Cornwall’s defense and Jay Bay lead easy Class A semifinal win (w/ video interviews)

MIDDLETOWN – Do you know what “D.O.D.” stands for?

That would be Defense or Die. It’s Cornwall’s motto on that side of the ball and the Green Dragons’ ‘D’ certainly isn’t playing any games this season.

Cornwall’s latest lights out performance on defense came on Friday night at Faller Field in a 47-7 win over New Paltz in the Section 9 Class A playoff semifinals at Faller Field.

Cornwall limited New Paltz to two first downs, the first came with 4:16 remaining, and the Huguenots didn’t score until sophomore quarterback Joe DiMarco reached the end zone on an 8-yard run with 42.5 seconds left. DiMarco filled in for starter Harrison Zraly, who sat out with an ankle injury, sustained last week in a loss to Port Jervis.

Cornwall held New Paltz to 84 yards of offense and defensive back Brenden O’Flaherty had two interceptions, including a pick six. Meanwhile, Cornwall quarterback Jason Bailey was lights out. Bailey completed 12-of-16 passes for 216 yards and three touchdowns, hitting Mike Reilly for two scores, and Tyler Peddie for another. A junior, Bailey rushed for two touchdowns, including a 69-yarder.

Here is what Cornwall linebacker John Roth said after the New Paltz win:

Up next? Jay Bay:

Cornwall, which led New Paltz 33-0 at halftime, has now outscored opponents 394-51 this season. The Green Dragons have not trailed since falling behind Marlboro 7-6 on Sept. 19. Cornwall won that game 20-7 and its first-team defense has allowed three touchdowns all year.

Cornwall (9-0) looks to win its fourth Class A title in a row and eighth in nine years when it meets Port Jervis for the championship at 7 p.m. Friday at Dietz Stadium in Kingston. Port Jervis defeated Cornwall’s rival, Wallkill, 20-14 in the other Class A semifinal on Friday. The Red Raiders will be playing in their first Section 9 championship in 10 years.

We all asked Cornwall offensive lineman Brad Prunier about how good this version of the Green Dragons is:

Stay tuned for much more on Cornwall vs. Port Jervis this week.

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Section 9 cross country meet results

All seven members of winning team and the other top five individual finishers in each class advance to the state public school championships on Nov. 9 at SUNY Canton. An asterisk indicates the individual qualifiers.

Class A girls
Scores and key: 1. Monroe-Woodbury (MW) 21 points; 2. Warwick (War) 63; 3. Valley Central (VC) 90; 4. Kingston (King) 133; 5. Pine Bush (PB) 144; 6. Washingtonville (Wash) 151; 7. Middletown (Mid) 182; 8. Minisink Valley (MV) 221; 9. F.D. Roosevelt (FDR) 238; 10. Newburgh Free Academy (NFA) 282.
Individual: 1. Kathryn Munks (MW) 17:53.87; 2. Kiersten Kral (MW) 18:06.44; 3. Jennie Prial* (War) 18:30.62; 4. Annie Kurdziel (MW) 18:38.18; 5. Jodi Collymore* (PB) 18:41.28; 6. Caryle Stella (MW) 18:38.18; 7. Heidi Cavalluzzo* (VC) 19:10.00; 8. Alina Kasparsons (MW) 19:12.88; 9. Julia Hoyt (MW) 19:15.41; 10. Brianna Lawless* (Wash) 19:18.44; 11. Lizbet Navarro* (Mid) 19:19.63; 12. Brigid Prial (War) 19:22.25; 13. Anna Derevensky (VC) 19:40.47; 14. Jessica Cueva-Scarpelli (MW) 19:43.84; 15. Danielle Bartolotta (War) 19:44.06; 16. Emily Cavanagh (War) 19:47.38; 17. Emma Schroh (War) 19:57.31; 18. Debbie Boerke (Wash) 19:58.41; 19. Jessica Savarese (War) 20:00.62; 20. Alyssa Villielm (King) 20:22.79. Also: 27. Giuliana Sadler (MV) 20:53.03; 35. Nadia Cathcart (FDR) 21:27.94; 38. Chaya James (NFA) 21:47.72.

