Week 8 Section 9 Football Leaders

Rushing (Carries-Yards-TDs)
Kymanni Dennis, Liberty 127-976-15
Amin Woods, Cornwall 109-914-10
Gunnar Meland, Pine Bush 135-871-12
Graeme Knisell, Saugerties 91-859-7
Aaron Bennett, Wallkill 74-754-9
Robert Denson, Middletown 84-746-7
Joey Fotino, Warwick 111-724-5
Rasheen Smith, Rondout Valley 124-723-7
Kyle Killenberger, Minisink Valley 102-706-5
Syncere Tatum, Newburgh Free Academy 56-678-4
Luke Vignola, Warwick 99-630-7
Brendan Tierney, Burke Catholic 56-619-10
Matt Giordano, Goshen 101-535-7
Randy Rosario, Valley Central 36-526-7
Elijah Williams, Marlboro 69-488-6
Jacob Angeles, Chester 66-466-4
Nate Depew, Valley Central 70-454-6
Hector Borgos, James I. O’Neill 58-427-3
Bryan Jones, James I. O’Neill 61-417-5
Jeff Lombardi, Washingtonville 82-412-6
Kenny Holland, Pine Bush 69-404-8
Ryan Hendricks, Washingtonville 88-381-2
Khristian Walker, Pine Bush 43-377-5
Nick Calderone, Monroe-Woodbury 31-373-2
Josh Borowicz, James I. O’Neill 49-366-6
Luke Pecovic, Washingtonville 77-337-3
T.J. Snyder, Washingtonville 41-330-3
Chris Leahy, Burke Catholic 71-317-3
Christian Diorio, Marlboro 55-314-2
Kai Colon, Minisink Valley 67-274-6
CJ Faircloth, Marlboro 37-274-9
Anthony Campione, Monroe-Woodbury 55-263-2

Passing (Completions-Attempts-Yards-TDs-INTs)
Matt Giordano, Goshen 105-161-1,605-12-2
Joe Battiato, Chester 85-144-1,395-15-4
Dalton Howell, Middletown 38-61-942-16-1
Amarri Tice, Newburgh Free Academy 43-74-914-10-n/a
Chris Bayer, Liberty 75-127-901-10-4
Jackson Hoovler, Burke Catholic 62-111-892-10-5
Logan Hammock, Port Jervis 65-129-888-12-9
Nate Depew, Valley Central 56-96-887-10-5
Aidan Semo, Cornwall 53-90-880-11-2
Kai Colon, Minisink Valley 71-130-839-10-6
Christian Diorio, Marlboro  46-76-780-8-4
Dylan Bayliss, Red Hook 52-82-710-8-5
Josh Borowicz, James I. O’Neill 39-96-690-5-n/a
Anthony Campione, Monroe-Woodbury 42-90-605-4-2
Jimmy Brush, Rondout Valley 38-91-526-5-6
Kenny Holland, Pine Bush 15-23-497-5-0
Louie Francese, Cornwall 28-43-466-5-3
Brett Fulller, Port Jervis 30-48-423-5-0
Ryan Strobach, Wallkill 33-68-419-9–3

Receiving (Receptions-Yards-TD)
Rob Filancia, Port Jervis  40-551-8
Jacob Delgado, Chester 37-558-4
Kevin Stein, Chester 33-516-4
Logan Mullane, Goshen  29-488-4
Jadenn Perez, Liberty 27-167-3
Brendan Tierney, Burke Catholic 26-428-9
Freddy Blue, Port Jervis 25-476-5
Rayshawn Reynolds, Liberty 25-434-4
Louie Francese, Cornwall 24-486-5
John Mack, Minisink Valley 23-342-8
Brendan Fitzpatrick, Goshen 21-196-0
Elijah Price, Goshen 20-463-4
Jackson Waugh, James I. O’Neill 20-272-1
Derek Schrag, Cornwall 18-317-4
Jake Romano, Minisink Valley 18-165-1
Anthony Abbatiello, Red Hook 17-254-3
Gavin Cole, Red Hook 17-246-3
Connor Fitzgibbons, Valley Central17-207-4
Mike Alfieri, Cornwall 16-253-3
Arthur Harris, Middletown 15-422-7
Alex Buchanan, Chester 15-276-7
Dan Weslowski, Burke Catholic 15-249-1
Donovan Jackson, Goshen 15-230-2
Jesse Thompson, Warwick 14-172-2
Tom Mazany, Minisink Valley 14-170-0
Rodney Bell, Middletown 13-333-6
Caiden Frey, Rondout Valley 13-164-1
Syncere Tatum, Newburgh Free Academy 12-245-2
Randy Rosario, Valley Central 12-162-3
Camron Adams, Monroe-Woodbury 12-121-0
Kendell Scott, Newburgh Free Academy 11-311-5
Gio Frisenda, Marlboro 10-329-4
Tyler Villani, Valley Central 10-285-3
Sam Serrano, Rondout Valley 10-168-1
Kenny Dederick, Wallkill 10-150-1

