Section 9 Division II championship results

Section 9 Division II championships
(at SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge)
Team scores: 1. Red Hook 215; 2. Highland 168; 3. Tuxedo 125.5; 4. New Paltz 104; 5. Onteora 91; 6. Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg 86; 7. Rondout Valley 44; 8. Chester 38; 9. Ellenville 28; 10. Marlboro 18; 11. John S. Burke Catholic 8; 12. Tri-Valley 0.
99 pounds:
Wade Harris (Red Hook) d. Nick Conetta (Tuxedo) 6-5, ultimate tiebreaker
106: Dean Artrip (Tuxedo) pin Christian Canino (Highland) :29
113: Mike Feliciano (Highland) d. Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) 7-3
120: Dillon Ross (Onteora) d. Andrew Parete (Rondout Valley) 11-2
126: Taylor Benson (Red Hook) pin A.J. Fazio (Highland) :32
132: Andrew Suleiman (Highland) d. Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) 8-5
Issac Mathews (Marlboro) d. Kyle Torre (Red Hook) 4-2
145: Noah Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) d. Jeff Kiluba (Red Hook) 6-2
152: Ben Cuppett (New Paltz) pin Brody Harris (Chester) 1:22
160: Liam Heslin (Tuxedo) pin Lester Sokolowski (Highland) 5:51
170: Teddy Mapes (Highland) pin Dylan Delisi (Tuxedo) :29
182: Kevin Morgans (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) pin A.J. Coolbaugh (Red Hook) 3:04
195: Zach Williams (Tuxedo) d. Darren Coon (Red Hook) 8-4
220: Stefan Chichkov (Red Hook) pin Dom Bellacicco (Highland) 4:44
285: John Beal (Highland) d. Mike Hull (New Paltz) 3-2
Third-place consolations

