Charles Davis talks about calling the Super Bowl and moving back to the NFL booth

New Paltz High School graduate Charles Davis will be the analyst for Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast for NFL’s international audience. It’s the third year in a row that he will be working with New York Giants announcer Bob Papa.
Here’s what Davis had to say about calling the big game.
Davis: It’s a blast, it’s an absolute blast. Obviously, it’s not quite the same as what the CBS crew will be doing for an American television audience for 115 million people. But you know you are going to over 120 countries. It’s kind of exciting … we are bringing them the Super Bowl.
You call it a little bit different than you would a regular game because it’s not as simple as “Sally, Dick, and Jane” (books). That’s too much, but you are finding yourself explaining things a little bit more than you would to an American audience that is more steeped in the game. You explain why they would punt here or how many yards to get a first down or why did they get to start over again, things of that nature.
For the most part it’s absolute fun. It’s my third year doing it. I am doing it with Bob Papa again for the third straight year. I can’t ask for much more than that. It’s a pretty good deal for a kid from New Paltz, to call a Super Bowl. I’ve called national championship games in college for Fox Sports for three years and this is my third Super Bowl. That’s well and above what I ever would have expected in my life.

THR: How do you feel about the responsibility to the audience?
Davis: You always feel like you have that responsibility to do it right but all I can do is do the best job that I can. I don’t have any more responsibility than Phil Simms does with him calling it or when Troy Aikman has his chance to call it or Cris Collinsworth. The responsibility is to do the best job you can while being you, not being someone else. You have a responsibility to address the things that happened during the game and then give them your best, honest answers, critiques and analysis that you can.
But you know as well as I do you’re not going to satisfy everybody, no matter what you do. All you can do is do the best job you can. In this case you have a responsibility of introducing the game of football to a lot of audience that may not follow the game that much, they may be tuned in for more of the pageantry. Maybe they’re trying to learn it and you are trying to teach them about what it’s all about and show them why these great athletes make the game is so much fun for us Americans. That part is a blast.
The other thing is you get reminded from time to time that other people are watching. I remember a couple years ago we were doing the game in New York and Bob Papa and I were getting texts from people we knew on the PGA Tour … they were in Dubai. They were following the game that we were calling so that was kind of cool.

THR: Have you learned anything about your approach, having done three national championship college games and two previous Super Bowls? I am sure you improve like any player would.
Davis: I would hope. I would certainly hope I have improved since I started. I try to improve game to game. My biggest thing is, and I hope this does not sound trite at all, but it is something that I know and believe in this is how I do it. Every game I call like the Super Bowl to me. My preparation doesn’t change. My focus doesn’t change. The way I want to portray the game doesn’t change. This (game is different because) it’s the Super Bowl but the way that I go about to prepare does not. So this is not any different for me than calling a regular-season game of whoever vs. whoever, whether it’s college or pro. I am not naïve enough to think that you don’t have a little extra juice because you are calling the Super Bowl or a little extra juice because you’re calling the national championship game or a big-time bowl game. I’ve called the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl. There is a little bit of extra adrenaline that goes with it but not any extra preparation.

THR: What did you think about your move from college football back to the NFL this year?
Davis: I was flattered to think that … I was good enough to go back (to the NFL). But remember, in 2009 and 2010, I did full seasons of the NFL on Fox with Dick Stockton – talk about a Hall of Fame guy that you’re standing next to. I tell him all the time that you were like deep soundtrack of my upbringing, from calling Carlton Fisk’s home run (to win Game 6 of the 1975 World Series), to doing the NBA Finals and listening to him call the NFL. I did two full seasons with him before they moved me back to college.
It wasn’t like going back to the NFL was a brand-new experience, but a lot changes in four years. Getting back and getting acclimated again …it was fun, it was scary, it was all those things that went with it. I was paired with Thom Brennaman, with whom I did the college games with the national championships, so that made it easy, and Tony Siragusa, the world champion from the Baltimore Ravens …that was the first time we had worked together. We had a blast. He was great to work with and has become a tremendous friend. That was fun to go back into the NFL and do that.
Would I say I don’t miss college football? No, not at all. I miss it tremendously. It’s a great place. I was working with Gus Johnson and the number one team with Fox. If my bosses thought enough to move me (back to the NFL), that’s pretty flattering deal.

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Regional broadcast media make Super Bowl predictions

The Hudson Valley is lucky to have so many talented broadcasters available locally and in the New York City market. Many of these friends and acquaintances were kind enough to keep up a tradition and provide their Super Bowl predictions for my blog. I would like to thank all of these folks for participating.

