First-half blog: Armed Forces Bowl

Trent Steelman runs left and out of bounds after a 1-yard gain to Army’s 37. Steelman runs left for 2 yards to Army’s 39. SMU uses final timeout. Pat Mealy is dropped for a 1-yard gain on 3rd-and-7 with 40 seconds left in the first half. Army runs clock down to 5 seconds and calls a timeout, preparing to punt. Punt closes first half. Army leads 16-0.

Why is Army squib kicking up 16-0 with less than 3 minutes left in the first half. SMU takes over at its own 43. Darius Johnson catches a pass underneath for 2 yards to SMU’s 45. Johnson grabs a 13-yard pass right and goes out of bounds at Army’s 42. Padron pressured, sneaks for 2 yards to Army’s 40. Padron completes left to Aldrick Robinson for 6 yards to Army’s 34. Padron incomplete to Robinson in the end zone, Richard King and Donovan Travis in coverage. Looks like a ball Robinson should have caught. SMU is going for it on 4th-and-2 from Army’s 34 with 1:13 left. Mike Gann is back. Army’s nose guard flattens Padron for a loss of 1-yard. Army takes over at its own 36.

Jared Hassin takes pitch right, absorbs the first hit and moves the pile 8 yards to SMU’s 43. Steelman sneaks for 2 yards to SMU’s 41 and a first down. Hassin up middle for 4 yards to SMU 37. Steelman is hit by SMU inside linebacker Taylor Reed, slotback Brian Cobbs falls on the ball for a 2-yard gain to SMU’s 35. Mealy runs right tackle for 7 yards to SMU’s 28 and a first down. Hassin is dropped for 1-yard loss. Steelman rolls left and throws incomplete to Davyd Brooks with three SMU defenders in the area. Steelman has no one open and scrambles right for 2 yards to SMU 27 on third down. Alex Carlton makes his 11th straight field goal, 44-yarder, Army 16, SMU 0, 2:39 left in the second quarter.

Army sophomore linebacker Zach Watts is having a great first half. Watts drops Zach Line after a 2-yard gain to SMU’s 23. Padron completes a 18-yard pass to Aldrick Robinson but Bryce Tennison is called for holding moving ball back to SMU’s 13. Army nose guard Mike Gann is hurt on the play. Sophomore A.J. Mackey replaces Gann. Stephen Anderson drills Line for a 2-yard loss after a shuffle pass. Jordan Trimble nearly picks off Padron on third down. Josh Jackson makes a fair catch at Army’s 49. Army has another chance to build a more comfortable lead.

Army’s got to get more creative. Mealy runs for his fourth straight, 1-yard gain to SMU’s 29. The second I say that Army calls a double-reverse to wide receiver Davyd Brooks, who is dropped for a 7-yard loss. A wide-open Austin Barr drops his second pass of the game on third down. The pass wouldn’t have be

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