Class B girls
Scores and key: 1. Cornwall (Cor) 15 points; 2. Goshen (Gosh) 76; 3. Monticello (Mont) 116; 4. New Paltz (NP) 117; 5. Wallkill (Wall) 127; 6. Red Hook (RH) 131; 7. Rondout Valley (RV) 142; 8. Marlboro (Marl) 196. Also: Saugerties (Saug) incomplete.
Individual: 1. Beatrice Boylan (Cor) 17:57.49; 2. Kaylah Quarshie* (PJ) 18:10.68; 3. Ashley Wallace (Cor) 18:11.18; 4. Brittany Fuller* (PJ) 18:26.55; 5. Dara Cuffe (Cor) 18:32.31; 6. Hannah Mellino (Cor) 18:43.84; 7. Zoe Scileppi (Cor) 18:55.78; 8. Angelique Atlas* (Gosh) 19:01.09; 9. Morgan Serkes* (Gosh) 19:29.71; 10. Camryn Johnson* (Mont) 19:36.81; 11. Abby Williams (Wall) 19:50.34; 12. Jordan Nagel (NP) 19:58.18; 13. Sydney Decker (Cor) 20:07.81; 14. Abby Munterich (Cor) 20:14.43; 15. Jocelyn Reyna (Wall) 20:18.49; 16. Eden Zickler (RV) 20:20.34; 17. Sheena Dwyer-McNulty (RH) 20:27.02; 18. Tessa Schaumberg (Gosh) 20:32.55; 19. Chloe Hanson (Saug) 20:40.90; 20. Sydney Johnson (Mont) 20:47.18. Also: 36. Bryanna Mazzella (Marl) 22:34.52.

Class C girls
Scores and key: 1. James I. O’Neill (JIO) 33 points; 2. Onteora (Ont) 65; 3. Tri-Valley (TV) 67; 4. Dover (Dov) 95; 5. Sullivan West (SW) 111; 6. John S. Burke Catholic (JSB) 166; 7. Rhinebeck (Rhb) 179. Also: Ellenville (Ell); Highland (High); Liberty (Lib); Millbrook (Mill); Spackenkill (Spac) incomplete.
Individual: 1. Sarah Rudge* (Ont) 19:24.43; 2. Autumn Jensen (JIO) 19:44.34; 3. Kelsey Dutton* (SW) 19:46.12; 4. Cameron Daddis (JIO) 19:59.28; 5. Sandra Alemany* (TV) 20:28.68; 6. Courtney Meyerer* (SW) 20:39.02; 7. Kaylan Dunham (JIO) 20:40.75; 8. Brittanny Pennell* (TV) 20:56.65; 9. Sara Decker (JIO) 21:04.14; 10. Emily Downs (Ont) 21:05.62; 11. Whitney Kaiser (JIO) 21:11.15; 12. Clara Flors-Reniniger (Ont) 21:25.93; 13. Natalie Tyce (JIO) 21:31.42; 14. Heaven Swan (Dov) 21:45.43; 15. Lindsay Demers (Dov) 21:49.15; 16. Autumn Bender (TV) 21:49.40; 17. Jeana Chun (Spac) 22:06.78; 18. Ashley Hillard (Ont) 22:13.30; 19. Katgerina Plescia (TV) 22:14.65; 20. Ashley Merlo (Dov) 22:23.68. Also: 22. Emily Angelillo (High) 22:32.75; 23. Daniela Mercado (Lib) 22:35.06; 25. Kara Shaughnessy (JSB) 22:57.68; 30. Julia Fesser (Rhb) 23:31.96; 32. Joanne Kaiser (JIO) 23:40.43; 41. Jennifer Sherry (Ell) 25:29.00; 43. Sandhya Selmon (Mill) 25:31.56.

Class D girls
Scores and key: 1. Eldred (Eld) 25 points; 2. S.S. Seward (Sew) 30. Also: John A. Coleman (JAC); Tuxedo (Tux) incomplete.
Individual: 1. Kayla Maas (Eld) 20:41.08; 2. Sarah Malzahn (Eld) 21:32.90; 3. Mikaella Verblaauw* (Sew) 21:45.15; 4. Breanna Kovatch* (Sew) 22:31.90; 5. SaraJane Drewett (Eld) 22:44.56; 6. Addelis Agosto* (Sew) 23:11.46; 7. Kelsey Collins (Eld) 23:49.21; 8. Mary Allen* (Sew) 24:10.90; 9. Anna Sophia Gray* (JAC) 25:21.61; 10. Megan Kelly (Sew) 25:33.87; 11. Missy VanSeggen (Eld) 26:58.72; 12. Kyla Dolan (Tux) 28:10.43; 13. Mariya Kurochitskaya (Sew) 29:11.11; 14. Jenaye Stephenson (Sew) 31:00.68.

