Quick thoughts: Pine Bush-Middletown hoops

Pine Bush coach Steve Distefano said his team didn’t play its best game of the seasson in a 69-62 win over Middletown Wednesday but the Bushmen will certainly take the victory.

Pine Bush became the first team since Kingston on Feb. 12, 2014 to beat Middletown on its home floor and stayed undefeated (12-0).

One Pine Bush fan held up a sign, “Splash Bros” with Brandon Powell’s No. 5 and Bryan Powell’s No. 24. The Powells scored 20 points each. Brandon Powell missed four minutes of the first quarter after receiving a cut on his nose from taking a charge.

“Winning is not easy,” Distefano said. “Winning is tough. You are going to come out with boo-boos like that. He (Brandon Powell) toughed it out tonight, stuck it out and helped up get the win.”

Bryan Powell and Mason Memmelaar punished Middletown on the glass converting second, third and fourth chances.

Pine Bush guard Marquis Johnson can get up. Johnson denied a Middletown fast break with a block and threw down a dunk off a putback in the second quarter.

Pine Bush, the defending OCIAA Division I champion, is now 3-0 in league and host Newburgh Free Academy (8-3, 2-1) Friday.

Pine Bush entered the game averaging 85 points. The Bushmen scored its most narrow win of the season. Pine Bush had defeated both John S. Burke Catholic and Albertus Magnus by 14 points each and blew out everyone else on its schedule.

Both teams struggled from distance, hitting just two 3-pointers each.

Middletown’s starting big men Jayden Nichols (15) and Bright Afful (14) combined for 29 points. Guard Marquis Gill led Middletown with 18 points but the Middies didn’t receive much production from the rest of its perimeter/wing players.

Afful scored eight straight points, including two straight 3-point play, in the fourth quarter to bring Middletown to within 60-54 but he fouled out on the next play with 2:43 left in the game.

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Updated Section 9 wrestling all-time wins list

Monroe-Woodbury senior 152-pounder Evan Barczak is five wins away from passing Jamie Franco for the all-time school wins records.

Barczak stands at 204 victories after the Eastern States Classic.

