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Dr. James Zgoda

Education: University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Animal Behavior 1980 Rutgers Univ., M.S. Zoology 1981 Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, D.V.M., 1985 Owner and chief veterinarian of Otterkill Animal Hospital in Campbell Hall, NY since 1995. Licensed NYS and Federal wildlife rehabilitator. Practice treats all companion animals including dogs,cats, ferrets, rabbits, birds, reptiles, small mammals, pigs, sheep and goats. Member of multiple professional organizations. One of a few practitioners involved in reproductive medicine.

Keep Your Cat from Becoming a Tree Ornament

Keep your Cat from becoming a Tree Ornament The holidays come with enough added stress that you don’t also have to worry about keeping your cat from redecorating your Christmas tree. This beautiful holiday tradition can often prove just too irresistible to our feline companions and the occasional dog too. Teaching a cat to peacefully […]

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I’m so Glad I’m a Veterinarian

    I’m so glad I’m a veterinarian and not a physician. Not to disrespect the whole human medical profession, but holy smokes what a mess it’s become.  Some of it is entirely beyond the individual physician’s control, but come on – the entire profession can do a better job if it just tried to […]

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Your Car Is an Oven The recent story about the individual leaving two dogs in car in Poughkeepsie leading to their deaths is so disheartening and frustrating.   DON’T YOU PEOPLE GET IT?   There are articles and warnings about how hot a car can get published every summer just like this post.  Yet every year, thousands […]

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Putting Fourth of July Phobias to Rest

A Fearless Independence Day for Fido Every year, as Independence Day rolls around, we veterinarians field many phone calls from clients worried about how their dogs are going to react to the noises of the celebration. The whole concept of the day seems odd to me. Isn’t England our greatest friend and ally? It strikes […]

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Zoo – Could it Really Happen?

Zoo – Could it Happen? A television adaptation of James Patterson’s novel Zoo is currently creating a stir in the animal community. Mostly just in the humans, as other animals see television for what it really is. I like James Patterson’s books and of course love animals so this was an easy read for me. […]

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Baby Animals Should Be Left Where They Are!

    LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! It’s that time of year again. Spring is in full bloom and summer just around the corner.  Mother Nature is bringing lots of babies into the world right now.  As a wildlife veterinarian and rehabilitator I see many types of wild animals that are brought into the hospital this time of […]

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It’s Still Called Practice

It’s Still Called Practice   On June 2 I had the hard to believe it’s even possible pleasure of celebrating thirty years (30 years!) of being a veterinarian.  The New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell said goodbye and sent me on my way. (By the way – that is the official name […]

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Salute our Veteran Military Animals Today Too!

Salute our Veteran Military Animals Today Too! Memorial Day is devoted to remembering those who gave their lives so that we may enjoy freedom. On this special day, let’s also remember and give thanks to all of the animals that have served in the military and also given their lives in support of our veterans.  […]

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Rocky’s Law – A Good Start

Rocky’s Law – A Good Start There has been a lot of press lately about the recent passage of a law requiring an Animal Abuser Registry in Orange County, New York. Modeled after similar laws in many counties in both New York State and around the country, this law requires that anyone convicted of animal […]

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Secrets of the Stool Sample – Part 2  THE WORMS!                              Continuing our journey into the secrets of the stool sample, let’s learn about those monsters inside us – the worms. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what worms our animals can be exposed to and infected with, what the symptoms look like […]

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