NFA girls’ basketball is Chillin’ 4 Charity

Remember the Harlem Shake? Well, the latest viral video craze is all for a good cause.

The Newburgh Free Academy girls’ basketball team recently made a Chillin’ 4 Charity video. Check it out in the player above.

University of Arizona head coach Niya Butts got the ball rolling when she challenged her Pac 12 counterparts to the challenge, in which coaches and players get dumped with ice water and the results captured on video. It’s all to support the Kay Yow Foundation, which raises money for breast cancer awareness. Yow, the Hall of Fame head coach from North Carolina State, passed away in 2009.

The way it works is that a coach who has already been soaked will challenge another coach. If the challenged coach accepts, the challenging coach donates $50 and the freshly-soaked coach will challenge someone else. If the challenged coach declines, they’re “obligated” to donate $250 instead.

For more on the Chillin’ 4 Charity story, follow this link.

Newburgh Free Academy head coach Rich Desiderio was challenged by Ossining’s Dan Ricci. Desiderio has responded by challenging Cornwall’s Chris Miller and Goshen’s Gus Lawson. Will they rise to the challenge?

If you’d like to check out some other Chillin’ 4 Charity videos, check out this list on YouTube.

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All-State baseball team for 2014 announced

The annual All-State baseball team was announced by the New York State Sportswriters Association on Wednesday.

Class AA

Second team

John Cain, LHP, Pine Bush, Sr.

Third team

James Karinchak, RF/RHP, Valley Central, Sr.

Fourth team

Pat Dorrian, SS, Kingston, Sr.

Fifth team

Evan Lieberman, RHP, Pine Bush, Sr.

Sixth team

Charlie Todd, 1B, Warwick, Sr.

D.J. Mendenhall, P, Warwick, Sr.

Seventh team

Kashaun Curry, P, Middletown, Jr.

Class A

First team

Joe Pillitteri, RHP/1B, Wallkill, Sr.

Fourth team

Sean Puleo, OF, Wallkill, Sr.

Fifth team

Austin Hekking, OF, New Paltz, Sr.

Sixth team

Nick Klumack, 1B/3B, Cornwall, Sr.

Class B

First team

Justin Etts, SS/CF/P, Spackenkill, Sr.

Second team

Billy Winnis, C/2B/P, Spackenkill, Sr.

Kory Hutchins, SS/P, Rhinebeck, Sr.

Third team

Kevin Crill, SS/P, James I. O’Neill, Sr.

Fourth team

Ben Jenkins, 1B/P, Spackenkill, Sr.

Fifth team

Nick Hoynes, 1B/CF/P, Rhinebeck, Sr.

Seventh team

Pat Pierce, 1B/P, Sullivan West, Sr.

Class C

First team

Ryan Cabrera, SS/P, Chester, Sr.

Second team

Jake Kinley, CF/P, S.S. Seward, Sr.

Third team

Alex Brown, P, Tri-Valley, Sr.

Fourth team

Chris Wittekind, 1B/P, Chester, Sr.

Fifth team

Joe Pillmeier, P, S.S. Seward, Sr.

Sixth team

Kyle Marco, Util., Chester, Jr.

Seventh team

Colin Marco, C/P, Chester, Fr.

Class D

First team

Bray Curreri, SS/P, Eldred, Sr.

Jim LaValle P/1B, John A. Coleman Catholic, Sr.

Second team

Nate Gray, 2B, John A. Coleman Catholic, Sr.

Dylan Taggart, C/P, Livingston Manor, Jr.

Third team

Doug Terrone, CF, John A. Coleman Catholic, Sr.

Kevin Davis, LF, John A. Coleman Catholic, Sr.

Fourth team

Jake Halter, IF/RF, Eldred, Jr.

All-State certificates are available from Perry Novak. The cost is $5 for one, $4 extra for a second and $3 per certificate each after that. Make checks payable to NYSSCOGS and send to Novak at 3350 Rt 28, Herkimer, NY 13350. Perry’s email is if you have questions.

Update: If you’re looking for the full All-State teams, click on over to the NYSSWA website here.