Rich DeMarco, radio play-by-play voice of Army football, basketball and baseball
Denver 24, Carolina 18 – Peyton Manning wins his swan song, but the game is won by the Denver defense. Scoring 20 was enough versus New England, and I think the Broncos find a way to put up 24 points here. Denver will force three turnovers and come up with a defensive/special teams touchdown. Von Miller wins MVP honors.

Doug Sherman, sports anchor for WRGB-6 in Albany; MAAC basketball TV play-by-play
Denver 31, Carolina 14 – I am a sucker for a good storyline. Having Peyton Manning walk off the field for good as a Super Bowl champion would rival the retirement of his boss, John Elway.

Freddie Coleman, late-night host on ESPN Radio; former Hudson Valley sportscaster
Carolina 27, Denver 16 – I think Jonathan Stewart will be a huge complement to Cam Newton and keep that terrific Broncos ‘D’ honest. I also believe that the defense that can impose its will on the opposing offense will decide Super Bowl 50. I think that will be the Panthers, in Peyton Manning’s final game.

Rick Zolzer, Hudson Valley sports radio personality, Renegades public address announcer
Carolina 23, Denver 16 – Although my heart wants me to see Peyton ride off into the sunset with that trophy on his back, my brain says, based on the Panthers offense (despite going against the best defense in the NFL) the Broncos would have to score at least 21 points to win and I don’t think Manning has that in the gas tank. So I will predict with my head and not my heart and say Panthers 23, Broncos 16.

Jack George, Hudson Valley radio disc jockey, sports personality
Carolina 33, Denver 21 – Even though Peyton is the sentimental favorite, Carolina has been ripping through defenses this year. I don’t see it any differently this time.

Eric Frede, former Hudson Valley sportscaster; New England/UConn play-by-play voice
Carolina 27, Denver 13 – Luke Kuechly will be the MVP after intercepting Peyton Manning twice, once for a touchdown. Manning retires, prepares to be lead game analyst with Jim Nantz next season.

Rick Schultz, former Renegades radio voice
Carolina 31, Denver 20 – Youth over age at the quarterback position. I expect the Panthers defense to create a turnover or two early, forcing Peyton Manning to take second-half risks.

Geoff Brault, Marist football, women’s basketball play-by-play voice
Carolina 24, Denver 17 – Denver’s defense is great, but Cam Newton is better.

Bob DeFelice, WGNY radio voice, market manager
Carolina by 14 – I like the Panthers. I think the explosive combination of QB Cam Newton and the Panthers’ “shut ‘em down” defense will be too much for Denver to handle!

Mike Ferraro, Marist sports information director, fill-in radio play-by-play voice
Denver 20, Carolina 17 – Here’s my “completely unbiased” pick, my 29 years of being a Broncos fan notwithstanding: Broncos 20, Panthers 17. I’m a believer in the “kicking and screaming” mentality John Elway and Gary Kubiak have instilled with this Broncos team, which has thrived with guts over aesthetics. I think Denver needs to do two things to win this game: win the line of scrimmage defensively, and commit fewer than two turnovers. Carolina is talented in all facets, but this Denver team has thrived against tough competition all year, and I believe the Broncos will prevail.

Charlie Cornacchio, Hudson Valley News Network, former cable news sports anchor
Carolina 28, Denver 17 – Both teams have good defense, Carolina a little better offense. But what I really like is how the Panthers defense forces opposing offenses to play out of their game plan.

Chris Watson, Time Warner News sports anchor, play-by-play voice
Denver 19, Carolina 17 – The last time I picked against a great defense in the Super Bowl was when Seattle beat Denver a couple years ago. I learned my lesson, believing in a great defense in the big game.

Charles Davis, New Paltz native, Fox Sports and NFL Network football analyst
Carolina 30, Denver 21 – This Carolina team may not have many stars on offense, but their often-overlooked defense has plenty of big-time defenders that will make life difficult for the Broncos offense to sustain drives.
Big congratulations, win or lose, to Panthers GM Dave Gettleman. He was the head coach at Spackenkill High School when I played at New Paltz (we played twice, fortunate to win both times), so it’s really fun to see someone so involved in the game that has ties to my home region.

Kevin Devaney, MSG Varsity play-by-play voice
Carolina 19, Denver 17 – Cam Newton spoils the storybook ending for Peyton Manning with a fourth-quarter scoring drive. Panthers go down as one of the best seasons ever.