All-time (* — indicates active wrestler; n/a — not available)
Cody Ruggirello, Valley Central 275-20
Mike D’Amato Wallkill/Valley Central 214-43
Jamie Franco, Monroe-Woodbury 208-30
*Evan Barczak, Monroe-Woodbury 204-33 (29-2)
John Stramiello, Pine Bush 201-44
Mike Raccioppi, Minisink Valley 196-36
Ricky Scott, Valley Central 194-29
Taylor Laraia, Newburgh Free Academy 185-32
Darrell Ford, Minisink Valley 183-26
Vinny Vespa, Monroe-Woodbury 180-29
Shane Connolly, Warwick 180-36
John Gartiser, Monroe-Woodbury 176-21
Troy Bouzakis, Pine Bush 175-2
Mitch Wightman, Warwick 174-23
Kyle Diesel, Minisink Valley 173-43
Lou Ruggirello, Valley Central 171-9
Nick Rausenberger, Newburgh Free Academy 170-43
Ali Hasan, Valley Central 170-41
Pat Lloyd, Valley Central 169-33
Robert Bailey, Valley Central 168-44
*Tyler Lynch, Valley Central-Minisink Valley 164-33 (30-6)
*Ryan Ferro, Warwick 164-34 (18-0)
Tom Wightman, Warwick 163-40
Zac Mills, Wallkill 163-45
Trevor Nauta, Pine Bush 162-43
Jalen Palmer, Delaware Valley (Pa.) 162-43
Tyler Lawlor, Cornwall 162-69
Dave Edwards, Cornwall 161-36
Eric Biccum, Port Jervis 160-24
C.J. Palmer, Delaware Valley, Pa. 160-29
Chris Cartwright, Newburgh Free Academy 160-39
Gary Wolff, Monroe-Woodbury 158-35
Gary Fischbein, Monroe-Woodbury 152-11
Paul Paquin, Cornwall 152-11
Jeff Lewis, Valley Central 152-11-1
Joe Kennedy, Delaware Valley, Pa. 152-11
Phil Mansueto, Middletown 149-15
Nick Sebesta, Wallkill 149-64
A.J. Aeberli, Warwick-Minisink Valley, 148-19
Lou Ruggirello Jr., Valley Central 147-16
T.J. Kreider, Cornwall 147-25
Nick McShea, Monroe-Woodbury 146-25
Colin Casey, Washingtonville 146-50
Matt Doolittle, Middletown 145-39
Kyle Fried, Monticello/Monroe-Woodbury 144-22
Mike Mitchell, Cornwall 144-31
Matt Wagner, Delaware Valley, Pa. 144-37
Andy Franco, Monroe-Woodbury 144-38
Austin Ingraham, Highland 142-42
Steve Burger, Wallkill 142-60
Eric Januszkiewicz, New Paltz 141-28
Luke Roth, Cornwall 141-32
Seth Stauble, Kingston 141-41
James Brain, Minisink Valley 140-45
*Mike Fekishazy, Wallkill 139-30 (27-2)
Bobby Gingras, Valley Central 139-43
George Butwell, Newburgh Free Academy 139-46
Greg Giambrone, Onteora 138-18
Josh Potter, Minisink Valley 138-28
Steve Duscharme, Red Hook 138-n/a
Deon Edmond, Kingston 137-30
Scott Prutzman, Valley Central 137-33
Mike McGrath, Kingston 137-36
Dave Sullivan, Delaware Valley, Pa. 136-28
Steven Butler, Port Jervis 135-16
Jason Peck, Valley Central 135-32
Quinn Zsido, Cornwall 136-33
Cory Lempka, Minisink Valley 135-35
Sean Bauer, Valley Central 135-44
Gerard Daly, Minisink Valley 134-19
Phil Szumlaski, Newburgh Free Academy 134-22
Mike Vespa, Monroe-Woodbury 134-25
Mike Santalla, Warwick 133-21
Kyle Piaquadio, Newburgh Free Academy 133-50
Paul Sommer, Rondout Valley 133-52
Shad Rissler, Washingtonville 133-53
Collin Dimler, Rondout Valley 133-54
Jason Jones, Port Jervis 132-21
Damani Burns, Newburgh Free Academy 132-33
Dave Mills, Wallkill 132-47
Dan DeCarlo, Port Jervis 131-25
Kevin Lawrence, Newburgh Free Academy 131-32
Terry Madden, Pine Bush 131-41
Ross Hansen, Minisink Valley 130-33
Kaare Stokdal, Kingston 130-35
Adam Penberthy, Delaware Valley, Pa. 129-13
Issac Serrano, Newburgh Free Academy 129-41
Peter Behnke, Highland 129-34
Andy Digsby, Wallkill 128-47
Martin Strenk, Delaware Valley (Pa.) 128-48
Ross Potter, Minisink Valley 128-67
Mike Castro, Washingtonville 127-21
Marcus Spearman, Newburgh Free Academy 127-37
Shawn Wiley, Pine Bush 127-54
Andrew Greenlaw, Warwick 127-60
Rocco Mansueto, Middletown 126-5
Jeff Duque, Valley Central 126-14
Mike Bucci, Red Hook 126-16
Max O’Meara, Red Hook 126-30
Kyle Wierzbicki, Warwick 126-37
Tim Hendershot, Minisink Valley 126-40
George Pullman, New Paltz 125-20
Alex Kaufmann, Port Jervis 125-21
*Andrew Davis, Wallkill 125-29 (28-5)
David Blaine, Cornwall 125-50
Keith Pickell, Ellenville 124-18
Kevin Kelly, Monroe-Woodbury 124-27
Jesse Day, Delaware Valley, Pa. 124-32
Rob Flores, Port Jervis 124-38
Austin Weigel, Onteora 123-22
Spencer Casey, Washingtonville 123-34
*Ian Houck, Rondout Valley 123-42 (16-5)
Mark Milisci, Washingtonville 123-42
Jordan Robles, Pine Bush 123-65
Ed Bordas, Valley Central 122-25
Matt Rauch, Red Hook 122-29
Darren Mima, Kingston 122-34
Lance Dolson, Valley Central 122-38
Jarred Greiner, Minisink Valley 122-39
Chris Truglio, Minisink Valley 122-41
Willis Freeman, Kingston/Nyack 121-22
Joe Wilson, Monroe-Woodbury 121-23
Marc Wagner, Delaware Valley, Pa. 121-62
Trevor Gale, Onteora 120-31
A.J. Voelker, Monroe-Woodbury 120-39
Kyle McGuire, Newburgh Free Academy 120-53
Frank Colletta, Delaware Valley, Pa. 119-15
Kevin Morgans, Liberty 119-30
Sean Taft, Minisink Valley 119-35
Jeremiah Biddle, Minisink Valley 119-38
Jack Fagan, Delaware Valley (Pa.) 119-57
Travis Edwards, Port Jervis 119-60
*Noah Curreri, Eldred 118-25 (20-2)
*Marco Vespa, Monroe-Woodbury 118-29 (25-5)
*Ryan Ellefsen, Goshen 118-30 (27-2)
Terrence Cheeks, Newburgh Free Academy 118-31
Nic Smith, Valley Central 118-39
Tom Sands, Newburgh Free Academy 118-61
Brad Giambrone, Onteora 118-n/a
Rich Parete, Rondout Valley 117-16
Keith Corley, Valley Central 117-23
Justin Signorelli, Highland 117-23
*Dillon Ross, Onteora 117-34 (19-6)
Jason Nauta, Pine Bush 116-17
John Hodes, Rondout Valley 116-18
Ray Ford, Onteora 116-n/a
Dan Kennedy, Delaware Valley, Pa. 116-n/a
Drew Bloss, Cornwall 115-20
Dylan Booth, Port Jervis 115-25
Chris Bell, Minisink Valley 115-25
Aaron DePoala, Saugerties 115-25
J.D. Zitone, Port Jervis 115-25
Jimmy Dollaway, Valley Central 115-30
Tyler Blasko, Wallkill 115-40
Dan Garland, Middletown 115-n/a
Sean Floor, Port Jervis 114-24
*Brandon Bobe, Washingtonville 114-28  (23-1)
Brian Benson, Valley Central 114-33
Chris Sweeney, Cornwall 114-42
Walt Henry, Pine Bush 113-26
Dustin Mackenzie, Onteora 113-28
John Moriarty, Port Jervis 113-39
Jared Rosado, Middletown 113-42
Sal Mazzella, Highland 113-57
Mike Mormile, Monroe-Woodbury 112-8
Anthony Ng, Monticello 112-24
Ryan Pullman, New Paltz 112-27
Rich Mann, Cornwall 112-28
Chet Cochrane, Onteora 112-32
Bryan Welsh, Minisink Valley 112-40
Dennis Bermudez, Saugerties 111-26
James Harris, Saugerties 111-30
Jon Andriac, Port Jervis 111-31
Josh Jones, Port Jervis 111-32
Joe Gartiser, Monroe-Woodbury 110-26
Joe Pistone, Middletown 110-30
Bryan Frain, Middletown 110-35
Pat Lempka, Minisink Valley 110-44
Pedro Rosales, Middletown 110-44
Pat Griffin, Valley Central 109-17
Dave Colabella, Monroe-Woodbury 109-22
Frank Carrozza, Delaware Valley, Pa. 108-32
R.J. Seabeck, Port Jervis 109-33
Brendan Byrne, Minisink Valley 109-39
Omar Acevedo, Middletown 109-44
Aaron Moore, Newburgh Free Academy 109-47
Brian Bucci, Saugerties 109-48 (33-2)
Trent Costello, Kingston 109-54
Rodrigo Nagle, Onteora 109-n/a
Ethan Stanley, Saugerties 108-21
*Connor Greiner, Minisink Valley 108-23
Eric Thayer, Ellenville 108-25
Adam Schaaf, Saugerties 108-27
Mike Vicchiariello, Port Jervis 108-27
Casey Todd, Monroe-Woodbury 108-28
Mark Kaufmann, Port Jervis 108-29
Louis Berger, Pine Bush 108-37
Rob Scklalor, Monroe-Woodbury 108-40
Ricky Treu, Red Hook 108-43
Blaze Chatham, Newburgh Free Academy 108-46
Johnny Bastone, Newburgh Free Academy 108-53
Taylor Benson, Red Hook 107-27
Dylan Ronk, Goshen 107-28
Jeremy Nauta, Pine Bush 107-31
Connor Leavell, Warwick 107-32
Donnie Van Buren, Onteora 107-33
Andrew Ewanciw, Minisink Valley 107-46
Alec Guevara, Wallkill 107-55
Mike Masci, Goshen 107-n/a
Marcus Sullivan, Delaware Valley, Pa. 107-n/a
Corey James, Kingston 106-25
Brandon Mascaro, Wallkill 106-28
Jordan Tiberio, Red Hook 106-35
Bryan Mongiello, Washingtonville 106-42
Kerry Boughton, Kingston 106-43
Brad Bonner, Wallkill 106-53 (26-6)
Andre Castro, Kingston 106-55
Liam Street, Kingston 106-56
Tim Ferrante, New Paltz 106-n/a
Scott Proscia, Port Jervis 105-19
Steve Fischbein, Monroe-Woodbury 105-22
Joe Zippilli, Washingtonville 105-28
Henry Marley, Kingston 105-32
Justin Diesel, Minisink Valley 105-36
Ian Morse, Rondout Valley 105-53
Kevin Navarra, Cornwall 105-54
Lance Golubinski, Goshen 105-58
Joe Humphrey, Middletown 104-15 (43-5)
Steve Valastro, Valley Central 104-19
C.J. Goldizen, Onteora 104-19
Al Mann, Cornwall 104-21
Marcus Hutchins, Monticello 104-22
Matt Parlier, Port Jervis 104-27
Pete Hottum, Onteora 104-29
Paul Rauch, Red Hook 104-30
Andrew Natalizio, Minisink Valley 104-32
Logan Losito, Wallkill 104-40
Nick Matthews, Kingston 104-41
Glenn Waller, Cornwall 104-55
Hank Conklin, Delaware Valley, Pa. 104-n/a
Joe Sahl, Valley Central 103-16
Tim Cornish, Minisink Valley-Liberty 103-20
*Kendall Elfstrum, Monroe-Woodbury 103-21
Mike Feliciano, Highland 103-31
Keith Perry, Wallkill 103-38
Don Exner, Ellenville 102-23
Steve Cuff, Newburgh Free Academy 102-27
Richard Dennison, Minisink Valley 102-34
Sam Weinger, Washingtonville 102-35
Oscar Lainez, Middletown 102-40 (32-5)
Luke Amrhein, Valley Central 102-42
Isaiah Gutierrez-Vera, Middletown 102-49
Tom Letizia, Monroe-Woodbury 101-43
Joe Petit, Rondout Valley 101-17
Chris Cuccolo, Pine Bush 101-18
Jon Haber, Delaware Valley, Pa. 101-24
Ken Stalter, Ellenville 101-26
Mike Rechtorovic, Valley Central 101-27
Maxx Stratton, Rondout Valley 101-32
P.J. Smoot, Monroe-Woodbury 101-39
Vinny Brugaletta, Monticello 101-40
Brian Wiley, Pine Bush 101-40
Mike Kikendall, Monticello 101-42
Ryan Black, Washingtonville 101-49
Mark Smith, Rondout Valley 101-n/a
Todd Williams, Minisink Valley 100-15
Earl Lynch, Monroe-Woodbury 100-22
Glen Ferrier, Minisink Valley 100-30
Mike Penner, Monroe-Woodbury 100-31
John Foley, Port Jervis 100-34
Chris Sullivan, Delaware Valley, Pa. 100-41
Nick Wolff, Monroe-Woodbury 100-45
Joe Gaynor, Pine Bush 100-48
Pat Sause, Pine Bush 100-60
Rob Pagan, Middletown 100-n/a