Class A boys
Scores and key: 1. Warwick (War) 37 points; 2. Monroe-Woodbury (MW) 68; 3. Kingston (King) 69; 4. Pine Bush (PB) 128; 5. Washingtonville (Wash) 134; 6. F.D. Roosevelt (FDR) 160; 7. Minisink Valley (MV) 163; 8. Middletown (Mid) 232; 9. Newburgh Free Academy (NFA) 263 (won sixth-man tie-break); 10. Valley Central (VC) 263.
Individual: 1. Jack Jibb* (MW) 15:17.00; 2. Dan Peterson (War) 15:26.25; 3. Matt Adolph (War) 15:26.63; 4. Thorr Trowbridge* (King) 15:39.47; 5. Kevin Vinolas* (MV) 15:51.53; 6. Rastafari Morgan* (King) 15:56.32; 7. Chris Biondi* (PB) 16:01.53; 8. Garrett Burnett (FDR) 16:17.75; 9. Thomas Nafash (War) 16:23.03; 10. Wayne Williams (MW) 16:23.31; 11. Blake Dellabough (War) 16:23.72; 12. Nick Pacelli (War) 16:29.01; 13. Tanner Senius (War) 16:35.56; 14. Brandon Bogert (King) 16:41.85; 15. Jayson Hines (King) 16:42.28; 16. Christopher Urio (MW) 16:43.32; 17. David Soto (War) 16:44.62; 18. Brian Miranda-Gonzalez (MW) 16:49.43; 19. Mikey Carroll (Wash) 16:49.66; 20. Tom Quinn (Wash) 16:49.82. Also: 32. Dan Rechtorovic (VC) 17:28.31; 38. Grant Boud (NFA) 17:39.79; 42. Alex Depew (Mid) 17:50.18.

Class B boys
Scores and key: 1. Cornwall (Cor) 34 points; 2. New Paltz (NP) 52; 3. Port Jervis (PJ) 74; 4. Goshen (Gosh) 122; 5. Wallkill (Wall) 156; 6. Red Hook (RH) 167; 7. Rondout Valley (RV) 188; 8. Saugerties (Saug) 189; 9. Marlboro (Marl) 229; 10. Monticello (Mont) 263.
Individual: 1. Kobie Lane* (PJ) 15:29.75; 2. Aidan Doyle (Cor) 16:04.65; 3. Lorenzo Mazzuca* (NP) 16:15.93; 4. Lucas Reilly* (PJ) 16:29.06; 5. David Brubacher (Cor) 16:32.31; 6. Christian Scileppi (Cor) 16:35.43; 7. Caleb Heuvel-Horwitz* (RV) 16:35.84; 8. Eric Lawson* (NP) 16:38.30; 9. Denzel Vilsaint (PJ) 16:40.12; 10. Alex Vega (Cor) 16:40.65; 11. Francisco Rivera (Cor) 16:43.52; 12. Seamus Trezwik-Quinn (NP) 16:49.65; 13. James Boyd (NP) 17:16.30; 14. Daniel Bennett (Cor) 17:23.56; 15. Andy Lujan (Cor) 17:35.21; 16. Brandon Zapotoski (NP) 17:44.24; 17. Ethan Royce (RV) 17:45.09; 18. Jesse Chain (Gosh) 17:49.12; 19. Kevin Long (Gosh) 17:52.75; 20. Biko Skalla (Saug) 18:00.09. Also: 22. Jack Hobson (RH) 18:01.28; 24. Brendan Sutta (Wall) 18:04.72; 30. William Bernicker (Marl) 18:18.52; 35. Andrew Surerus (Mont) 18:31.18

