central Valley on Monday at an Orange County Republican Committee fundraiser, a return home for the Orange County native. Tickets to the three-hour event at the Falkirk Estate are [...]

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Neuhaus campaign account dwarfs challenger’s

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus has around $260,000 in his campaign account after raising $134,000 in the last six months, giving him vastly greater resources at the outset of his reelection bid than the Democrat who entered the race to challenge him six weeks ago. Democrat Pat Davis of Monroe filed his first campaign finance [...]

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Seward led Mid-Hudson state lawmakers in fundraising

State Sen. James Seward raked in almost $163,000 in campaign donations in the last six months, the largest fundraising haul by far among the totals reported Monday by the 11 state lawmakers representing pieces of Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties. Much of that money came from the usual deluge of checks from insurance companies and [...]

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Faso, Maloney cheer House passage of defense bill

Both Republican Rep. John Faso and Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney on Friday celebrated the House of Representatives passage of a military spending authorization bill, though not for the same reasons. Faso applauded the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act for increasing defense spending by 10 percent, to $696 billion; for providing $2.5 billion more for [...]

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Neuhaus and Davis file petitions for county executive race

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus and Democratic challenger Pat Davis filed their candidate petitions on Thursday, setting the stage for a contest this fall between a Republican who’s finishing his first term in office and a 35-year-old political newcomer who built a career in finance after serving two tours of duty in the Iraq War. [...]

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