Updated career wins list

Here’s an updated list of the all-time wins leaders in Section 9 and Delaware Valley (Pa.).

Active wrestlers are in BOLD

Cody Ruggirello, Valley Central 275-20
Mike D’Amato Wallkill/Valley Central 214-43
Jamie Franco, Monroe-Woodbury 208-30
Ricky Scott, Valley Central 194-29
Taylor Laraia, Newburgh Free Academy 185-32
Darrell Ford, Minisink Valley 183-26
Shane Connolly, Warwick 180-36
John Gartiser, Monroe-Woodbury 176-21
Troy Bouzakis, Pine Bush 175-2
Mitch Wightman, Warwick 174-23
Kyle Diesel, Minisink Valley 173-43
Lou Ruggirello, Valley Central 171-9
Nick Rausenberger, Newburgh Free Academy 170-43
Ali Hasan, Valley Central 170-41
Pat Lloyd, Valley Central 169-33
Robert Bailey, Valley Central 168-44
Zac Mills, Wallkill 163-45
Trevor Nauta, Pine Bush 162-43
Tyler Lawlor, Cornwall 162-69
Dave Edwards, Cornwall 161-36
Eric Biccum, Port Jervis 160-24
Chris Cartwright, Newburgh Free Academy 160-39
Gary Wolff, Monroe-Woodbury 158-35
Gary Fischbein, Monroe-Woodbury 152-11
Paul Paquin, Cornwall 152-11
Jeff Lewis, Valley Central 152-11-1
Joe Kennedy, Delaware Valley, Pa. 152-11
Phil Mansueto, Middletown 149-15
Lou Ruggirello Jr., Valley Central 147-16
T.J. Kreider, Cornwall 147-25
Colin Casey, Washingtonville 146-50
Matt Doolittle, Middletown 145-39
Kyle Fried, Monticello/Monroe-Woodbury 144-22
Mike Mitchell, Cornwall 144-31
Andy Franco, Monroe-Woodbury 144-38
Steve Burger, Wallkill 142-60
Luke Roth, Cornwall 141-32
Seth Stauble, Kingston 141-41
*John Stramiello, Pine Bush 140-30
James Brain, Minisink Valley 140-45
Bobby Gingras, Valley Central 139-43
George Butwell, Newburgh Free Academy 139-46
Greg Giambrone, Onteora 138-18
Josh Potter, Minisink Valley 138-28
Scott Prutzman, Valley Central 137-33
Mike McGrath, Kingston 137-36
Dave Sullivan, Delaware Valley, Pa. 136-28
Steven Butler, Port Jervis 135-16
Jason Peck, Valley Central 135-32
Cory Lempka, Minisink Valley 135-35
Sean Bauer, Valley Central 135-44
Phil Szumlaski, Newburgh Free Academy 134-22
Mike Vespa, Monroe-Woodbury 134-25
Mike Santalla, Warwick 133-21
Kyle Piaquadio, Newburgh Free Academy 133-50
Paul Sommer, Rondout Valley 133-52
Shad Rissler, Washingtonville 133-53
Collin Dimler, Rondout Valley 133-54
Jason Jones, Port Jervis 132-21
Dave Mills, Wallkill 132-47
Kevin Lawrence, Newburgh Free Academy 131-32
Terry Madden, Pine Bush 131-41
Ross Hansen, Minisink Valley 130-33
Kaare Stokdal, Kingston 130-35
Adam Penberthy, Delaware Valley, Pa. 129-13
*Eric Januszkiewicz, New Paltz 129-25
Peter Behnke, Highland 129-34
Andy Digsby, Wallkill 128-47
Ross Potter, Minisink Valley 128-67
Mike Castro, Washingtonville 127-21
Marcus Spearman, Newburgh Free Academy 127-37
Shawn Wiley, Pine Bush 127-54
Andrew Greenlaw, Warwick 127-60
Rocco Mansueto, Middletown 126-5
Jeff Duque, Valley Central 126-14
Mike Bucci, Red Hook 126-16
Kyle Wierzbicki, Warwick 126-37
Tim Hendershot, Minisink Valley 126-40
George Pullman, New Paltz 125-20
Alex Kaufmann, Port Jervis 125-21
*Deon Edmond, Kingston 125-24
David Blaine, Cornwall 125-50
Keith Pickell, Ellenville 124-18
Jesse Day, Delaware Valley, Pa. 124-32
Rob Flores, Port Jervis 124-38
John Stramiello, Pine Bush 123-29
Spencer Casey, Washingtonville 123-34
Jordan Robles, Pine Bush 123-65
Ed Bordas, Valley Central 122-25
Darren Mima, Kingston 122-34
Lance Dolson, Valley Central 122-38
Willis Freeman, Kingston/Nyack 121-22
Joe Wilson, Monroe-Woodbury 121-23
Trevor Gale, Onteora 120-31
Frank Colletta, Delaware Valley, Pa. 119-15
Jeremiah Biddle, Minisink Valley 119-38
Sean Taft, Minisink Valley 119-35
Joe Yanis, Minisink Valley 118-9
Brad Giambrone, Onteora 118-n/a
Nic Smith, Valley Central 118-39
Tom Sands, Newburgh Free Academy 118-61
Rich Parete, Rondout Valley 117-16
Keith Corley, Valley Central 117-23
