Bowl update: Texas bound?

A report by’s Brett McMurphy paints two scenarios where Army would play its bowl game in the state of Texas.

Both scenarios are directly related to whether Navy or Western Michigan receives the Cotton Bowl bid as the highest-ranked team outside the Power Five conferences.

McMurphy reports if Navy plays in the Cotton Bowl, Army would play in the Armed Forces Bowl against a Big 12 team (likely Texas) on Dec. 23 in Ft. Worth, Texas. That scenario has undefeated Western Michigan (13-0) playing North Texas (5-7) in the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

For Navy (9-2) to make its case over Western Michigan for the Cotton Bowl, the Midshipmen would have to beat Army for the 15th straight time on Dec. 10 in Baltimore and defeat Temple in the American Athletic Conference championship Saturday in Annapolis.

If Western Michigan plays in the Cotton Bowl, McMurphy reports Army would play North Texas in the Heart of Dallas Bowl on Dec. 27. Not that most attractive game for Army.

The game would be a rematch of the Oct. 22 game, which Army lost 35-18 to North Texas at Michie Stadium.

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Army-Navy game versus bowl game

Jeff Monken coached in five straight bowl games as a Navy assistant.

Navy received a bowl bid on each occasion before the Army-Navy game.

“Nobody thought about the bowl games,” Monken said. “They were thinking about one thing…We knew where we were going but we were concentrating solely on that game. This team will too.”

Monken has led Army to its first bowl game since 2010. But, nothing in college football beats the Army-Navy game, Monken says. Story: Link 

“It’s (Army-Navy) going to be a big, big game and the bowl game is kind of a game after that one. It can’t match the intensity of this game. I don’t know if anything can match the intensity of this game.”

Army defensive coordinator Jay Bateman said earlier this week he hadn’t thought 30 seconds about the bowl game.

“The bowl game is great,” Bateman said. “I’m excited for our kids to have the opportunity. It’s great for the program. It’s a mark of a winning program, which is huge. But, this one (Army-Navy) is the big one.”

Army players Alex Aukerman, Jeremy Timpf, Colby Enegren and Christian Poe agree with Monken and Bateman. Story: Link

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Notebook: Trick plays, special teams update

Army fans rest easy.

Coach Jeff Monken said the Black Knights won’t dive deep into its offensive playbook against Navy on Dec. 10.

Army called a wide receiver pass from Navy’s 39-yard line trailing 21-17 late in the fourth quarter last season. The play didn’t fool Navy. DeAndre Bell’s pass was picked off at Navy’s 3. The Midshipmen would hold on for their 14th straight victory over Army.

“I don’t think you beat Navy or you win a big game by having a bunch of tricks and things that you are not good at and you haven’t done,” Monken said after Thursday’s practice. “We have to be good at the things that we do. Our offense and the plays that we’ve run all year, we have to do the very best we can to execute those plays against them, block them and sustain blocks.”

Linebackers Alex Aukerman and Jeremy Timpf said they both watched Navy’s 75-31 win over SMU Saturday. Aukerman and Timpf respect Navy’s offense. Timpf can’t see the same scenario unfolding when Army’s No. 5-ranked defense meets Navy. Army held Navy to a season-low in points last December.

“Last year, Navy was ranked high and we didn’t have too hot of a season,” Timpf said. “Coach (Jay) Bateman (Army’s defensive coordinator) prepares us really well and he knows the triple option really well. We have a pretty veteran defense that knows the triple option well. They do have a powerful offense but we are going to know more about it than some of the teams they have faced this year.”

Special teams update: Monken said Army could use wide receiver Jermaine Adams or J.D. Mote as its punter or both against Navy. “We are kind of playing it out right now.”

Junior Blake Wilson will likely be Army’s kicker, Monken said. Sophomore John Abercrombie has impressed the coaching staff since earning a spot on the team during a Nov. 16 tryout.

“He’s really good in terms of his accuracy on PATs and field goals,” Monken said. “Not a long leg but very accurate. I’m excited about him.

Abercrombie will dress for the Navy game. “I don’t know that he will play at this point,” Monken said. “It’s a lot to put on guy, his first game kicking for this team to do it in that game. I don’t know if it would be fair to ask him to do that.”

Marlboro graduate and senior Matt Tamburri, who also participated in the Nov. 16 tryout, isn’t on the team anymore. Tamburri, a linebacker and defensive captain for sprint (lightweight) football, was competing to be the team’s top long snapper.

“We just didn’t feel like he was going to beat the guys out that we had,” Monken said.

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Notebook: Bowl waiting game continues, Navy focus

Army is heading to its first bowl game since 2010.

Players and coaches can’t wait to find out their bowl and opponent Sunday, right?

Coach Jeff Monken said Sunday’s announcement will be, “a little anticlimactic.”

“We know we’re in,” Monken said. “That’s no secret. That’s out there. The matter of where we are going, that is going to be decided this weekend at some point. That will be great for our team and great for this university. I’m certain everybody here at the academy is going to be excited to know that we are going to a bowl game.”

Army’s bowl destination remains a bit of a mystery. Army will have its pick of the remaining bowls, seeking a team. Currently, there are three openings.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy and Mark Schlabach both projected Army to play Houston in the St. Petersburg Bowl on Dec. 26.

Army’s bowl status will not, “steal any focus,” from his team’s final regular-season game against Navy on Dec. 10, Monken said. The Black Knights look to snap a 14-game losing streak to No. 19 Navy (9-2).

“This (Army-Navy) is a game that we all desperately want to win,” Monken said. “I know our seniors do. This is their last opportunity to play Navy. Hopefully, we can play our very best.”

Senior slotback Joe Walker said the team’s focus has been at, “an all-time high” since it returned to practice Monday following Thanksgiving break.

“Guys are getting after it,” Walker said. “The intensity is picking up…The guys are playing really hard and I’m excited.”

Army continues through its second week of preparation for the Army-Navy game. Advantage Army.

“There’s a lot of other teams that are done with their season or are going to play in bowl games and taking the week off,” Monken said. “There are teams that are sitting out and are done now, we are going to get two more weeks of practice on them.”

The negative of playing in college football’s latest regular-season game – recruiting. While Army gets ready for Navy, Air Force is on the recruiting trail.

“Air Force is out now home visiting for the next two weeks,” Monken said. “We can’t do it. We get two weeks behind them. That’s not good. It’s the price you pay for being in the Army-Navy game. They don’t have the Army-Navy game. They have nothing that will ever come close to the Army-Navy game. You got the biggest game in college football and you hope that helps you.”

Missed this one: Marlboro graduate and senior Matt Tamburri was added to the team as a long snapper after the kicking tryout on Nov. 16. Tamburri, a sprint football (lightweight) linebacker, was the team’s defensive captain.

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Bowl update: Projection – Black Knights bowl bound

Army is projected to play in its first bowl game since 2010 and the Black Knights have Navy partly to thank for it.

Three teams – SMU, Ole Miss and North Texas – seeking their sixth win and bowl eligibility Saturday – lost, leaving only five candidates for the eight remaining bowl slots and creating three openings for teams with five bowl-eligible victories, which includes Army.

Navy defeated SMU 75-31, handing the Mustangs its seventh loss. Mississippi State and UTEP knocked off Ole Miss and North Texas respectively.

As of Saturday night, 75 teams are bowl eligible. Five openings remain. Louisiana-Lafayette and South Alabama are the only teams left with a chance at six wins and postseason eligibility. Louisiana-Lafayette and South Alabama, both 5-6, play their regular-season finale next December 3.

Bowl openings are filled based on a team’s Academic Progress Rate.

Vanderbilt’s win over Tennessee completed an ideal day for Army.

Army needed victories by Vanderbilt and Northwestern and a loss by Duke to be the top APR-qualifying team.

Army now will have its pick of bowls with open slots.

What bowl will Army play in?

Bowl openings may not be determined until next week.

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Defense breakdown: Notre Dame

Senior linebacker Andrew King, senior safety Xavier Moss, sophomore linebacker Kenneth Brinson and freshmen cornerbacks Jaylon McClinton and Elijah Riley played all 72 snaps on defense in a 44-6 loss to Notre Dame on Nov. 12.

Army gave up touchdowns on Notre Dame’s first three drives and didn’t force the Irish to punt once.

Junior safety Rhyan England was banged up and left the game with 13:34 left in the second quarter and returned to play in the second half.

Notre Dame held the ball for the final 8 minutes and 51 seconds on a 14-play drive, which featured 13 runs.

Turnovers: 1. Xavier Moss, interception, third quarter, no points off turnover.

Third-down defense: Notre Dame converted 10-of-13 opportunities. Six of the 10 conversions were on the ground.

Defensive penalties: 3. James Gibson, pass interference; Elijah Riley, pass interference; Andrew King, offside.