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Middletown-Newburgh-Poughkeepsie area ranked among top 50 swim cities

A recent study by USA Swimming named the Middletown-Newburgh-Poughkeepsie metro area as one of the top 50 swim cities in the nation. Our area ranked 46th on the list, which took the number of active swimmers and clubs, the amount of accessible pools and the volume of top-level swimmers from an area into account.

Ann Arbor, Michigan was ranked No. 1 in the study. For the full list, click here.

The Hudson Valley was the top-ranked area in New York State. Rochester placed 49th on the list.

For more details on the study, follow this link.

That’s a credit to all the young swimmers locally registered with clubs as well as the high school swimmers who go off to college.

The girls’ swim and dive season is just around the corner. Newburgh Free Academy hosts the Hudson Valley Kickoff Classic on Sept. 6.

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Section 9 boys’ lacrosse All-Division All-Stars: 2014

Here are the All-Division boys’ lacrosse All-Stars for the 2014 season. These teams are voted on by the Section 9 head coaches.

Division I


Billy Bacon, Pine Bush, Sr.

Will Lewis, Middletown, Sr.

Ryan Fischer, Monroe-Woodbury, Sr.

Sean Degnan, Monroe-Woodbury, Jr.


Josh Aviles, Middletown, Sr.

Adam Sawitsky, Pine Bush, Sr.

Tommy Friedman, Monroe-Woodbury, Sr.

Brian Loughlin, Kingston, Sr.


Joey Schof, Pine Bush, Sr.

Face-off Midfield

Max Krug, Pine Bush, Sr.

Long Stick Midfield

Josh Hernandez, Middletown, Sr.

Defensive Midfield

Francisco Moreno, Middletown, Sr.


Aiden Gaffney, Monroe-Woodbury, Jr.

Robert Dean, Middletown, Jr.

Nick Pesola, Pine Bush, Soph.

Suhayl Latif, Middletown, Sr.

Division II


Aaron Ackerman, Warwick, Jr.

Nick Maurer, Warwick, Jr.

Joe Sessa, Minisink Valley, Jr.

Brad Howell, Valley Central, Jr.

Brett Jennings, Valley Central, Soph.


Nick Daigle, Warwick, Jr.

David Malota, Warwick, Jr.

Hunter Cocks, Valley Central, Jr.

Luke Hanson, Minisink Valley, Soph.


Evan Floreck, Warwick, Sr.

Face-off Midfield

Harley Rogers, Warwick, Sr.

Long Stick Midfield

Brendan Shust, Valley Central, Soph.

Defensive Midfield

Nick Puglisi, Minisink Valley, Sr.


Nick Russo, Valley Central, Jr.

Alex Bonanno, Valley Central, Sr.

Connor Filipowski, Warwick, Soph.

Joe Rice, Warwick, Jr.

Division III


James Pedersen, Saugerties, Sr.

Ryan Donovan, Cornwall, Sr.

Thomas Holloway, Highland, Jr.

Mark Colella, Goshen, Fr.


Darius Edwards, Saugerties, Jr.

Pat Havey, Cornwall, Sr.

Brandon Fienco, Cornwall, Sr.

Chris Schlappich, Highland, Soph.


Mitch Lindenbaum, Saugerties, Jr.

Face-off Midfield

Kyle Quinn, Saugerties, Jr.

Long Stick Midfield

Jesse DeTeresa, Cornwall, Sr.

Defensive Midfield

Nick Slate, Saugerties, Soph.


Kyle Quinn, Saugerties, Jr.

Rob Cologero, Saugerties, Jr.

Jason Chlus, Highland, Fr.

Mike Lesoine, Roosevelt, Jr.

Division IV


Rory Shoemaker, Millbrook, Sr.

Dan Finkbeiner, Rondout Valley, Jr.

Nick Michitsch, Red Hook, Soph.

Ryan Waters, James I. O’Neill, Jr.


Nolan Dalton, Red Hook, Jr.

Gabe Carbone, Rondout Valley, Jr.

Sean Whalen, Rondout Valley, Sr.

Roan Gideon, Rhinebeck, Sr.


Conor O’Donnell, Millbrook, Jr.