99 pounds: Shane Gulliksen (New Paltz) pin James Long (Chester) 4:34
106: Matt Kelly (Rondout Valley) d. Justin Quiles (Chester) 4-2.
113: Noah Winchester (Red Hook) d. Chris Hiesel (New Paltz) 2-0
120: Finbar Stuart (Onteora) d. Chris Massaro (New Paltz) 5-2
126: Joe Prusack (Onteora) d. Elijah Tuchman (Chester) 8-5
132: Peter Manana (Tuxedo) d. Zach Babcock (Ellenville) 11-7
138: Dan Stachelek (Tuxedo) d. Connor Post (John S. Burke Catholic) 3-1
145: Zach Chartrand (Onteora) won by injury default over Karl Linneman (New Paltz)
152: Alex Thiry (Red Hook) pin Larry Oliver (Highland) 2:03
160: Theo Chazkel (New Paltz) pin Terrance Santiago (Ellenville) :55
170: John Goodell (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) pin Ryan Hobson (Red Hook) 4:59
182: Austin Becker (Onteora) pin River Lounsbury (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) 1:12
195: Andrew Keaveny (Onteora) pin Eric Cox (Ellenville) 2:59
220: Will DePaolo (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) won by disqualification over Steven Snyder (Rondout Valley)
285: Travis Coon (Red Hook) d. Alex Oliver (Highland) 3-2
99 pounds: Nick Conetta (Tuxedo) tech. fall James Long (Chester) 16-0; Wade Harris (Red Hook) d. Shane Gulliksen (New Paltz) 5-1.
106: Dean Artrip (Tuxedo) pin Justin Quiles (Chester) :42; Christian Canino (Highland) pin Matt Kelly (Rondout Valley) :49.
113: Mike Feliciano (Highland) pin Chris Hiesel (New Paltz) 1:17; Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) tech. fall Noah Winchester (Red Hook) 16-0.
120: Andrew Parete (Rondout Valley) d. Finbar Stuart (Onteora) 2-1 OT; Dillon Ross (Onteora) d. Chris Massaro (New Paltz) 10-0.
126: Taylor Benson (Red Hook) pin Joe Prusack (Onteora) :37; A.J. Fazio (Highland) d. Elijah Tuchman (Chester) 10-6.
132: Andrew Suleiman (Highland) pin Zach Babcock (Ellenville) 5:26; Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) pin Peter Manana (Tuxedo) 3:59.
138: Issac Mathews (Marlboro) d. Connor Post (John S. Burke Catholic) 6-1; Kyle Torre (Red Hook) d. Dan Stachelek (Tuxedo) 8-3.
145: Noah Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) pin Zach Chartrand (Onteora) 3:48; Jeff Kiluba (Red Hook) pin Karl Linneman (New Paltz) 5:00.
152: Ben Cuppett (New Paltz) pin Larry Oliver (Highland) :15; Brody Harris (Chester) pin Alex Thiry (Red Hook) 2:29.
160: Liam Heslin (Tuxedo) d. Terrance Santiago (Ellenville) 6-1; Lester Sokolowski (Highland)  pin Theo Chazkel (New Paltz) 2:54.
170: Teddy Mapes (Highland) pin Ryan Hobson (Red Hook) :19; Dylan Delisi (Tuxedo) pin John Goodell (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) 5:04.
182: Kevin Morgans (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) pin River Lounsbury (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) :42; A.J. Coolbaugh (Red Hook) d. Austin Becker (Onteora) 6-4.
195: Zach Williams (Tuxedo) d. Andrew Keaveny (Onteora) 5-2; Darren Coon (Red Hook) pin Eric Cox (Ellenville) 1:18.
220: Stefan Chichkov (Red Hook) d. Steven Snyder (Rondout Valley) 7-3; Dom Bellacicco (Highland) d. Will DePaolo (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) 10-5.
285: Mike Hull (New Paltz) d. Travis Coon (Red Hook) 3-2; John Beal (Highland) pin Alex Oliver (Highland) 5:42.
99 pounds: James Long (Chester) pin Liam Bullock (Chester) :32.
106: Justin Quiles (Chester) pin Will Sanicola (Onteora) 1:56; Christian Canino (Highland) pin Evan Odato (Onteora) 1:22.
113: Chris Hiesel (New Paltz) pin Ahsan Khan (New Paltz) 5:20; Noah Winchester (Red Hook) pin Christian McCole (Tuxedo) 3:59.
120: Finbar Stuart (Onteora) pin Kenneth Hopkins (Tri-Valley) 2:51; Chris Massaro (New Paltz) pin Michael Anson (Rondout Valley) :33; Dillon Ross (Onteora) pin Jacob Disciullo (Highland) 1:24.
126: Taylor Benson (Red Hook) pin Jason Keller (Highland) :14; Joe Prusack (Onteora) pin Eric McCord (New Paltz) 3:16; Elijah Tuchman (Chester) d. Kensei Suzuki (Red Hook) 13-9; A.J. Fazio (Highland) pin Harrison Van Der Lee (Tuxedo) 1:10.
132: Andrew Suleiman (Highland) pin Mo Khan (New Paltz) 3:31; Zach Babcock (Ellenville) pin Henry Kaufmann (Tri-Valley) :33; Peter Manana (Tuxedo) pin Mark Vianello (Onteora) 1:41; Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) pin Ryan Pinto (New Paltz) 5:28.
138: Connor Post (John S. Burke Catholic) pin Mark Castellanos (Highland) 1:45; Dan Stachelek (Tuxedo) pin Justin Hidalgo (Chester) 4:24; Kyle Torre (Red Hook) pin Joe Decker (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) 1:09.
145: Noah Curreri (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) pin Mike Davolos (Onteora) :24; Zach Chartrand (Onteora) d. Greg Avery (Ellenville) 10-2; Jeff Kiluba (Red Hook) pin Hayden Baker (Rondout Valley) 2:48; Karl Linneman (New Paltz) pin Mike Kenny (Red Hook) :55.
152: Ben Cuppett (New Paltz) won by forfeit over Jade Cruz (Rondout Valley); Larry Oliver (Highland) pin Pat Burke (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) :20; Brody Harris (Chester) d. Kelly Sherman (Rondout Valley) 8-4; Alex Thiry (Red Hook) pin Jared Fisher (Onteora) 1:04.
160: Terrance Santiago (Ellenville) pin Nolan Danielewski (Chester) 1:01; Theo Chazkel (New Paltz) d. Devin Budd (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) 7-0; Lester Sokolowski (Highland) pin Seb Pannuto (New Paltz) 1:12.
170: Teddy Mapes (Highland) pin Chris Benincasa (Red Hook) 1:41; Ryan Hobson (Red Hook) pin Frank Cincotta (Rondout Valley) 4:19; Dylan Delisi (Tuxedo) pin Tom Mihalics (New Paltz) 4:35; John Goodell (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) pin Alex Finger (Rondout Valley) :40.
182: River Lounsbury (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) d. Brandon Cox (Ellenville) 11-5;  Austin Becker (Onteora) pin Miles Whitmore-Parr (New Paltz) 2:15; A.J. Coolbaugh (Red Hook) pin Joe Conway (Tri-Valley) :42.
195: Zach Williams (Tuxedo) won by forfeit over John Mullooly (John S. Burke Catholic); Andrew Keaveny (Onteora) pin Will Kristopik (Red Hook) :49; Darren Coon (Red Hook) pin Rob Trainor (Highland) :58; Eric Cox (Ellenville) pin Justin Davis (New Paltz) 2:24.
220: Stefan Chichkov (Red Hook) d. Angel Lemus (Onteora) 4-3; Steven Snyder (Rondout Valley) pin Austin Eighmey (Ellenville) 5:50; Dom Bellacicco (Highland) pin Joe Potter (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) 1:39; Will DePaolo (Eldred/Liberty/Fallsburg) pin Brian Wiebke (Rondout Valley) 5:40.
285: Travis Coon (Red Hook) pin John Smith (John S. Burke Catholic) 1:39; Mike Hull (New Paltz) pin John Avery (Ellenville) 3:25; Alex Oliver (Highland) pin Kevin McColgan (Rondout Valley) 1:37; John Beal (Highland) pin Will Sutherland (Rondout Valley) 1:05.
Round of 16
145: Mike Davolos (Onteora) pin John Miller (Highland) 4:10: Greg Avery (Ellenville) won by forfeit over George Cortes (Tuxedo); Hayden Baker (Rondout Valley) pin Phil Davila (Chester) 2:34; Mike Kenny (Red Hook) pin Aiden Wittekind (Chester) 1:38.
170: Chris Benincasa (Red Hook) pin Damien Kovacs (Onteora) :50; Frank Cincotta (Rondout Valley) d. Will Sickles (Highland) 10-2; Ryan Hobson (Red Hook) won by forfeit over Michael Beaver (John S. Burke Catholic); Tom Mihalics (New Paltz) d. Tyler Sookanan (Chester) 6-2; Dylan Delisi (Tuxedo) pin Michael Glinski (Tri-Valley) :43; Alex Finger (Rondout Valley) pin Kalic Perry (Tri-Valley) 2:57.
220: Angel Lemus (Onteora) pin Nick George (Ellenville) 2:34.


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