Notre Dame plays of 20 yards or more: 5. Passing – 3 (Stepherson, 37 yards, touchdown; Smythe 31 yards, touchdown; St. Brown, 25 yards). Rushing – 2 (Kizer 27 yards; Kizer 23 yards).

Here’s a breakdown: (72 defensive snaps as charted off DVR):

*LB Kenneth Brinson (72 snaps): 6 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 16th career start
*LB Andrew King (72 snaps): 10 tackles, 0.5 tackle for loss, 32nd career start
#*DB Jaylon McClinton (72 snaps): 9 tackles, 1 pass breakup, 0.5 tackle for loss, 2nd career start
*S Xavier Moss (72 snaps): 13 tackles, 1 interception, 43rd career start
*#CB Elijah Riley (72 snaps): 7 tackles, 8th career start
*LB Jeremy Timpf (71 snaps): 6 tackles, 0.5 tackle for loss, 34th career/straight start
*LB Alex Aukerman (63 snaps): 5 tackles, 17th career start
*DE John Voit (48 snaps): 1 tackle, 21st career start
*S Rhyan England (44 snaps): 4 tackles, 26th career start
*NT Andrew McLean (43 snaps): 8th career start
*LB James Gibson (39 snaps): 5 tackles, XXX career start
S Max Regan (28 snaps): 3 tackles, 1 pass breakup, 0.5 tackle for loss
DE Jordan Smith (28 snaps): 1 tackle
DE Eddy Ruzga (22 snaps): 3 tackles
NT Ray Wright (19 snaps): 1 tackle
NT Cordarrell Davis (8 plays):
#LB Cole Christiansen (7 plays): 1 tackle
LB James Nachtigal (7 plays): 1 tackle
CB Jalen Sharp (7 snaps)
#LB Ryan Parker (1 snap): 1 tackle

* – starter
# – freshman

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Offense breakdown: Notre Dame

Freshman guard Jaxson Deaton, making his first career start, played all 50 offensive snaps in a 44-6 loss to Notre Dame on Nov. 12.

Center Bryce Holland and tackles Rich Kurz and Brett Toth also took every snap for Army.

Junior quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw (knee) missed his first start of the season and was limited to holding on a field goal and an extra point.

Sophomore Chris Carter made his first start at quarterback since the Navy game last December. Freshman Malik McGue replaced Carter with 55 seconds left in the third quarter and Notre Dame leading 44-6.

Sophomore Andy Davidson, who has been battling shoulder, knee and ankle injured, played just one series and did not have a carry.

Rushing yards by quarter: First quarter – 70; Second quarter – 42; Third quarter – 75; Fourth quarter – 44.

Possessions: 9. Touchdowns – 1. Turnovers – 1. Punts – 4. Three-and-outs – 4. Drives of seven of more plays – 2. Longest drive – 13 plays, 67 yards, 7 minutes, 4 seconds, fourth quarter, interception (Notre Dame 1).

Third-down conversions: 3-for-11. Fourth-down conversions: 1-for-3.

Touchdowns: Rushing – Kell Walker, 2 yards, second quarter (2nd of season, 2nd career).

Kicking: Mitchell Howard, missed extra point; Blake Wilson 33-yard field goal, missed.

Negative-yardage plays: 5. Chris Carter (run, sack); Tyler Campbell (run); Malik McGue (sack); Kell Walker (run).

20+ yard plays: 3. Darnell Woolfolk (40 yards, run); Jordan Asberry (37 yards, run); Malik McGue (32 yards, run).

Triple-option distribution: Quarterback (Chris Carter, Malik McGue) 15 carries, 58 yards; fullbacks (Darnell Woolfolk, Cole Macek) 16 carries, 109 yards; slotbacks (Jordan Asberry, Tyler Campbell, Kell Walker, John Trainor) 10 carries, 62 yards.

Here’s a breakdown of the snaps (50 plays as charted off DVR):

*#G Jaxson Deaton (50 snaps): 1st start
*C Bryce Holland (50 snaps): 12th career start
*LT Rick Kurz (50 snaps): 15th career start
*RT Brett Toth (50 snaps): 11th career start
*LG Justin Gilbert (47 snaps): 28th career start
*WR Edgar Poe (46 snaps): 26th career start
*QB Chris Carter (37 snaps): 11 carries, 30 yards, 0-for-5 passing, 3rd career start
FB Darnell Woolfolk (34 snaps): 11 carries, 95 yards
#*SB Kell Walker (28 snaps): 3 carries, 0 yards, TD, 3rd career start
*SB Tyler Campbell (27 snaps): 3 carries, 3 yards
SB Jordan Asberry (23 snaps): 3 carries, 54 yards
SB John Trainor (23 snaps): 1 carry, 5 yards, 1 catch, 4 yards
*WR Jeff Ejekam (22 snaps): 6th career start
WR Christian Poe (19 snaps): 1 catch, 9 yards
#QB Malik McGue (13 snaps): 4 carries, 28 yards, 2-for-3 passing, 13 yards, 1 interception
*FB Cole Macek (12 snaps): 5 carries, 14 yards, 2nd career start
OL Colby Enegren (8 snaps): Enegren’s snaps were as a tackle-eligible or sixth offensive lineman.
FB Andy Davidson (3 snaps)
TE Quinten Parker (3 snaps)
G Mike Houghton (3 snaps)
WR Luke Peterman (2 snaps)

* – starter
# – freshman

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Bateman up for Broyles Award

The architect of Army’s No. 6-ranked defense has been recognized as one of college football’s top assistant coach.

Defensive coordinator Jay Bateman was among list of 40 nominees for the Broyles Award released Wednesday.

Bateman’s defense has been ranked as high as second in the country this season. Army finished the 2015 season ranked 45th in the country.

Bateman and his staff have overcome the loss of the team’s top three cornerbacks this season. The Black Knights are ranked No. 6 against the pass, allowing just 164.5 yards per game.

Past Broyles Award winners  include Houston coach Tom Herman, Georgia coach Kirby Smart and Duke coach David Cutcliffe.

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Recruiting: Johnson, Wilmore join 2017 class

Hooks (Texas) quarterback Jordan Johnson, who decommitted from Air Force earlier this week, announced his commitment to Army on Twitter Wednesday.

Johnson posted on Twitter, “After a long, hard journey of tearing my ACL early in the season, I became very lucky for the coaching staff at West Point to see past that. I would like to that coach (Kevin) Corless, coach (Jeff) Monken and the rest of their staff for extending me the chance to play quarterback for them.”

Johnson visited Army last weekend, attending the Morgan State game. Army offered Johnson in late October. Johnson committed to Air Force in April. Air Force was recruiting Johnson to play running back.

The 6-foot, 195-pound Johnson said being able to play the position that he desired, Army’s coaching staff and the “vibe” at West Point when he visited were important factors in his commitment.

Johnson missed his senior season with a torn ACL. He rushed for 12 touchdowns and threw for 10 scores his junior season and added 119 tackles as linebacker, according to the East Texas Sports Network. Johnson said he will be a direct admit.

Northwestern (S.C.) wide receiver Wally Wilmore also announced his commitment to Army on Twitter Wednesday.

Wilmore, who was also offered by Navy, was named the top cornerback at Army’s prospect camp in July.

According to stats on Max Preps, Wilmore caught 40 passes for 690 yards and seven touchdowns in eight games for Northwestern.

Army has also received recent commitments from Glades Day (Fla.) fullback Markens Pierre and Berry (N.C.) wide receiver Michael Roberts. Pierre’s brother, Markenson was a safety and four-year letterman for Army from 2005-08. The younger Pierre rushed for 914 yards and 15 touchdowns this fall, according to Max Preps.