Face-off Midfield

Angus Wolfe, Rondout Valley, Jr.

Long Stick Midfield

Jean Luc Ludwig, Rondout Valley, Soph.

Defensive Midfield

Keith Malak, Rondout Valley, Sr.


Alex Tocco, Rondout Valley, Jr.

Teddy Ross, Red Hook, Sr.

James Johnson, James I. O’Neill, Sr.

Connor McDonald, John S. Burke Catholic, Sr.

The Varsity845 All-Stars appeared in the paper over the weekend. Here are the links.

Player of the Year: Minisink Valley’s Joe Sessa

Coach of the Year: Warwick’s Graig McElroy

Varsity845 First and Second team All-Stars

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Local coaches sound off on the World Cup

United States soccer fans react at Three Lions sports bar in Denver on Thursday, June 26, 2014, as they watch Germany score a goal against the U.S. in a Brazil 2014 World Cup match. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

I’m putting together a piece for Wednesday’s paper about the U.S. Men’s National Team and their run to – at least – the round of 16 at this year’s World Cup. I got some feedback from local coaches for the story, but some of it applies to Tuesday’s game against Belgium (4 p.m., ESPN). I wanted to get this out there now before it’s old news…

Let me know what you think on Twitter: @THR_Montgomery.

Monroe-Woodbury head coach Pat Bulla:

“The Americans have to create more chances. They’re playing a 4-2-3-1 which morphs into a 4-4-1-1 and they are the lowest in attacks on goal. They had 72 attacks.”

Q: I asked Bulla if he thought losing Jozy Altidore to injury was a big reason for the lack of chances and if the U.S. would improve significantly if Altidore plays on Tuesday.

“Let’s see how that hamstring works out. It’s one of the most difficult injuries to mend that quickly. Unless they’ve got themselves a great PT staff that can get him back in the action…it had to be bad for Jozy not to get in the last game. Hamstring injuries are not necessarily quick to mend. It can take longer. If he tells them he can go and the training staff says yes, I think they’ll try to get him out there as much as they can. They need to attack more and one way in which they can do that is alter that formation and get him back in the game if they can.”

Ellenville head coach Max Mead:

“I think the players are starting to believe a little bit in the whole system. This was supposed to be a little bit more of a preparation for the younger guys to get ready for the next World Cup and now people are thinking we can make another little run. Even people are saying that they’re not that overly impressed with Argentina, who we could see if we win tomorrow. It’s amazing how a week and everyone’s opinions have changed pretty drastically, from not making it out of the group to now possibly beating Argentina and going to the Final Four.”

On Sunday’s two games…

“The boring game was supposed to be the Greece-Costa Rica game. That game was awesome. You had a red card, they (Costa Rica) had to play over an hour a man down and they still held on and it went to penalty kicks and everyone’s making them. This is one of the highest-scoring World Cups in recent history. It’s a perfect storm for the U.S. The games are on at Noon and 4 and it’s a perfect time for people.”

“In baseball, if it’s a 1-0 game it’s a pitcher’s battle and it’s an amazing game, but in soccer, if it’s a 1-0, 0-0 game, that’s just boring. It’s all how people want to look at it. People who want to hate on soccer, most of the guys who say, oh, 0-0, that’s stupid, that’s boring, there’s a really good chance they’re a football guy.”

“I still say we’ll win a World Cup in my lifetime.”

Washingtonville head coach Jack Carillo:

Q: I asked Carillo about what he thought of some of Jurgen Klinsmann’s moves, such as leaving Landon Donovan off the roster and talking about how winning the World Cup is “unrealistic” for the U.S. at this time…

“Yeah, hard work does pay off, but if you’re not taking the right talent and don’t have the right tactics with that hard work, it just means you’re going to run around. If you look at the teams, look back at the 1994 World Cup, it was probably one of the coolest things I got to experience. But that USA team was more lucky than anything else. That team got out of the group stage because of an own goal by Columbia when they defended for 90 minutes. If you really look back, that was a gung-ho, let’s try to work and force a mistake. Soccer has evolved so much over the years since then, obviously. Donovan was part of a different tactical scheme that was different than the direction USA soccer is going.”

