Step up, restaurateurs. No bologna.

See, I'm serious. I'm actually eating these for lunch.

I have a sordid history with food.

I’m the kid who was raised on Lunchables. But not the new kinds with pizza and chicken sliders and nachos. I’m talking crackers, bologna, cheddar cheese, Capri Sun, some random brownie thing.

Oh yeah, and I love bologna and cheese. And mayonnaise. Love it so much that I’m eating it right now for lunch.

That was my diet. That and Herr’s salt and vinegar potato chips (an all-time classic), fried chicken, mashed potatoes, slices of Tony’s Pizzeria’s famous ground beef pizza, and tons of sugary cereal. Until I was like 19.

I actually remember the first time I visited a Thai restaurant, in Boston (during college), and ordering the seafood platter. Have you ever ordered the seafood platter? It’s a collection of seafood for four people. I had it by myself. I was nauseous before I could bite into the scallops. Later I discovered pad Thai, the Lunchable of Thai food. I was hooked, then in time branched out to more adventurous foods.

A decade after changing my diet, here I am at 29, and I’m happy to say I love all foods. I try new things all the time. I try to keep it healthy, though I’ll be honest, there’s a bag of cheddar jalapeno Cheetos next to my bologna and cheese sandwich right now. I’m calling today Throwback Day, by the way.

Point is I love trying new foods, and just as much, I love cooking new foods. Ask my fiance – I’ve made her seven- and eight-course meals, plus orchestrated a dinner party for eight people and an Easter dinner for 12 people. Most of my life is insane and unorthodox, but for some reason, cooking puts me in a happy, organized place, and I love it. So it’s my thing. Along with eating. And so here we are, this blog about cooking and eating.

And the Hudson Valley! I love this area. I’ve eaten at plenty of local haunts. But because I love to cook, I wanted to find a way to incorporate that into a blog about food. So here’s the deal:

I write about a Hudson Valley restaurant that has a special food. I attempt to recreate that food and write about that experience. We laugh, we cry, we eat.

Sound good?

So here’s where you come in: If you own a restaurant here in the Valley, tell me about your special dish, the one that people rave about, the one that makes you unique. I want to tell its story, and then, I want to recreate it.

I call it Tabled. Because who knows: maybe one of these will work.

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