Justin Signorelli, Highland 117-23
Jason Nauta, Pine Bush 116-17
John Hodes, Rondout Valley 116-18
Ray Ford, Onteora 116-n/a
Dan Kennedy, Delaware Valley, Pa. 116-n/a
Drew Bloss, Cornwall 115-20
J.D. Zitone, Port Jervis 115-25
Dan Garland, Middletown 115-n/a
Chris Bell, Minisink Valley 115-25
Aaron DePoala, Saugerties 115-25
Jimmy Dollaway, Valley Central 115-30
Sean Floor, Port Jervis 114-24
Brian Benson, Valley Central 114-33
Chris Sweeney, Cornwall 114-42
Walt Henry, Pine Bush 113-26
John Moriarty, Port Jervis 113-39
Jared Rosado, Middletown 113-42
Mike Mormile, Monroe-Woodbury 112-8
Anthony Ng, Monticello 112-24
Ryan Pullman, New Paltz 112-27
Rich Mann, Cornwall 112-28
Chet Cochrane, Onteora 112-32
Bryan Welsh, Minisink Valley 112-40
Dennis Bermudez, Saugerties 111-26
James Harris, Saugerties 111-30
Jon Andriac, Port Jervis 111-31
Josh Jones, Port Jervis 111-32
Joe Gartiser, Monroe-Woodbury 110-26
Joe Pistone, Middletown 110-30
Bryan Frain, Middletown 110-35
Pat Lempka, Minisink Valley 110-44
Pat Griffin, Valley Central 109-17
Dave Colabella, Monroe-Woodbury 109-22
R.J. Seabeck, Port Jervis 109-33
Brendan Byrne, Minisink Valley 109-39
Omar Acevedo, Middletown 109-44
*Martin Strenk, Delaware Valley (Pa.) 109-46
Aaron Moore, Newburgh Free Academy 109-47
Trent Costello, Kingston 109-54
Rodrigo Nagle, Onteora 109-n/a
*Austin Weigel, Onteora 108-18
Ethan Stanley, Saugerties 108-21
Eric Thayer, Ellenville 108-25
Adam Schaaf, Saugerties 108-27
Mike Vicchiariello, Port Jervis 108-27
Casey Todd, Monroe-Woodbury 108-28
Mark Kaufmann, Port Jervis 108-29
Louis Berger, Pine Bush 108-37
Rob Scklalor, Monroe-Woodbury 108-40
Ricky Treu, Red Hook 108-43
Blaze Chatham, Newburgh Free Academy 108-46
Johnny Bastone, Newburgh Free Academy 108-53
Dylan Ronk, Goshen 107-28
Jeremy Nauta, Pine Bush 107-31
Donnie Van Buren, Onteora 107-33
Andrew Ewanciw, Minisink Valley 107-46
Marcus Sullivan, Delaware Valley, Pa. 107-n/a
Corey James, Kingston 106-25
Kerry Boughton, Kingston 106-43
Andre Castro, Kingston 106-55
Liam Street, Kingston 106-56
*Mark Milisci, Washingtonville 106-40
Tim Ferrante, New Paltz 106-n/a
Scott Proscia, Port Jervis 105-19
Steve Fischbein, Monroe-Woodbury 105-22
Joe Zippilli, Washingtonville 105-28
Henry Marley, Kingston 105-32
Justin Diesel, Minisink Valley 105-36
Ian Morse, Rondout Valley 105-53
Kevin Navarra, Cornwall 105-54
Steve Valastro, Valley Central 104-19
C.J. Goldizen, Onteora 104-19
Al Mann, Cornwall 104-21
Marcus Hutchins, Monticello 104-22
Matt Parlier, Port Jervis 104-27
Pete Hottum, Onteora 104-29
Andrew Natalizio, Minisink Valley 104-32
Nick Matthews, Kingston 104-41
Glenn Waller, Cornwall 104-55
Hank Conklin, Delaware Valley, Pa. 104-n/a
Joe Sahl, Valley Central 103-16
Tim Cornish, Minisink Valley-Liberty 103-20
Keith Perry, Wallkill 103-38
Don Exner, Ellenville 102-23
Steve Cuff, Newburgh Free Academy 102-27
*A.J. Voelker, Monroe-Woodbury 102-34
Richard Dennison, Minisink Valley 102-34
Luke Amrhein, Valley Central 102-42
Tom Letizia, Monroe-Woodbury 101-43
Joe Petit, Rondout Valley 101-17
Jon Haber, Delaware Valley, Pa. 101-24
Ken Stalter, Ellenville 101-26
Mike Rechtorovic, Valley Central 101-27
Maxx Stratton, Rondout Valley 101-32
Vinny Brugaletta, Monticello 101-40
Brian Wiley, Pine Bush 101-40
Mike Kikendall, Monticello 101-42
Ryan Black, Washingtonville 101-49
Mark Smith, Rondout Valley 101-n/a
Todd Williams, Minisink Valley 100-15
Earl Lynch, Monroe-Woodbury 100-22
Glen Ferrier, Minisink Valley 100-30
Mike Penner, Monroe-Woodbury 100-31
John Foley, Port Jervis 100-34
Chris Sullivan, Delaware Valley, Pa. 100-41
Nick Wolff, Monroe-Woodbury 100-45
Joe Gaynor, Pine Bush 100-48
*Travis Edwards, Port Jervis 100-55
Pat Sause, Pine Bush 100-60
Rob Pagan, Middletown 100-n/a

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