Scoring (Touchdowns-Field Goals-Extra Points-2PT-Points)
Brendan Tierney, Burke Catholic 20-0-0-2-124
Kymanni Dennis, Liberty 17-0-0-1-104
Amin Woods, Cornwall 12-0-0-1-74
Gunnar Meland, Pine Bush 12-0-0-72
Randy Rosario, Valley Central 10-0-0-0-60
Rodney Bell, Middletown 9-0-0-0-54
Aaron Bennett, Wallkill 9-0-0-0-54
C.J. Faircloth, Marlboro 9-0-0-0-54
Rob Filancia, Port Jervis 9-0-0-0-54
Louie Francese, Cornwall 9-0-0-0-54
Kenny Holland, Pine Bush 8-0-0-0-48
Robert Denson, Middletown 8-0-0-0-48
Graeme Knisell, Saugerties 8-0-0-0-48
John Mack Minisink Valley 8-0-0-0-48
Luke Vignola, Warwick 7-0-0-2-46
Jake Lombardi, Washingtonville 7-0-0-1-44
Mike Baloga, Cornwall 0-31-4-0-43
Alex Buchanan, Chester 7-0-0-0-42
Matt Giordano, Goshen 7-0-0-0-42
Arthur Harris, Middletown 7-0-0-0-42
Bryan Jones, James I. O’Neill 7-0-0-0-42
Nick Patterson, Newburgh Free Academy 7-0-0-0-42
Rasheen Smith, Rondout Valley 7-0-0-0-42
Josh Borowicz, James I. O’Neill 6-0-0-1-38
Elijah Williams, Marlboro 6-0-0-1-38
Freddy Blue, Port Jervis;6-0-0-0-36
Kai Colon, Minisink Valley 6-0-0-0-36
Nate Depew, Valley Central 6-0-0-0-36
Rayshawn Reynolds, Liberty 6-0-0-0-36
Syncere Tatum, Newburgh Free Academy 6-0-0-0-36
Dan Weslowski, Burke Catholic 5-0-0-3-36

8-man football

Kyle Stracher, Pine Plains  72-1,119-13
Jesse Acevedo, Fallsburg 124-1,115-13
Jaydon Bennermon, Spackenkill 126-947-9
Sean Pettway, Ellenville 78-826-12
Ethan Shaver, Tri-Valley 98-706-4
Caleb McCaul, Pine Plains 53-640-9
Josiah Williams, Spackenkill 61-536-4
Keegan Streimer, Tri-Valley 104-530-10
Casimiro Pomales, Ellenville 37-325-6

Jaydon Bennermon, Spackenkill 58-87-1,002-17-3
David McCombs, Ellenville  21-50-365-5-3
Athan Zeno, Fallsburg 13-43-291-4-5

Dominick Fraser, Spackenkill 20-182-1
Josiah Williams, Spackenkill 18-459-7
Alex Crichton, Spackenkill 17-379-7
Noah Ghisolfi, Ellenville 10-143-0
Sean Pettway, Ellenville 7-196-3
Josh McNeill, Ellenville 5-128-2
Jesse Acevedo, Fallsburg 5-88-2

Scoring (TD-FG-XP-2PT-Points)
Sean Pettway, Ellenville 17-0-0-5-112
Caleb McCaul, Pine Plains 11-0-0-8-82
Jesse Acevedo Fallsburg 15-0-0-1-92
Kyle Stracher, Pine Plains 13-0-0-3-84
Josiah Williams, Spackenkill 11-0-0-9-84
Keegan Streimer, Tri-Valley 10-0-0-3-66
Jaydon Bennermon, Spackenkill 9-0-0-6-66
Alex Crichton, Spackenkill 7-0-0-4-50
Casimiro Pomales, Ellenville 6-0-0-4-44

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