“This World Cup is huge, especially for the little kids. I also coach youth soccer, an under-11, under-12 soccer team that I coach. If you were to ask them, “name your top five soccer players in the World Cup right now, it wouldn’t take them more than 10 seconds to think of who are their top five. I think the culture has changed. When I was growing up, the best player in the world was Ronaldo, the Brazilian Ronaldo. I would go to practice and I had a Ronaldo jersey. Everyone had Ronaldo jerseys, but that was because he was the only soccer player we knew about because of Nike commercials. Now you have Nike commercials doing Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, all these huge names, even considering Tim Howard in that list of Nike players…Seeing the penalty shot routine that Neymar does, I guarantee you you’re going to see little kids mimic that. I do belive that helps motivate kids to want to get to another level.”

“I believe probably in the next 12 years we might actually see the USA soccer team in a World Cup semifinal or final.”

Wallkill head coach Todd Andrews:

“I just think the U.S., they can’t concede the early goal or make any mental mistakes in the back. Against Portugal, they scored right off the bat and that’s my biggest fear is that they’ll allow a goal two or three minutes in. Beside Howard, our defensive middle is our weak point. Time of possession is another big thing for them, too. If they don’t get dominated too bad in that…it’s almost like high school. When they have their chances, they’re going to have to capitalize. If they don’t, Belgium is an excellent team. If they get down 1-0 they’re going to have to press up and that’s totally to Belgium’s advantage.”

“If we get beat, I want us to get beat because it was two great goals. I don’t want it to be on a mental error. That’s the big thing for the U.S. Capitalize on the chances, at least be competitive in time of possession and don’t make the big mental error in the back. If they do that, they have a chance. If they don’t, they can get beat. I do think they have a chance to win, but the defense really concerns me.”

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Dorrian signs with Braves; list of local MLB draft picks

Pat Dorrian (center front) signs a pro contract with the Atlanta Braves on Thursday, June 26, 2014 (Will Montgomery photo/Times Herald-Record)

Kingston’s Pat Dorrian made it official on Thursday, signing a pro contract with the Atlanta Braves. He heads to the Braves’ Gulf Coast League affiliate in Kissimmee, Fla. on Sunday.

For more on Dorrian, check out Friday’s Times Herald-Record.

In the meantime, here’s the updated list of our local MLB draft picks since the draft began in 1965.

Dorrian is the first local player to sign out of high school since Marlboro’s Dee Brown in 1996.