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Most of Tuesday high school action is postponed

Tuesday’s inclement weather and forecast for freezing rain has led to the postponement of most of tonight’s high school varsity action.

Alpine skiing
Monticello, Rondout Valley, Kingston, Onteora, Liberty, Fallsburg/Tri-Valley, Sullivan West in giant slalom at Holiday Mountain, CCD.
Monroe-Woodbury, Warwick, Cornwall, Goshen, O’Neill in slalom at Mount Peter, 4:30 p.m.
Boys basketball
Millbrook at Pine Plains, 5:45 p.m.
Poughkeepsie at Red Hook, 6:30 p.m.
Coleman Catholic at Webutuck, PPD. to Jan. 26
Rondout Valley at Highland, PPD. to Feb. 9
Ellenville at Spackenkill, PPD. to Feb. 1
Rhinebeck at Onteora, PPD. to Feb. 1
Sullivan West at Tuxedo, PPD. to Feb. 6
Livingston Manor at Eldred, PPD. to Thursday
Chapel Field at Tri-Valley, CCD.
Wallkill at Saugerties, CCD.
New Paltz at Marlboro, CCD.
Kingston at Monroe-Woodbury, CCD.
Boys swimming
Valley Central, Rondout Valley at Kingston, CCD.
Washingtonville at Poughkeepsie, CCD.
Girls basketball
Roscoe at Seward, PPD. to Jan. 30
Saugerties at Wallkill, PPD. to Wednesday
Marlboro at New Paltz, CCD.
Highland at Rondout Valley, PPD. to Feb. 9
Pine Plains at Millbrook, 5:45 p.m.
Spackenkill at Ellenville, PPD. to Jan. 30
Onteora at Sullivan West, CCD.
Middletown at Pine Bush, 6:30 p.m.
Warwick at Minisink Valley, 6:30 p.m.
Monticello at Port Jervis, PPD. to Friday
Chester at Burke Catholic, 6:30 p.m.
Newburgh at Kingston, CCD.
Washingtonville at Valley Central, 7 p.m.
Goshen at Cornwall, 7 p.m.
O’Neill at Liberty, PPD. to Feb. 1
Girls gymnastics
Wallkill at Roosevelt, 4:30 p.m.

Ice hockey
Army at American International, 7 p.m.
Men’s basketball
SUNY Oswego at SUNY New Paltz, 5:30 p.m.
SUNY Orange at SUNY Sullivan, 7 p.m.
Farmingdale State at Mount Saint Mary, 8 p.m.
Women’s basketball
SUNY Orange at SUNY Sullivan, 5 p.m.
Saint Joseph’s Brooklyn at Mount Saint Mary, 6 p.m.
SUNY Oswego at SUNY New Paltz, 7:30 p.m.

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Eastern States Classic finals results

Evan Barczak pushed undefeated and top seed Peter Pappas of Plainview Old Bethpage to the limit in their 152-pound Eastern States Classic final.

The match between two of New York’s best went into the sudden-victory period tied at 1-1 before Pappas scored a takedown with 14 seconds left to pull out the win.