Dean Darling, Army football analyst, Marist basketball play-by-play
Carolina 31 Denver 25 – Close game decided late. I feel Carolina TE Greg Olsen might have a good game.

Tony Morino, Army football sidelines reporter, longtime Hudson Valley play-by-play voice and anchor
Carolina 38, Denver 14 – The Panthers seem like they have been toying with opponents all year. Well-rounded and great on both sides of the ball, even dominant at times. Denver’s defense could keep them in this game but I am not sure their offense can do what they want to against the Panthers. While the sentimental pick is Peyton Manning and the Broncos, I think the Panthers win going away.

Ed Coleman, WFAN Mets beat reporter, Sunday NFL host
Denver 23, Carolina 20 – I don’t know how successful the Broncos run game will be against that Carolina front, but I know they’ll run it enough to both chew up time and keep it away from Cam Newton. The Denver ‘D’ led the NFL in both fewest yards per carry rushing and fewest yards allowed per throw – not many teams have done both in the same season. And the Panthers regularly score over 30 per game, but only one team went over 30 vs. Denver (Pittsburgh in Week 15).

Chris Spatola, West Point grad, sports talk show host, college basketball analyst
Carolina 30, Denver 13 – You are what your record says you are! Carolina’s been the best team in the league all year. They have the MVP. No reason to think any of that changes Sunday.

Howard Herman, former Army basketball voice
Carolina 31, Denver 20 – As good as the Denver defense has been, I think the Broncos haven’t faced anyone like Cam Newton. The key will be to keep him in the pocket.

Bob Picozzi, ESPN radio sportscaster, TV college basketball play-by-play
Carolina 20, Denver 16 – Carolina has better talent offensively and deserves to be favored. But I think Denver’s defense and Peyton Manning’s guile and experience can keep it close for 60 minutes. And I would not be shocked in the Broncos win.

Rob Adams, former Hudson Valley play-by-play voice, Connecticut talk show host
Carolina 30, Denver 20 – I want to see a happy farewell for Peyton Manning, but it’s not going to work out. It’s Cam Newton’s world now.

Kevin Connors, ESPN SportsCenter anchor, former Kingston TV sports anchor
Denver 23, Carolina 19 – I think it’s a close game. I think Denver’s defense finds a way to give Cam Newton problems (it’s already held both Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady under 20 points this postseason) and I think Peyton Manning rides off into the sunset with one final, magical performance.
Of course this all sets the stage for the beginning of the new Buffalo Bills dynasty, which begins next season. #RexInEffect!!

John Minko, WFAN update anchor, St. John’s basketball radio play-by-play, former Army football play-by-play voice
Carolina wins – Unfortunately, Panthers in a rout. There are too many reasons they are 17-1. Best team usually wins and they are the best team, with the best player.

Joe Ausanio, former Major League pitcher, Marist softball coach, former TV baseball analyst
Carolina 27, Denver 13 – I think Carolina’s defense will be the difference in the game.

Julianne Viani, college basketball TV analyst, former Marist standout
Denver 20, Carolina 17 – I’m picking Denver to win because everyone else is picking the Panthers. The Panthers might be the better offensive team but Peyton Manning is due for a title, and I used to live in Denver. Plus, I do believe the Broncos can win if they put enough pressure on Cam Newton and they can turn him over a few times. If anyone’s defense can do it, it’s the Broncos. Cam tends to take a lot of chances, and Peyton is more conservative on the offensive end. If they can do this, Peyton will come home with a trophy, unlike two years ago, and this one won’t be a blowout!!!

Bill Rogan, former Renegades and Army basketball radio play-by-play, Denver radio talk show host
Carolina 31, Denver 17 – Living here in Denver, what I am about to write could get me killed. Thanks. But, for you, here ya go. I believe Carolina is the better team and this is Cam’s year. People yap about Denver’s No. 1-rated defense but we’re not talking the 1985 Bears here or the Lawrence Taylor Giants ‘D.’ Cam is too much and wins the MVP.

Bob Beretta, Army associate AD, former basketball radio analyst
Denver 27, Carolina 24 – It would be nice to see Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset with a championship.

Ann Ligouri, longtime WFAN radio host
Carolina 28, Denver 14 – As much as I’d like Peyton to end his illustrious career with a second Super Bowl victory, and as tough as the Broncos defense is, Cam will lead Carolina to the win. He’s full of confidence from his stellar season and the Panthers are too strong, both offensively and defensively, to lose.

