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Meier earns pole position for 358 finale

Orange County Fair Speedway multiple-division champion Tommy Meier earned the pole position for Saturday’s Eastern States 100 small-block modified championship by posting the fastest time trial on Friday afternoon. Rounding out the top six starting spots are Rick Laubach, Billy Decker, Michael Storms, Brett Hearn and David Van Horn Jr.Banished to the qualifying heats were […]

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It’s a green flag for Friday racing

The time trials for the 358 modifieds is set to begin at Orange County Fair Speedway, and it doesn’t appear there will be any weather issues the remainder of the day.Only 42 cars signed up for small-block modiifeds and just 48 for the modified division — this is a bit down from what race organizers […]

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You can’t always trust the weatherman

It’s Friday morning at Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, and the weather is rather nice, considering the awful forecasts for the weekend. It’s partly cloudy, the sun is poking through the clouds to the south and it’s chilly, temps in the low 40s. There are gray clouds to the west, and that’s where the […]

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Middletown weather not so promising for racing

No matter the weather website, the forecast for this weekend’s Eastern States is dismal at best. These are some forecasts as of 8 p.m. Thursday: FRIDAYAccuWeather: Temperatures in the upper 30s; rain forecast for the hours of 10 a.m., noon, 1 p.m., 4-7 p.m., 10 p.m.Intellicast: Rain, snow and light rain forecast throughout the day, […]

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OCFS Thursday afternoon update

Mike Gurda glanced outside the window of his offices at Orange County Fair Speedway and had to laugh. A wet snow was falling outside on Thursday afternoon, some 18 hours before the opening of the 48th annual Eastern States. The vaunted “hard clay’’ on the track resembled more of a slick, gooey mud.Gurda, the Fairgrounds […]

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Accord/King of the Catskills results

Modified 1             66       Jerry Higbie                   2             4          Andy Bachetti                3             76R     Mike Ricci                      4             51       Mike Colsten                 5             42P     Pat Ward                       6             21B     Greg Hastie                   7             211     Chuck McKee               8             99K     Kevin Duryea                 9             28       Danny Johnson             10           8          Billy Pauch Sr.               11           97T     Stewart Friesen            12           21Y     Jamie Yannone             13           1A       Brian Weaver                14           […]

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Bethel Motor Speedway results from Sept. 19

SportsmanHoldover feature: 1. Dan Conklin, 2. Greg Morgan, 3. Dom Roselli, 4. Eddie Redner, 5. Bryanna Hurban.Feature: 1. Greg Morgan, 2. Tyler Boniface, 3. Dom Roselli, 4. Mike Skelly, 5. Jerry Curry, 6. Larry Badaracco, 7. Ken Moulton Jr., 8. Bryanna Hurban, 9. Dan Conklin, 10. Tony Squicciarini, 11. Tony Suozzo, 12. Justin Holland, 13. […]

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Accord Speedway final points standings

Modified Car #       Name                                        Total              1)      66            Jerry Higbie                             542                2)      4              Andy Bachetti                          482                3)      76R         Mike Ricci                                468                4)      99K         Kevin Duryea                           451                5)      69            Bob Trapper                            442                6)      20            Scott Ferrier                            425                7)      6X           Jackie Brown Jr.                     393                8)      84            Mel Schrufer                            391                9)      10E         Rich Eurich                              390                10)    73            Rick Mill                                    […]

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Accord Speedway results for Sept. 18

Modified 1         4             Andy Bachetti                           2         66           Jerry Higbie                              3         22           Danny Tyler                              4         76R        Mike Ricci                                5         90           Tom Demarmels                      6         69           Bob Trapper                             7         96           Rick Holsten                             8         15           Hank Goranson                        9         71           Russ Zimmerman                    10        99K        Kevin Duryea                           11        Z69         Robbie Green                          12        35           Lex Burritt                                 13        21B        Greg Hastie                              14        62           […]

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OCFS results for September 12

The modified, sportsman and pro stock features at Orange County Fair Speedway were rained out. Check the OCFS website for make-up dates. Northeast Dirt Vintage ModifiedFeature: 1. Rob Rowe; 2. Leon Sauger; 3. Dave Werber; 4. Howard Murphy; 5. Anthony Cannizaro; 6. John Hager; 7. Pat Murphy; 8. Mike Murphy. Veteran pure stockFeature: 1. Julius […]

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