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Getting to Know Portions

Cornerstone Family Healthcare’s Nutritionist: Barbara Moschitta, MPS, RD, CDN Our eyes are bigger than our stomach and the concept of portions are changing. The traditional plate and cup sizes have increased over the years. The availability of supersized portions, and “suggested” serving size on product labels make it difficult for us to understand what the [...]

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Skin, Sun, and Sunscreen

                Tracy Lucas, FNP,  Chief of Ambulatory Pediatrics, Cornerstone Family Healthcare As the weather becomes warmer and the sun gets a little bit stronger it is important to remember sunscreen. In observance of Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Awareness Month, we recognize how sunburn effects an abundance of people; [...]

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Every Kid Healthy Week

                Adeola Ayodeji, MD, FAAP Every Kid Healthy Week was created to celebrate school health and wellness achievements. Observed the last week of April each year, this special week shines a spotlight on the great efforts school partners are doing to improve the health and wellness of their [...]

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Poison Ivy: “Leaves of Three, Let them Be”

        Kate Michalak, L.Ac., PA-C, Cornerstone Family Healthcare What is Poison Ivy? It is a rash comes from the oil of certain plants.  The oil is called urushiol.  The rash is itchy and can spread to wherever the oil touches.  The rash tends to be patchy or linear, raised and fluid filled, [...]

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Tiana Osbourne, DDS, Cornerstone Family Healthcare   Can you imagine life without your tongue or the ability to taste and chew your favorite foods?  This could be a potential reality of surviving aggressive oral cancer treatment. Each year about 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. Oral cancer accounts for four percent of all cancers, [...]

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National Autism Awareness Month

Cornerstone Family Healthcare Pediatrician, Dr. Alicia Pointer, DO As we observe April as National Autism Awareness Month, one of Cornerstone’s pediatricians, Dr. Pointer, answered some frequently asked questions about the disorder and how to help your child if you suspect signs or symptoms. What is autism? Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, is a condition that [...]

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Finding Hope Through Health Education

Annia Reyes, Health Education Coordinator Imagine you are an individual who lives without a car in an area with limited public transportation and work a minimum wage job that does not offer health insurance benefits. After 10 years of not going to see a doctor because it was not in the budget, you go to [...]

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Sound the Alarm: National Diabetes Alert Day

Held March 28, 2017, American Diabetes Association Alert Day is a day to sound the alarm about the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in American adults. An estimated 86 million Americans have prediabetes, and 90 percent of them don’t know they have it. Prediabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes and its many serious complications. [...]

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Spring is near! Do you suffer from allergies?

          Monica Francis, PA Runny nose. Itchy watery eyes. Sneezing, sneezing, and more sneezing. It doesn’t have to be this way though. There are ways to manage the health of yourself and your family for allergy season. Common seasonal allergies are the body’s allergic response to an outside allergen. Grass, pollen and mold [...]

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A Balanced Bite for Spring

Registered Dietician Barbara Moschitta, MPS, RD, CDN  Spring is less than two weeks away, so get your kitchen ready with some healthy, vibrant meal ideas!   Grilled Salmon Fillets, Asparagus and Onions           Nutrients per Serving: 255 Calories 8g Total Fat 1g Saturated Fat 35g Protein 8g Carbohydrates 86mg Cholesterol 2g [...]

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