Chris Wragge, WCBS-2 news anchor, former sports and golf anchor
Carolina 27, Denver 23 – Cam too tough. Equally tough defenses. Slight edge to Denver, but I think Cam is the great variable. Causes major issues for opposing defenses.

Jay Reynolds, ESPN Radio SportsCenter anchor, former Hudson Valley radio news anchor
Carolina has edge – Full disclosure, I’m a Panthers fan … but there are great storylines for either outcome. Still, my gut has been telling me all along that Carolina will win. Peyton Manning has experience on this stage and I’m sure the Broncos will want to send him off with a ring if this is, indeed, his “last rodeo.” But for that to happen, the Broncos’ defense will have to carry them. When you consider how that defense absolutely stymied the Patriots in the AFC title game, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. That said, Cam Newton has the ability to beat a defense in multiple ways and Carolina’s defense isn’t too shabby either. So if the Carolina defense can keep Manning and the Denver offense in check, I think the Panthers have the edge.
I’m not necessarily big into predicting scores, but I see where the good folks in Las Vegas have set the over/under at 45. If you were to force me to wager my kids’ school lunch money, I’d point to the two elite defenses and take the ‘under’.

Dave Sims, Westwood One Radio NFL announcer, Seattle Mariners TV/radio play-by-play, former WFAN host and WCBS-2 sports anchor
Carolina 27, Denver 17 – Sentimentally, I’d like to see “The Sheriff” go out on top, but Carolina is too ornery on both sides of the ball. Newton is on fire, his receivers are better than we thought. If Denver’s pass rush forces Cam to run, the Broncos tackling game better be at its best.

Jiggs McDonald, long-time Islanders TV play-by-play voice
Denver 31, Carolina 27 (via his heart) – My head says Carolina wins by 10 points or more. The storybook ending of course belongs to Peyton Manning. Heck, Cam Newton has a lot of years ahead to win the Super Bowl. If the Broncos are to write the story, their defense is going to be responsible and play their best game of their individual careers. “OMAHA !!”

Marc Kestecher, ESPN Radio anchor, NBA voice
Carolina 31, Denver 17 – I had a chance to see both teams “live” this season. And while I respect that Denver defense, I’ve just been so impressed with the Panthers Newton, Olsen and Stewart. And I really like Carolina’s front 7 on defense.

Howie Karpin, New York City radio sportscaster, book author
Denver 26, Carolina 24 – Peyton Manning is not being expected to carry his team this time. I think Denver has the linebackers and a defensive front that can “deal” with Cam Newton. It’s very important for the Broncos to take a lead and not let Carolina get off to another fast start as they did in their two post-season games.

Kevin Halpenny, longtime Hudson Valley football radio voice
Denver 26, Carolina 21 – I think the Denver defense puts Cam & Company in some situations they haven’t seen and takes advantage. Peyton will rely heavily on the running game and Owen Daniels to keep the Broncos moving, but I think he will hook up with his deep threats for a couple of big plays late. Denver’s special teams will make a difference in this game, too.

Dan Reinhard, longtime Kingston football radio play-by-play voice
Carolina 31, Denver 17 – I have followed the career of GM Dave Gettleman since his days as the head football coach at Kingston High School. Panther offense will be too much for the Broncos defense. It’s been a great ride for Dave since his days in Kingston and as one of the oldest GM’s in the NFL he will be holding the Lombardi trophy on Sunday night.

Jason Barrett, former Hudson Valley radio talk show host
Denver 27, Carolina 24 – I’m picking with my heart rather than my head – Peyton Manning and the Broncos emerge victorious. Denver’s defense comes up big in crunch time, and Peyton rides off into the sunset, capping the perfect end to a Hall of Fame career.
Now watch, it’ll be Seattle-Denver all over again.

John Tobin, WPDH host, longtime Jets fan
Carolina 23, Denver 20 – Is the Denver defense special or merely excellent? If “special,” they can carry the day.
This game’s narrative has a duality to it. They’ve hyped the Manning Sunset and they’ve hyped the “Cam as rocket ship” metaphor. The league wins either way.
Ok, prediction time. I think the over/under at 44.5 is just about dead-on. In a perfect world, Carolina gets the majority of those. (BTW, 23-20 is the most-common final score in NFL football).
Maybe I’m being too generous to Peyton. The 2014 Broncos blew up the scoreboard all season yet were reduced to a befuddled mess vs. Seattle. The same thing could happen here.
Then again, if the Denver defense is “special” they can take Newton’s unit down a few notches and maybe Peyton’s production can hold up. Those edge rushers are talented and hungry.
Boy, do I love to equivocate.