2017 Army football commits (63)

DL Hunter Adams, 6-1, 275, Cy-Fair HS, Cypress, Texas: Other offers – Air Force, Citadel, Columbia. (COMMITTED, July 28)
DE Kendall Bailey, 6-4, 240, Kell HS, Marietta, Ga.: (COMMITTED, Nov. 7)
TE Justin Barna, 6-4, 237, Parkway HS, Rockford, Ohio: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED to July 30)
CB D.J. Baxter, 5-11, 160, Chattanooga Central HS, Harrison, Tenn.: First offer – Navy.
TE Simon Behr, 6-4, 215, Franklin Regional HS, Murrysville, Pa.: Other offers – Fordham, Yale. (COMMITTED, July 28)
LB Greg Benton, 6-1, 210, Long Reach HS, Columbia, Md.: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED, July 29)
CB Dallas Blacklock, 5-10, 165, Sharpstown HS, Houston, Texas: First offer – Army. Member of 2016 United States Under-18 national team.  (COMMITTED, July 31)
S Zack Boobas, 5-10, 190, Jefferson (Ga.) HS: First offer – Army. Hudl profile – 4.50 40-yard dash (COMMITTED, October 27)
S Elijah Boyd, 6-2, 175, Frisco (Texas) HS: First FBS offer – Army. (COMMITTED, August 17)
DT George Brown, 6-1, 285, Chancellor HS, Fredricksburg, Va.: First FBS offer – Army. Army visit: July 23. (COMMITTED, August 15)
RB Kaelin Byrd, 5-11, 207, Cambridge HS, Milton, Ga.: (COMMITTED, July 2)
TE Chris Cameron, 6-3, 220, Catholic HS, Baton Rogue, La.: Son of former LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.
S Daniel Charles, 6-1, 190, Marietta (Ga.) HS: Other offers – Navy, East Carolina, Miami (Ohio), Georgia State, Tulane, Appalachian State, Charlotte. (COMMITTED, Nov. 18)
RB-LB Nasser Clark, 5-10, 190, White County HS, Cleveland, Ga.: First offer – Army. Army visit – July 23. (COMMITTED, Oct. 15)
DB Tyren Cloyd, 6-2, 185, Benedictine Prep, Richmond, Va.: Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED, July 24)
DL Alex Crawford, 6-1, 255, Southern Alamance HS, Graham, N.C.: (COMMITTED, June 27)
RB-LB Keelan Crosby, 5-10, 200, Appling County HS, Baxley, Ga.
DE Eddie Crutchfield, 6-3, 240, Charlotte (N.C.) Latin School: First offer – Army (COMMITTED, July 26)
RB-S Cedrick Cunningham, 6-foot, 190, North Central HS, Kershaw, S.C.: (COMMITTED, July 26)
LB Kieren Douglas, 6-2, 212, Pickerington (Ohio) Central HS: Other offers – Air Force (Nov. 6). (COMMITTED, July 3).
DE Ryan Duran, 6-5, 220, Pine-Richland HS, Gibsonia, Pa. (COMMITTED, Sept. 11)
WR Sean Eckert, 6-4, 180, Westfield HS, Chantilly, Va.: First offer – Army (COMMITTED, August 21)
TE Austen Ferbet, 6-4, 225, Prairie Ridge HS, Crystal Lake, Ill.: First FBS offer – Army. 10 touchdown catches for state 6A champions.
DT Destin Flloyd, 6-foot, 270, Havelock (N.C.) HS: (COMMITTED, Oct. 18)
LB Ray Gonzalez, 6-3, 215, Grafton HS, Yorktown, Va.: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED, July 15)
WR Jonathan Hamilton,  6-3, 220, St. Patrick HS, Chicago, Ill.: Army visit – Nov. 15
DE Karl Holler, 6-5, 247, The Tatnall School, Wilmington, Del.
OL Kamaron Holloway, 6-3, 255, Duncanville (Texas) HS: Army visit – Spring game. (COMMITTED, July 31)
K Brooks Hosea, 6-foot, 175, Blessed Trinity HS, Roswell, Ga.: (COMMITTED, Nov. 13)
S Daniel Jackson, 6-1, 192, Middle Creek HS, Apex, N.C.: (COMMITTED, August 18)
S Jordan Jackson, 5-11, 180, Park Vista HS, Lake Worth, Fla.: First FBS offer – Army. Other offers – Air Force(COMMITTED, Nov. 17)
CB Caleb John, 5-10, 181, St. Frances Academy, Baltimore, Md.: (COMMITTED, July 22)
LB Nate Jones, 6-4, 200, Vance HS, Charlotte, N.C.
S Elijah Johnson, 6-1, 200, Glen Este HS, Cincinnati, Ohio: First Division I-A offer – Army. (COMMITTED, Sept. 30)
QB Jordan Johnson, 6-foot, 205, Hooks (Texas) HS: (COMMITTED, Nov. 23)
OL Noah Knapp, 6-foot, 270, Bishop Sullivan HS, Virginia Beach, Va.: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED, August 6)
S Jordan Lane, 6-1, 185, North Guilford HS, Greensboro, N.C.: First offer – Army.
RB Tyler Lavine, 5-11, 210, Cedar Park (Texas) HS: Lavine was named top 2017 running back at Army prospect camp in June.
QB Jabari Laws, 5-9, 160, Wise HS, Upper Marlboro, Md.: Laws has ran for 415 yards and nine touchdowns and thrown for 1,179 yards and 19 touchdowns through Wise’s first eight games.
P-K Michael Leisle, 6-foot, 165, Nease HS, Ponte Vedra, Fla.: Army visits – June 24, Nov. 5. (COMMITTED, Nov. 13)
LB Jeremiah Lowery, 6-3, 235, Edgewood Academy, Elmore, Ala.: (COMMITTED, June 24)
LB John Lyons, 6-2, 210, White Station HS, Memphis, Tenn.: First offer – Army. Other offers – Air Force (Nov. 6) (COMMITTED, July 27)
CB Akyah Miranda, 5-10, 160, Belton-Honea Path HS, Honea Path, S.C.: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED, July 22)
RB Garnett Nicolas, 6-1, 225, John S. Burke Catholic HS, Goshen, N.Y.: Other offers – Navy. Army visit – July 22. (COMMITTED, Sept. 27)
CB Dean Ngendakuriyo, 5-11, 180, Benedictine HS, Richmond, Va.: First FBS offer – Army. Visits – Army, March 30. (COMMITTED, August 1)
LS Kyle O’Connor, 6-1, 210, St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Louisville, Ohio. Army visit: October 22. (COMMITTED, Nov. 15)
DT Ryan O’Malley, 6-4, 260, Libertyville (Ill.) HS: Former Illinois commit. Other offers – Buffalo, New Mexico. (COMMITTED, Oct. 17)
S Ayrton Payne, 5-10, 176, St. Pius X HS, Houston, Texas: (COMMITTED, June 23)
FB Markens Pierre, 5-11, 215, Glades Day School, Belle Glade, Fla.: (COMMITTED, Nov. 14)
DL Troy Porche, 6-2, 262, Lamar HS, Houston, Texas
OL-DL Dean Powell, 6-1, 290, Buford (Ga.) HS: Other offers – Air Force, Tulane. (COMMITTED, July 30)
TE Rhett Read, 6-4, 225, Leon HS, Jewett, Texas: (COMMITTED, July 25)
WR Michael Roberts, 6-4, 205, Berry Tech, Charlotte, N.C. (COMMITTED, Nov. 20)
LB Ben Roth, 6-1, 210, Seminole HS, Sanford, Fla.: First commit of 2017 class. Direct admit. (COMMITTED, June 22)
WR Gabe Schappell, 6-3, 215, Exeter HS, Reading, Pa.: (COMMITTED, June 23)
LB Joe Stephenson, 6-foot, 197, Woodberry Forest (Va.) HS: First FBS offer – Army (COMMITTED, August 1)
QB Tyhier Tyler, 5-9, 168, Woodside HS, Newport News, Va.: (COMMITTED, June 27)
LB Kemonte Yow, 6-1, 235, DeSoto (Texas) HS: (COMMITTED, June 24)
DE Ted Wages, 6-4, 225, Auburn (Ala.) HS: First offer – Army. Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED, Sept. 18)
RB Joe Wallace, 5-10, 185, Bishop Moore HS, Orlando, Fla. (COMMITTED, July 27)
S Mike Williams, 6-3, 180, Watson Chapel HS, Pine Bluff, Ark.: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED, August 20)
DB Wally Wilmore, 5-10, 175, Northwestern HS, Rock Hill, S.C.: Other offers – Navy, Citadel, Charleston Southern, Western Carolina, Furman. (COMMITTED, Nov. 23)
K Carson Wyld, 5-11, 190, Ponchatoula (La.) HS
Commit breakdown by state: Texas (10); Georgia (8); Virginia (8); North Carolina (7); Florida (5); Ohio (4); Illinois (3); Maryland (3); Pennsylvania (3); South Carolina (3); Alabama (2); Louisiana (2); Tennessee (2); Arkansas (1); Delaware (1); New York (1).
The following 2017 recruits were offered by Army but have committed elsewhere 
WR-CB Tony Adams, 6-foot, 184, St. Louis (Mo.) University HS: Other offers – Missouri, Illinois, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Wyoming, Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Illinois, August 12)
DT Mandy Alonso, 6-3, 275, Gulliver Prep, Miami, Fla.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Temple, Virginia, Syracuse, Fresno State, Louisiana Tech, Florida Atlantic, Bowling Green, Toledo, Eastern Michigan (COMMITTED to Virginia, June 25)
S Jaquan Amos, 6-foot, 178, Northeast HS, Philadelphia, Pa.: Other offers – Villanova, Maine, New Hampshire, Delaware. (COMMITTED to Villanova, Nov. 4)
RB Brad Anderson, 5-8, 170, Bob Jones HS, Madison, Ala.: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Middle Tennessee State, Sept. 4)
LB Ray Anderson, 6-1, 213, Cardinal Mooney HS, Youngstown, Ohio: Other offers – Navy, Youngstown St. (COMMITTED to Navy, September 20)
WR A.J. Archambo, 6-4, 195, Bartlesville (Okla.) HS: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED to Oral Roberts, baseball, July 13)
OL Patrick Arnold, 6-3, 290, Gretna (Neb.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Wyoming. (COMMITTED to Wyoming, Oct. 8)
WR Tanner Ash, 6-2, 205, Evangel Christian HS, Shreveport, La.: (COMMITTED to Northwestern State)
OL Pierce Banbury, 6-3, 285, Oakton HS, Vienna, Va.: Other offers: Navy, Air Force. (COMMITTED to Navy, May 25)
QB Jimmy Batch, 6-foot, 150, Merritt Island (Fla.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Marshall, Utah State. (COMMITTED to Harvard, June 28)