Class C boys
Scores and key: 1. Mount Academy (MA) 33 points; 2. James I. O’Neill (JIO) 59; 3. Onteora (Ont) 82; 4. Dover (Dov) 94; 5. Tri-Valley (TV) 142; 6. Ellenville (Ell) 198; 7. Spackenkill (Spac) 214 (took seventh on six-man tie-break); 8. John S. Burke Catholic (JSB) 214; 9. Highland (High) 215; 10. Millbrook (Mill) 267. Also: Liberty (Lib), Rhinebeck (Rhb), Sullivan West (SW) incomplete.
Individual: 1. Keith Baird (MA) 15:43.79; 2. Liam Neary* (JIO) 16:09.41; 3. Miles Isenhour* (JIO) 16:11.18; 4. William Esposito* (Dov) 16:11.85; 5. Kevin McMorrow* (Dov) 16:16.03; 6. Daryl Blough (MA) 16:22.00; 7. Sidney Mommsen (MA) 16:38.15; 8. Baxter Wareham (MA) 16:43.84; 9. Kalo Talley* (Ont) 16:49.66; 10. Ian Kurzrock (TV) 16:57.50; 11. Brendan Baird (MA) 17:04.63; 12. Nelson Rodriguez (Ell) 17:04.82; 13. Jeremy Kipphut (MA) 17:13.66; 14. Brandon Vega (JIO) 17:24.56; 15. Dan Paparella (SW) 17:34.41; 16. Andy Meci (Ont) 17:39.00; 17. Danny Wang (Ont) 17:41.88; 18. Andrew Lee (Dov) 17:42.53; 19. Azuolas Compy (MA) 17:43.85; 20. Cameron Walton (JIO) 17:54.66. Also: 29. Chris Pikul (High) 18:35.72; 30. Patrick Gunn (JSB) 18:36.94; 32. Chris Estremera (Mill) 18:38.22; 33. Chris Cassano (Rhb) 18:44.46; 37. Joe Spranzman (Spac) 19:07.85; 61. Jordan Russo (Lib) 21:28.82.

Class D boys
Scores and key: 1. S.S. Seward (Sew) 20 points; 2. John A. Coleman Catholic (JAC) 55; 3. Livingston Manor (LM) 61. Also: Eldred (Eld), Tuxedo (Tux), Webutuck (Web) incomplete.
Individual: 1. David Powers* (Eld) 17:49.28; 2. Tom Heidcamp* (JAC) 18:35.53; 3. Andrew Hoke* (Web) 18:50.18; 4. Joe Butts* (Web) 19:02.35; 5. Zachary Cope* (Web) 19:04.28; 6. Josh Reyes (Sew) 19:28.15; 7. David Jeffers (Sew) 19:38.72; 8. John Shaughnessy (Sew) 19:43.62; 9. Jon Codi (Sew) 19:46.06; 10. Andrew Meier (Sew) 19:56.62; 11. Caleb Pawelski (Sew) 19:57.28; 12. Nate Juron (LM) 20:01.69; 13. Mike Glusko (Tux) 20:16.58; 14. Tiernan Corbett (JAC) 20:26.03; 15. Mason Banks (LM) 20:29.94; 16. Robert Andersen (Eld) 20:48.24; 17. Luke Cassar (Sew) 20:55.41; 18. John Davidson (JAC) 20:59.84; 19. Dillon Taggart (LM) 21:01.00; 20. Evan Madison (LM) 21:02.62.

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Section 9 boys’ soccer Class C/D all-stars; Carillo & Jeter honored

S.S. Seward defender Evan Fritsch (1) leaps to block a direct kick during a Section 9 Class C semifinal against Webutuck in Florida on Mon., Oct. 27, 2014. (Will Montgomery photo/Times Herald-Record)

The small-school boys’ soccer coaches from Section 9 voted on all-stars for Class C and D this year. The team members are listed below. Remember, these are separate from the Varsity845 all-stars, which will be released at some point in November.

There always seem to be a ton of typos on the lists I get like this…so if you have any corrections, send them my way.

First team

Ian Katomski, Rhinebeck, Sr., midfield

Andy Rosenzweig, Rhinebeck, Sr., midfield

Jack Gardiner, S.S. Seward, Fr., forward

LaShawn Thrasher, Webutuck, Sr., defender

Laurence Graziano, Rhinebeck, Sr., defender

Aiden McKibben, Rhinebeck, Sr., defender

Evan Fritsch, S.S. Seward, Sr., defender

Craig Smith, S.S. Seward, Sr., defender

Cris Reed, Webutuck, Jr., forward

Thomas Huleatt, Mount Academy, Fr., forward

Anthony Torres, Webutuck, Sr., midfielder

Second team

Sheldon Hofer, Mount Academy, Sr., GK

Joe Vasquez, John A. Coleman Catholic, forward

Zach Nilson, Tri-Valley, Sr., midfield

Carlos Figueroa, Tuxedo, Jr., midfield

Sebastian Schadt, Eldred, Soph., forward

David Mathis, Mount Academy, Sr., defender

Nathaniel Bender, Tri-Valley, Sr., defender

Jason Freeman, Chester, Sr., midfield

Zach Williams, Tuxedo, Sr., defender

Francesco Meredino, Eldred, Jr., midfield

Kyle Marco, Chester, Sr., defender

Longtime Pine Bush head coach Joe Carillo, who won more than 250 games in his 22-year varsity coaching career, will be inducted into the state Hall of Fame in a banquet at the Middletown Holiday Inn at 8 p.m. on Sat. Nov. 15. He served as a Pine Bush assistant this year.

