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Review: ‘Stranger Things’

A nuanced and perfectly-proportioned character study, Stranger Things attunes itself to those small shifts in trust and temperament that occur when two strangers first discover a shared connection. Here, that recognition becomes complicated by economic and social positions, and writer-director’s Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal find many prickly and uncomfortable moments between their characters along […]

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11:32 a.m. Sunday: What’s on tap for the finale …

Sunday morning … I contend that the best music for driving up to Woodstock on a Sunday morning is the Beatles’ “Let it Be.” Hearing the raucous slash of “I’ve Got a Feeling” makes your blood run a little faster. Probably not a good idea for me, considering the stressful no-stopping pace I’ve lived this […]

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11:19 a.m. Saturday: IFP: the filmmaker’s friend

IFP is an organization that has been helping independent filmmakers for more than 30 years; it’s the oldest and largest company devoted solwly to indie film in the world. And it helped three films that are screening at the Woodstock Film Festival. Two of them are “The Tested” and “Stranger Things.” Both are by first-time […]

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