2018 Section 9 Division II wrestling results


Section 9 Division II championship
(at SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge)
Team standings: 1. Port Jervis 228; 2. Red Hook 176; 3. Onteora 139.5; 4. Highland 122; 5. New Paltz 99; 6. Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West 98; 7. Rondout Valley 67.5; 8. Chester-Tuxedo 38; 9. Ellenville 35; 10. Burke Catholic 18; 11. Marlboro 17.

99 pounds: Nikko Walsh (Rondout Valley) d. Joey Curreri (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 6-0
106: Matt Morris (Red Hook) d. Timmy Pereira (Rondout Valley) 8-2
113: Eric Tigue (Port Jervis) d. Aidan Cuppett (New Paltz) 6-3
120:  Ethan Palanca (New Paltz) d. Pat Ross (Onteora) 6-2
126: Nick Ross (Onteora) pin John Antonelli (Marlboro) 3:28
132: Carson Sauschuck (Port Jervis) d. Nanuk McBride (Red Hook) 5-1
138: Matt Malherio (Highland) d. Nate Ross (Onteora) 4-1
145: Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) d. Zach Chartrand (Onteora) 8-2
152: Drew Harrison (Port Jervis) d. Luke Jones (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 5-1
160: Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) pin Griffin Roddy (Port Jervis) 1:35
170: Dillon Ross (Onteora) pin James Deaveiro (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) :41
182: Jason Butler (Port Jervis) tech. fall Drew Bendy (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 15-0, 3:08
195: Ryan Hobson (Red Hook) d. Raven Aumick (Port Jervis) 11-2
220: Devin Dixon (New Paltz) d. Nic Rekuc (Ellenville) 6-2
285: Liam Dietrich (Red Hook) pin James Oosterom (Port Jervis) 2:23

Third-fourth place consolation finals
99 pounds:  Jack Hyland (New Paltz) d. Peter Bender (Highland) 5-2
106: Elliot Crocco (New Paltz) pin David Ringleben (Red Hook) 4:29
113: Caleb Harrison (Port Jervis) pin Justin Vandendooren (Onteora) 1:57
120: Alex Lopez (Red Hook) pin Jimmy Kiss (Highland) :55
126: Joey Amato (Port Jervis) d. Liam Bullock (Chester-Tuxedo) 9-0
132: Gavin Staerker (Port Jervis) d. Ceaser Luna (Highland) 9-0
138: Nick Curreri (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) pin Asher Pelton (Port Jervis) 1:20
145: Joe Mahaney (Port Jervis) d. Justin Halbert (Highland) 4-1
152: Brett Berryann (Onteora) pin Andrew Salerno (Chester-Tuxedo) 3:40
160: Anthony Buchanan (Highland) pin Joe Kiss (Highland) 4:31
170: Dom Zappolo (Port Jervis) d. Adian Maduro (Highland) 13-2
182: Noah Stokes (Red Hook) pin Hayden Campolong (Red Hook) 3:29
195: Jared Fisher (Onteora) tech. fall Adam Albright (Highland) 18-2, 6:00
220: Jovane Dennis (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) d. Isiah Anglada (Red Hook) 6-3
285: Jason Lonstein (Ellenville) pin Jaager Ramirez (Burke Catholic) :56

99 pounds: Nikko Walsh (Rondout Valley) pin Jack Hyland (New Paltz) 2:26; Joey Curreri (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) pin Peter Bender (Highland) 2:20.
106: Matt Morris (Red Hook) pin David Ringleben (Red Hook) 2:46; Timmy Pereira (Rondout Valley) tech. fall Elliot Crocco (New Paltz) 15-0, 4:00.
113: Aidan Cuppett (New Paltz) d. Logan Zehr (Highland) 3-2; Eric Tigue (Port Jervis) pin James Long (Chester-Tuxedo) 3:42.
120: Pat Ross (Onteora) pin Robbie Potter (Onteora) :36; Ethan Palanca (New Paltz) pin Alex Lopez (Red Hook) 1:03
126: Nick Ross (Onteora) d. Joey Amato (Port Jervis) 7-5; John Antonelli (Marlboro) d. Liam Bullock (Chester-Tuxedo) 10-7.
132: Carson Sauschuck (Port Jervis) d. Gavin Staerker (Port Jervis) 1-0; Nanuk McBride (Red Hook) d. Ceaser Luna (Highland) 9-6
138: Nate Ross (Onteora) pin Brendan Douthit (Burke Catholic) 1:58; Mat Malherio (Highland) d. Nick Curreri (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 4-3.
145: Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) pin Justin Halbert (Highland) 1:39; Zach Chartrand (Onteora) d. Joe Mahaney (Port Jervis) 4-0.
152: Drew Harrison (Port Jervis) pin James Shaw (Burke Catholic) 1:01; Luke Jones (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) d. Logan Michael (New Paltz) 12-5
160: Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) pin Joe Kiss (Highland) :51; Griffin Roddy (Port Jervis) d. Anthony Buchanan (Highland) 9-7
170: Dillon Ross (Onteora) tech. fall Adian Maduro (Highland) 17-0, 3:57; James Deaveiro (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) d. Dom Zappolo (Port Jervis) 6-3
182: Jason Butler (Port Jervis) tech. fall Noah Stokes (Red Hook) 16-0, 3:04; Drew Bendy (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) d. Jack Purcell (New Paltz) 9-1
195: Raven Aumick (Port Jervis) pin Jared Fisher (Onteora) 1:48; Ryan Hobson (Red Hook) pin Francisco Miguel Drew Bendy (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 1:25
220: Devin Dixon (New Paltz) d. Jovane Dennis (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 9-5; Nic Rekuc (Ellenville) pin Jacob Southard (Port Jervis) 3:54
285: Liam Dietrich (Red Hook) pin Kevin McColgan (Rondout Valley) :13; James Oosterom (Port Jervis) pin Casey Maynard (Highland) 1:05