For tickets, contact Section 9 soccer chairman Pete Ferguson or Tony Martelli or find them at one of the Section 9 soccer games over the next few weeks.

For an interview I did with Carillo back in 2012, follow this link.

In case you missed it, Monroe-Woodbury senior striker Bruce Jeter is the only local player heading to the boys’ All-American game, which will be played on Dec. 13 in Raleigh, N.C.

Check out more on that game at this link.

Jeter and the top-seeded Crusaders host No. 4 Washingtonville in a Section 9 Class AA semifinal at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

I am planning on catching No. 5 Cornwall at No. 1 Goshen in a Class A semifinal. Look for updates on Twitter: @THR_Montgomery.

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Don Clark named Jets’ Coach of the Week after big M-W win

Washingtonville’s Don Clark has been named Jets coach of the week after leading the Wizards to a historic win over Monroe-Woodbury last Friday.

Washingtonville hadn’t beaten the Crusaders since 1981, but put away the defending Section 9 Class AA champions 24-7. If the Jets had a player of the week award, it might have gone to Washingtonville quarterback Joe Tecklenburg, who rushed for 203 yards and two touchdowns in the Monroe-Woodbury win. The Jets’ coach of the week award is sponsored by Chase and the bank will donate $2,000 to the Washingtonville program.

Clark, who has been coaching for 24 years,  will be presented with a certificate, award ball and is invited to watch the Jets-Patriots game on Dec. 21 in Chase’s suite at MetLife Stadium. In its 19th year, the award is given to coaches in the tri-state area who serve the best interests of the game through the teaching of sound football fundamentals, the motivation of young players to achieve, and the promotion of youth football by way of dedication to their communities, their schools and their student-athletes.

Washingtonville (4-4) ends its season on at 7 p.m. Wednesday against visiting Middletown (5-3). The Wizards opened the season with a win against the Middies.

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Eldred cancels last football game of season beacuse of hazing allegations

Eldred’s football team will forfeit its last game of the season because of widespread and pervasive hazing by players, according to superintendent Robert Dufour.

The district became aware of the hazing allegations, including some that were sexual in nature, on Monday. Eldred immediately launched a probe into the misconduct, which revealed that over a three-week period some players pushed their genitals into the face of others while on school grounds.

Students were fully clothed during the incidents. Eldred, which was supposed to play a non-league game at Sussex Tech at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, finishes the year 2-7.

“Our school district’s highest priority is the safety and security of all of our students,” Dufour said. “While these acts did not result in any physical harm, they were not harmless in intent. Hazing is not acceptable, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely by the district. The Code of Conduct we have in place in our school district specifically prohibits hazing or any other act that dehumanizes or humiliates another individual.”

Eldred football coach Mike Hoover, in his second season, did not return a phone call seeking comment for this story.

Eldred’s alleged hazing incident is the second in Section 9 in less than two weeks.

Monroe-Woodbury canceled its remaining two jayvee football games of the season on Oct. 17 because of alleged bullying incidents in the form of racial slurs and homophobic comments made by players directed toward teammates. Monroe-Woodbury interim superintendent Elsie Rodriguez and the Town of Woodbury Police continue to investigate the alleged hazing.

Check back for more on the Eldred hazing incident on Wednesday on and

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This week’s Section 9 football schedule


Middletown at Washingtonville, 7 p.m.

Monticello at Saugerties, 3:30 p.m.
Ellenville at Roscoe, 4 p.m.
Kingston at Valley Central, 5 p.m.
Rondout Valley at O’Neill, 5 p.m.
Roosevelt at Pine Bush, 7 p.m.
Sullivan West at Chester, 7 p.m.

