Jay Reynolds of ESPN Radio sticking with his Tar Heels

ESPN Radio “SportsCenter” anchor Jay Reynolds says he picked North Carolina to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament when it started, and he’s sticking with the Tar Heels in the Final Four.
Jay Reynolds:I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the four teams comes away with the championship. I would expect the top seeds to make it to the final on Monday.
I just think Connecticut and North Carolina are just the two strongest teams there. I don’t know if Villanova has the mid-range game to be able to do it, or enough to take Tyler Hansbrough out of the game. As for Michigan State, I am guessing there is a lot of pressure on them being so close to home. On top of that, going up against guys like (Nasheem) Thabeet inside and Connecticut’s inside presence … I think (the Huskies) are just the stronger team.
That having been said, it’s one of those on-any-given-day things, but I am expecting Connecticut and the Tar Heels (to play Monday). In my bracket, when I started, I went with North Carolina so I will stick with that. It was odd that my bracket ended up the same as President Obama’s. Then each of us got only one team there.”

“The 6-foot-8” Jay Reynolds used to ply his radio trade as a newsman with WPDH (101.5 FM) and WEOK (1390 AM) back in the day.

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