Barczak said he will use the setback as motivation to work harder in practice in preparation for the state tournaments and another shot at Pappas.

“You can look at it in one of two ways,” Monroe-Woodbury coach John Gartiser said. “You can look at as, ‘Hey, I need to figure out where I need to get better.’ Usually you learn more from your losses. Or you can be upset about it and put your head down and things can go downhill real quick when you think like that. You just have to have the right mindset and move forward.”

Mike Fekishazy became the fourth Wallkill wrestler to advance to an Eastern States Classic final. The senior did not lock up with nationally-ranked Louie Deprez opting to take a medical forfeit. Fekishazy was noticeably limping when he named was announced with all of the finalists.

Eastern States Classic

(at SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake)
99 pounds: Brandon Nunez (John Bowne) d. Terry Adams (Monsignor Farrell) 10-2
 Zach Redding (Eastport-South Manor) d. Dylan Ryder (Half Hollow Hills West) 2-1, sudden victory

113: Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton) d. Trey Laflamme (South Jefferson-Sandy Creek) 3-1
120: Jakob Camacho (Danbury, Conn.) d. Orion Anderson (Schuylerville) 5-4
126: Jon Gomez (Locust Valley) d. Justin Vines (Wantagh) 9-2
132: Jacori Teemer (Long Beach) pin Matt Swanson (Lynbrook) 1:39
138: Vito Arujau (Syosset) d. Jake Silverstein (Hauppauge) 3-1
145: Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield) d. Matt Grippi (Fox Lane) 3-1
152: Peter Pappas (Plainview Old Bethpage JFK) d. Evan Barczak (Monroe-Woodbury) 3-1.

160: Grant Cuomo (Brewster) d. Noah Grover (Warsaw) 5-0
170: Tyler Barnes (Ballston Spa) d. Jordan Wallace (New Rochelle) 12-5
182: Louie Deprez (Hilton) won by forfeit over Mike Fekishazy (Wallkill)
195: Elijah Rodriguez (Long Beach) d. Tanner Zagarino (Mattituck) 8-6

220: Damien Caffrey (John Glenn) d. Terron Robinson (Walt Whitman) 7-6

285: Vincenzo Pelusi (LaSalle Collegiate, Pa.) d. Garrett Zobel (LaSalle Collegiate, Pa.) 3-2.
Champion of Champions: Jakob Camacho, Danbury, Conn.

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Eastern States Classic semifinal results: Barczak, Fekishazy reach finals

Monroe-Woodbury senior Evan Barczak broke a 1-1 tie on a takedown with 53 seconds left and added three back points to defeat John Jay Cross River’s Connor Melbourne 6-1 in the Eastern States Classic 152-pound semifinals.

Barczak, who earned the 204th win of his career, appeared to have Melbourne pinned as seconds ticked off the clock in the third period. He will meet Plainview Old Bethpage JFK’s Peter Pappas, a two-time state finalist, for the 152-pound championship.

Barczak avenged a loss to Melbourne for fifth place in the state last season.

Wallkill’s Mike Fekishazy advanced to his first Eastern States Classic final in dramatic fashion.

Fekishazy, a senior 182-pounder, scored a takedown with 18 seconds left in the sudden-victory period to earn a 3-1 win over John Jay Cross River’s Evan Frank. He was a split second away from being taken down by Frank. Fekishazy kept his body moving and was able to pull out the victory.

Next up for Fekishazy is Hilton’s Louie Deprez, ranked No. 2 in the country.

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Eastern States Classic quarterfinal results

Monroe-Woodbury senior 152-pound Evan Barczak recorded his second pin of the tournament, dropping Johnson City’s Onolan Rigal 2:47.

Barczak will meet John Jay Cross River’s Connor Melbourne in the semifinals.

Wallkill senior Mike Fekishazy, the second seed, advanced to the 182-pound semifinals with a 11-5 win over Cardozo’s Simon Chee.

Goshen senior 220-pounder Ryan Ellefsen was defeated by John Glenn’s Damien Caffrey 9-3. It was Ellefsen’s first loss of the season.

Eastern States Classic

(at SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake)
106 pounds: Zach Redding (Eastport-South Manor) d. Greg Fischer (Newburgh Free Academy) 5-2

113: Anthony Sciotto (Rocky Point) d. Marco Vespa (Monroe-Woodbury) 6-4, sudden victory.

132: Dane Heberlein (Alexander) pin Anthony Sountis (Monroe-Woodbury) 1:23.

152: Evan Barczak (Monroe-Woodbury) pin Anolan Rigal (Johnson City) 2:47.

182: Mike Fekishazy (Wallkill) d. Simon Chee (Cardozo) 11-5; Louie Deprez (Hilton) tech. fall Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley) 23-8, 5:45.

220: Damien Caffrey (John Glenn) d. Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen) 9-3

285: Jake Warren (Burnt Hills) d. Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley) 7-2.

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Eastern States Classic first-day results

Wallkill’s Mike Fekishazy and Goshen’s Ryan Ellefsen, both second seeds, are among the eight Section 9 wrestlers alive in the draw of the Eastern States Classic and competing in quarterfinals Saturday.

Here’s a look at the quarterfinal matchups:

106 pounds: Greg Fischer (Newburgh Free Academy) vs. Zach Redding (Eastport-South Manor)
113: Marco Vespa (Monroe-Woodbury) vs. Anthony Sciotto (Rocky Point)
132: Anthony Sountis (Monroe-Woodbury) vs. Dane Heberlein (Alexander)
152: Evan Barczak (Monroe-Woodbury) vs. Anolan Rigal (Johnson City)
182: Mike Fekishazy (Wallkill) vs. Simon Chee (Cardozo)
182: Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley) vs. Louie Duprez (Hilton)
220: Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen) vs. Damien Caffrey (John Glenn)
285: Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley) vs. Jake Warren (Burnt Hills)

The following Section 9 wrestlers are still alive in the wrestlebacks: Monroe-Woodbury’s Dylan Earl (106); Wallkill’s Avery Ellison (113); Minisink Valley’s Tyler Lynch (113); Valley Central’s Matt Romano (113);  Wallkill’s James Faison (120); Wallkill’s Andrew Davis (126); Monroe-Woodbury’s Tom Fini (145); Warwick’s Lucas Wightman (152); Minisink Valley’s Timmy Ganuncio (160); Eldred’s Noah Curreri (160); Newburgh Free Academy’s Maxx DeCapua (170); Middletown’s Adonis Morano (170); Valley Central’s Mark Ohanian (170); Middletown’s Julius Oquendo (195); Monroe-Woodbury’s Samson Perez (220); Cornwall’s John Cassidy (195); Middletown’s Norris Gipson (285).