Local baseball draft picks since 1965
1965 17th round (328th pick) LHP Mickey Scott (Newburgh Free Academy), New York Yankees
1966 34th (651) RHP Brian Bach (Kingston), Atlanta Braves
1966 55th (815) P James Conklin (Tuxedo), Atlanta Braves
1967 16th (313) RHP Jeff Beattie (Warwick), Philadelphia Phillies
1971 27th (606) 3B-OF Ralph Petrillo (Newburgh Free Academy), Montreal Expos
1972 5th (114) C Karl Jacobsen (Valley Central), Kansas City Royals
1972 24th (560) 1B Linwood Fisher (Newburgh Free Academy), New York Yankees
1972 24th (568) RHP Charles Janes (Dartmouth, Kingston), Pittsburgh Pirates
1974 7th (162) RHP Kevin Lahey (Newburgh Free Academy), Kansas City Royals
1975 22nd (520) RHP Bob Semerano (SUNY Orange, Port Jervis), Pittsburgh Pirates
1976 19th (454) 3B John Kidd (SUNY Buffalo, Valley Central), Boston Red Sox
1977 1st (4) LHP Tim Cole (Saugerties), Atlanta Braves
1977 9th (219) OF Steve McMurray (Polk CC, Warwick), Cleveland Indians
1979 9th (212) 2B Paul Runge (Jacksonville, Kingston), Atlanta Braves
1980 25th (638) LHP Jeff Marks (Pine Bush), New York Yankees
1984 30th (721) RHP Joe Ausanio (Kingston), Atlanta Braves
1985 1st (15) RHP Willie Fraser (Concordia, Newburgh Free Academy), Los Angeles Angels
1985 23rd (587) 2B Mark Casey (Iona, Marlboro), Minnesota Twins
1988 11st (278) RHP Joe Ausanio (Jacksonville, Kingston), Pittsburgh Pirates
1988 34th (886) RHP Brian Golden (Gettysburg, Pine Bush), St. Louis Cardinals
1989 31st (811) RHP Dave Telgheder (UMass, Minisink Valley), New York Mets
1989 63rd (1,438) OF Greg Lewis (Newburgh Free Academy), Toronto Blue Jays
1990 22nd (589) RHP Sam Mandia (Seton Hall, Marlboro), Toronto Blue Jays
1991 1st (44) 3B Mike Groppuso (Seton Hall, Kingston), Houston Astros
1991 31st (827) LHP Mike Bertotti (Iona, Cornwall), Chicago White Sox
1992 10th (283) INF Dave Post (Kingston), Los Angeles Dodgers
1992 26th (724) CF Matt Morris (Valley Central), Milwaukee Brewers
1992 32nd (887) LHP Andy Heckman (NC-Charlotte, Pine Bush), San Francisco Giants
1993 7th (194) RHP Scott Kendrick (Monroe-Woodbury), Chicago Cubs
1993 32nd (894) 1B Gabe Duross (Maine, Kingston), Chicago Cubs
1993 34th (945) 3B Steve Wojkowski (Montgomery JC (Md.), Middletown), Kansas City Royals
1993 37th (1,039) OF Greg Lewis (New Hampshire, Newburgh Free Academy), Texas Rangers
1994 7th (187) RHP Denis McLaughlin (Old Dominion, Warwick), Boston Red Sox
1994 7th (190) RHP-SS Tim Spindler (Washingtonville), Chicago Cubs
1994 8th (221) 3B Ryan Balfe (Cornwall), Detroit Tigers
1994 29th (819) P Matt Herr (Hotchkiss School, New Windsor), Atlanta Braves
1994 41st (1,151st) C Colby Weaver (Florida St., Warwick), Atlanta Braves
1995 1st (12) RHP Matt Morris (Seton Hall, Valley Central), St. Louis Cardinals
1995 3rd (85) RHP Rob Bell (Marlboro), Atlanta Braves
1995 6th (159) SS Joe Nathan (Stony Brook, Pine Bush), San Francisco Giants
1995 32nd (898) RHP Tim Spindler (SUNY Orange, Washingtonville), New York Yankees
1996 1st (14) OF Dee Brown (Marlboro), Kansas City Royals
1997 5th (170) INF Tim Hummel (John S. Burke Catholic), San Diego Padres
1997 24th (729) P Cormac Joyce (John S. Burke Catholic), Chicago White Sox
1997 34th (1,034) OF Mike Speckhardt (Marist, Fallsburg), St. Louis Cardinals
1998 24th (713) 2B Jason Edgar (Connecticut, Cornwall), Texas Rangers
2000 2nd (52) SS Tim Hummel (Old Dominion, John S. Burke Catholic), Chicago White Sox
2001 18th (537) C Alex Trezza (Stony Brook, Pine Bush), Detroit Tigers
2001 26th (776) OF Steve Checksfield (Albany, Kingston), Houston Astros
2001 33rd (1,003) LHP Sean Kramer (Cornwall), Chicago White Sox
2002 23rd (688) RHP Dave Pahucki (Siena, Goshen), Boston Red Sox
2003 7th (192) SS Mike Aviles (Concordia, Middletown), KC Royals
2003 16th (474) LHP Kevin Ool (Marist, Middletown), Boston Red Sox
2003 19th (575) C Jason Motte (Iona, Valley Central), St. Louis Cardinals
2004 20th (607) RHP Rob Semerano (Fordham, Port Jervis), Oakland A’s
2004 26th (789) LHP Sean Kramer (Iona, Cornwall), New York Yankees
2006 9th (260) RHP Steve Mcfarland (Lamar, Marlboro), Pittsburgh Pirates
2007 25th (775) RHP Jason Monti (Sacred Heart, Marlboro), Toronto Blue Jays
2007 45th (1,340) C Pete Gilardo (Dominican, Cornwall), Boston Red Sox
2011 48th (1,455) C Ricky Pacione (Marist, Newburgh Free Academy), Los Angeles Angels
2012 10th (329) 3B Mike Dodig (Columbia-Greene CC, Saugerties), Atlanta Braves
2012 27th (841) RHP Quinn Carpenter (Goshen), Boston Red Sox
2014 12th (378) 2B Pat Dorrian (Kingston), Atlanta Braves
2014 17th (504) RHP Quinn Carpenter (Iowa Western CC, Goshen), Toronto Blue Jays