Brandon Tierney, former Marist baseball player, CBS Sports Network NFL talk show host, St. John’s basketball analyst
Denver 23, Carolina 20 – The Sheriff has one more bullet in his arsenal.

Casey Kahler, former Army football and basketball announcer
Carolina 17, Denver 10 – I like both the Denver and Carolina defenses and for that reason I am picking a low-scoring game. I think Carolina with Cam has the better offense. I think Carolina wins the game in one of the lowest-scoring Super Bowls of recent vintage.

Don LaGreca, ESPN New York radio co-host, Rangers radio voice
Carolina 30, Denver 17 – Carolina scored versus the Cardinals and Seahawks and can do it versus Denver. Also the Broncos need to score north of 24 points. Tough to do versus the Panther ‘D’ without turnovers.

Lindsay (Liquori) Quackenbush, former Time Warner sports anchor, current Florida sports anchor
Carolina 20, Denver 14 – Top defenses will square off but the NFL’s MVP Cam Newton will be the difference. “Superman” will lead the Panthers to their first franchise Super Bowl.

Tim Capstraw, Nets radio analyst, former Marist basketball radio analyst
Carolina 28, Denver 21

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WGNY/ESPN adds Westwood One radio programming

Newburgh radio station WGNY (1220-AM, 97.3-FM) has affiliated with national program provider Westwood One Radio. WGNY will air Sunday’s Super Bowl game, NCAA regular-season and tournament basketball games and the Summer Olympics.
WGNY remains an ESPN Radio affiliate, airing national talk-show programming, plus college football and basketball.
Westwood One also carries Masters golf action, NCAA regular-season football, postseason baseball and ice hockey and English Premier League soccer.

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Men’s gymnastics: Army second at West Point Open

Army coach Doug Van Everen was thinking his gymnastics team could pull off a huge upset at the West Point Open on Friday night after his team held a decent lead over multi-champion Penn State after three rotations.
Then the pommel horse doomed the Black Knights with multiple falls and form breaks. Penn State roared past Army for a win by 8 ½ points, and the Black Knights held on to nip arch rival Navy by just over a half-point for second place.
Army’s Jesse Glenn was primed to win the all-around title for a fourth year in a row before the coaching staff decided to bench him for the still rings, due to a sore shoulder. Glenn still posted a 69.8 despite competing in only five of the six events. He placed second on high bar, third in floor exercise and vaulting and sixth on parallel bars.
Also for Army, Sam Kusnitz placed second on floor exercise and Leo Genders tied for second on high bar.
Newcomer Cole Casanova placed third in the all-around, eighth on floor, ninth in vaulting and tenth on still rings. Andre Hufnagel and Nathan Goff placed 6-7 on pommel horse. Ryan Wilson and Elliott Herman tied for eighth on still rings. Wilson was fifth in vaulting, Kusnitz sixth and Genders ninth. Goff was sixth on high bar and tenth on parallel bars.
In general, the top 10 finishers per event will advance to Saturday’s apparatus finals; however, coaches will scratch some qualifiers to allow other gymnasts to compete, and a finals list was not available as of press time.