Here are complete first-day results for Section 9 wrestlers:

Eastern States Classic
(at SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake)
Round of 16
106 pounds: Greg Fischer (Newburgh Free Academy) d. Antoine Grace (Queensbury) 3-1; Ryan Jack (Danbury, Conn.) d. Dylan Earl (Monroe-Woodbury) 10-3.

113 pounds: Marco Vespa (Monroe-Woodbury) pin Max Kropman (Penfield) 1:18; Anthony Sciotto (Rocky Point) d. Tyler Lynch (Minisink Valley) 7-6.

132: Anthony Sountis (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Carmine Vergari (Mattituck) 12-2.

138: Derek Osman (Vestal) d. Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley) 3-1.

145: Ty Rifanburg (Norwich) d. Tom Fini (Monroe-Woodbury) 5-0

152: Peter Pappas (Plainview Old Bethpage JFK) d. Dillon Ross (Onteora) 17-7; Evan Barczak (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Aaron Wolk (Horace Greeley) 12-1; Anthony Laniewski (Niskayuna) d. Lucas Wightman (Warwick) 1-0; Connor Melbourne (John Jay Cross River) d. Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) 9-3.

160: Grant Cuomo (Brewster) pin Tim Ganuncio (Minisink Valley) 5:45; Issac Matthews (Roy C. Ketcham) d. Noah Curreri (Eldred) 7-5, sudden victory.

170: Tyler Barnes (Ballston Spa) d. Mark Ohanian (Valley Central) 5-3, sudden victory; Shawn Mosca (Carle Place-Wheatley) tech. fall Maxx DeCapua (Newburgh Free Academy) 15-0, 4:27; Darrin Simons (Farmingdale) pin Jason Butler (Port Jervis) 1:23; Jordan Wallace (New Rochelle) d. Adonis Morano (Middletown) 9-2.

182: Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley) d. Matt Cicco (Niagara Wheatfield) 3-1; Mike Fekishazy (Wallkill) d. Joe Andreessen (Lancaster) 10-6.

195: Joe Benedict (South Jefferson-Sandy Creek) pin Samson Perez (Monroe-Woodbury) 3:44; Connor Breit (Nanuet) d. Andrew Covais (Minisink Valley) 8-4; Tanner Zagarino (Mattituck) pin John Goodell (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) :41.

220: Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen) pin Andrew Marquis (Danbury, Conn.) 1:57; Mason Mastrangelo (Lancaster) d. Horace Duke (Middletown) 7-1.

285: Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley) d. Ryan Flaitz (Victor) 3-1.

Round of 32
99 pounds: Ivan Garcia (Port Chester) pin Nick Picariello (Minisink Valley) 3:53; Josiah Encarnacion (Wantagh) pin Christian Prokosch (Cornwall) 1:16; C.J. McMonegal (North Rockland) d. Justin Morales (Middletown) 4-0.

106: Joe Becker (Lynbrook) d. Kevin Urena (Pine Bush) 9-2; Mikey Squires (Norwich) d. Hunter Brown (Warwick) 12-0; Dylan Earl (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Logan Sciotto (Rocky Point) 16-4; Greg Fischer (Newburgh Free Academy) pin John Boccardo (Chaminade) 1:04; Brandon Mercado (Bellmore-JFK) d. Ryan Burgos (Monroe-Woodbury) 5-4.

113: Marco Vespa (Monroe-Woodbury) pin Brandon DiDomenico (Lakeland-Panas) 1:09; Max Kropman (Penfield) d. Matt Romano (Valley Central) 4-3; Tyler Lynch (Minisink Valley) pin Ben Leblanc (Danbury, Conn) 1:17; Trey Laflamme (South Jefferson-Sandy Creek) d. Avery Ellison (Wallkill) 4-0.

120: Cahal Donovan (Phoenix) pin James Faison (Wallkill) 4:00; Luke Bokina (Mattituck) d. Chris Bouton (Kingston) 6-1; Orion Anderson (Schuylerville) tech. fall Derrick Magsamen (Pine Bush) 22-7, 4:01.

126: Amir Johnson (Petrides) d. Chris Massaro (New Paltz) 6-2; C.J. Walz (Central Valley Academy) d. Nate Ross (Onteora) 16-4; John Luke Destefano (Poly Prep) pin Andrew Davis (Wallkill) 3:53; Kyle Fields (Danbury, Conn.) pin Najee Shackleford (Monticello) :57; Mike Killard (Wantagh) d. Rob Satriano (Valley Central) 9-2; Danny Mauriello (Hauppauge) d. Cameron Wernicki (Monroe-Woodbury) 5-1; Justin Vines (Wantagh) pin Thomas Maddox (Washingtonville) 1:35.

132: Tanner Lapiene (Ogdensburg) d. Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) 4-0; Warren Mcdougald (Niagara Wheatfield) d. Vinny Vetrano (Minisink Valley) 3-1; Chris Gomez (Patchogue-Medford) d. Brad Bonner (Wallkill) 7-0; Anthony Sountis (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Nick Franco (Plainview Old Bethpage JFK) 9-2.

138: Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley) d. Conner Spellburg (Hadley Luzerne-Lake George) 12-0; T.J. Philpotts (Holland Patent-Saquoit Valley) d. Louis Libutti (Monroe-Woodbury) 12-4.

145: Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield) pin Justyn Kelly (Monticello) 1:41; Tom Fini (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Nick Robbins (Queensbury) 5-2; Connor Day (Iroquois) d. Shaun Burgos (Pine Bush) 13-1; Lucas Pincus (Hewlett) pin Zach Chartrand (Onteora) 1:43; Jonah Cavallo (Jamesville-Dewitt-CBS) pin Brandon Bobe (Washingtonville) 2:16.

152: Dillon Ross (Onteora) d. Joe DiForte (Petrides) 5-2; Zack Brown (Penfield) tech. fall Nijee Noble (Kingston) 19-4; Evan Barczak (Monroe-Woodbury) pin Mike Minnici (Plainedge) 5:55; Lucas Wightman (Warwick) pin Josh Rauch (Fox Lane) 4:58; Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) d. Cole Rifanburg (Norwich) 5-4.