Liberty at Pine Plains, 7 p.m.
Section 9 Class A playoff semifinals
Cornwall-New Paltz, 7 p.m. at Faller Field, Middletown
Wallkill-Port Jervis, 7 p.m. at Dietz Stadium, Kingston

Class AA semifinals
Minisink Valley-Newburgh, 7 p.m. at Dietz
Monroe-Woodbury-Warwick, 7 p.m. at Faller

Class B semifinals
Marlboro-Dover, 3 p.m. at Faller
Burke Catholic-Highland, 3 p.m. at Dietz

Goshen at Red Hook, noon
Millbrook at Albertus Magnus, 1:30 p.m.
Eldred at Sussex Tech, 1:30 p.m.
Livingston Manor at Tri-Valley, 1:30 p.m.

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Section 9 soccer looking for heroes

–Here’s a story I hope to have in the paper sometime in the next few days…but just wanted to get the word out there now.–

Section 9 boys’ soccer chairman Pete Ferguson is looking to make the upcoming state tournament in Middletown a celebration of heroes.

Ferguson’s son-in-law, Warren Ralston, is an architect based in Virginia, where he’s been building homes for returning veterans on behalf of the Wounded Warriors Foundation. That work inspired Ralston and Ferguson to compete in the Tunnel to Towers 5k run in New York in September.

The Tunnel to Towers run was inspired by the story of first responder Stephen Siller, a New York firefighter who was killed in the Sept. 11 attack after he put on his gear and ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Center.

That experience sparked an idea for Ferguson, who has helped make the state soccer tournament a little bit better each year, for players and spectators alike, since it arrived in Middletown in 2010.

During the opening ceremonies of the state soccer tournament on Nov. 14, Ferguson is hoping to gather a group of local veterans, 9/11 first responders and police and firefighters. That group will walk out with the players during introductions and remain on hand for awards presentations throughout the weekend.

“What I’m trying to do, in our Saturday pregame for the semis, I’d like to have them walk onto the main field with the players and be recognized and be honored,” Ferguson said. “We’ll have a little gift for them and we’ll try to make it nice.”

If you would like to participate, or wish to nominate a local hero, please contact Ferguson via email:

Left to right: Ulster County Legislator Richard Gerentine, Warren Ralston and Pete Ferguson at the Tunnel to Towers 5k in New York on Sept. 28, 2014. (Photo provided).

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ICYMI: Valley Central earns first win over Warwick since 1988

The catch phrases during Valley Central’s practices this week were “26 years” and “beat the streak.”

They served as a source of motivation, a reminder of the last time Valley Central beat rival Warwick. The year was 1988. But Valley Central’s long and sometimes painful losing streak against Warwick is now over.

The Vikings scored the first two touchdowns of the game and held on for a 14-7 win over playoff-bound Warwick in a Section 9 Class AA Division II game on Saturday. Valley Central coach Ron Introini was a sophomore on Warwick’s jayvee team the last time the Vikings (3-5, 1-3 Class AA) had beaten the Wildcats 26 years ago.

Valley Central’s win served as the second longest streak buster of the weekend. Washingtonville defeated Monroe-Woodbury 24-7 in a non-league game on Friday for its first win over the Crusaders since 1981.

“When coach Introni told us that he was a sophomore at Warwick the last time we beat them, that put it all in perspective,” said Valley Central quarterback Kenny Gray, who threw for 363 yards. “That fired us up to come out and beat them. It was awesome to finally end the streak.”

Valley Central was coming off one of its toughest losses to Warwick (6-2, 2-2 Class AA) during the 26-year drought. Warwick defeated Valley Central, 26-20, last October on a 35-yard desperation touchdown pass as time expired on the clock from Brad Garcia to Chris Morgese. That play clinched the Class AA Division II regular-season championship for Warwick and eliminated Valley Central from the postseason.

Entering Saturday, Warwick had already clinched a spot in this year’s Class AA playoffs, and Valley Central was eliminated. The Wildcats take on Monroe-Woodbury in the Class AA semifinals at 7 p.m. on Saturday at Faller Field in Middletown.

“That loss from last year definitely motivated us, too,” Gray said. “For us, this is big because we beat them on their Homecoming, and end the streak.”

Valley Central took a 14-0 lead in the first half on a 73-yard touchdown from Gray to Donovan Murphy and a 2-yard rushing score by Jon Avila. Quarterback Brendan Bauer pulled Warwick to within 14-7 on a 6-yard touchdown run just before halftime.