106 pounds: David Ringleben (Red Hook) pin Summer Conetta (Chester-Tuxedo) :46
113: Aidan Cuppett (New Paltz) pin Josh Schmoyer (Chester-Tuxedo) :57; Logan Zehr (Highland) pin Caleb Harrison (Port Jervis) 3:42; James Long (Chester-Tuxedo) pin Tim Dirie (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) :31; Eric Tigue (Port Jervis) tech. Justin Vandendooren (Onteora) 23-8.
120: Pat Ross (Onteora) pin Matt Csernai (Chester-Tuxedo); Robbie Potter (Onteora) pin Walter Evans (Ellenville) 3:59; Alex Lopez (Red Hook) pin Jimmy Kiss (Highland) 3:31; Ethan Palanca (New Paltz) pin Issac Cain (Rondout Valley) :15.
126: Nick Ross (Onteora) pin Liam O’Connor (Red Hook) 1:10; Joey Amato (Port Jervis) pin Mitchell Gibson (New Paltz) 3:13; John Antonelli (Marlboro) d. Joe Artensen (Highland) 9-0; Liam Bullock (Chester-Tuxedo) d. Dan Klotz (Port Jervis) 9-5.
132: Carson Sauschuck (Port Jervis) pin Dan Adams (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) :30; Gavin Staerker (Port Jervis) pin Jason Harding (New Paltz) 1:29; Ceaser Luna (Highland) pin James Melitski (Red Hook) 1:24; Nauk McBride (Red Hook) pin Noah Riegelhaupt (Chester-Tuxedo) 1:42.
138: Nate Ross (Onteora) pin Nick Tsironis (Red Hook) :57; Brendan Douthit (Burke Catholic) d. Brad Acvedo (Highland) 7-6; Mat Malherio (Highland) pin Levi Wyns (New Paltz) 2:35; Nick Curreri (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) d. Asher Pelton (Port Jervis) 6-0.
145: Ian Houck (Rondout Valley) pin John Kennick (Chester-Tuxedo) 1:13; Justin Halbert (Highland) pin Owen Allison (Onteora) 3:46; Joe Mahaney (Port Jervis) d. Tyler Benincasa (Red Hook) 11-0; Zach Chartrand (Onteora) pin Michael Anson (Rondout Valley) :36.
152: Drew Harrison (Port Jervis) pin Andrew Salerno (Chester-Tuxedo) 2:49; James Shaw (Burke Catholic) d. Henry Peters (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 4-3; Logan Michael (New Paltz) pin Brett Berryann (Onteora) 3:39; Luke Jones (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) d. Javan Bresler (Onteora) 12-2.
160: Tristen Schiafo (Red Hook) pin John Paul Abreu (Onteora) 3:02; Joe Kiss (Highland) pin Cole Greco (Chester-Tuxedo) :55; Anthony Buchanan (Highland) pin Teddy Szymanski (Chester-Tuxedo) :49; Griffin Roddy (Port Jervis) pin Brandon Tietje (New Paltz) 1:38.
170: Adian Maduro (Highland) pin Brian Kenny (New Paltz) 2:24; James Deaveiro (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) pin Ben Swart (Highland) 3:42.
182: Noah Stokes (Red Hook) won by forfeit over Hayden Campolong (Red Hook).
195: Jared Fisher (Onteora) tech. fall Adam Albright (Highland) 18-2.
220: Jovane Dennis (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) pin Isiah Anglada (Red Hook) 3:29; Jacob Southard (Port Jervis) pin Victor Blinov (Ellenville) 1:00
285: Liam Dietrich (Red Hook) pin Jason Lonstein (Ellenville) 4:37; Kevin McColgan (Rondout Valley) d. Evan Jansen (New Paltz) 6-4; Casey Maynard (Highland0 pin Jaager Ramirez (Burke Catholic) :27; James Oosterom (Port Jervis) pin John Doros (Ellenville) 1:07.

Round of 16
145: John Kennick (Chester-Tuxedo) pin Andrew Crandell (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West) 1:02; Justin Halbert (Highland) pin Joe Reed (Port Jervis) 3:02; Owen Allison (Onteora) d. Logan Smith (Highland) 17-12; Tyler Benincasa (Red Hook) won by forfeit over Todd Bianchi (Eldred-Liberty-Sullivan West); Michael Anson (Rondout Valley) pin Ryan Salerno (Chester-Tuxedo) 1:06.
152: Andrew Salerno (Chester-Tuxedo) pin Nick DiCurcio (Chester-Tuxedo) 1:51.
285: Jason Lonstein (Ellenville) pin Devin McGovern (Chester-Tuxedo) :34


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