Wednesday H.S. postponements, site changes

Red Hook at Marlboro, 4:15 p.m. (site change)
Highland at Rondout Valley, ppd.
Ellenville at Millbrook, ppd.
Kingston at Minisink Valley, ppd.

Boys golf
Minisink Valley vs. Port Jervis, ppd.

Boys lacrosse
Newburgh at Warwick, 4 p.m. (new time)
O’Neill at Burke Catholic, ppd.

Girls golf
Newburgh, Port Jervis vs. New Paltz, ppd.
Valley Central vs. O’Neill, ppd.
Fallsburg, Warwick vs. Rondout Valley, ppd.
Goshen, Roscoe vs. Middletown, ppd.

Middletown at Pine Bush, ppd.
Wallkill at Roosevelt, ppd.
Red Hook at Marlboro, 4:15 p.m. (site change)
HIghland at Rondout Valley, ppd.
Dover at Onteora, ppd.
Ellenville at Millbrook, ppd.
Pine Plains at Rhinebeck, ppd.
Tri-Valley at Eldred, ppd.
Newburgh at Kingston, ppd.
Monticello at O’Neill, 4:15 p.m. (new site)

Track and field
Sullivan West, Chapel Field at Liberty, ppd.
O’Neill at Monticello, ppd.
Coleman Catholic at Spackenkill, ppd.

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Tuesday postponements

Pine Bush at Valley Central, ppd.
Warwick at Monroe-Woodbury, ppd.
Spackenkill at Poughkeepsie, ppd.
Tri-Valley at Burke Catholic, ppd.
Kingston at Minisink Valley, ppd.
Monticello at Chester, ppd.
Eldred-S.S. Seward, at Rock Sports Park, Chester, 5 p.m.

Boys lacrosse
Pine Bush at Wallkill, 4 p.m.
New Paltz at Newburgh, 4:30 p.m.
Red Hook at Roosevelt, ppd.
Monroe-Woodbury at Millbrook, 4:30 p.m.
Cornwall at Rondout Valley, ppd.
Washingtonville vs. Highland, at Marlboro H.S., 6 p.m.

Boys tennis
Valley Central at Minisink Valley, ppd.
Washingtonville at Warwick, ppd.
O’Neill at Port Jervis, ppd.
Monticello at Goshen, ppd.
Middletown at Newburgh, ppd.
Pine Bush at Monroe-Woodbury, ppd.
Kingston at Cornwall, ppd.
New Paltz-Millbrook, at Webutuck H.S., 4:15 p.m.

Spackenkill at Arlington B, ppd.
Burke Catholic at Port Jervis, ppd.
Ellenville at Sullivan West, ppd.

Track and field
Pine Bush at Middletown, ppd.
Warwick at Minisink Valley, 4 p.m.
Valley Central at Washingtonville, ppd.
Cornwall at Monroe-Woodbury, ppd.
Ellenville at New Paltz, ppd.
Dover at Red Hook, ppd.
Saugerties at Onteora, ppd.
Wallkill at Rondout Valley, ppd.
Marlboro at Roosevelt, 4:15 p.m.
Newburgh at Kingston, ppd.

College baseball
Marist at Albany, ppd.
Manhattan at Army, ppd. To Wednesday, 3:30 p.m.

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Sunny Monday, yet cancellations

Wet fields, lack of practice, etc.
You name it, there’s still a handful of cancellations on this beautiful Monday afternoon.
By the way: heavy rains called for Tuesday, so expect more postponements.

Burke at Cornwall
Chester at Goshen
Walton at Tri-Valley

Boys golf
Monticello at Newburgh

Boys tennis
Rhinebeck at Red Hook
Onteora at Highland
Ellenville at Millbrook

Monticello at Liberty
Ellenville at Sullivan West
Walton at Tri-Valley

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2017 final boys basketball stats

S.S. Seward sophomore guard John Guerra led the area in scoring, averaging 21.6 points per game, in his first varsity season.

Saugerties seventh-grader Dior Johnson finished second in scoring (21.1).

Goshen junior Myles Ukoh averaged an area-high 10.3 rebounds and 3.8 blocks per game.

Middletown sophomore Marquis Gill had an area-high eight assists per game.

