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Humanity’s Hall of Mirrors; Its Drugless Drug

Taking a deep breath and peering out through her fading eyes, a love of 57 years shifts her gaze to her husband. He sits as full of life as a recoiling heart ready to feed life-blood to a starved figure. Tears flow like lost treasures down his cheek; that stern cheek that had been dry […]

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Give Yourself “A Major Award” this Holiday Season!

It's A Major Award!

There’s only one Classic Holiday Movie that can claim the phrase, “It’s a major award!” Now that movie comes to life on the stage of the Woodstock Playhouse as one of the finest musicals around this holiday season: ‘A Christmas Story’, the musical! From the red-hot tap number, ‘You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out’ featuring Miss […]

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Filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss & Woodstock: 100 Years of Arts and Counting

The extraordinary center of the Arts that is Woodstock, will soon be celebrated by independent filmmaker Stephen Blauweiss in an upcoming feature documentary film. His fundraising gala at the Woodstock Playhouse on Saturday, November 5th at 8:00 p.m. will serve as a kick-starter event for his film project that will shed light on the extraordinary […]

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“Broadway in Your Backyard”

Taylor Dawn Brauer as Miss Adelaide and Kelly Murphy as Miss Sarah Brown are the real deal with voices and dance abilities that stop the show. Jacob Sefcak as Nathan Detroit and Michael Gaudio as Sky Masterson complete the male/female talent packed duos with delivery that will make you fall in love all over again. […]

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Would Woodstock (‘69) have been Woodstock (‘69) if Woodstock (NY) weren’t Woodstock (NY)?

Summer Festivals have happened in Woodstock NY ever since the founding of its great theatre and fine art institutions in the early 1900s, and they are happening in full force this very summer and indeed throughout the year. Woodstock was established on a main travel artery leading from New York City to the cool summer […]

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A Mother’s Day Gift: Summer Theatre Trumps the Ultimate Box of Chocolates

With the age of at-home-entertainment, computers and work that doesn’t stop, there is one thing that mothers, actually any of us, crave: to get out of the house. That box in which we live, no matter how comfy we make it – thanks to those infectious ‘Property Brothers’ or Chip and Joanna Gaines and their […]

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Mental Breaks: They can cure what ails you

Lucas Handwerker, Mentalist

Between the deafening war of politicians’ rhetoric armed with barbs of bigotry and spikes aimed to wound (or make stronger?) their competition/opposition, (and with them, our country,) there are moments, ever so brief, where within it is said that they take a breath; and for battered ears, there is a gloriously infinite moment of joyous […]

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Are you ready to go on a real life adventure with your child?

Adventures are found at every turn in life, and the path you help your child choose can provide them with a guidance and direction in a world where so many choices present themselves; a world that is spinning them as if in a whirling dervish of ghostly promises and interests that fly away as quickly […]

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Casting: the private elections of a new world

Headshots, resumes and letters of interest are already arriving daily from interested candidates who desire the positions that will have voices ringing out from the Woodstock Playhouse stage this summer in a season that will include Frank Loesser’s ‘Guys & Dolls’ and the Stephen Schwartz/Bob Fosse branded ‘Pippin’. This is one of the most exciting […]

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Happy New Year & Happy 70th Season Forestburgh Playhouse!

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is upon us! My name is Franklin Trapp and I am the Producer of the Forestburgh Playhouse. We are a professional summer theatre located in the heart of the Catskills. This year we celebrate our 70th season of entertaining audiences in Sullivan County and beyond. I am extremely excited […]

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