Team scores and key: 1. Penn State (PS) 424.85 points; 2. Army (A) 416.35; 3. Navy (N) 415.80; 4. Springfield (Spg) 403.20; 5. Temple (Tem) 398.05; 6. New York Alliance (NYA) 324.15.
All-around: 1. Dominic DiFulvio (PS) 83.4; 2. Jonathan Tang (N) 83.05; 3. Cole Casanova (A) 82.2; 3. Jon Zirna (Spg) 81.85; 5. Noah Beeman (N) 81.2; 6. Jakob Welsh (Tem) 80.1; 7. Casey Pilizzotto (Tem) 76.8; 8. Philip Ordonez (Spg) 76.1; 9. Matt Williams (NYA) 70.5; 10. Alexis Torres (PS) 70.25.
Floor exercise: 1. Torres (PS) 15.05; 2. Sam Kusnitz (A) 14.7; 3. Jesse Glenn (A) 14.65; 3. Tang (N) 14.65; 5. Mitchell Larios (N) 14.5; 5. DiFulvio (PS) 14.5; 7. Wyatt Tyndall (PS) 14.4; 8. Casanova (A) 14.25; 9. Jon Boyle (PS) 14.2; 10. Joe Fernandes (Tem) 14.1; 10. Christian McSwain (PS) 14.1; 12. Seth Cannon (A) 14.05; 13. Elliott Herman (A) 14.0; 15. Leo Genders (A) 13.75.
Pommel horse: 1. Zirna (Spg) 15.1; 2. Eric Morrison (N) 14.2; 3. Ben Cooperman (PS) 14.15; 4. Colin Coates (PS) 13.95; 5. Leroy Clarke Jr. (PS) 13.8; 6. Andre Hufnagel (A) 13.75; 7. Nathan Goff (A) 13.7; 7. Mike Tserkovnyuk (NYA) 13.7; 7. Welsh (Tem) 13.7; 10. Connor Westrick (N) 13.6; 16. Elijah-Ty Phelps (A) 13.0; 29. Glenn (A) 11.55; 29. Cannon (A) 11.55.
Still rings: 1. Clarke Jr. (PS) 14.55; 2. Noah Roberson (PS) 14.35; 3. Josh Gong (N) 14.0; 3. Cooperman (PS) 14.0; 5. Eric Poletti (N) 13.95; 6. Chris Graff (Spg) 13.9; 6. DiFulvio (PS) 13.9; 8. Ryan Wilson (A) 13.85; 8. Herman (A) 13.85; 10. Casanova (A) 13.8; 10. Wyatt LaPointe (N)13.8; 10. Antone Wright (Tem) 13.8; 10. Zirna (Spg) 13.8; 20. Goff (A) 13.3; 30. Joe Prits (A) 12.25.
Vault: 1. Larios (N) 15.2; 2. Joshua Smith (PS) 15.05; 3. Glenn (A) 14.7; 4. Tyndall (PS) 14.65; 5. Wilson (A) 14.6; 6. Kusnitz (A) 14.5; 7. DiFulvio (PS) 14.45; 7. Torres (PS) 14.45; 9. Genders (A) 14.35; 9. Jeremy Munn (PS) 14.35; 9. Tang (N) 14.35; 9. Casanova (A) 14.35; 21. Pritts (A) 13.85; 35. Devin Taylor (NYA, Middletown native) 12.5.
Parallel bars: 1. Clarke Jr. (PS) 15.1; 2. Torres (PS) 14.9; 3. Larios (N) 14.8; 4. Franz Card (PS) 14.6; 5. Zirna (Spg) 14.55; 6. Glenn (A) 14.4; 7. Tang (N) 14.35; 8. Derek Taranto (Spg) 14.3; 8. Westrick (N) 14.3; 10. DiFulvio (PS) 14.25; 10. Goff (A) 14.25; 13. Kusnitz (A) 14.0; 17. Nick McAfee (A) 13.85; 33. Cannon (A) 11.9
High bar: 1. Torres (PS) 14.7; 2. Glenn (A) 14.5; 2. Genders (A) 14.5; 2. Michael Burns (PS) 14.5; 5. Clarke Jr. (PS) 15.3; 6. Goff (A) 14.2; 6. Tucker McClure (Spg) 14.2; 8. Jon Rydzefski (Tem) 14.0; 9. Card (PS) 13.9; 15. Cannon (A) 13.65; 25. Kusnitz (A) 13.2.

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Sports TV history: Jan. 12

The New York Jets beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, in 1969. It was the first victory by the American Football League champion over the National Football League champ. A huge television audience watched the NBC telecast, anchored by Curt Gowdy and Al DeRogatis, of the game played at the Miami Orange Bowl. It was also a major stepping point in national exposure for Jets quarterback Joe Namath, who went on to host his own celebrity show, appear on television episodes such as “The Brady Bunch” and star in numerous commercials for shaving cream, cologne and pantyhose.

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This day in Sports TV history: Jan. 11

Happy birthday to soccer announcer John Paul Dellacamera, born in 1952. He currently calls games for the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer and formerly called the New York Red Bulls on MSG Network and the “new” New York Cosmos on SNY. He has called World Cup action for ESPN and ABC, including the 1999 women’s final between USA and China. He has called Olympics soccer on NBC.

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On this date: Dwight Clark makes “The Catch”

As we enjoy the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, let’s go back to a memorable game on this date from 1982. The Dallas Cowboys visited the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC championship, and Niners quarterback Joe Montana engineered a winning touchdown drive culminated with one of the more famous catches – by Dwight Clark – in NFL history.
Vin Scully and Hank Stram had the call for CBS Sports.