LB Griffin Baumoel, 6-2, 220, Canton (Ohio) Central Catholic HS: Other offers – Air Force, Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Navy, July 16)
DB Bennett Bay, 6-foot, 181. Wheeler HS, Marietta, Ga.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Western Kentucky, Southern Mississippi. (COMMITTED to Harvard, June 23)
RB Cameron Bent, 6-foot, 178, Bluffton (S.C.) HS: Hudl profile: 4.25, 40-yard dash. Other offers – South Carolina, Temple, Kent State, Marshall, Old Dominion, Appalachian State, Charlotte, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Charlotte, Nov. 14)
OL Cole Bentley, 6-5, 300, Belfry (Ky.) HS: Other I-A offers – Navy, Air Force, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, Western Kentucky, Ball State, Bowling Green, Colorado State, Florida Atlantic. (COMMITTED to Louisville, June 11)
OL Curtis Blackwell, 6-5, 306, Norwell HS, Ossian, Ind.: Other offers – Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio), Northern Illinois, Ohio, Toledo (COMMITTED to Ball State, June 18)
WR Corbin Blanchard, 6-3, 185, St. Stanislaus HS, St. Louis, Miss.: (COMMITTED to Air Force, Oct. 20)
QB Chris Boudreaux, 6-2, 176, Beaumont (Texas) Central HS: (COMMITTED to Rice)
DE-LB Davonne Bowen, 6-2, 220, Woodmont HS, Piedmont, S.C.: Other offers – South Carolina, Louisville, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland, Miami (Ohio), Nevada, Marshall, Georgia Southern, Appalachian State. (COMMITTED to South Carolina, June 8).
DT Owen Bowles, 6-4, 285, Cedar Creek HS, Egg Harbor, N.J.: Other offers – Navy, Purdue, Rutgers, Temple, Virginia, Central Florida, Buffalo, Old Dominion, Florida Atlantic. (COMMITTED to Rutgers, June 12)
QB-LB Jeremiah Boyd, 6-1, 205, Heritage HS, Newport News, Va.: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Navy)
RB Antwuan Branch, 5-11, 200, Kenwood HS, Clarksville, Tenn.: Other offers – Navy, North Carolina, Iowa, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Iowa State, Western Kentucky, Tulane, Old Dominion. (COMMITTED to North Carolina, Nov. 13)
DE Zeke Brandle, 6-5, 245, Chase HS, Forest City, N.C.: First FBS offer – Army. Other FBS offers – Navy, Virginia. (COMMITTED to Appalachian State, August 19)
QB Grant Breneman, 6-foot, 190, Cedar Cliff HS, Camp Hill, Pa.: (COMMITTED to Colgate)
OL-DL Jared Brinkman, 6-1, 275, Regina HS, Iowa City, Iowa.: (COMMITTED to Northern Iowa, July 20)
LB KJ Britt, 6-2, 217, Oxford (Ala.) HS: Other offers – Alabama, Auburn, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Michigan, North Carolina State, Louisville, Memphis, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest. (COMMITTED to Auburn, Oct. 31)
RB Brayden Brown, 6-2, 182, Fort Hill HS, Cumberland, Md. RB Justin Brown, 5-10, 200, St. Luke’s HS, New Canaan, Conn.: Other offers – Navy, Buffalo, Temple (COMMITTED to Temple)
LB Tony Brown, 6-3, 195, Timber Creek HS, Erial, N.J.: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Navy)
K Joseph Bulovas, 6-foot, 205, Mandeville (La.) HS: Other offers – Georgia Tech, Air Force, Tulane, Louisiana-Lafayette, Texas-San Antonio. (COMMITTED to Georgia Tech, June 10)
TE Griffin Burke, 6-4, 245, Cheshire (Conn.) Academy: (COMMITTED to Harvard, Nov. 16)
DB Zach Burton, 6-foot, 185, Penn HS, New Castle, Del.: Other offers: Virginia, Temple, UConn. (COMMITTED to Virginia, June 12).
RB Jamale Carothers, 5-9, 190, Bowling Green (Ky.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Marshall, Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Navy, July 11)
QB Bryson Carroll, 5-9, 175, Roosevelt HS, San Antonio, Texas: Hudl profile – 4.34 40. Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Bowling Green, Southern Mississippi, Tulane, New Mexico. (COMMITTED to New Mexico, July 20)
DL-OL Kelton Chastulik, 6-2, 268, Chambersburg (Pa.) HS: Army visit – July 29. (COMMITTED to Princeton, Oct. 1)
QB Clayton Cheatham, 6-3, 220, Hanover HS, Mechanicsville, Va. (COMMITTED to James Madison, Oct. 1)
OL-DT Charlie Clark, 6-4, 270, Marist School, Atlanta, Ga.: Other offers – Florida Atlantic, Georgia Southern. (COMMITTED to Tulane)
DL Sean Cleasant, 6-2, 300, DuPont Manual HS, Louisville, Ky.: Other offers – Navy, Virginia, Ball State, Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio), Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Eastern Kentucky, August 21)
T Shane Clenin, 6-6, 285, Jefferson HS, Festus, Mo.: Other offers – Iowa State, Northwestern, Northern Illinois, Colorado State, New Mexico, Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Arkansas, April 16)
CB Eric Coley, 6-1, 185, Fayetteville-Manlius HS, Manlius, N.Y.: Other offers – Syracuse, Rutgers, Boston College, Ball State, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Kent State, Toledo, Utah State. (COMMITTED to Syracuse, June 25)
WR Beau Corrales, 6-4, 205, Georgetown (Texas) HS: Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Texas State, June 20)
CB Bryce Cosby, 5-11, 170, duPont Manual HS, Louisville, Ky.: Other offers – Navy, Ball State, Bowling Green, Georgia State, Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Ball State, August 14)
QB Deejay Dallas, Glynn Academy, Brunswick, Ga.: Big-time recruit with offers from Alabama, Florida State, Tennessee and Pac-12 offers from Arizona, Stanford & UCLA among others. (COMMITTED to Miami, Fla.)
OL Clark Daniel, 6-3, 285, Upson-Lee HS, Thomaston, Ga.: (COMMITTED to Air Force, Nov. 4)
CB Coby Davis, 6-1, 180, Maret HS, Washington, D.C.: Other offers – Navy, Wake Forest, Virginia, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Wake Forest, June 29)
*OL-DL Darquavion Davis, 6-3, 315, St. Joseph’s HS, Greenville, Miss.: Other offers – Air Force, Louisiana-Monroe. (COMMITTED to Louisiana-Monroe, August 1)
C Dawson Deaton, 6-5, 280, Frisco (Texas) HS: One of the country’s top-rated centers. Brother Jaxson is freshman guard at Army. (COMMITTED to Texas Tech)
C Nicolo DiFranzo, 6-3, 285, Oaks Christian, Westlake Village, Calif.: Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Air Force, August 5).
LB Grant Donaldson, 6-3, 230, DeMatha HS, Hyattsville, Md.: Other offers – Air Force, UConn, Old Dominion, Nevada, Cornell, Penn. (COMMITTED to Air Force, August 5)
DB Nick Draught, 6-2, 185, Immaculate Heart Central HS, Watertown, N.Y.: (COMMITTED to Colgate, Sept. 21)
TE Thomas Dutton, 6-7, 235, Hickman HS, Columbia, Mo.: Other offers – Western Michigan, Ball State, Central Florida, Miami (Ohio), Florida Atlantic. (COMMITTED to Air Force, July 16)
TE Jared Edwards, 6-4, 250, Rhea County HS, Evensville, Tenn.: Edwards received offers from Air Force and Army on same day, Air Force first. Other offers: Navy, Memphis, Troy, Appalachian State, Middle Tennessee State, UAB (COMMITTED to Memphis, June 9).
WR Johnny Edwards, 5-11, 180, Alemany HS, Mission Hills, Calif.: (COMMITTED to Eastern Washington)
QB Hamze Elzayat, 5-10, 175, Fordson HS, Dearborn, Mich.: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Fordham, October 10)
QB Beau English, 6-1, 198, DeMatha HS, Hyattsville, Md.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force. (COMMITTED to Air Force, July 4)
RB Nate Evans, 5-10, 192, Lee-Davis HS, Mechanicsville, Va.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Buffalo (COMMITTED to Navy, May 23)
RB Ton Evans, 5-8, 175, Northgate HS, Newnan, Ga.: Other offers – Georgia Southern. (COMMITTED to Georgia Southern, June 8)
LB Olakunkle Fatukasi, 6-3, 215, Grand Street Campus, New York: Other offers – Rutgers, Syracuse, Maryland, Boston College, Temple, UConn, Western Michigan (COMMITTED to Rutgers, June 28).
TE Jordan Ferguson, 6-2, 248, St. Francis HS, Alpharetta, Ga.: Other offers – Navy, Boston College, Georgia State, Kent State, Middle Tennessee State, Troy.  (COMMITTED to Georgia State, Oct. 29)
RB Chance Fisher, 5-11, 180, Mesquite (Texas) HS: Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Northern Iowa, Nov. 14)
LB Kyrei Fisher, 6-2, 220, Union HS, Tulsa, Okla.: Other offers: Navy, Houston, Minnesota, Colorado, SMU. (COMMITTED to Minnesota, May 21)
TE Ryan Fitton, 6-5, 235, Staples HS, Westport, Conn.: (COMMITTED to UConn, July 5)
OL-DL Garrett Flanary, 6-3, 273, Lincoln Christian HS, Tulsa, Okla.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Tulsa, Temple, San Diego State, Arkansas State, Colorado State, Fresno State, Georgia State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana-Monroe, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Southern Mississippi, Texas-San Antonio, Tulane, Utah State. (COMMITTED to Tulsa, June 3).
