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Meghan E. Murphy is the Education Reporter for the Times Herald-Record. Email her news tips and comments at

What’s in store for schools in president’s budget

As previewed in the State of the Union, President Barack Obama’s 2013 budget urges big investment for education. Overall, the request increases the U.S. Department of Education budget by $1.7 billion or 2.5 percent, according to the federal education department. The money wouldn’t go to formula aids like Title I. But the budget has a [...]

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Live chat with governor’s education secretary today

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Deputy Secretary for Education David Wakelyn will answer questions in a web chat this afternoon at 3 p.m. You can submit questions for consideration at the Citizen Connects website. I’ve posed two questions already on school performance grants and teacher evaluations. It’s my understanding that Wakelyn is working on the governor’s budget [...]

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School finance consortium details challenges of tax cap

Rick Timbs, director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium, goes through some basic misconceptions about the 2 percent tax levy cap for school district and the upcoming budget votes. The consortium is calling on the governor to put more money into basic aid for education and to change the funding formula for schools to level [...]

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Governor’s mandate relief council in Hudson Valley Feb. 28

The state Mandate Relief Council is traveling the state and will hold a public meeting in the Hudson Valley on Feb. 28. No further details on the location were provided. The Council was created by the governor and legislature to address costs facing local governments. Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy will host the public hearings. School [...]

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State ed. releases proposed NCLB waiver for comment

The New York State Education Department Tuesday released for public comment the draft waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The waiver makes some fundamental shifts in how schools will be held accountable in the future. For example, instead of the current standard of 100 percent proficiency for all students by 2014, the [...]

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State ed. and union in productive talks on teacher evaluation lawsuit

The state education department put out a press release on Friday saying that the New York State United Teachers and state education department are making progress toward a settlement on a teacher evaluation lawsuit. In his state of the state address, Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged the two parties to resolve the issue within 30 days [...]

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Responses roll in on Cuomo’s budget proposals for schools

Education stakeholders are already weighing in on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget address on education. Cuomo proposed an $800 million increase in education funding, some of which will go to a competitive grants program, and said he would tie state aid increases to the district implementing a teacher evaluation system. He also called on the state [...]

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Who’s to blame for teacher evaluation delays?

The New York Post has joined the voices accusing the teachers union of risking $700 million in Race to the Top fund and blocking meaningful education reform. In an editorial, the Post lays the blame squarely at the feet of New York State United Teachers. In my column Wednesday, I spelled out how Gov. Andrew [...]

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School finance expert: Research shows money matters in education

On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointed himself the students’ lobbyist for New York state. A policy paper released Friday suggests that if Cuomo wants to improve students outcomes, he’s going to have to increase funding to education. The Albert Shanker Institute released “Revisiting the Age-Old Question: Does Money Matter in Education?” In the paper, school [...]

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New York not among early learning Race to the Top winners

The federal education department Friday announced the nine winners of an early learning iteration of Race to the Top and New York was not among them. New York asked for $100 million to expand its QUALITYStarsNY tool, which rates early childhood learning programs. The state also wants to provide early childhood providers with professional development. [...]

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