Statistics were provided by coaches and gathered from team pages on Max Preps.

Coaches, who would like their players included in the leaders, please email statistics to

Varsity 845 boys basketball leaders

(Statistics as provided by coaches and via Max Preps)
John Guerra, S.S. Seward             21.6
Dior Johnson, Saugerties              21.1
Avery Coston, Rondout                 21.0
Brandon Powell, Pine Bush          19.8
Marquis Gill, Middletown             18.0
Ryan Lutz, Goshen                          17.4
Marquis Johnson, Pine Bush       17.0
Bryan Powell, Pine Bush                16.5
Jaiden Allen, Marlboro                 16.3
Axel Rodriguez, New Paltz           15.8
Jose Cruz, Ellenville                        15.3
Justin Dunikowski, Wallkill          15.2
Erek Binkowski, Eldred                  15.0
Nazair Holland, NFA                       14.6
Zach Goldstein, Warwick              13.9
P.J. Morais, Washingtonville      13.8
Myles Ukoh, Goshen                      13.7
Chris Wright, Kingston                  13.5
Wesley Cruz, Ellenville                  13.2
Jake Pawliczak, Burke Catholic  13.1
Zack Foley, Goshen                         12.7
Sam Clark, NFA                                 11.8
A.J. Dembroski, Wallkill                11.7
Andrew Huffman, Rondout         11.7
Ryan Johnson, Washingtonville 11.6
Demani Thomas, Kingston           11.5
Richie Cummings, Minisink          11.2
Joe Nugent, Marlboro                   10.7
Austin Casey, Marlboro                 10.5
Andre Twyman, Highland             10.5
John Perugino, Marlboro              10.3
Mitch Kernizan, Wallkill                 10.2
Mason Memmelaar, Pine Bush  10.2
Andre Paul, Burke Catholic          10.2

Varsity 845 rebounding leaders
Myles Ukoh, Goshen                     10.3
Erek Binkowski, Eldred                  9.0
Jake Pawliczak, Burke Catholic   8.8
Bryan Powell, Pine Bush                8.6
Leroy Bird, Wallkill                          7.8
Sam Clark, NFA                                 7.8
Nazair Holland, NFA                       7.8
Devante Nelson, Warwick             7.8
A.J. Dembroski, Wallkill                7.7
Ryan Johnson, Washingtonville 7.6
Sam Clark, NFA                                  7.4
Mason Memmelaar, Pine Bush    7.4
Corey Burke, New Paltz                  7.2
Joe Nugent, Marlboro                    7.1
Mitch Kernizan, Wallkill                7.0
Bobby Verblaauw, S.S. Seward    7.0
P.J. Morais, Washingtonville       6.8
Christian Bromfield, Goshen        6.7
Jaiden Allen, Marlboro                  6.6
Marquis Johnson, Pine Bush       6.3
Ricky Vreeland, Warwick              6.2

Varsity 845 assists leaders
Marquis Gill, Middletown             8.0
Chris Wright, Kingston                   5.9
Demani Thomas, Kingston           5.7
Marquis Johnson, Pine Bush       4.4
Austin Casey, Marlboro                 4.3
Jose Cruz, Ellenville                         4.3
Sam Clark, NFA                                 4.2
Zack Foley, Goshen                         4.2
Brandon Powell, Pine Bush          4.2
Erek Binkowski, Eldred                  4.0
Wesley Cruz, Ellenville                   4.0
Austin Curlin, Saugerties               3.8
John Guerra, S.S. Seward              3.6
Ryan Castle, Wallkill                        3.5
Axel Rodriguez, New Paltz           3.5
Andre Paul, Burke Catholic          3.1

