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Award-winning columnist Kevin Gleason brings you his unique views on the world of sports.

Coleman Catholic kids made quite an impact

I am one of the last people to blame officials for a team’s loss. Even really badly officiated games rarely dictate outcomes. There are simply too many variables involved, too many things that players and coaches could have done differently to change the final score. I felt that John A. Coleman Catholic’s 57-50 overtime loss [...]

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Class A football: Wallkill High

Three things that jumped out at me during a recent visit to preseason camp: 1. The Panthers have two good quarterbacks. At last check, coach Brian Vegliando was mulling whether to go with junior Joe Pillitteri or senior Kevin Presutti. Vegliando wanted to make a decision at Camp of Champions in June, but it was [...]

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Class A football: Cornwall High

Here are a few things that I learned in two stops at Cornwall High football camp: 1. The kids are well-spoken and humble. Coach Marcus Hughes feels fortunate to have kids who want to improve through hard work in the offseason, and who listen closely during practice. “These are great kids who work hard,” Hughes [...]

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This is a crew that can’t be cut

Let me preface this by saying that every time I think of one duty I would never undertake as long as I live, the words “school board member” shoot through my cerebellum like a 10-pound pinball. I wouldn’t serve on a school board, any school board, for a well-greased salary, no less for the very [...]

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A new era in NFA basketball

To say I got off on the wrong foot with Matt Brown would be a bit of an understatement. Matt is about to begin his career as the varsity head coach of the Newburgh Free Academy boys’ basketball team. He is taking over a program amid challenging circumstances, to say the least, most notably the controversy surrounding rampant [...]

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Orchard Park-Newburgh: two days later, still two bad calls

I very rarely make a big deal out of officiating. They rarely make mistakes and almost never have a say in deciding the outcome. When they do make mistakes, I almost always chalk them up to human error, not gross negligence, not favoritism. Officials make mistakes, just like players and coaches and sportswriters make mistakes. I [...]

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