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MLS: Red Bulls secure 16 national TV matches in 2016

The New York Red Bulls open the Major League Soccer season on Sunday, March 6, at Red Bull Arena.
Sixteen matches will air on national television, including two New York Derby matchups on Fox Sports, and remaining games will likely be televised by the MSG Networks (MSG, MSG Plus). Four games will air on ESPN, one on ESPN2, two on Fox, five on Fox Sports 1 and four on Spanish network UniMas (with an English language secondary audio option).
The Red Bulls didn’t secure a New York radio package in 2015 so the team may return to providing English and Spanish language radio calls from the team website (

The 2016 Red Bulls schedule:
Sun. 6 – Toronto, 1:30 p.m. (MSG nets); Sat. 12 – at Montreal, TBD (MSG nets); Sat. 19 – Houston, 7 p.m. (MSG nets)
Fri. 1 – at New England, 7 p.m. (UniMas, MSG nets); Sat. 9 – Kansas City, 7 p.m. (MSG nets); Wed. 13 – at San Jose, 10:30 p.m. (MSG nets); Sat. 16 – at Colorado, 9 p.m. (MSG nets); Sun. 24 – Orlando, 7:30 p.m. (FS1); Fri. 29 – Dallas, 7 p.m. (MSG nets, UniMas)
Fri. 6 – at Orlando, 7 p.m. (MSG nets, UniMas); Fri. 13 – at D.C. United, 7 p.m. (MSG nets, UniMas); Wed. 18 – Chicago, 7:30 p.m. (MSG nets); Sat. 21 – at New York FC, 3 p.m. (Fox); Sat. 28 – Toronto, 7 p.m. (MSG nets)
Sun. 19 – Seattle, 7:30 p.m. (FS1); Wed. 22 – Salt Lake, 10 p.m. (MSG nets); Sat. 25 – at Columbus, 7:30 p.m. (MSG nets)
Sun. 3 – at New York FC, noon (ESPN); Sun. 10 – Portland, 6 p.m. (ESPN2); Wed. 13 – Orlando, 7:30 p.m. (MSG nets); Sun. 17 – at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. (FS1); Sun. 24 – New York FC, 1 p.m. (Fox); Sun. 31 – at Chicago, TBD (MSG nets)
Sun. 7 – at Los Angeles, 9:30 p.m. (FS1); sat. 13 – Montreal, 7 p.m. (MSG nets); Sun. 21 – at Washington, 3 p.m. (ESPN); Sun. 28 – New England, 2:30 p.m. (ESPN)
Sat. 3 – at Vancouver, TBD (MSG nets); Sun. 11 – D.C. United, 1 p.m. (ESPN); Sun. 18 – at Toronto, 7 p.m. (FS1); Sat. 24 – Montreal, 7 p.m. (MSG nets)
Sat. 1 – Philadelphia, 7 p.m. (MSG nets); Sat. 16 – Columbus, 5 p.m. (MSG nets); Sun. 23 – at Philadelphia, 4 p.m. (MSG nets)

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Did you know? College football bowl TV history

The history of college football bowl games on television is rich with the greatest broadcast talent, and that is never more evident than over the New Year’s holidays.
The 1952 Rose Bowl was the first national telecast of a college football game, and through the first 66 years the Grand Daddy of them all featured only six play-by-play announcers. The first 12 games were called by famed Yankees announcer Mel Allen. Renowned Mets announcer Lindsey Nelson had four calls (1964-67). Curt Gowdy got the next 12 calls (1968-79) until Dick Enberg drew the next nine assignments (1980-88). Once ABC gained the rights, it was only natural that Keith Jackson step in for 15 contests. Brent Musburger handled the call three times (1993, 1997 and 2003) and, once Jackson retired, he got the call eight years in a row (2007-14) before Chris Fowler became the seventh play-by-play man a year ago. Musburger was back in the seat for this year’s game – despite analyst Jesse Palmer claiming it was Musburger’s 15th Rose Bowl, it was the 12th he has called.
The Rose Bowl has made for an amazing exclusive chair.

Jesse Palmer made his Rose Bowl debut, putting an end to a nine-year run by Kirk Herbstreit. Merlin Olsen is the only other analyst to get nine Rose Bowls in a row, and Bob Griese called nine over 11 years, a streak broken twice by appearances by Dick Vermeil.

ESPN has televised the Rose Bowl for six consecutive years. NBC had the first 37 Rose Bowl national telecasts (1952-88). ABC had the next 22 (1989-2010).