Varsity 845 steals leaders
Jose Cruz, Ellenville                       5.2
Chris Wright, Kingston                  4.0
Wesley Cruz, Ellenville                  3.7
John Guerra, S.S. Seward             3.4
Brandon Powell, Pine Bush          3.2
Marquis Johnson, Pine Bush       3.0
Demani Thomas, Kingston           3.0
Bryan Powell, Pine Bush               2.7
Dior Johnson, Saugerties             2.6
Ryan Lutz, Goshen                          2.5
Mason Memmelaar, Pine Bush  2.5
Austin Casey, Marlboro               2.2
Sam Clark, NFA                               2.2
A.J. Dembroski, Wallkill              2.1
Ryan Johnson, Washingtonville 2.1
P.J. Morais, Washingtonville       2.1
Billy Aussenheimer, Wash’ville  2.0
Erek Binkowski, Eldred                  2.0
Sivon Diconcilio, Ellenville         2.0
Mitch Kernizan, Wallkill                2.0
Joe Nugent, Marlboro                   2.0

Varsity 845 block shot leaders

Myles Ukoh, Goshen                     3.8
Corey Burke, New Paltz               2.8
Nazair Holland, NFA                    2.3
Mason Memmelaar, Pine Bush  2.1
Bryan Powell, Pine Bush              1.9
Jake Pawliczak, Burke Catholic 1.7
Erek Binkowski, Eldred                1.5
Jack Zimmer, Washingtonville 1.4

3-pointers made
Justin Dunikowski, Wallkill          75
Ryan Lutz, Goshen                          64
Brandon Powell, Pine Bush          49
Alberto Florez, Monticello          45
Marquis Johnson, Pine Bush       41
John Guerra, S.S. Seward             40
John Perugino, Marlboro             36
Jaiden Allen, Marlboro                 35
Marquis Gill, Middletown             35

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2017 Varsity 845 Boys Basketball All-Stars

The Varsity 845 boys basketball all-star package is live online and in print.

Pine Bush, the area’s best team, swept the player and coach awards.

Guard Marquis Johnson’s improved game and decision making helped Pine Bush reach uncharted territory this season. Read Johnson’s player of the year story here.

Coach Steve Distefano guided Pine Bush to its first Section 9 title in 17 years and wins in its first 21 games before a state opening-round setback to eventual champion Mount Vernon. Read Distefano’s coach of the year story here.

Pine Bush junior twins Brandon and Bryan Powell, S.S. Seward sophomore guard John Guerra and John S. Burke Catholic junior forward Jake Pawliczak joined Johnson on the first team. For bios on the first team and a list of the second and third-team all-stars, click here.

Photographer Erik Gliedman gave the all-star team a new look this year. Gliedman used the basketball player’s team colors as background for the photos. The photos can be viewed our Instagram account @Varsity845

VIDEO: Varsity 845 boys basketball first-team all-stars share their favorite moments of the season

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Rain wipes out most of Friday high school, college schedules

High school varsity
Eldred at Monticello, ppd.
Onteora at Saugerties, ppd.
Valley Central at Arlington, ppd.
Boys lacrosse
Burke Catholic at Middletown, ppd.
Washingtonville at Clarkstown North, ppd.
Millbrook at Roosevelt, 4:30 p.m.
Valley Central Clarkstown South, 5 p.m.
Boys tennis
Minisink Valley at Kingston, ppd.
Pine Bush at Warwick, ppd.
Girls lacrosse
Pine Bush at Saugerties, ppd.
Burke Catholic at Warwick, ppd.
Sullivan West at Ellenville, ppd.
New Paltz at Rondout Valley, ppd.
Tuxedo at Yonkers Montessori, 4:30 p.m.

SUNY Oswego at SUNY New Paltz, ppd.
Men’s tennis
St. Joseph’s-Brooklyn at Mount Saint Mary, ppd.
Rowan Gloucester at SUNY Orange (DH), ppd.
Women’s tennis
SUNY New Paltz at Ithaca, 3:30 p.m.

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2017 Varsity 845 Wrestling All Stars

The 2017 Varsity 845 wrestling team is live online and in print.

Ryan Ferro, the V845 wrestler of the year for the second straight season, helped rebuild Warwick’s youth program with coach Phil Szumlaski. The program went from six or seven wrestlers to more than 100. And, all the young wrestlers want to be like Ferro, a state champion. Read the story here.

Ferro, Monroe-Woodbury’s Evan Barczak and Kendall Elfstrum, Eldred’s Noah Curreri, Goshen’s Ryan Ellefsen, Wallkill’s Mike Fekishazy and Minisink Valley’s Tyler Lynch return to the first team. Read their all-star bios here.