LB Tyshon Fogg, 6-2, 230, Calvert Hall HS, Towson, Md.: Other offers – Ole Miss, Iowa, Louisville, Duke, Missouri, Cal, North Carolina, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Indiana, Toledo, UMass. (COMMITTED to Rutgers, June 26)
WR Omar Fortt, 6-1, 190, St. Luke’s HS, New Canaan, Conn.: Attended Army Junior Day. First offer – Navy. Second offer – Army. (COMMITTED to UConn, August 7)
OL Jack Franklin, 6-4, 315, Mill Creek HS, Hoschton, Ga.: Other offers – Georgia Southern, Arkansas State, Coastal Carolina, Georgia State, Louisiana-Monroe, Texas-San Antonio, UAB. (COMMITTED to Coastal Carolina, Sept. 19)
DE Luke Frederick, 6-5, 217, Bishop Guilfoyle HS, Altoona, Pa.: First offer – Army. (COMMITTED to Delaware, Sept. 16)
*LS Raymond Freeman, 6-3, 210, Tate HS, Cantonment, Fla.: First offer – Army. Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Air Force, August 2)
DT Ron Freeman, 6-foot, 270, Sebastian River HS, Sebastian, Fla.: Other offers – Navy, Bowling Green, Florida Atlantic, Middle Tennessee State. Army offer – August 3. (COMMITTED to Bowling Green, June 12)
DE/LB Matt Gahm, 6-3, 221, Highland Park HS, Dallas, Texas: First offer – Air Force. Other offers – New Mexico, Texas State. (COMMITTED to Virginia, June 20)
T Mikey Garofalo, 6-4, 277, Palm Beach Central HS, Wellington, Fla.: Other offers – Air Force, Western Kentucky. (COMMITTED to Air Force, August 5)
QB Jordan Genmark Heath, 6-2, 205, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego: Boston College, California, Northwestern, Oregon State, Hawaii, Nevada, San Jose State, UNLV. (COMMITTED to California, October 2).
LS Kyle Gibbs, 6-2, 225, Norco (Calif.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Air Force. (COMMITTED to Navy, August 1)
OL Chris Glaser, 6-4, 255, Solon (Ohio) HS: Other offers: Air Force, Miami (Ohio), Toledo. (COMMITTED to Miami, Ohio)
RB Bernard Goodwater, 5-9, 180, Carter HS, Dallas, Texas: Speed – 4.40, 40-yard dash. Other offers – Kansas States, Bowling Green, New Mexico. (COMMITTED to Kansas State, June 15)
DE Garrett Groulx, 6-3, 240, Davidson (N.C.) Day HS: (COMMITTED to James Madison) OL Dominic Gudino, 6-2, 302, Olympian HS, Chulo Vista, Calif.: Other offers – Nevada, San Diego State, San Jose State, Utah State (COMMITTED to Nevada).
CB Justin Guy-Robinson, 5-10, 159, Pearland (Texas) HS: Army offer – May 12. (COMMITTED to SMU, May 13)
T Noah Hannon, 6-2, 265, Greer (S.C.) HS: Other offers: Navy, Air Force, Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Appalachian State, June 20)
OL Connor Hansen, Chiles HS, Tallahassee, Fla.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Western Kentucky, Georgia Southern, Central Florida, Marshall, Kent State, UAB, Coastal Carolina, Charlotte. (COMMITTED to Georgia Tech, June 5).
DB Ty Hardimon, 6-foot, 190, Lassiter HS, Marietta, Ga.: Other offers: Navy, Northwesthern, West Virginia, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa State, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Tulsa, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Southern Mississippi, Troy, Western Michigan, Ohio, Appalachian State, Arkansas State, UAB. (COMMITTED to California, September 16)
QB Frank Harris, 6-2, 185, Clemens HS, Schertz, Texas: Other offers – Navy, La.-Monroe, North Texas. (COMMITTED to Texas-San Antonio, June 22)
OL-DL Isaac Hawn, 6-6, 285, St. Charles (Ill.) North HS: Other offers – UConn, Ball State, Buffalo, East Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Central Florida, Central Michigan, Colorado State, Illinois, Miami (Ohio), New Mexico, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Wyoming. (COMMITTED to Northern Illinois, June 3).
WR Tyler Hayek, 6-4, 185, Wayne Hills HS, Wayne, N.J.: Other offers – Rutgers, Stony Brook. (COMMITTED to Rutgers, June 25)
DB C.J. Hayes, 6-3, 200, South Warren HS, Bowling Green, Ky.: Other offers: Navy, Purdue, Ball State, Bowling Green, Marshall, Miami (Ohio), Middle Tennessee State, Ohio, Toledo, Appalachian State. (COMMITTED to Purdue, June 30)
DE Zach Haynes, 6-3, 255, South Warren HS, Bowling Green, Ky. Other offers – Navy, Ball State, Appalachian State, Eastern Michigan. Haynes received offers from Army and Navy on the same day (May 24).  (COMMITTED to Ball State, July 22)
WR Thomas Hennigan, 6-2, 198, Northwest Guilford HS, Greensboro, N.C.: Other offers – Navy, Virginia, Coastal Carolina, Miami (Ohio) (COMMITTED to Appalachian State)
*S Deandre Herman, 5-11, 170, Goose Creek HS, Baytown, Texas: Other offers – Colorado State, Yale. (COMMITTED to Central Arkansas, August 27)
CB Korey Hernandez, 5-11, 165, Cedar Grove HS, Ellenwood, Ga.: Other offers – Navy, Arkansas, South Florida, Appalachian State, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Southern Mississippi, Toledo, Tulane, Western Michigan. (COMMITTED to Arkansas, June 30)
S Devon High, 6-2, 185, Wilson Central HS, Lebanon, Tenn.: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Navy, July 4)
RB Brandon Hinton, 5-9, 170, McGill-Toolen HS, Mobile, Ala.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force. (COMMITTED to Air Force, July 19)
WR Gavin Holmes, 6-foot, 175, Northwest HS, Fort Worth, Texas: Other offers: Utah, Boise State, BYU, Bowling Green, Middle Tennessee State, Nevada, Ohio, Tulane. (COMMITTED to Duke)
RB Jerry Howard, 6-1, 215, Northwestern HS, Rock Hill, S.C.: Other offers – Appalachian State, East Carolina, Georgia Southern, Marshall, Miami (Ohio). Decommitted from East Carolina (COMMITTED to Georgia Tech, Nov. 21)
WR Donte Howell, 6-3, 192, North Mesquite HS, Mesquite, Texas: First offer – Army. Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Central Arkansas, Oct. 25)
S Ryan Huff, 6-1, 190, Cedar Shoals HS, Athens, Ga.: Other offers – Colorado State, Georgia Southern, Ohio, Texas-San Antonio, Tulane. (COMMITTED to Appalachian State)
DL Eli Huggins, 6-4, 285, West Forsyth HS, Cumming, Ga.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Kansas State, North Carolina State, Cincinnati, Central Florida, Western Kentucky, Tulane, Florida Atlantic (COMMITTED to Kansas State, June 21)
OL Matthew Huhn, 6-7, 270, John Jay HS, San Antonio, Texas: Other offers – Michigan, Oklahoma State, Houston, Cal, Colorado, Oregon State, Baylor, Illinois, Iowa State, Rice, SMU, Central Florida, Georgia State, Louisiana-Monroe, New Mexico, New Mexico State, North Texas, Southern Mississippi, Texas-San Antonio, Texas State. (COMMITTED to Houston, June 15)
RB Joe Hunt, 6-3, 218, Cosby HS, Chesterfield, Va.: Other offers – Navy, Maryland, East Carolina, Coastal Carolina, Chattanooga. (COMMITTED to James Madison, Sept. 4)
WR Keshaun Hurst, 6-5, 185, Cocke County HS, Newport, Tenn.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force. (COMMITTED to Western Carolina, August 13)
S Bryce Jackson, 6-foot, 185, Guyer HS, Denton, Texas.: Other offers – Nevada, New Mexico, Texas-San Antonio. (COMMITTED to Northwestern)
CB Cameron Jackson, 6-foot, 170, Reagan HS, Houston, Texas: First offer – Air Force. Second offer – Army. (COMMITTED to North Texas, Sept. 18)
S Daiquan Jackson, 5-10, 184, Poteet HS, Mesquite, Texas: Other offers: Air Force, Tulsa, Fresno State, SMU, New Mexico, Miami (Ohio), Louisiana-Monroe, Arkansas State, North Texas, New Mexico State, Texas State (COMMITTED to Tulsa, July 30)
LB-S D’Marco Jackson, 6-1, 205, Broome HS, Spartanburg, S.C.: (COMMITTED to Appalachian State, August 7)
WR-S Koilan Jackson, 6-3, 200, Robinson HS, Little Rock, Ark.: Other offers – Arkansas, Illinois. (COMMITTED to Arkansas)
LB Brandon James, 6-2, 195, Southridge HS, Miami, Fla.: Other offers – Michigan, Navy, Vanderbilt. (COMMITTED to Florida International, August 2)
CB Cam Johnson, 6-foot, 175, Reagan HS, Houston, Texas: Other offers – Air Force, East Carolina, Fresno State, New Mexico State, North Texas. (COMMITTED to North Texas, Sept. 17)
QB-LB Jordan Johnson, 6-foot, 195, Hooks (Texas) HS: Army offered in late October. (COMMITTED to Air Force).
CB Nykeim Johnson, 5-9, 170, Friendship Collegiate Academy, Washington, D.C.: Hudl profile – 4.42 40. Other offers – Navy, Virginia, Bowling Green, Hawaii.  (COMMITTED to Syracuse, June 21).
DB Rodley Jolicoeur, 5-9, 166, Village Academy, Delray Beach, Fla.: First offer – Navy. Second offer – Army. Third offer – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Kent State, August 14)
*DE-LB Juwuan Jones, 6-3, 228, Lanier HS, Sugar Hill, Ga.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Western Kentucky. (COMMITTED to Western Kentucky, August 7)
QB-CB Max Jones, 6-foot, 180, Christian Brothers Academy, Albany, N.Y.:  (COMMITTED to Harvard, August 17).