160: Timmy Ganuncio (Minisink Valley) d. Nick Munsch (Commack) 6-4; Kyle Jasenski (Albany Academy) d. Owen Daly (Pine Bush) 12-2; Noah Curreri (Eldred) tech. fall Phillipe Jeannoute (Farmingdale) 16-1, 5:07.

170: Mark Ohanian (Valley Central) pin Brandon Devino (Long Beach) 3:21; Anthony Malfitano (Pearl River) pin Demetrius Moore (Minisink Valley) 2:57; Jacob Smeader (Hamburg) pin Tajh Ali (Middletown) 2:00; Maxx DeCapua (Newburgh Free Academy) pin Serjay Thomas (Eagle Academy) 1:20; Jason Butler (Port Jervis) d. Tim Collins (Penfield) 4-2; Adonis Morano (Middletown) pin Mike Hayes (Peru) 1:52.

182: Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley) d. Rich Dailey (Hauppauge) 3-1; McCaffery Carroll (Copenhagen-Beaver River) d. Ben Cuppett (New Paltz) 4-2; Dillon Knoll (Hamburg) d. Henricus Van Heemstede Obelt (Washingtonville) 15-4; Tyreek Bromley (Long Beach) d. Will Leonard (Cornwall) 13-5; Mike Fekishazy (Wallkill) pin Thomas Bachmeier (Bethpage) 2:18.

195: Samson Perez (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Tom Kearns (Goshen) 10-9; John Goodell (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) pin Alex Ludewig (Bethpage) 4:33; Johnny Santos (Fox Lane) pin Julius Oquendo (Middletown) 5:38; Kyle Davis (Beacon) d. John Cassidy (Cornwall) 6-2; Jack Rosen (Farmingdale) d. Billy Kras (Wallkill 2:24.

220: Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen) pin Jacob Weyrauch (Shenendehowa) :36.

285: Jacquez Poole (Arlington) pin Norris Gipson (Middletown) 1:32; Lucas Sanders (Glens Falls) pin Austin Taylor (Warwick) 4:51; Bim Gecaj (John Jay Cross River) pin Will McCartney (Newburgh Free Academy) 3:13; Matt Smith (Ballston Spa) pin Owen Astigarraga (Cornwall) :44.

Round of 64
113 pounds: Tyler Lynch (Minisink Valley) pin Owen Harvey (Union Endicott) 2:30.

120: Tony Negron (North Bablyon) d. Brandon Delarosa (Newburgh Free Academy) 10-3; Matt Garcia (Springfield, Mass.) d. Sean Savacool (Minisink Valley) 5-2; Dan Steinmann (MacArthur) d. Patrick Owens (Monticello) 7-5; Eric Brach (Bellmore-JFK) d. Tommy Askey (Pine Bush) 6-4; David Berkovich (Poly Prep) d. Joey McGinty (Monroe-Woodbury) 9-0; Chris Bouton (Kingston) d. Charles Maier (Wantagh) 5-3; Ray Costa (Cold Spring Harbor) d. Carson Sauschuck (Port Jervis) 13-4.

126: Chris Massaro (New Paltz) d. Quincy Downes (Fox Lane) 9-1; Rob Satriano (Valley Central) d. Tyler Kellison (Jamesville Dewitt-CBA) 16-5; Cameron Wernicki (Monroe-Woodbury) pin Hunter Simoes (Yonkers) 1:13; Luca Errico (Byram Hills) pin Nick Albornoz (Minisink Valley) 1:46; Kyle Althen (Mepham) pin Nick Florin (Pine Bush) 4:16.

132: Louis Cree (John Jay Cross River) tech. fall Tyler Matos (Middletown) 15-0

138: Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley) tech. fall Jordan Paul (Penfield) 17-2, 4:11.

145: Tom Fini (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Jacob Nolan (Saranac) 8-6; Phil Spadafora (Half Hollow Hills East) pin Steve Gazzillo (Cornwall) 1:45; Tanner Cook (Central Valley Academy) pin Mike Kubik (Goshen) 1:09; Ross Mcfarland (Phoenix) d. Tyler Serafini (Newburgh Free Academy) 11-2; Brandon Bobe (Washingtonville) d. Antonio Brito (Metropolitan Campus) 12-3.

170: Demetrius Moore (Minisink Valley) d. Feras Zedeia (Bryant) 2-1.

Third-round wrestlebacks
113: Avery Ellison (W) won by forfeit over Max Kropman (Penfield); Tyler Lynch (Minisink Valley) d. Mike Muldoon (Mahopac) 15-7; Matt Romano (Valley Central) d. Christian Hansen (Cold Spring Harbor) 5-2.

120: Dylan Ebanks (Xavier) d. Chris Bouton (Kingston) 11-2; James Faison (Wallkill) d. Tony Negron (North Babylon) 6-3.

126: Andrew Davis (Wallkill) d. Jake Dewolf (Niagara Wheatfield) 2-1; Matt Killard (Wantagh) pin Nick Albornoz (Minisink Valley) 2:08.

132: Jacob Vergein (Iroquois) d. Vinny Vetrano (Minisink Valley) 7-4.

138: Colin Hogan (Peru) d. Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley) 8-6.

145: Tom Fini (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Cody York (Hadley Luzerne-Lake George) 7-5.

152: Garrett Gibbons (Massapequa) pin Dillon Ross (Onteora) 3:05; Lucas Wightman (Warwick) d. Parker Brooks (Shenendehowa) 1-0; John Paul Petretti (Shoreman) d. Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) 4-1.

160: Timmy Ganuncio (Minisink Valley) d. Paul Belluci (Pawling) 10-4; Noah Curreri (Eldred) d. Dylan Zabbara (Rocky Point) 5-3.

170: Mark Ohanian (Valley Central) d. Brennan Slater (Norwich) 6-3; Jacob Ferreira (Horace Greeley) pin Jason Butler (Port Jervis) 4:43; Adonis Morano (Middletown) pin Matt Kuhlmann (Pawling) 4:18; Maxx DeCapua (Newburgh Free Academy) pin Garrett Evans (Holland Patent-Saquoit Valley) 3:00

Second-round wrestlebacks
99 pounds: Brock Delsignore (South Glens Falls) d. Nick Picariello (Minisink Valley) 10-3; Jordan Titus (Center Moriches) d. Christian Prokosch (Cornwall) 10-1; Justin Amendola (Rocky Point) d. Justin Morales (Middletown) 6-4.