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Lane wins big junior golf tournament

Woodstock 14-year-old Justin Lane birdied the 18th hole to capture his first American Junior Golf Association victory at the Killington (Vt.) Junior Championship at Green Mountain National Golf Course Thursday.

Lane entered the final hole of the three-round tournament tied with Drew Gonzales of Lafayette, La. at 1-under-par. He hit his second shot to within four feet of the hole and putted in for the title. Lane finished the tournament, which included golfers California, Canada and England, at 2-under 211. The victory earns Lane exempt status on any AJGA tournament he enters this year and next year.

Lane tied for the low score of the first round with a 4-under 67 Tuesday. He completed the last hole of his second round after a two-hour lightning delay and shot even-par 71.

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Mid-Hudson BCANY girls’ basketball roster: 2014

Highland's Alison Rozzi (22) puts up a 3-point shot during the NYSPHSAA class B girl's basketball regional semi-finals against Woodlands at the Westchester County Center on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. (John Meore photo/for The Times Herald-Record)

Here is the roster for the Mid-Hudson BCANY girls’ basketball team, which will compete at a statewide Summer Hoops Fest tournament in Johnson City on August 1-3.

Name, School, Height, Grade (2014-15 school year)
Simone Ayers, Chester, 5-10, Sr.

Sydney Hendershot, Port Jervis, 5-11, Sr.

Sarah Kean, Port Jervis, 5-2, Sr.

Taylor Orszewski, Marlboro, 5-11, Sr.

Alison Rozzi, Highland, 5-8, Sr.

Kayla Butler, Tri-Valley, 5-9, Jr.

Kymane Jones, Washingtonville, 5-4, Jr.

Danielle Shafarsky, Tri-Valley, 5-5, Sr.

Caroline Martin, Tri-Valley, 5-6, Sr.

Kyla Given, Newburgh Free Academy, 5-8, Sr.

Katherine Purdy, Tuxedo, 5-4, Jr.

Stephanie Gunderman, Tuxedo, 5-9, Sr.

Look for more on the team in the Times Herald-Record as it gets closer to the tournament dates. For more info on the Summer Hoops Fest, check out

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VIDEO: Katie Krahulik, Varsity 845 golfer of year

Warwick junior Katie Krahulik talks about winning the Section 9 championship and joining a list that includes Meg Ryan, her former Warwick teammate, and Tori DeGroodt, a Valley Central graduate.

Krahulik also talks about her improvement through the years and getting better for one more season at Warwick.


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Final state baseball rankings: 2014

The New York State Sportswriters Association released its final state poll of the season today. I’ll list the Section 9 teams that made the cut. For the full list, check out the NYSSWA website here.

Class AA

7. Valley Central

16. Pine Bush

Class A

10. Wallkill

15. Marlboro

Class B

7. Spackenkill

20. Rhinebeck

Class C

10. Chester

13. S.S. Seward

Class D

15. Livingston Manor

18. John A. Coleman Catholic

A little Varsity845 All-Star update. These things can change, so check your local listings, but our plan is to run the V845 lacrosse All-Stars this weekend (girls on Saturday, boys on Sunday). So keep your eyes open for those. Again, this is subject to change, but we hope to have the softball/baseball All-Stars in the paper the weekend of June 28-29 – softball on Sat. the 28th, baseball on Sun. the 29th.

Be sure to check out Friday’s paper for the latest on Kingston’s Pat Dorrian signing with the Atlanta Braves, as well as an update on Goshen grad Quinn Carpenter.

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