Photographer Erik Gliedman changed up the way we shoot our all-stars this year. Gliedman used the team colors of the wrestler as background for the photos. The photos can be viewed at the top of all-star bios story or on our Instagram account @Varsity845.

VIDEO: Wrestler of the Year Ryan Ferro talks about his favorite moment of the season and rebuilding Warwick’s youth wrestling program

VIDEO: Varsity 845 all-stars share their favorite moment of the 2016-17 season

VIDEO: State champion Kendall Elfstrum is a man of few words so his Monroe-Woodbury teammates decided to help him out with his favorite moment of the year.

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2017 Virginia Beach Nationals: Elfstrum places third, Barczak, Ellefsen all-Americans

Monroe-Woodbury 182-pounder Kendall Elfstrum won his sixth match of the Virginia Beach Senior Nationals, defeating George Walton of Bound Brook, N.J. 4-3 to finish third.

Elfstrum, who will wrestle at Division I Princeton in the fall,  earned all-American (top eight) status for the third straight year.

Monroe-Woodbury’s Evan Barczak and Goshen’s Ryan Ellefsen repeated as all-Americans.

Barczak, who will wrestle for Division I Drexel in the fall, placed fifth at 160 pounds, defeating Shawn Mosca of Wheatley, N.Y. 6-1 for fifth place.

Ellefsen, who will wrestle for Division I Clarion in the fall, pinned Freddie Green of Spanaway Lake, Wash. in 3:53 in the fifth-place match.

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State champion Ryan Ferro picks Ohio State

Warwick senior Ryan Ferro committed to wrestle at Big Ten power Ohio State Sunday afternoon following a visit to Columbus this weekend.

Ferro, a two-time state champion and four-time Section 9 titlist, chose Ohio State over Maryland, North Carolina and Edinboro. He’s expected to compete for a spot in Ohio State’s lineup at 157 pounds. Ohio State placed second in the NCAA Division I championships earlier this month.

“The coaches were great,” Ferro said. “They were nice and seemed very committed at what they were doing there. I really liked that. All the kids on the team treated me good. I thought everything about that school was that awesome.”

For more on Ferro’s commitment, check back later on and

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2017 Virginia Beach Nationals Day Two results

Monroe-Woodbury’s Kendall Elfstrum just missed making the 182-pound finals of the Virginia Beach Senior Nationals Saturday.

Elfstrum fell to Mike Battista of Broad Run, Va. 10-9 in the semifinals. Battista escaped late in the match to win. Elfstrum bounced back, winning his next match and will wrestle for third place Sunday.

Monroe-Woodbury 160-pounder Evan Barczak and Goshen 220-pounder Ryan Ellefsen will wrestle for fifth place Sunday.

Eldred senior Noah Curreri, who won six times in the wrestleback round, fell one win short of placing. Curreri lost to Barczak 5-1 in his final match of the tournament.

Minisink Valley 138-pounder Dom Vetrano made a run in the consolation bracket of the Junior Nationals, winning six straight matches. He also was one win away from placing.

Senior Nationals

Tyler Lynch, Minisink Valley, 113 pounds (3-2 in tournament)
First-round wrestleback: pin Curtis Lenz (Rainier, Wash.) :32
Second-round wrestleback: pin Dominic Cerillo (Niceville, Fla.) 3:40
Third-round wrestleback:  W 1-0 Chris Rivera (Patchogue Medford, N.Y.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: L 4-0 Anthony Pacheco (Sanger, Calif.)

Evan Barczak, Monroe-Woodbury, 160 (wrestling for 5th place)
Quarterfinal: L 6-5 Bailee O’Reilly (Goodhue, Minn.)
Seventh-round wrestleback: W 5-1 Noah Curreri (Eldred)
Consolation quarterfinals: W 5-1 Jakob Discher (Wasatch, Utah)
Consolation semifinals: L 2-1 Isaiah Johnson (A.L. Brown, N.C.)