QB Willie Jones, 6-4, 190, Silsbee (Texas) HS: (COMMITTED to Texas State)
OL Johnny Jordan, 6-2, 295, Gonzaga HS, Washington, D.C.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Maryland, Boston College, Syracuse, Kentucky, Memphis, Virginia, Temple, Marshall, Bowling Green, Ohio, Toledo, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Maryland, July 30)
LB Major Jordan, 6-1, 210, North Schuylkill HS, Ashland, Pa.: Other offers – Southern Mississippi, Cornell, Dartmouth, Lafayette. (COMMITTED to Lafayette, June 28)
OL Christian Kalish, 6-3, 287, Palmetto (Fla.) HS: Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Air Force)
RB-S Jacob Kibodi, 6-1, 205, Christian Life, Baton Rouge, La.: Other offers – Texas A&M, Arizona, Arizona State, Georgia State, Louisiana-Monroe, South Alabama. (COMMITTED to Texas A&M, Oct. 4)
S Bradley Kim, 5-11, 205, Skyline HS, Sammamish, Wash.: First offer – Navy. Second offer – Army. Third offer – Air Force. Army visit – August 1. (COMMITTED to Air Force, August 15)
*QB Rob King, 6-1, 182, Father Judge HS, Philadelphia, Pa.: Other offers – UConn, Buffalo, Kent State, Coastal Carolina. Army visit: May 2. (COMMITTED to Temple, July 1)
DT Brett Kitrell, 6-4, 270, Ashland-Greenwood HS, Ashland, Neb.: Other offers – Air Force, Minnesota, Central Florida, Ohio.  (COMMITTED to Minnesota, July 22)
TE Charlie Kolar, 6-6, 227, Norman (Okla.) North HS: Other offers – Air Force, Iowa State (COMMITTED to Iowa State, June 24)
S Chase Kuerschen, 6-2, 205, Knoxville (Tenn.) Catholic HS: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Louisiana Tech, Tulane, Ohio, Arkansas State, Appalachian State, Middle Tennessee State, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Tulane, Nov. 16)
K Charlie Kuhbander, 5-10, 180, Springboro (Ohio) HS: Other offers – Iowa State. (COMMITTED to Northwestern, June 13).
CB Quentin Lake, 6-1, 176, Mater Dei HS, Santa Ana, Calif.: Son of former Steelers safety Carnell Lake. Other offers – USC, Navy, UCLA, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Hawaii, Nevada, San Jose State. (COMMITTED to UCLA, August 16)
DE Deven Lamp, 6-3, 218, Cedar Hill (Texas) HS: Other offers – Air Force, Iowa State, Nevada, Cornell, Holy Cross, Texas Southern. (COMMITTED to Iowa State, June 29)
S R.J. Lan, 6-foot, 195, La Mirada (Calif.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Nevada, New Mexico, San Jose State, UNLV, Wyoming (COMMITTED to TCU, baseball, July 13)
LB Tommy Lawley, 6-2, 215, Davidson (N.C) Day HS: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Navy, August 13)
RB-LB Kendall Lawrence, 6-foot, 215, Campbell HS, Smyrna, Ga.: Other offers – Navy, Georgia State. (COMMITTED to Georgia State, July 13)
RB Travis Levy, 5-11, 190, Sherwood HS, Sandy Spring, Md.: (COMMITTED to Boston College)
QB Levi Lewis, 5-10, 169, Scotlandville HS, Baton Rogue, La.: Other offers – Kent State, Texas-San Antonio, New Mexico State. (COMMITTED to Louisiana-Lafayette, July 28)
WR Austin Liles, 6-4, 190, Lutheran HS, Orange, Calif.: Other offers – Navy, San Jose State, Nevada. (COMMITTED to San Jose State, August 14)
S Anthony Lotti, 6-1, 195, Freehold (N.J.) HS: Other offers – Temple, New Hampshire, Delaware, Bucknell, Colgate, Yale, Dartmouth. (COMMITTED to Penn, July 2)
WR Ben Maffe, 6-3, 222, Briar Woods HS, Ashburn, Va.: Other offers  – Navy, Marshall. (COMMITTED to Marshall, June 24)
TE Parker Mallett, 6-3, 220, Sandy Creek HS, Tyrone, Ga.: Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Tennessee-Chattanooga, July 22).
RB McLane Mannix, 5-10, 176, Midland (Texas) HS: Other offers – Air Force, Vanderbilt. (COMMITTED to Vanderbilt, June 23)
DT Jeff Marx, 6-1, 293, Ursuline HS, Youngstown, Ohio: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Navy, July 30)
LB Ben Mason, 6-3, 240, Newtown (Conn.) HS: Other FBS offers – Navy, Boston College, California, Duke, Kansas, Rutgers, Syracuse, UConn, UMass (COMMITTED to Michigan)
LB James McCarthy, 6-1, 215, Middletown South HS, Middletown, N.J.: (COMMITTED to UPenn, July 3)
T Vincent McConnell, 6-6, 241, Washington HS, Massillon, Ohio: Other offers – Syracuse, Cincinnati, Ball State, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Kent State, Toledo. (COMMITTED to Toledo, June 22)
LB Caden McDonald, 6-3, 212, Northwest HS, Fort Worth, Texas: Other offers – Air Force, Fresno State, Bowling Green, Texas-San Antonio. (COMMITTED to San Diego State, June 22)
LB Tyler McDonald, 6-2, 222, Clearwater (Fla.) Central HS: Other offers – Air Force, Toledo, Columbia, Princeton, Yale. (COMMITTED to Princeton, August 1)
WR-TE Chance McLeod, 6-4, 230, Victoria (Texas) East HS: Other offers – Air Force, Texas-San Antonio, New Mexico. (COMMITTED to Texas-San Antonio, July 20)
WR Keynel McZeal, 6-4, 226, Port Neches-Groves HS, Port Neches, Texas: First offer – Army. Second offer – Louisiana-Monroe. (COMMITTED to Texas A&M)
RB Kayce Medlock, 5-10, 187, Arp (Texas) HS: Other offers – SMU, Tulane, Louisiana-Lafayette. (COMMITTED to SMU, July 27)
WR Ellis Merriweather, 6-2, 200, Alpharetta (Ga.) HS: Recent offer from Army (COMMITTED to Navy on March 16)
OL Mikey Minihan, 6-3, 285, St. Louis HS, Honolulu, Hawaii: First offer – Idaho. Second offer – Army. (COMMITTED to Georgia Tech)
LB Isaiah Moore, 6-2, 210, Bird HS, Chesterfield, Va.: Army visit – April 23, June 25. Other offers – Navy, Old Dominion, Texas-San Antonio. (COMMITTED to North Carolina State)
WR Quintin Morris, 6-3, 200, George Ranch HS, Richmond, Texas: First offer – Navy. Third offer – Army.  (COMMITTED to Bowling Green).
CB Thabo Mwaniki, 5-11, 180, Guyer HS, Denton, Texas: Other offers – Air Force, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Colorado, Kansas, UConn, Colorado State, Fresno State, New Mexico, SMU, Texas-San Antonio, North Texas. (COMMITTED to Oklahoma State, July 30)
DE-TE John Nagel, 6-6, 230, West Delaware HS, Davenport, Iowa.: Other offers – Air Force, Iowa State. (COMMITTED to Iowa State, September 16)
OL Ryan Nelson, 6-5, 243, Buena Park (Calif.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Northwestern, Nebraska, Arizona State, Oregon State, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia. (COMMITTED to Virginia, Sept. 26)
DE Luka Nixon, 6-6, 235, Sherwood (Ore.) HS: Other offers – Nevada, Utah State, Wyoming. (COMMITTED to UC-Davis, August 15)
OL-DL Nick Novak, 6-4, 265, Lake Orion (Mich.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Colorado, Bowling Green, Kent State. (COMMITTED to Navy)
*T Patrick Nuss, 6-7, 280, Vestavia Hills (Ala.) HS: Other offers – Air Force, Western Kentucky, Troy, Georgia State, Louisiana-Monroe, UAB. (COMMITTED to Western Kentucky, Sept. 24)
OL-DL Axel Nyembwe, 6-1, 300, Avalon HS, Gaithersburg, Md.: Other offers – Duke, Rutgers, Virginia, Wake Forest, Toledo, Kent State, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Duke, October 4)
QB Jeremiah Oatsvall, 6-2, 190, Brentwood (Tenn.) Academy: Other offers – Navy, Air Force. (COMMITTED to Austin Peay, July 31)
TE Baron Odom, 6-5, 215, Wynnewood (Okla.) HS: Other offers – Air Force, Rice. (COMMITTED to Rice, June 3).
LB C.J. Onyechi, 6-2, 220, West Orange (N.J.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Temple, Rutgers, Buffalo. (COMMITTED to Rutgers, June 17)
*QB Wayne Overman, 6-foot, 215, Saint Martin HS, Ocean Springs, Miss.: First offer – Army. Second offer – Navy. Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to Air Force, Oct. 29)
LB-S Jeremiah Owusu, 6-2, 193, Bethel HS, Hampton, Va.: Other offers – Virginia, Wake Forest, Appalachian State, Old Dominion, James Madison, Charlotte, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Virginia, Oct. 23)
QB Tyler Page, 6-foot, 180, Friendswood (Texas) HS: Other offers – Air Force, SMU. (COMMITTED to SMU, August 1)
DE Anthony Payne, 6-2, 250, Raymore-Peculiar HS, Peculiar, Mo.: Other offers – Michigan, Kansas State, Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio), Tulane, Wyoming, Arkansas State (COMMITTED to Kansas State, July 26)
DE Daniel Peabody, 6-2, 220, Ironwood Ridge HS, Tucson, Ariz.: (COMMITTED to San Jose State, August 6)
RB LaPerion Perry, 5-6, 150, LaGrange (Ga.) HS: Other offers – North Carolina State, Purdue, Cincinnati, Georgia Southern, East Carolina, Central Florida, Florida International, Georgia State, Miami (Ohio), Troy, Tulane, Appalachian State. (COMMITTED to Purdue, August 9)
WR-LB Owen Piche, 6-3, 200, Neuqua Valley HS, Naperville, Ill.: Other offers – Navy, Cincinnati, Ball State, Bowling Green, Buffalo, New Mexico, Toledo, Western Michigan. (COMMITTED to Navy, June 29)