“It feels real good to get this win,” Murphy said. “It’s a huge accomplishment for us. We wanted this win for the seniors and now we can put the streak behind us.”

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Mighty M-W looks to “re-focus” after loss to spirited Washingtonville

What’s up with Monroe-Woodbury?

That’s the question many are asking in Section 9 after Monroe-Woodbury’s shocking 24-7 non-league loss to Washingtonville on Friday.

What’s up with Monroe-Woodbury?

How about giving Washingtonville some credit!

You can make the case that Washingtonville (4-4) is a playoff-caliber team. The Wizards lost three Section 9 Class AA Division II games, to Roosevelt, Warwick and Minisink Valley, by an average of 4.6 points per game.

“The way we played against Monroe-Woodbury, we feel like we should be undefeated, or maybe have one loss,” Washingtonville punter/kicker Derek Deoul said. “We really played our hearts out. I think we just had a couple of bad breaks this year, but it still meant a lot to win that game.”

Washingtonville 24, Monroe-Woodbury 7 served as the Wizards’ first win over the mighty Crusaders since 1981. Former New England Patriots player personnel director Scott Pioli helped that Washingtonville team finish 10-0, defeating Port Jervis for the Orange County League title.

Now back to Monroe-Woodbury, the Class AA Division I regular-season champ. The Crusaders (6-2) are banged up. Star wide receiver/defensive back Jesse Kaffenberger has missed most of the season with a hamstring injury and is questionable for Saturday’s Section 9 Class AA playoff semifinal against Warwick at Faller Field in Middletown. Monroe-Woodbury’s best offensive lineman, center Brendan Doheny, could miss the Warwick game due to injury. He has sat out the Crusaders’ last two games.

Back-up running back Johnny Bauer sustained an ankle injury against Washingtonville and another prime time player, running back/linebacker Cole Gennett, has taken a beating all year – answering each shot. Even though Monroe-Woodbury beat rival Newburgh 27-21 during the regular-season, the Goldbacks enter the Class AA playoffs as the favorite.

“We weren’t focused for the Washingtonville game,” Gennett said. “We came in there thinking we were going to beat them because they weren’t in the playoffs. But they treated it like the Super Bowl and came out with a lot of heart. I’m surprised Washingtonville isn’t a playoff team.”

“Washingtonville deserved to win,” Monroe-Woodbury coach Bernie Connolly said. “They played better than we did. We need to re-focus. We got our butts kicked by Stepinac early in the year and we came back great against Minisink Valley. We just need to step up because now it’s the playoffs. It’s lose and go home.”

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Section 9 playoff football schedule

Class AA
Minisink Valley (7-1) vs. Newburgh (6-2), 7 p.m. at Dietz Stadium, Kingston
Monroe-Woodbury (6-2) vs. Warwick (6-2), 7 p.m. at Faller Field, Middletown

Class A
Cornwall (8-0) vs. New Paltz (4-4), 7 p.m. at Faller
Wallkill (6-2) vs. Port Jervis (5-3), 7 p.m. at Dietz

Class B
Marlboro (6-2) vs. Dover (4-4), 3 p.m. at Faller
Burke Catholic (7-1) vs. Highland (6-2), 3 p.m. at Dietz

Class AA
Nov. 8
Semifinal winners, 7 p.m. at Faller

Class A
Nov. 7
Semifinals winners, 7 p.m. at Dietz

Class B
Nov. 8
Semifinals winners, 7 p.m. at Dietz

Class C
Nov. 8
Sullivan West (8-0) vs. Millbrook (5-2), 3 p.m. at Dietz

Class D
Nov. 7
Chester (6-2) vs. Livingston Manor (5-3), 7 p.m. at Faller

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    Award-winning writer Sal Interdonato has been on the Army football beat since 2007. He'll take you inside the huddle and into the lives of the Black Knights. Read Full

    Kevin Gleason

    Award-winning columnist Kevin Gleason brings you his unique views on the world of sports. Read Full

    Justin Rodriguez

    Justin Rodriguez has covered high school sports in the 845 for over a decade. He offers interesting insight, opinions and features on his blog. Read Full

    Will Montgomery

    Will Montgomery covers boys' soccer, girls' basketball, boys' and girls' swimming and diving, boys' lacrosse and baseball (including the Hudson Valley Renegades) for and the Times Herald-Record. Prior to joining the TH-R in November ... Read Full
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