Noah Curreri, Eldred, 160 (6-2)
First-round wrestleback: W 8-3 Charles Small (Manatee, Fla.)
Second-round wrestleback: W 6-0 Hunter Corwin (Union Pines, N.C.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 17-1, 4:00 Solly Cornish (Athens Drive, N.C.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: W 3-1 Juan Vernaza (Somerset Academy, Fla.)
Fifth-round wrestleback: W 3-2 Austin Deffenbaugh (Brandon, Fla.)
Sixth-round wrestleback: W 14-8 Barry Carpenter (Oscar Smith, Va.)
Seventh-round wrestleback: L 5-1 Evan Barczak (Monroe-Woodbury)

Kendall Elfstrum, Monroe-Woodbury, 182 (wrestling for third place)
Quarterfinals: W  6-0 Dan Surich (Mahwah, N.J.)
Semifinals: L 10-9 Mike Battista (Broad Run, Va.)
Consolation semifinals: W 7-2 Josh Loomer (Cajon, Calif.)

Ryan Ellefsen, Goshen, 220 (wrestling for fifth place)
Second-round wrestleback: Pin 1:49 Sebastian Rocher (Mauhs, Vt.)
Third-round wrestleback: Pin 2:09 Darrell Mason (Dunbar, Ill.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: W 7-0 Jarrett Walters (Danville Area, Pa.)
Fifth-round wrestleback: W forfeit Zach Knighton-Ward (Uniondale, N.Y.)
Consolation quarterfinals: Pin 1:29 Joe Marcano (Brandon, Fla.)
Consolation semifinals: L 8-3 Victor Lacombe (Hunterdon Central, N.J.)

Junior Nationals
Joey Porco, Delaware Valley, Pa., 106 pounds (0-2)

First-round wrestleback: Pinned :46 Thomas Dyment (Bethel, Ark.)

Connor Greiner, Minisink Valley, 126 (4-2)
Second-round wrestleback: W 11-0 Joe Paul (Maggie Walker, Va.)
Third-round wrestleback: Pin 3:03 Michael Crockett (Pulaski Academy, Ariz.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: W 7-1 Kyle Sams (Putnam Valley, N.Y.)
Fifth-round wrestleback: L 6-0 Nick Gonzales (Adams City, Colo.)

Mike McKinney, Delaware Valley, Pa., 132 (4-2)
Second-round wrestleback: Pin 3:29 Andy Evans (Freedom, Pa.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 6-4 Skyler Minutelli (Sparrows Point, Md.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: W 8-5 Anthony Herrera (Stansbury, Utah)
Fifth-round wrestleback: W 3-0 Adam Davis (Culver Military Academy, Ind.)
Sixth-round wrestleback: Pinned 2:20 Wes Rayburn (Piedra Vista, N.M.)

Vinny Vetrano, Minisink Valley, 132 (3-2)
Second-round wrestleback: W 5-0 Caelin Cascione (Jansen Beach, Fla.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 13-0 Matt Shelburne (Va.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: L 5-1 Alex Isbrandt (Miami East, Ohio)

Dom Vetrano, Minisink Valley, 138 (7-2)
Second-round wrestleback: W 3-1 Kade Grigsby (Columbia, Idaho)
Third-round wrestleback: W 12-0 Jacob Brady (Timber Creek, Fla.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: W 2-1 Angelo Mahaffey (Saucon Valley, Pa.)
Fifth-round wrestleback: W 1-0 Tristan Sellmer (Floyd, Ind.)
Sixth-round wrestleback: W 5-2 Gavin Stika (Norwayne, Ohio)
Seventh-round wrestleback: W 6-5 Phil Daub (Enka, N.C.)
Eighth-round wrestleback: L 8-2 Trent Johnson (John Hardin, Ky.)

Shawn Davis, Delaware Valley, Pa., 152 (0-2)
Second-round wrestleback: Pinned 3:02 Conor Panzarella (Donovan Catholic, N.J.)

Dillon Ross, Onteora, 152 (4-2)
Second-round wrestleback: W 11-0 Daniel Hajduk (Johns Creek, Ga.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 6-1 Michael Lucas (Holy Rosary Academy, Ark.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: W 4-3 Henry Hill (Vestavia Hill, Ala.)
Fifth-round wrestleback: W 2-1 Mikey Barrett (Bristol Eastern, Conn.)
Sixth-round wrestleback: L 6-0 Ron Miller (Battlefield, Va.)