106: Dylan Earl (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Johnny DeConno (Burnt Hills) 8-1; Joe Becker (Lynbook) d. Ryan Burgos (Monroe-Woodbury) 5-4.

113: Avery Ellison (Wallkill) d. Kevin Velez (Petrides) 10-6; Matt Romano (VC) pin Brandon DiDomenico (Lakeland-Panas) 1:57

120: Ray Costa (Cold Spring Harbor) d. Derrick Magsamen (Pine Bush) 10-4; Chris Bouton (Kingst0n) d. Sean Savacool (Minisink Valley) 6-4; James Faison (Wallkill) d. Tyler Albis (John Jay-East Fishkill) 6-4; David Berkovich (Poly Prep) tech. fall Tommy Askey (Pine Bush) 16-0, 2:25; Eric Brach (Bellmore-JFK) d. Joey McGinty (Monroe-Woodbury) 2-1.

126: Garrett Bauer (Jamesville-Dewitt-CBA) won by forfeit over Cameron Wernicki (Monroe-Woodbury); Kevin Romano (Walt Whitman) d. Rob Satriano (Valley Central) 6-4; Andrew Davis (Wallkill) d. Mahari Miller (Springfield, Mass.) 7-3; Nick Albornoz (Minisink Valley) d. Robert Forlano (Burnt Hills) 9-2; Connor Kievman (Wyoming Seminary, Pa.) pin Chris Massaro (New Paltz) 1:42.

132: Nathan Murphy (Warsaw) d. Brad Bonner (Wallkill) 6-5; Vetrano (Minisink Valley) d. Shaun Williams (Danbury, Conn.) 4-3.

138: Pablo Ogata (Framingham, Mass.) d. Louis Libutti (Monroe-Woodbury) 11-2.

145: Cody York (Hadley Luzerne-Lake George) d. Steve Gazzillo (Cornwall) 6-4; Gianno Silba (Newark Valley) tech. fall Mike Kubik (Goshen) 18-0, 3:52; Austin Abacherli (Southington, Conn.) d. Shaun Burgos (Pine Bush) 13-5.

152: John Carl Petretti (Shoreham) d. Nijee Noble (Kingston) 5-2.

160: James Langan (Wantagh) d. Owen Daly (Pine Bush) 11-1.

170: Jacob Ferriera (Horace Greeley) pin Tajh Ali (Middletown) 1:53; Garrett Evans (Holland Patent-Saquoit Valley) d. Demetrius Moore (Minisink Valley) 3-1.

182: Tyreek Bromley (Long Beach) d. Ben Cuppett (New Paltz) 8-5.

285: Norris Gipson (Middletown) d. David Runge (Niagara Wheatfield) 8-3; Kyle Fitzgerald (South Lewis) pin Will McCartney (Newburgh Free Academy) 1:33.

First-round wrestlebacks
99 pounds: Nick Picariello (Minisink Valley) pin Caleb Brick (Southington, Conn.) 1:48; Christian Prokosch (Cornwall) pin Dante Rigal (Johnson City) 3:00; Justin Morales (Middletown) pin Victor Tavarez (Amityville) 1:46.

106: Anthony Dibartolo (Hauppauge) d. Hunter Brown (Warwick) 10-7.

113: Avery Ellison (Wallkill) d. Braven Mendez (Port Chester) 7-0.

120: Derrick Magsamen (Pine Bush) pin Sam Marji (Yonkers) 4:46; Ray Costa (Cod Spring Harbor) pin Brandon Delarosa (Newburgh Free Academy) 2:47; Chris Bouton (Kingston) d. Jack Molloy (Mepham) 3-0; Sean Savacool (Minisink Valley) won by forfeit over Carson Dobozy (Peru); James Faison (Wallkill) d. Patrick Owens (Monticello) 5-0; Tommy Askey (Pine Bush) d. Matias Rivera (Fox Lane) 5-1; Joey McGinty (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Sam Goldberg (Syoset) 4-2; Joe Simons (Farmingdale) pin Carson Sauschuck (Port Jervis) 3:39.

126: Bryan Romero (North Babylon) d. Nick Florin (Pine Bush 12-8; Garrett Bauer (Jamesville-Dewitt-CBA) pin Thomas Maddox (Washingtonville) 4:47; Cameron Wernicki (M-W) d. Dylan Martinsen (Long Beach) 6-4; Rob Satriano (Valley Central) pin Mark Marasco (Southside) 4:35; Nathan Ferriera (Horace Greeley) d. Najee Shackleford (Monticello) 11-3; Andrew Davis (Wallkill) pin Hunter Simoes (Yonkers) :56; Robert Forlano (Burnt Hills) pin Nate Ross (Onteora) 2:58; Nick Albornoz (Minisink Valley) d. Connor Paige (Hudson Falls) 5-1; Chris Massaro (New Paltz) d. Austin Merwin (Walton-Delhi) 11-4.

132: Brad Bonner (Wallkill) d. Tyler Matos (Middletown) 8-4; Vinny Vetrano (Minisink Valley) d. Matt Piers (LaSalle Collegiate, Pa.) 14-0; Kyle Sams (Putnam Valley-Haldane) d. Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) 2-1.

138: Louis Libutti (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Jordan Paul (Penfield) 7-5.

145: Zarek Thomas (Albany Academy) won by forfeit over Brandon Bobe (Washingtonville); Nick Herringshaw (Holland Patent-Saquoit Valley) pin Zach Chartrand (Onteora) 3:00; Steve Gazzillo (Cornwall) d. Tabor Van Valkenberg (Walton-Delhi)  4-0; Mike Kubik (Goshen) d. Eddie Wagner (Chaminade) 9-4; Shaun Burgos (Pine Bush) d. Tyler Serafini (Newburgh Free Academy) 5-4; Patrick Briody (Locust Valley) pin Justyn Kelly (Monticello) 1:38.

182: Ben Cuppett (New Paltz) d. Jake Constantine (Danbury, Conn.) 3-2; Noah Rogers (Eastport-South Manor) pin Henricus Van Heemstede Obelt (Washingtonville) 4:42; Zach Zebrowski (Albany Academy) d. Will Leonard (Cornwall) 4-0.