Major bowl calls (Rose, Orange, Sugar, Cotton, Fiesta since 1982, plus National Championship)
* – indicates deceased

Keith Jackson 34; Lindsey Nelson* 31; Brent Musburger 24; Curt Gowdy* 18; Charlie Jones* 16 (one as analyst); Dick Enberg 15; Brad Nessler 14; Jim Simpson 13; Mel Allen* 12; Thom Brennaman 11; Don Criqui 11; Sean McDonough 10; Tim Brant 8 (4 as analyst); Chris Schenkel* 8 (one as analyst); Ray Scott* 6 (one as analyst); Pat Summerall* 6 (two as analyst); Jim Nantz 5; Tom Harmon 5 (one as analyst); Jack Drees* 4; Tim Ryan 4; Al Michaels 4; Gus Johnson 4; Tom Hammond 3; David Lapham 3; Bill Stern* 3 (two as analyst); Mike Tirico 3; Matt Vasgersian 3; Kenny Albert 3; Red Barber* 2; Joe Boland* 2; Chris Fowler 2; Verne Lundquist 2; Joe Tessitore 2
One – Mark Jones; Tom Leavitt; Eddie LeBaron*; Bob Neal; Dave Pasch; Sam Rosen; Dick Stockton; Bob Wischusen; Harry Wismer*; Tim Brando; Jim Britt; Jack Buck*; Joe Buck; Bill Flemming*; Frank Glieber*.

Bob Griese 22; Merlin Olsen* 13; Kirk Herbstreit 12; Pat Haden 10; John Brodie 10; Paul Christman* 9; Gary Danielson 8; Red Grange* 8; Bob Trumpy 8; Al DeRogatis* 8; Bud Wilkinson* 7; Frank Broyles 7; Charles Davis 7; Kyle Rote* 7; Todd Blackledge 7; Terry Brennan 6; Terry Donahue 6; Dan Fouts 6; Frank Gifford* 5; Tom Brookshier* 5; Todd Christensen* 5; Dick Vermeil 5; Ara Parseghian 5; Tim Green 5; Chick Hearn* 4; Paul Hornung 4; Matt Millen 4; Chris Spielman 4; Daryl Johnston 4; Dan Dierdorf 4; Ed Cunningham 4; Brian Baldinger 4; Johnny Lujack 3; Bill Walsh* 3
Two – Roger Staubach; Jesse Palmer; Johnny Sauer*; O.J. Simpson; Ron Jaworski; Bill Maas; Mike Mayock; Steve Davis; Len Dawson; Forest Evashevski*; Lee Giroux*; Jon Gruden; Terry Bradshaw; Jimmy Cefalo; Frankie Albert*; Barry Alvarez
One – Paul Alexander; Elmer Angsman*; Sam Balter*; Brian Billick; Dean Blevins; Terry Bowden; Jack Brickhouse*; George Connor*; Howard Cosell*; Randy Cross; Bob Davie; Brian Griese; Joe Hasel; Alex Hawkins; Herman Hickman*; Brock Huard; Braven Dyer*; Jim Lampley; Howie Long; Paul Maguire; Jim McKay*; Don Meredith*; David Norrie; Ron Pitts; George Ratterman*; Darrell Royal*; Sam Rutigliano; Barry Switzer; Bill Symes*; Jack Whitaker

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MSG, NYRA announce new horse racing TV pact

Madison Square Garden Networks and the New York Racing Association will present a live, daily racing series in 2016. From May 18-October 2, MSG Plus will produce live, multi-hour racing shows from Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course.
The Belmont TV series will run Wednesdays through Sundays from 4-6 p.m., and the Saratoga TV series will run Wednesdays through Mondays from 4-6:30 p.m. The only exceptions will be on dates when NBC and NBCSN will be providing live coverage. There will also be live shows for New York Showcase Day from Belmont’s fall meet and the Cigar Mile Day from Aqueduct Racetrack in November.
Providing commentary will be NYRA TV analysts Jason Blewitt, Richard Migliore, Sean Morris, Andy Serling and Maggie Wolfendale.
In recent years, MSG Plus aired NYRA races from Belmont, Saratoga and Aqueduct practically year round in a half-hour daily program.
The May-to-October schedule will provide MSG Plus with valuable live programming, that won’t be preempted by Islanders or Devils game action.
Live NYRA races have been available on horse racing betting channel TVG but there’s no word whether that will still be the case, though I would suspect they would be televised.
The NYRA website has provided live audio of races from the three tracks.

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