Shaun Burgos, Pine Bush, 160 (3-2)
First-round wrestleback: Pin :35 Ty Husser (Rossford, Ohio)
Second-round wrestleback: W 12-7 James Murray (Lugoff-Elgin, S.C.)
Third-round wrestleback: L 11-4 Jakob Kennedy (Prince George, Va.)

Timmy Ganuncio, Minisink Valley, 170 (3-2)
Second-round wrestleback: W 11-5 Mike Parrish (Eastport-South Manor, N.Y.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 8-5 Will Kohlins (Lambert, Ga.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: W 7-4 Levi Larkin (West Central, Minn.)
Fifth-round wrestleback: L 6-4 Brandon Dickman (Creekside, Fla.)

Adonis Morano, Middletown, 170 (1-2)
Fourth-round wrestleback: L 6-2 Jack Krug (Bellmore-JFK, N.Y.)

Joey Yanis, Minisink Valley, 182 (2-2)
Fifth-round wrestleback: L 6-2 Tyler Matheny (Lake Braddock, Va.)

Andrew Kidd, Delaware Valley, Pa., 182 (2-2)
Third-round wrestleback: W 13-5 Edward Chavez (Rio Rancho, N.M.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: L 6-3 Christian Salter (Siegel, Tenn.)

Shane Fagan, Delaware Valley, Pa., 182 (0-2)
First-round wrestleback: Pinned 3:16 Austin Andres (Goddard, Kansas)

Andrew Fenner, Minisink Valley, 285 (2-2)
Fourth-round wrestleback: Pin 2:24 Brian Sidle (N.J.)
Fifth-round wrestleback: L 2-0 Isaiah McWilliams (Washington, Ind.)

Sophomore Nationals
Marco Vespa, Monroe-Woodbury, 120 (0-2)
First-round wrestleback:
L forfeit Isaiah Castile (Crete Monee, Ill.)

Nick Curreri, Eldred, 126 (0-2)
Second-round wrestleback: L 5-0 C.J. Thompson (Camden Catholic, N.J.)

Frank Fea, Goshen, 126 (2-2)
Second-round wrestleback: Pin 1:59 Michael Shook (Union Pines, N.C.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 10-5 Zeke Marquez (Silver, N.M.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: L 6-4 Jon Spadaford (Half Hollow Hills East, N.Y.)

Nick Albornoz, Minisink Valley, 132 (2-2)
Third-round wrestleback: W 14-0 Dreyon Eure (Owings Mills, Md.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: Pinned 2:50 Reese Karst (Powell, Wy.)

Jack Dardia, Delaware Valley, Pa., 132 (0-2)
First-round wrestleback: L 3-1 Noah Roulo (Va.)

Damien Lobello, Delaware Valley, Pa. (0-2)
Second-round wrestleback: L 14-0 Lajess Sawyer (Center Moriches, N.Y.)

Steven Gazzillo, Cornwall, 145 (1-2)
First-round wrestleback: Pin 2:50 Kole Krause (Groton, N.Y.)
Second-round wrestleback: L 8-1 Nathan Villareal (Gilroy, Calif.)

Kraig Thomas, Wallkill, 152 (2-2)
Second-round wrestleback: W 5-1 James Robert (Ellis Tech, Conn.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 5-4 Nkosi Barnes (Lexington, N.C.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: L 4-2 Seamus Selmi  (Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Md.)

Will Leonard, Cornwall, 182 (3-2)
First-round wrestleback: Pin 2:16 Jayden McCubbin (Cave Spring, Va.)
Second-round wrestleback: W 4-2 Dylynn Houser (Cookeville, Tenn.)
Third-round wrestleback: W 5-4 Tahjah Watts (Vidalia, Ga.)
Fourth-round wrestleback: L 9-1 Shane Noonan (Hazleton Area, Pa.)

Freshman Nationals
Nick Picariello, Minisink Valley, 106 pounds
Second-round wrestleback:
Pinned 3:52 Logan Sciotto (Rocky Point, N.Y.)

Nate Ross, Onteora, 126 (0-2)
First-round wrestleback: Pinned 1:26 Stockton O’Brien (Wasatch, Utah)

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