WR Thyrick Pitts, 6-3, 181, Forest Park HS, Woodbridge, Va.: First offer – Cornell. Second offer – Army. Army visit – July 22. (COMMITTED to Richmond, Sept. 5)
QB Bryson Powers, 6-2, 190, Klein Collins HS, Spring, Texas: First offer – Navy. Second offer – Army. (COMMITTED to Harvard, August 3)
WR Darnell Pratt, 6-3, 170, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Olney, Md.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Virginia, Kent State, Ohio, Central Michigan, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Virginia, August 9)
DT Rutger Reitmaier, 6-3, 280, Lipscomb Academy, Nashville, Tenn.: Other offers – Michigan, Louisville, Nebraska, West Virginia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas, South Carolina, Penn State, Missouri, Memphis, Iowa, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Duke. (COMMITTED to Oregon, June 8).
RB Kade Remsberg, 5-11, 179, Newton (Kansas) HS: Speed: 100 and 200-meter state champion, 4.35, 40-yard dash. Other offers – Kansas. (COMMITTED to Air Force, October 2)
DB Isaiah Richardson, 6-1, 190, Foster HS, Richmond, Texas: Other offers – Rice, SMU, Yale. (COMMITTED to SMU, June 8)
DE Tucker Robertson, 6-3, 244, Grace Brethren HS, Simi Valley, Calif.: Other offers – Air Force, Arizona, Washington State, Fresno State, Nevada, San Diego State, Hawaii, New Mexio, Cal Poly, Princeton. (COMMITTED to Nevada, July 30)
LB Michael Ruane, 6-1, 220, Rumson-Fair Haven HS, Rumson, N.J.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Bowling Green, Coastal Carolina, Nevada, Buffalo, Old Dominion (COMMITTED to UMass, June 24)
K Brandon Ruiz, 5-10, 172, Williams HS, Gilbert, Ariz.: First offer – Army. Other offers – Navy, Tennessee, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State, Iowa State. (COMMITTED to Alabama, June 10).
OL-LS Cory Ryder, 6-4, 292, Nantucket (Mass.) HS: (COMMITTED to Holy Cross, August 1)
OL Samari Saddler, 6-2, 301, Archbishop Moeller HS, Cincinnati, Ohio: (COMMITTED to Navy, Nov. 13)
DE Chris Sampleton, 6-3, 230, Nazareth Academy, LaGrange Park, Ill.: Other FBS offers: Air Force, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Yale, July 29)
WR Luke Sanders, 6-4, 195, Cathedral HS, Indianapolis, Ind.: Other offers – Air Force, Ball State, Eastern Michigan. (COMMITTED to Western Michigan, July 29)
LB Mohamed Sanogo, 6-2, 239, Plano (Texas) West HS: Other offers – Air Force, Houston, Tulane. (COMMITTED to Houston, June 27)
CB Josiah Scott, 5-10, 175, Fairfield (Ohio) HS: First offer – Army. Second offer – Navy. Other offers – Michigan State, Iowa, Bowling Green, Kent State, Southern Mississippi. (COMMITTED to Michigan State, July 31)
LB Griffin Sestili, 6-3, 235, North Allegheny HS, Wexford, Pa.: (COMMITTED to Temple, June 2)
T Cody Shear, 6-5, 265, Sheldon HS, Eugene, Ore.: Also a long snapper. Other offers: Air Force, Arizona, Oregon State, Washington State, Temple, BYU, Akron, Ball State, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Colorado State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, Ohio, San Diego State, Toledo, Tulane, UMass, Utah State. (COMMITTED to Arizona, July 1)
WR-LB Dean Sise, 6-2, 185, Juanita HS, Kirkland, Wash.: Other offers – Navy. (COMMITTED to Navy, August 27)
RB Abram Smith, 6-foot, 196, Abilene (Texas) HS: First offer – Tulsa. Second offer – Army. (COMMITTED to Tulsa)
DE J’Len Smith, 6-3, 240, Whitehaven HS, Memphis, Tenn.: Other offers – Air Force (COMMITTED to Air Force, August 13)
TE Kyle Soelle, 6-3, 215, Saguaro HS, Scottsdale, Ariz.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Arizona State, Boise State, Colorado State, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, New Mexico State, San Diego State, San Jose State, UNLV. (COMMITTED to Arizona State, June 17)
C John Spellacy, 6-1, 285, St. Ignatius HS, Cleveland, Ohio: Other offers – East Carolina. (COMMITTED to East Carolina)
DT Camaron Spence, 6-4, 300, IMG Academy, Bradenton, Fla: (COMMITTED to Maryland)
K Adam Stack, 6-2, 175, Kamehameha HS, Honolulu, Hawaii: Other offers – Oregon, Wisconsin, Miami (Fla.), Oregon State, San Diego State. (COMMITTED to Oregon, July 6)
FB John Stamos, 6-2, 215, Villa Park (Calif.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Fresno State, Nevada. (COMMITTED to Navy, August 14)
OL Corey Stephens, 6-3, 291, Saguaro HS, Scottsdale, Ariz.: Other offers – Air Force, Memphis. (COMMITTED to Arizona State, June 17)
LB Darian Stephenson, 6-2, 216, Westminster Christian HS, Miami, Fla.: First offer – Navy, Western Kentucky, UAB. (COMMITTED to Navy, June 22)
S Lyn Strange, 6-2, 185, North Florida Christian HS, Tallahassee, Fla.: Other offers – Navy, Illinois, Georgia Southern, Indiana, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, Oregon State, Syracuse, Temple, Troy, Tulane. (COMMITTED to Louisville, July 15)
WR Darian Street, 6-3, 170, Liberty HS, Bethlehem, Pa.: (COMMITTED to Pittsburgh)
WR Cameron Sullivan-Brown, 6-1, 175, Saint Vincent Pallotti HS, Laurel, Md.: (COMMITTED to Penn State, July 29) RB
LB D.J. Taylor, 6-2, 219, Huntland (Tenn.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Toledo  (COMMITTED to Wake Forest, June 14).
DT Caleb Thomas, 6-1, 275, Mansfield (Texas) HS: Other offers – Nevada. (COMMITTED to Nevada)
CB Dillon Thomas, 6-2, 175, Park Hill South HS, Kansas City, Mo.: (COMMITTED to Northern Illinois)
QB Tehran Thomas, 5-11, 190, Desert Edge HS, Goodyear, Ariz.: First offer- Army. Other offers – Air Force. (COMMITTED to UC-Davis, July 12)
WR Russell Thompson, 6-3, 205, Bloomfield (Conn.) HS: Other offers – Navy, Temple, Boston College, UConn. (COMMITTED to Syracuse, July 21)
*CB Josh Turner, 6-foot, 180, American Heritage HS, Delray Beach, Fla.: Other offers – Air Force, Wisconsin, Purdue, Ohio, South Florida, Southern Mississippi. (COMMITTED to Iowa, August 11)
QB Austin Upshaw, 6-1, 188, LaPorte (Texas) HS: Other offers – Memphis. (COMMITTED to Memphis, June 23)
DE Marcus Valdez, 6-1, 243, Don Bosco Prep, Ramsey, N.J.: Other offers – Navy, Boston College, Rutgers, Duke, Syracuse, UConn, Bowling Green, James Madison, Kent State, Florida Atlantic (COMMITTED to Boston College, June 22)
CB Vance Vallair, 6-2, 190, Beaumont (Texas) Central HS: First offer – Rice. Second offer – Army. Other offers – Texas-San Antonio, North Texas, Louisiana-Monroe. (COMMITTED to Texas-San Antonio, August 3)
CB Tayari Venable, 6-foot, 162, Rancho Cucumonga (Calif.) HS: Other offers Air Force, Oregon State, Fresno State, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevads, San Jose State, UNLV. (COMMITTED to Washington State).
RB Thomas Vissman, 6-foot, 210, Upper St. Clair HS, Pittsburgh, Pa.: Other offers – Columbia, Penn, Princeton, Yale. (COMMITTED to Yale, July 23)
QB Byron Walker, 5-11, 185, Sulphur (La.) HS: Attended Army Junior Day/Spring Game. (COMMITTED to Southeastern Louisiana, Sept. 23)
T Cameron Warfield, 6-4, 280, Gonzaga HS, Washington, D.C.: Other offers – Air Force, Ball State, Bowling Green, Toledo, Ohio, Coastal Carolina (COMMITTED to Yale, August 24)
DE Carson Wells, 6-3, 222, South Sumter HS, Bushnell, Fla.: Other offers – Air Force, Colorado, South Florida, Southern Mississippi, Tulane, Florida Atlantic. (COMMITTED to Colorado, August 2)
WR Adam West, 6-8, 216, Central HS, San Angelo, Texas: Other offers – Texas State (COMMITTED to Harvard, June 30)
LB Justin Whisenhunt, 6-1, 210, Ramsay HS, Birmingham, Ala.: (COMMITTED to UAB, June 16)
OL Hank White, 6-6, 245, Buford (Ga.) HS: Other offers – Air Force. Army visit – June 17. (COMMITTED to Columbia, August 27)
DE Ethan Wiederkeur, 6-6, 285, Shoreham-Wading River HS, Shoreham, NY: Other offers – Navy, Northwestern, Louisville, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Temple, UConn, Buffalo. (COMMITTED to Northwestern, June 13)
QB Kaylan Wiggins, 6-2, 187, Seminole HS, Sanford, Fla.: First offer – Navy. Second offer – Army. Other offers – Tulane. (COMMITTED to Tulane, July 26)
*OL-DL Adonis Williams, 6-3, 275, Damonte Ranch HS, Reno, Nev.: Top offensive lineman at Army camp, July 23. Other offer – Air Force.  (COMMITTED to Air Force, August 8)
LB Keisean Wilson, 6-2, 230, North Point HS, Waldorf, Md.: Other offers – Navy, Air Force, Temple, Syracuse, Indiana, Toledo, Marshall, Miami (Ohio), Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina. (COMMITTED to Old Dominion, June 20)
S Scottie Young, 6-foot, 190, Helix HS, La Mesa, Calif.: (COMMITTED to Arizona)
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Daily bowl update: APR is determining factor