195: Jack Rosen (Farmingdale) pin Tom Kearns (Goshen) 3:44; Julius Oquendo (Middletown) pin John Goodell (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 4:31; John Cassidy (Cornwall) won by forfeit over Andrew Covais (Minisink Valley); Samson Perez (Monroe-Woodbury) d. Billy Kras (Wallkill) 7-2.

220: Mark Rivera (Long Beach) pin Horace Duke (Middletown) :36

285: Matt Smith (Ballston Spa) pin Owen Astigarraga (Cornwall) 4:58.

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PODCAST: Eastern States Classic

Warwick’s Ryan Ferro and Hilton’s Yianni Diakomihalis may not be wrestling but there’s still plenty of storylines at the Eastern States Classic this weekend at SUNY Sullivan.

Can Syosset’s Vito Arujau win his fourth Eastern States Classic title and tie Valley Central graduate Cody Ruggirello?

Will we see a rematch of the state 220-pound final with Goshen’s Ryan Ellefsen and Walt Whitman’s Terron Robinson?

Can Wallkill’s Mike Fekishazy continue his undefeated run at 182 pounds?

A solid 24-plus minutes of breakdowns and predictions of the Eastern States Classic with wrestling guru/photographer Josh Conklin and yours truly.



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Eastern States Classic seeding

Goshen’s Ryan Ellefsen could meet Walt Whitman’s Terron Robinson in a rematch of the 2016 state final if the seeds hold at the Eastern States Classic this weekend.

Ellefsen is the No. 2 seed at 220 pounds. Robinson, the 2016 state champion, is the top seed.

Ellefsen, who will wrestle at Division I Clarion, is ranked 15th in the country at 220 pounds by Intermat. Robinson is 14th. Ellefsen (21-0) has 16 pins and 16 contested matches. Robinson (17-0) has 12 pins this season.

Warwick senior 160-pounder Ryan Ferro, a returning state champion, has been scratched from the tournament due to injury. Link: here.


Wallkill senior Mike Fekishazy is the second seed at 182 pounds. Fekishazy has defeated John Jay-Cross River’s Evan Frank, the third seed, and Mattituck’s James Hoeg, the fifth seed, this season.

Eldred senior Noah Curreri is seeded third at 160 pounds. Monroe-Woodbury’s Vinny Vespa (113 pounds) and Evan Barczak (152) are seeded fourth at their respective weight classes.

Eastern States Classic top seed and Section 9 seeds

99 pounds: 1. Brandon Nunez (John Bowne); 20. Justin Morales (Middletown); 21. Christian Prokosch (Cornwall); 24. Nick Picariello (Minisink Valley)

106: 1. Dylan Ryder (Half Hollow Hills West);  5. Dylan Earl (Monroe-Woodbury); 10. Greg Fischer (Newburgh Free Academy); 15. Ryan Burgos (Monroe-Woodbury); 19. Kevin Urena (Pine Bush); 20. Hunter Brown (Warwick).

113: 1. Greg Diakomihalis (Hilton); 4. Marco Vespa (Monroe-Woodbury); 12. Tyler Lynch (Minisink Valley); 23. Matt Romano (Valley Central).

120: 1. Adam Busiello (Eastport-South Manor); 28. James Faison (Wallkill); 21. Pat Owens (Monticello)

126: 1. Jon Gomez (Locust Valley); 20. Rob Satriano (Valley Central); 21. Andrew Davis (Wallkill); 22. Cameron Wernicki (Monroe-Woodbury); 24. Chris Massaro (New Paltz); 25. Nate Ross (Onteora).

132: 1. Jacori Teemer (Long Beach); 17. Ian Houck (Rondout Valley); 20. Brad Bonner (Wallkill); 21. Vinny Vetrano (Minisink Valley).

138: 1. Vito Arujau (Syosset); 9. Dom Vetrano (Minisink Valley).

145: 1. Frankie Gissendanner (Penfield); 18. Brandon Bobe (Washingtonville)

152: 1. Peter Pappas (Plainview Old Bethpage JFK); 4. Evan Barczak (Monroe-Woodbury); 16. Dillon Ross (Onteora); 18. Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook); 22. Nijee Noble (Kingston); 25. Lucas Wightman (Warwick)

160: 1. Grant Cuomo (Brewster); 3. Noah Curreri (Eldred); 17. Tim Ganuncio (Minisink Valley)

170: 1. Jason Hoffman (Hadley Luzerne-Lake George); 18. Adonis Morano (Middletown); 20. Maxx DeCapua (Newburgh Free Academy); 22. Mark Ohanian (Valley Central).

182: 1. Louie Deprez (Hilton); 2. Mike Fekishazy (Wallkill); 8. Joey Yanis (Minisink Valley); 12. Ben Cuppett (New Paltz); 19. Henricus Van Heemstede Obelt (Washingtonville).

195: 1. Joe Benedict (South Jefferson-Sandy Creek); 13. Andrew Covais (Minisink Valley); 15. Samson Perez (Monroe-Woodbury); 16. Billy Kras (Wallkill); 17. John Goodell (Eldred-Lberty-Sullivan West); 18. Tom Kearns (Goshen).

220: 1. Terron Robinson (Walt Whitman); 2. Ryan Ellefsen (Goshen); 14. Horace Duke (Middletown); 15. Scyler Phillips (Port Jervis); 17. Andrew Slagle (Minisink Valley).

285: 1. Jake Warren (Burnt Hills); 8. Andrew Fenner (Minisink Valley); 16. Norris Gipson (Middletown).

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Ferro to miss Eastern States Classic

Warwick senior Ryan Ferro, the state’s top 160-pound wrestler, will not compete at the Eastern States Classic this weekend due to an injury.

Warwick coach Phil Szumlaski said Ferro, a returning state champion, was injured at the Shoreline tournament last weekend.

“He tweaked something at the Shoreline,” Szumlaski said. “It’s no big deal. He could have five to seven matches this weekend. The state tournament is our priority.”

Ferro, who is 19-0 this season, wrestled Tuesday against Minisink Valley, defeating Tim Ganuncio 9-2. Szumlaski said Ferro will be back on the mat against Valley Central Wednesday (Jan. 18).

With Ferro out of the Eastern States, Brewster’s Grant Cuomo is the top seed at 160. Ferro pinned Cuomo in the second period of the Shoreline final.

Eldred senior 160-pounder Noah Curreri, a returning state medalist, is the third seed.

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