Army’s postseason chances will indeed be determined by its Academic Progress Rate as originally reported.

A CBS Sports bowl projection column said Army would be at the first of the line if there are not enough bowl-eligible teams.

That’s partially correct. Army can be first in line if three things happen Saturday: Duke falls to Miami (Fla.), Northwestern defeats Illinois and Vanderbilt beats No. 24 Tennessee.

Duke, Northwestern and Vanderbilt are ranked first, third and fifth respectively in APR of the remaining teams seeking bowl berths. Army (No. 7) is next.

Here’s the current status after Tuesday night’s results:

Miami (Ohio) defeated Ball State 21-20 to become the 65th team to earn bowl eligibility.

Akron fell 9-3 to Ohio eliminating the Zips from bowl eligibility.

Seventeen potential bowl-eligible teams are left for the 15 remaining spots. Here’s the list with each team’s remaining opponent (s):

Note: Both Hawaii and South Alabama have received waivers from the NCAA and are in with one more win.

South Alabama (5-5, Saturday at Idaho, Dec. 3 New Mexico State)
TCU (5-5, Friday at Texas, Dec. 3, Kansas State)
Arizona State (5-6, Friday at Arizona)
Boston College (5-6, Saturday at Wake Forest)
Indiana (5-6, Saturday, Purdue)
Maryland (5-6, Saturday, Rutgers)
North Carolina State (5-6, Friday at North Carolina)
North Texas (5-6, Saturday at UTEP)
Northwestern (5-6, Saturday, Illinois)
Ole Miss (5-6, Saturday, Mississippi State)
SMU (5-6, Saturday, Navy)
Southern Mississippi (5-6, Friday, Louisiana Tech)
Texas (5-6, Friday, TCU)
Texas-San Antonio (5-6, Saturday, Charlotte)
Vanderbilt (5-6, Saturday, Tennessee)
Hawaii (5-7, Saturday, UMass)
Louisiana-Lafayette (4-6, Saturday, Arkansas State; Dec. 3 at Louisiana-Monroe).

Ironically, Navy can help Army’s quest for a postseason berth by defeating and therefore eliminating SMU Saturday.

The most recent projection by CBS Sports has Army playing Houston of the American Athletic Conference (AAC) in the Military Bowl at Annapolis, Md. The Military Bowl’s tie-ins are the No. 7 team from Atlantic Coast Conference and one of the top five teams from the AAC. Nine ACC teams and seven AAC teams are currently bowl-eligible so it’s unlikely Army will play a bowl game in Navy’s stadium.

If there’s enough openings for the Black Knights to qualify, Army would have its choice of the bowls left.

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